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I am one week post-op following my dream surgery...

I am one week post-op following my dream surgery of breast reduction and a full (and then some) tummy tuck! I was the girl who developed too early, had a beautiful body for awhile, but weight gain, children, life changed all of my assets to, well, something else! Although I always wanted to do this, I could not justify the cost until this year. I had some minor health issues and my family had some issues that resulted in meeting our insurance out of pocket so I decided to see if my insurance would help...two days later, I was approved for a bilateral breast reduction. I decided that I would ask about the tummy because I knew I would look really weird if I did one and to the other. The cost was not as bad as I thought and with my husband agreeing that I would never be happy with just the breasts we moved forward. Thus far I am very pleased with my progress, although I am a little worried I went too small on the breasts! I'll keep posting on the process....

The Before.....

So, lets use the flashback method and we'll go back to before the surgery. Many of us women feel so many emotions and a website like this is the perfect place to lay those on the table with thousands of others who are going thru the same thoughts and feelings, yet don't have worry about your guilt so much here....

I'll admit there are decisions and life choices I have made that have not helped my shape, but such is life. We get caught up in life and as women who are often mothers, wives and so much more, we put ourselves last. In doing such, it is normal to then feel guilty about wanting something for yourself especially when it also means someone will have to take care of you for a change!

I felt really guilty in our financial State in asking for a few grand for the tummy tuck, but now as I look at before and after pictures here and look at my own tummy, I'm so glad I did. The new breasts are also amazing, I cannot tell you how embarrassed I was over my chest. My boobs got in the way of everything and it didn't matter what I wore, they were so obvious. My stomach was also just bulging out and getting harder and harder to wear pants. Literally, I am 5'1" tall and had boobs that even in a bra I had no waistline. If I didn't have a bra, they laid on my big tummy.

So, with my insurance covering the breasts, I would be a fool to not get the tummy done and I can't wait to post pictures of my results...more info soon!

My surgery

I had surgery for almost 4 hours, had to be there at 5:30 am! Everyone was very nice at St. Francis and they answered all our questions. I knew my doctor was going to keep me overnight and let them know that. I was scared to death I would die, but when I woke up everything was fine! I remember looking down to see my chest and there was nothing there!

I remember getting moved into another bed and boy did that hurt! I wish I had read about the pain pump on here before I had my surgery. The pain at first was pretty bad as far as the tummy. The breasts didn't hurt at all! I had no drains in my breasts which surprised me, but two in my abdomen. I don't really remember much that day, I remember it hurt like heck when they took all the tape off later and I kept drinking like crazy...couldn't get enough graham crackers!

The drain on the left never worked so the surgeon took it out, lucky me! The next day, they took the catheter out and told me I couldn't go home until I could pee on my own. Yeah, right. It took me 7.5 hours before I finally managed. My incision was so low I was swollen and my privates were swollen too!

So I finally got released that afternoon and managed to make it home. Getting in the car was a fiasco. The pain was quite unbearable that day. At any rate, I made it home to my recliner alive and it went south from there...I ended up developing a bladder infection and couldn't leave the bathroom. My attempts to pee ended up giving me a pain in the butt if you know what I mean! thankfully I had a good antibiotic on hand and you can now but a form of peridium called Azo over the counter. I was smart enough to get on that once I realized my problem and then called my doctor first thing in the morning for prescriptions.

Once that improved I was much happier but still had issues with my bladder. I couldn't seem to empty it. I have read that can be an issue so I will wait and see.
My pain level is getting much better day by day. If I could go an hour without running to pee, I'd be much happier!

10 days post-op

Made the mistake of trying to goto grocery store by myself. Almost passed out in there. I just get so exhausted! I also had my stitches out today and was very nervous, but it didn't hurt at all. Talked about bladder and got stronger antibiotics for that. Came home and just crashed.

My brain thinks I'm feeling better, but my body disagrees. I don't think I'll be running around again for a few more days...

Stitches are out, still tired

All my stitches were removed this week, didn't hurt at all! Some of my scabs are coming off, especially the belly button ones. Putting neosporin on them to keep skin soft and healthy.

My energy level sucks! I could sleep 12 hours a day or more! I have begun sleeping in my own bed, but it makes my belly (or where it used to be) sore. I'm heading back to work next week, wonder if I'll survive!

Owww my boobs hurt

So I'm doing ok, went back to work on Monday, but wow my boobs hurt! They just are very sore....I don't see any problems they just ache....what gives?
Greenville Plastic Surgeon

Seems quite nice, was very informative up front and his office staff helped me understand procedures and costs. I will say I learned a ton from my research online and not from him...but I didn't really ask him either. He seems to be concerned I get the results that he likes, he is very visual. My scars will not be visible at all as he kept them so low...we will see as time moves on...

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