23 yrs/134lbs Zapopan, Jalisco, MX

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I want a bbl because I have no hips and I want a...

I want a bbl because I have no hips and I want a smaller waist. I've seen great results on this website and I look forward to my surgery in 4 months. The most difficult thing for me is not knowing what to expect. I've been reading about other people's experiences on this website and it's great. I would love it if anyone would be able to give me some advice on what to expect and what supplies I will be needing when I leave the country. I have no idea on what items work best to stay comfortable post-op and what other things I may need. I will be having surgery in Mexico.

Recovery House in Guadalajara, Zapopan, MX?

Does anyone know any good recovery houses that include three meals a day in Guadalajara, MX? I'm having surgery with Dr. Arenas from Cirugia Total during spring break. I've looked online at hotels but I can't find recovery homes. Can anyone help me?

Prices, Doctor

I spoke to Dr. Arena's assistant today and she was very professional. She always lets me know if there is anything I need I can always contact her right away with whats app. I am getting a BBL (lipo in arms, abdomen and back), buccal fat removal, and chin implant. My total is going to be $3,500 U.S dollars. I consider this a steal compared to what they charge here in Texas. I chose this doctor due to his experience, credentials and because plastic surgery is very popular in Guadalajara, MX. I read great reviews about him and his staff and have been recommended by a friend.

I am nervous don't get me wrong but I think that's normal for anyone undergoing a surgical procedure. I just hope I get the shape I want. :) Curves, Curves, Curves!

I'm fat :(

I've gotten so fat it's not even funny. I can't fit into any of my clothes anymore and I can't breath. I hate the fat life. I'm 159lbs and idk what to do because I've gained too much weight.

On the other hand I've been looking for fajas but idk what to look for. I'm not sure where I can find any good ones online. How will I know if it's too tight or too loose?

Surgery soon!!

It was a mess this morning due to the banks blocking my visas. It took me 2-3 hours trying to fix the problem from another country. I advise you bring cash (pesos) to pay for the surgery so you won't have this problem. They also charge you a 4% fee when using your credit card to pay (not sure if bank charges another 4-5%). Also a cheap cell phone/ SIM card would help a lot when trying to get around town. My phone doesn't work here unless there's wifi which was a pain.

My first hotel was Quita Magna, which was small and expensive. I don't recommend it, even though the staff was nice. I'm not sure were we might be staying next. Anyways, the hospital is nice and rooms are spacious.

I'm so nervous my surgery is tomorrow at 6am. I saw the doctor this morning and he took pictures. We went thought everything and now I'm playing the waiting game until 6am. I feel nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. I just want everything to turn out well.

I made it!

I have so much to update you ladies about, idk where to start... Let's start with the headache I had with my finances. Since I had the issue with the visas and my bank I realized later that the hospital had charged me twice, therefore I was negative on my account. I tried for so long to correct the problem and the bank told me it would take about 3 days. It's difficult when you can't make calls out of the country but Liz (Arena's Assistant) let me borrow her phone. Since I was negative on my account I was on a tight budget until the problem was death with. I was so fortunate to find an affordable place.

I stayed at 3 different hotels and didn't like any of them. I came across Hostal Don Maria and it was honestly one of the best things that's happened to me so far. It was very affordable, free wifi, breakfast included, and they have private rooms. Also the gentlemen working here are amazing; their names are Tonio and Miguel. They knew our situation and went out of their way to bring us food and any other supplies we might need from the store. They helped so much.

On the other hand surgery went great. However, you must prepare yourself physically and mentally for this. It's honestly one of the most painful things to go through and you will need any help you can get, especially if you're getting breast augmentation with a bbl. Today is day 3 for me and I'm so sore and bruised. The worst part has to be when they drain your fluids, which is done twice a day. Ladies diapers and those large bed pads are your best friends. You will bleed a lot the first 3 days especially during the night. The doctor didn't prescribe any norco so if you have a low pain tolerance ask for it before hand.

Results! Aside all of that, let me tell you Dr. Arenas did the damn thing!! I love, love, love my hips and butt. He made me look like Lira Galore with a flat tummy! ???? He lipoed18lbs of fat from my body! I will post pictures soon once I edit them. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask, I will answer truthfully about any experience I've had so far.


