55 -Ready to Explant 300cc Silicone Gel with Breast Lift and 2nd Full Tummytuck with Lipo!

Thank you all for sharing your stories. Therefore...

Thank you all for sharing your stories. Therefore I will be sharing mine. In March of 2008 I went to my PS (who is now retired) to fix me after the results of children and 3 months with a personal trainer. I was 5'4" 46 and ripped. I was in the best shape of my life! My skin was falling off me- I went with 300cc silicone gel (under muscle) and breast lift (ended up 34C) and tummy tuck. My boobs after surgery were perfect, I loved them- my waist, I was cut- the journey of recovery was painful, but I had a fantastic outcome. I weighed 108 pounds and thought I would never age and stay like that! Yeah, well almost 9 years later, no personal trainer and very high stress and travel job, 6 job re-locations....and age and gravity, here I am. The boobs have to go- They are huge 36DDD and my back, posture, crevices on my shoulders....so tired of the weight, can't find clothes! WHY DID I DO THIS! But more importantly, I have since the initial implant, about a year after....I started getting sick, fatigue, brain fog...I just couldn't get through a whole week sometime. About a year ago I heard of breast implant disease and found this website. It all made sense, I needed these out. And while doing that I am going to get revised. I want another TT (or mini) with lipo and explant and breast lift. I scheduled 2 consultations today. I will decide after the second one. I appreciate your input and encouragement- most likely will schedule January surgery. I have uploaded the photos - the bulge over my tt scar is a result of the gained weight since then and now I weigh 133. A normal weight, but I have the rolls...I hope to get decent results! The two PS I am interviewing at Dr Orseck and Dr McFadden in the Greenville, SC area. Any feedback is welcome!

Dec 12 and Dec 15 PS Consults scheduled. I hope to have a January surgery. So excited!

Dec 12 and Dec 15 PS Consults scheduled. I hope to have a January surgery. So excited!

1st Consult Today!! Making Progress!

Met with Dr. McFadden in Greenville, SC today. Was a bit early- had my paperwork filled out and was brought back early. I had prepared a long list of questions ahead of time. I went in to interview him on having a revised tummy tuck (did I qualify for a mini or do I get another full one?), breast implant explant and breast lift with liposuction of flanks and everything that needed it.
We went over my medical history, allergies and prior surgeon. My prior PS had retired and I moved out of the area, so needed to do a full interview. Did the weigh in (eye-roll- had full heavy boots on) and then dropped the paper robe. He did measurements, and even illustrated some points with a lip liner.
He was nothing but patient, showing me illustrations, prior cases, physically showing by manipulating my skin on what he thinks the outcome would be. My TT scar will be lowered, and my abs flat and muscle tightened from previous repair. We discussed drains versus drainless, he’s did both but prefers the drains. Has had better results with the drains. Talked about the different binders and bras (all included in the costs and two of each) and timeline- recovery, and liposuction where and why. He prefers to ensure the body is sculpted, so he pulls up and down to tighten everything combined with the lipo looks like a mini body lift. He also uses more sutures down the sides in sections and claims that he does 3 times more individual sutures (this is good and bad – pain versus reward – but if one suture is lost you don’t lose the whole work) than the other plastic surgeons do and his technique of suturing the scars takes more time, but the outcome is so much more effective in the long-term results. Thinks I will be back to work within 10 days. I have planned for two weeks, but could take another week as my benefits will pay most of all the days.
The breasts explant was what he was most passionate about. He stresses shape over size. He showed me that I had enough breast tissue that he could recreate my lovely breasts around a size B (I told him I don’t want to go bigger than that, and I would be happy with a A+ since I’ve had large breasts since the age of 9 when I started budding out. He agreed for my frame that would be good. He will use the anchor technique (what I had before) and he will decide when he gets in whether a capsulectomy is needed. He said should he see any thickness or scarring he would remove it and have no problem doing so. I felt he was open and would have answered all my questions should I have had any more. My pre-consult will be with a PA or Nurse, but should I want him there he would be there, and I could ask him any questions at all. The best part is, that should I need any revisions, there is a written plan for that and it is very, very generous.
Surgery is done in his operating suite in his building and it is less than 3 miles from work and 8 miles from home. My mother will come and stay with me. I know what I am getting into. His next open surgery date that works for me is Feb 9 as I cannot do anything until after Jan 29 due to work schedules.
Finally, I asked, why should I select you? His answer (paraphrased) my work is important to me, and I care. The right outcome starts with the right expectations, and it’s not the price, but the value and the care I take in each of my cases.
Ladies, this was the best consult I have ever went to. I am going to Dr Orseck on Thursday and would love to know what your opinion of him as compared to this. He is going to have to wow me. I felt he truly listened, and knows exactly what he will be doing. Once I meet with Orseck, I will write another review and then let you all know my decision. Please! Let me know your thoughts! I am so excited to get rid of these girls and get my body back!! My health and just feeling great again!! To not have these fake boobs and just know that 2017 will be the way back to health!!
I can see the light! My energy will come back, my hair will grow back and I want to feel like my old self again; ME!

