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I fell off a bunkbed when I was 7 years old and...

I fell off a bunkbed when I was 7 years old and landed on my nose...and had a pretty noticeable bump. Later, I got hit in the nose in the same place and the bump just kept getting more pronounced. I don't think anyone would comment or say I had a "bad" nose before surgery, but it definitely did not help my profile. I started getting really fixated on this darn bump about two years ago after I got married. My husband would always tease me because his nose also has a big bump on it. I knew it was all in fun (the teasing) but it really made me decide to get it taken care of! I found my plastic surgeon out of a national plastic surgery magazine. He was very expensive but had a very good reputation. I couldn't believe the 8000 cost but my mom and husband supported the idea of finding someone with a good reputation and not risking having to have a revision if something went wrong. I think that was the hardest part for me....writing out the 8,000 check. All of a sudden I questioned if I really needed it! The pain was NOT bad at all. It's a bit uncomfortable and I was laid up for a few days. It's never comfortable having stitches or bandages on and I hated staying home for that week before I got my splint off. I had a reaction to the tube they put down my throat to help me breathe....and so had these awful, painful sores where it scraped my throat...and that pain was an 8...but the actual pain from the nose was very tolerable. I took pain pills to help me with the throat more than the nose! I loved my nose the minute he took my splint off! It looks the same when you look at it straight on and still slightly bends to the left...but the profile is really great! It just looks so much more delicate! A year later, I have started feeling a bump where it used to be but luckily you can't see it! I don't think it's changed my life or anything, but I'm glad I did it. No one noticed which was actually a good thing for me. My biggest fear was that everyone would know I had it done! I have told a few people and they usually say, "I didn't notice there was anything wrong with your original nose!"....which is fine by me too! The reasons behind deciding to have it done should not be so others notice...it should be so that you can notice and feel better about yourself. I'm glad I did it! Don't expect it to change your life though...now I find myself fixating on other "problems" on my face....so in that regard that's not a good thing!!!
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