28 Years Old, 4 Kids Later TT and BA - Greenville, SC

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After having four kids, my stomach is left with...

After having four kids, my stomach is left with extra skin, and my breasts are deflated. My tubes are tied, and it's been five years since my last was born, so I don't think much more will improve without surgical help. My goal is to have full breasts and no more extra skin on my stomach. I'd like to look as good with my clothes off as I do with them on. I will post some pre-op pics in a week.

11 days to go

Taking 3 vitamin pills in the morning and 3 at night. Will include pics of those as well. Not really antsy or nervous just yet.

Two more days!

Yesterday, I started taking another medication given to me by my doctor. Bromelain. I'm taking two of them, three times a day. So I'm up to 12 pills a day now. I'm getting excited to not have to tuck in my extra skin!

1 day post op.

I still can't stand up straight enough today ale a really good picture. My back is killing me and my ribs feel bruised. I've been going to the bathroom on my own, so that's good. I sometimes need help getting up from a sitting position, and opening pill bottles. :O I am hoping I can stand straight soon.

Oh the pills! :P

Thankfully I have a system for taking my medications. It helped to separate them into morning, evening, and night and also put alarms on my phone. I've been drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot, still no BM though. Going to shower again tomorrow and try to wash some dry blood off of my belly button. Will post more pictures soon!

4 days PO

I finally pooped last night. I also got up this morning and showered and dressed myself, ran feels so much better! Haven't taken anything for pain yet today, and feeling pretty good about it. I have a slight headache though. I'm pretty anxious to get my binder, I've heard it's much easier to walk upright with it on. My left breast is still much more swollen than my right and is bruised. Other an that, I think all is well.

6 days

I'm pretty positive I am going to love my new belly button. :)
Had a hard time sleeping last night, kept waking with sweats and a headache. Hopefully I will rest better tonight. I've spent most of today not reclined and walking around more. Haven't needed any Tylenol or anything. Still crazy-more swelling an bruising on left breast than right. I'm hoping that's normal. My drain only put out 25 in the last 12 hours, so maybe that will be removed tomorrow. Will update on how my 1 week PO appt. goes tomorrow. :)

1 week follow up

I got my drain removed! Weirdest feeling ever, like someone pulling a hot worm out of your guts. So glad to have that out. My compression garment wasn't there yet, so I'll go pick it up when they message me that it has arrived. They also removed all of my steri-strips. I'm feeling pretty great so far today.

2 week PO

Got belly button stitches removed today. Will post a pic tomorrow when I take off CG to shower. Was approve to start scar treatment gel on all incision sites. Still concerned about left breast, as it is very swollen and hasn't changed since day 1. Nurse used ultrasound on it today and told me to continue with compression strap 24/7 and massage 4x a day. Hopefully that helps. Scheduled to do ultrasound again in a week.


I can fit into all of my pre-op clothes already. I expected to gain weight since I didn't have any lipo and I had implants added, but I've actually lost a couple. Not gonna complain. I definitely am going to need to tone my butt once I'm allowed to exercise. Between no working out and this compression garment, it is looking FLAT!
Can't wait for left boob to get with the program already so I can wear tank tops without looking hella lopsided. Other than that, I am super happy with how things are healing/looking. :)

Pics update

Pic of healing abdominoplasty scar and belly button. Also, side view of breasts to see swelling.

3 weeks PO

Did I mention I got free Botox with my makeover? I got that done at my follow up today. They also used ultrasound on my left breast again. It has definitely helped the swelling. Feeling pretty great. Only advice from the nurses today was to work on standing straight. :)
I'd say I'm about 90% most of the day.

More pics

I'm really happy with my armpit incisions. They are healing so well, already hardly visible. I will need to buy new bikini bottoms since all the ones I have are "hip huggers" but my shorts hide my TT scar well. :) Still swelling and bruising on that stubborn left boob, but it has come a long way. Hoping it drops down before my next appointment so I can stop wearing the compression band over my breasts and wear shirts that aren't high top t-shirts to hide it.
I have been workin on standing straight. I can for most of the day, so that good. Standing against a wall helps me stretch my shoulders back.

Doing well

Updated pics. Out of compression garment. Still swelling by end of day, but not so bad.
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. McFadden and his entire staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. McFadden explained things thoroughly enough that I had very few questions. I felt comfortable and confident in my decision to schedule my tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

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