2nd Consultation - Not even worthy of the review (Dr. Orseck - Greer, SC)

Was early getting there. I had all my paperwork filled out. Finally got called back 20 min late. Didn't go over my medical history- just wanted a list of the procedures, and when I asked questions about certain aspects of the procedures, I felt dismissed in a way that I felt he thought I was stupid. He drew on me (not with a lip liner, but a PERMANENT PURPLE magic marker! WOW - that is going to be fun to get off. He didn't think I needed muscle tightening (as in the full tummy tuck - but priced it like it was) and said he could make me a B - I asked him what kind of sutures would he use and almost every answer is, I'm not a fan of that. I asked him how long the procedure would last, he said 3 1/2 hours?? WTF? that is wrong for all I am getting done. but at that moment, I knew I wasn't going to use him. A total of 15 min in total- he had to "hop" and his sales lady came in with the price. 12,958 + compression garments (150 each - need two) and he uses a hospital so they charge by the hour and with three hours I know I will run over, and I feel like it was a MILL. No way I am entrusting this man with my LIFE. He was rushed, and no way...So I got out of there!

I have a date! Explant - February 9th, 2017!! Dr Thomas McFadden! Pre-op Jan 26th!

8:00 am I will enter into the FLAT side! - Ladies- PLEASE comment on your experience with this man!

I thank you all!

Obsesses with all your pictures...can't stop thinking about the flat side! 6 weeks to go!!

I am going in a 24 day detox starting Jan 1 which will put me 14 days before my surgery so no supplements and pure detox. I see my PS Monday to get my work leave papers and they told me to plan for 4 weeks out of work? That's going to be hard, but I will do it. Depending on how I heal and when the drains were out. What were some of the times you guys who worked took? I have a desk job. But breast lift, tummy tuck and lipo of abs and flanks (thinking about that rear while I'm under...why not? lol) so I think 4 weeks will be good.

I'm so excited about the detox and hope to lose 10 pounds. 15 would be perfect. I wish! I go to this site more than Facebook. Obsessed I am and hope that I have a good outcome!!! I can't wait!!

Had a followup with Dr. McFadden today

It just confirmed my decision- he took almost another hour, answering all my questions, discussing why no binder for the first week (let swelling swell naturally, and I will have drains, and the bra I am wearing 24/7) and at one week they will give me the binder which will help sculpt me. He won't give me a binder that will be too big later on when the swelling goes down...makes sense so I trust his judgement!! Will have to watch my posture as it will effect the creases in the binder and will cause scar tissue. These boobs are a big part of why my posture is so bad. We discussed scar treatment and he agreed I can supplement his care with additional silicon sheets for a long time after the cream is gone. He has seen great results. He is providing me 2 bras and 2 binders (included in my costs). I am scheduled for post op on Jan 26th and then its wait time until 2/9 where I will be obsessed with this site. :)
Ladies, I feel Like I am in the best hands possible. He added some additional lipo at no charge! He doesn't feel like I will have a lot of fat once he has pulled the skin and sutured, but since I will be under I asked him to do some on the hips. I am to remind him during the marking of the surgery morning. I am so excited!!

Date change!! Dr had to reschedule me to 2/15. I'm bummed but gives me six more days to get ready

And obsessed. I have heard from a few of you that were impacted. The good news is he is doing a plastic surgery training and conference so he is continually educating. The messed up the schedule but 6 days isn't too long. I had additional dental surgery scheduled along with a trip that consisted of a comedy show at the end of march. No way I was going there three weeks after a tummy tuck. They understood and I got moved.

More time to look at pictures and dream of waking up on the flat side.

Pre-Op 1/26...It's getting real!

