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Four more days until I go in for surgery. I got...

Four more days until I go in for surgery. I got breast implants when I was 22 in Sept 2004. I was a 36A and weighed 112lbs. I got 350cc in each breast and became a 36 C/D. I am now 30 and weigh 145lbs and now have 2 kids and my breast size is a 36DD. I am 5'1 and I feel like very top heavy. I can't weight to get the implants taken out and also get a lift. My surgeon told me he thinks I will be a B/C after the surgery. Which will be much better than a DD. I am very excited to get them taken out and can't remember how it feels to have normal size breasts. I will have general anesthesia which I have never had before. The costs above cover 5 visits. The consultation was very helpful and I spoke with Dr. Mcfadden and he went over everything and showed me before and after pictures of the surgeries he has preformed. The second visit was pre-op visit. During that time they explain everything that you ill need to know before surgery. They also give you your prescription to the medicines you will need to take the day before, during and after surgery. The nurses there are very helpful as well. The next appointments will be the surgery, day after surgery and 1 week post-op to take the stitches out. I will up date everyone soon and I will also make sure to post plenty of before and after pics as well.

I can't say I regret my implants completely....

I can't say I regret my implants completely. They looked amazing and I got them under the muscle. I did decide to go a cup size bigger at the very last minute. Only after having 2 kids and a huge weightloss and gain did they start to look droopy. I have a hard time finding dresses since I am top heavy. Most shirts don't fit me properly either. After having them for almost 8 years I am ready to get them taken out and going natural. I was only 22 when I got them and thought that it would help my self esteem. Now I am more confident and more comfortable in my own skin. I also wish I could go a jumping jack with out feeling like my breast implants are going to pop out of chest. Trying to do intense cardio is almost impossible. I told my surgeon the first thing I want to do after I heal from my surgery is to do a jumping jack with no pain. I have also noticed that big bigger boobs make you sweat in place you would not even think of. I wear a sports bra 24/7 since it's not even comfortable to wear regular bras.

I have 3 more days until surgery and I am very excited and a little nervous of course. I am currently taking Bromelain 3 days prior to surgery. I was told to take 2 pills 3 times a day 3 days before surgery and 1 week after surgery. Along with arnica after sugery for 1-2 weeks to help with healing and brusing. I am also prescibed oxycodone, an antibotic and a medicine to help with nausea. I currently take methimazole for my hyperthyroidism and I am not sure if it will effect any of the other percriptions I am supposed to take after surgery. I will make sure to talk it over with my doctor to make for sure.

I started taking my Bromelain today and will...

I started taking my Bromelain today and will continue taking it for another week and a half. During my down time I have been obsessively looking at pictures of boobs on google image. I don't think I have ever looked at boobs so much before.

2 more days til surgery and I have been trying to catch up on all my school work and house cleaning to prepare for surgery. I even got a bed rest pillow with arms and a u shaped neck pillow as well. I decided to buy some special pillows since I am going to have to sleep on my back and I am a side sleeper all the way. To me laying on my back is what I consider to be the "wake" position.

Tomorrow is the big day. I am feeling a little...

Tomorrow is the big day. I am feeling a little nervous. I am just glad that I will be completely knocked out with general anesthesia. I'll keep everyone posted on how I feel afterwards. I can't wait to get it over with. Nothing is more scarier than fear itself.

Today was the Big Day! Let me say that nothing is...

Today was the Big Day! Let me say that nothing is worse than the fear that comes before the day of your surgery. I showed up for surgery at 7:45am and they had me change into a gown and pee into a cup. They took before photos of my chest, then the anesthesiologist hooked me up to an IV and then the plastic surgeon wrote on me with a blue marker.

I was then wheeled to the operation room where the surgery took place. They placed an oxygen mask on me and then switched the IV to the general anesthesia to knock me out completely. The next thing I could remember was waking up to the nurse asking me if I needed any pain medicine and I told her no. I was informed that I had peed on the operating table a little. I had asked if I should have gone to the ladies room before surgery and they figured that it was just my nerves. So from now on I will make sure to use the restroom before surgery and especially after being given an IV. After I woke up I felt drunk and hungover at the same time. My husband then drove me home and I was was home before I knew it. When I got home I felt groggy and immediately went to go lie down to get nice and comfy. I got home at 12:30pm.

The pain was very minimal and it just felt like a sunburn. My throat was a little sore and I didn't feel like eating anything. Peppermint Candies are the bomb when it comes to soothing the throat. After I ate I felt a little nauseated and sleepy so I took a nap. After waking up from my nap I didn't feel as groggy and my head felt much clearer from the general anesthesia.

I was also told that my implants were 390cc per breast instead of 350cc and that one boob would be a B+ and the other a C- after surgery. I hope that it won't be too noticable and from what I understand that is fairly common for most women to not have proportional breasts. My breast droop stage was a 1 1/2 on a scale from 1-3.

I have to go back tomorrow and I will update soon.

I just got home from the doctors office for my...

I just got home from the doctors office for my follow up visit. They didn't make me wait at all and I went back right away. They cleaned my blood off and gave me my surgical sports bra that clasps in the front. It's the day after surgery and I feel a lot better. My pain level right after surgery on a scale 1-10 was a 6.5 and now a day after surgery the pain level is a 4. I am taking my oxycodone only every 6 hours instead of every 4 hours. I took my first shower today and it wasn't painful at all. I used the blow dryer to dry myself off with a low/cool setting. Make sure not to use warm or hot air on open wounds because it may cause infection. I needed a shower. I feel like a brand new person now and I got to see my breasts for the first time today. Other than looking like frankensteins wife I love the way my breasts turned out. They are still a little swollen but I love the way they look.

Day 2 post op and I have minimal pain. Most of my...

Day 2 post op and I have minimal pain. Most of my pain is coming from the sides of my breasts. I took a 5mg oxycodone before bed at midnight last night then I took a extra strength tylenol this morning at 8 and feel pretty good for the most part. My pain level on a scale of 1-10 is a 3. I will be showering daily until all the wounds have completely sealed and stop bleeding comepletely.

Day 3 post op and I am only taking either tylenol...

Day 3 post op and I am only taking either tylenol or 1/2 a percocet to alleciate the pain. My incisions itch like crazy. I've been showering everyday with dial antibacterial soap. I have an appointment on the 16th to get some of my stitches out.

5 Days post op and I am feeling really great....

5 Days post op and I am feeling really great. Minimal to no pain. A little itching coming from the incision but for the most part the swelling has gone down tremendously. I measured the biggest part of my bust and it is now 39 inches verses before I got a lift and my 390cc implants removed I was a 41 1/2 inch bust. I am having less back pain and noticed that I lost 2.5 pounds plus walking with my back straighter. I couldn't be happier.

1 week and 1 day post op and I got half of my...

1 week and 1 day post op and I got half of my stitches and surgical tape. Will be back in a week to get the other half removed. It feels great to finally have the surgical tape removed. Now I can get a better look at my new breast lift.
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From day one the nurses and my plastic surgeon have been amazing and have truly gone above and beyond. They have helped me every step of the way and were responsive to my needs. A very friendly staff and I would higly recommend them to anyone.

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