More pictures

Follow up day 4

I've been wearing my garment everyday as directed but when I wash it my body swells. I suggest you buy two garments (one is included) so you don't swell up. My legs are always swollen even when I wear my stockings. The bruises are the worst in my inner thighs, abdomen, and tricep area. The pain is not as bad anymore but I still want to ask the doctor for stronger pain meds on Monday. I tend to wake up every three hours because I don't have a bbl pillow and because I can't sleep face down (due to lipo/implant). My face is still swollen and It's painful to eat and brush my teeth. However, the pain and appearance of my body is improving slowly as the days go by.

Post op day 5 update

Yesterday I went to the market and got a little too excited and forgot about the time. I shopped around for about 2 hours and went home. I was naive and thought I would be ok since I wore my garments. I paid the price later on because I swole up like never before. I even had to take a diuretic because I was so swollen. The pain after the swelling was horrible. The doctor had warned me and I didn't listen, so please listen to your doctor when he says rest and don't walk too much.

Dr.Arenas and his staff are amazing! He would call the hostel and check up on me every 2 hours to see if I had came back from the market (mind me this is a weekend). He wanted to scold me since I ignored his warning (whoops). His anesthesiologist Dr. Mora even came to the hostel because I was so concerned about the pain (amazing). Liz and Vero are exceptional, honestly I have nothing to complain about. They are always available through what's app and are always there to help you on whatever you may need. If I could rate their professionalism 10 stars I would without hesitation.

My checkup today went well. I was drained and he said I was looking great and everything was on track. They also tightened the faja and it's uncomfortable; it feels like your always short of breath. I'm trying to take deep breaths and give it some time but if that doesn't work I will loosen it up a bit. My bruises are getting better they're turing green/yellow so I know they're healing. My face is also healing but it's still a little numb around the chin.

Oh yeah... and ladies there's eye candy ;) the doctors are hot!

Helpful Tips

I wanted to make a list of things that have helped me. I'll list these things below:

1. Buy diapers and bed pads
2. Bring Isopure protein in baggies
3. More than 4 maxi dresses (covers your stockings)
4. Ask for strong pain meds If pain tolerance is low
6. Open toed slip on sandals work better than thongs/flip flops
7. Hibiclens, antibacterial soap, bandaids, cotton swabs
8. Always carry cash
9. Get sim/cheap phone service
-that way you can use maps/uber
-or you can pay your carrier to do
international calls
10. Download "City Drive"
-it's like uber and better/cheaper
than a taxi
11. Tip your help because they will always treat u better
12. Use what's app, it's your best friend
13. Get 2 fajas

Hopefully these tips will help someone. I know they would've helped me so much if I would've had them before leaving the country.


I forgot to mention I got 1,200cc's in each cheek. That includes the hips. It sounds like a lot but I honesty like it :)!

Post op day 7

Today I had my first lymphatic massage; I was given 3 free lymphatic massages with the bbl package. I thought this experience was going to be hell like when they drain my fluids but it was the opposite. They use a small device that looks similar to an ultrasound hand tool and it ejects heat. They rub gell on part of your body before they start and when the heat touches your bruises it feels great. It's uncomfortable in tender areas but it's "good pain." It's relaxing especially after all the torture you've put your body through. When they finish (about 35min) they send you upstairs to get your fluids drained. The building consists of several clinics that offer different services, which is convenient.

The nurse Liz met me upstairs to drain my fluids. I have to admit I've had nightmares about Liz haha. Her massages are painful and I honestly cried today because it hurt so bad. I hadn't taken any meds this morning so I think that made it worse. She took out my tubes, which are located at the top of your butt crack and that wasn't painful. The painful part is when she massages your sides down to the pubic area. It feels like you have fire ants under your skin and they're all biting you at once. When she was finished she sent me to get my faja fixed to a smaller size.

They charge you about $4 dollars to get it fixed. Now that I'm home I feel drained and have no strength in me to put my faja on. So I'll take a nap instead and take my street herbs lol.

Is the website down?

I've been trying to send people messages but for some reason it's not letting me. Don't worry, I will update soon. There's big changes the first two months and I'm excited to show you ladies.

1 month 2 weeks post op

Everything looks and feels better. I still have lumpiness all over my stomach but hopefully that goes away. I still wear my faja as much as I can. No complications so far just a little worried about some areas but I will discuss that with my doctor. Results are looking great so far.

Dr. Rafael Arenas

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