I have lost 6 pounds since I started my cleanse and diet. I have been working out with weights and feel better. Still have about 7 pounds I want to lose...but the reality is the number is not as important as the tone. The more I can do, the better I will feel. I do walking and working out with weights, and total dumbbell workout videos. I am still trying to figure out what silicone sheets to purchase and I was approved for FMLA! My surgeon just wrote he was repairing damaged muscle, and he is. I am off for 4 weeks and I so look forward to knowing I don't have to go right back. My mother is coming and she is bringing a friends walker. My guy got me a stepper for working out and I will use that to get in and out of the bed. I purchased a stiff wedge pillow that is actually very comfortable, except for the annoying cover that sounds like plastic on it. I may have to make my own cover for it. My neighborhood is great for walking and I look forward to getting out as much as I can once the initial crescendo of pain days are behind me.
I am blessed to have my mother take care of me. I just moved here within the year and my guy finally made it over in Nov, but he has to work!
I am also looking forward to feeling better, reading more books and learning how to relax as I am not sure if I know how to do that. With my mother here she will do everything and I can just relax.
I look forward to getting this over with...and yet I am nervous....the roller coaster of emotions is here!

Pre Op tomorrow morning!

It's getting real. Ive found myself nesting. I'm hanging pictures and reading this website. I'm so excited. 2/15 I enter into the flat side. One more time. I am trying to get everything done at work and hard to concentrate. Oh ladies. You know how I feel. I'm so looking forward to buying an oxford shirt that I can button without gaping and not look at that scar every day.
I will post tomorrow on everything!! Good night all!

Pre-Op was fun

More - lots more to come later...it has been a long day, suffice to say I will write a nice long review this weekend. But I can't wait!!!

Pre-Op 1/26 Report

Got there at 9:00. Signed my way through all documents. It's real! It's here! Went over all the instructions and got my meds. I am allergic to Percocet so they gave me Vicodin and had to send in another prescription. 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours (Note- stay in FRONT of the pain!) My pharmacist saved me 100 on that one. Insurance wasn't going to pay- but she came up with an alternative the doctor liked. Amoxicillin 500mg 1 tablet 3 times a day. 7 days of injections under the skin of Enoxaparin (really?- yep it's for blood clot prevention), and promethazine for prevention of nausea and vomiting after. They'll give me some on the way home. DON'T forget the pillow for the drive home! I'm putting it front of the seat belt.
In the photo you will see the three bottles. Will be taking Clinical Support twice a day (3 pills each morning and evening) until bottle is gone. 3 days prior to surgery I start taking Bromelain with Quercetin Morning, afternoon and evening 2 capsules on an empty stomach. (I'll need to chart all this for my caretakers) and Arnica Montana when I get home from surgery and 7-10 days after 3 tablets dissolved under the tongue do not eat or drink anything but water 15 min before and 25 min after taking Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Dang, I'm going to need alarms set up on my phone!
7 days prior STOP eveything except you can use Tylenol. NO Ginko Biloba, Fish oils, Flax Seed, Omega 3s (can't eat Salmon!) Ginger (no Ginger tea! I love my ginger tea at night, but going cold turkey) Ginseng, read the ingredients! All these make you more likely to heal slower and these cause blood thinning. No vitamin E or less than 400iu a day. No worries...I'll stop taking it. The night before and the morning of, I will shower with an antibacterial soap such as Dial (I got the hand stuff as I like the wash with body wash not bars) and this includes my hair. Obviously wear big sweats and button down large shirts (check- I will use my fiancee's large comfy sweat pants. He's 6' 3" and they have pockets (for the drains) as I won't have a compression garment for a week. They measure me the day after surgery on the post-op apt. I am not looking forward to crawling out of bed and going back I tell you. Especially my mother will be driving and I will have no control (lol). I was also told to take my pain medication an hour before I get into the car...ya think? I look forward to being drugged up. And I was thinking about buying a small childs pool float to sit on to combat the roads and bumps and such...think it will work?
I am most looking forward to fast forwarding 10 days and waking up with a perfect stomach and beautiful boobs (the perfect size and perkiness) with a minimal amount of pain...oh I am laughing as I write this. I've been through this before and know EXACTLY how bad it is going to feel. This is my time! And I can't wait to have these toxic bags out of my body! I can't wait to post each day and hopefully you will get something out of it. I have enjoyed reading yours, and I hope you enjoy mine!

Here are the photos that wouldn't upload

Well I filled all my prescriptions and I am ready!

I've seriously considered sleeping in a recliner. But I don't have one downstairs. I went shopping for one and unless I get a power one I won't have the strength to close the feet. I think I can tolerate the bed for a few days. We shall see.

Can it be there are only 7 days and a wake up! Time is slowing!

I am nesting as if a baby was on the way- I will birth this tummy and explant the implants and hopefully heal great. I am thinking of all you ladies joining me. May we all heal nicely!

2 days and a wake up!

After church and Costco run I will be driving to the SC Welcome Center to pick up my mom. My sister lives in Lawrenceville, Ga and it is exactly halfway between our houses. My mother is very excited to be coming. I'm so glad to have her. I work Monday all day and leave at noon on Tuesday where we go get a mani pedi after my mothers hair appointment. It was supposed to be my hair appointment but I'm not going to work for another month so I will get it done right before I go back.
I have my granny panties. ????and my hibclens soap. It occurred to me over the weekend that I didn't get any muscle relaxers so I emailed my PS assistant, so I assume she will get back to m tomorrow with the answer. I remember my first tummy tuck where the muscle relaxers were the best pain meds. I hope I get them!!
Do any of you have this prescription? I'll have Vicodin, but I swore by those muscle relaxers.
Anyway, it's time for church and then my drive. I'll have my mom here by 3 and it will be a fun couple of days!!
I'm so excited for all and I'll be thinking of hadrab who is having hers with my PS the day before and joolie61 (Julia) who has been a great support for me as well. I can't wait to get through to the flat side and I hope I have small b cups!!! I can't even imagine how that will feel!!
My fiancé sprung an early Valentine's Day dinner for me and him. Fondu and chocolate evening. What fun that was! Since my mother is coming, well, this was the last opportunity for that!;-)
Have a blessed day everyone!!!

I'm on the flat side.

No details just very painful and I will write more in a couple of days. I think it turned out great! But I am in major pain! Omg it hurts. But I knew it when I went in. I can't wait to see. Dr said when he was marking me I might still be a small C I can't wait to see. Goodnight all. I'm ready to pass out!!

I day post op

Not the best photos but you can see the difference. I get my compression garment next week. In a lot of pain. But so far so good. Had my mother not been here. I couldn't have done it. I'm very excited to see the results. I'm a large B or small C. He tummy tuck pain is horrible. I can't wait to get my garment and hopefully the drains will be removed next week.
Thank you for all your support!!

Second day post op

Lost the first review. Let's try this again. The first night I didn't sleep and then I had to go to the dr to be checked and measured for my compression garment. My PS likes his patients to drain and swell naturally and then the compression garment is put on a week later. Last night was the best sleep I had gotten so far. Woke once at 2:30 to get up to go to the restroom and then back to bed. I will venture out to he kitchen and back while walking today. The master is on the main so that helps. My mother has been taking care of me as I'm like a newborn baby.
My boobs look great and my stomach looks flat even though there is swelling. I had additional lipo and I've learned how to sleep on my back sitting up with my wedge pillow.
Most important I can breathe again since having the implants removed and I had enough breast tissue that he could do whatever he wanted. I'm a 36C in a surgical bra and my waist measured one day post op at 31.5. I think I'll have a great outcome. I was a bit worried but the lift looks awesome! Time for me to rest again my breasties and I look forward to reading your stories. For those that are waiting. It will be ok. It hurts but it's going to look amazing!! I'm looking forward to my shower today (I'll get more pics) and my trip to the kitchen. It's the little things....!!

3rd day post op

Just had another shower. Amazing. No BM but I cleaned myself out the day before so not sure when it will kick in. Here are the updated photos my mom took. I am moving better and glad to be getting better. Have a long way to go. A long way.

Shower before the 7 day post op appointment!!

I hope to get my drains out today. I've posted some pics right after the shower today. I will post some every day now. The tape is peeing off, the bruising is getting better and I feel all around better. Thanks for all the well wishes. And my TT sister joolie61 who we went through it together!
The girls look good. The incisions are in good shape. Just a small opening on righty. It will get better. Lots of Neosporin and loving tender care!
Last shot was today and I look forward to being drain free! Sorry about the quality of the pics. It's hard when you are tethered to a hanger.
Have a great day. More later!!
Dr. Thomas McFadden

Loved the consultation. Read my post on that. I feel I am in the right hands.

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