33 Yro, 5'6", 165lbs, No Kids, Grade II Ptosis, smooth 355cc MP, breast augmentation

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Dr McFadden came highly recommended from clients...

Dr McFadden came highly recommended from clients and fellow coworkers who have used him for an array of services. I've had one consultation which made me feel good enough to sign the dotted line the following week. Size was never discussed too much- I just said I wasn't looking for stripper/pornstar breasts. I want to be proportionate to my body. I'm a bigger girl. I'm tired of my droopy breasts and my stomach protruding farther than my chest. I was told that I am in need of a lift, but that it will be performed in office 4mos down the line after my new breasts have some time to settle. I like that concept so he can see how they will drop rather than performing the lift the same time. Who's to say they will drop identically?!
I went in this week for my preop with the nurse practitioner. I've started the vitamin regime they've set out for me. Now all I can do is wait.
And in the meanwhile the Dr had also asked me to pick out boobs that are what I'm looking for and on women with similar build. Similar build is turning out to be much more difficult. Seems only skinny people sign up for this stuff or at least only skinny people post about it. Maybe I can help someone else out in my process who's in the same boat?

Less than 4 days to go!

Nerves are beginning to kick in along with all the "what ifs" and "I should have thought the timing out better"..... Surgery is Thur morning 11am right before the holiday weekend. When I scheduled the surgery 3 mos prior this seemed like a perfect time so I could recover and go back to work, but now, I'm moving 500miles away just 31 days after surgery. I don't have everything packed, and I pray I can feel well enough by week 3 to atleast box up things under 5lbs without actually moving boxes around.
I've spent any down time from work reading up on how people feel and what to expect.... But honestly I think EVERYONE goes through their own experience it's too hard to gauge what it will be like for me. Only time will tell I guess.
I've come up with more photos to show Dr McFadden the morning of and I'm adding them now.

The day after follow-up

Welp, I did it. My surgery time was at 11am, but didn't start till an hour/hour and a half later. Never tried on any sizers..... The nurse was so sweet and kind. My nerves were a 12 on the 1-10 scale. She asked me for a picture of what I wanted to give the Dr to hang up for him to go by. I was taken aback; bc I didn't print anything out, I only saved pictures to here on what I was thinking about. I showed the nurse all the photos I had and the photo of me trying on the "400 rice sizer" at home. She asked if I liked that size and I said yes. I tried 350 at home- and thought they were too small. I tried 450 at home- and thought they were too big. She picked out one picture I had saved bc it had a front view and a side profile. That is apparently the most important photos you want so you can show the Dr. I emailed it to the nurse to print out. The Dr came in next and began to draw his guidelines on my chest. I was sooo nervous at this point if I opened my mouth to talk too much I worried I was going to start crying. Lol. But I wish I would have spoken up more...... ????
The pain after waking up was excruciating. Not to mention the feeling like I was going to be sick. They gave me pain medication immediately, but I didn't begin to feel relief till the second dose that evening.
I stayed clothed all evening and didn't actually unzip my jacket till late that night to take my first look. I was wrapped tight with my nipple exposed underneath.
Next morning I had my post op with another nurse I hadn't met yet. She unwrapped the ace bandage and my heart sank..... I asked if they were the most swollen they would be and get smaller later. She said yes. It crushed me. This is not the size I wanted. Actually up till that point I didn't even know what size they gave me. No one had even told me. They apparently stuck a small card in my bag of stuff yesterday saying I got 355cc on both sides. I was devastated. I had told the nurse I didn't like the 350's on me and felt the 400cc would have been just right.
I'm soo disappointed and heartbroken. The pain and the money. I spoke with someone else before I left about my concerns and sadness. She said that to give it 3-4months and we would see how they shape out.

Day 3

I've been warned by other breast aug friends that day 4-7 are the worst for pain. It definitely feels like it's gradually getting more painful. The massages are KILLER pressing under the boob area. I'm still crushed beyond belief at the size. Not at ALL what I wanted. I tried on one of my push up bras I had been looking forward to getting rid of. Don't think I'll have a need to get rid of them after all. So at least I won't have to waste more money buying new bras right? ???? I was told the Dr would get in touch with me to address my concerns. Maybe he'll contact me next week since yesterday was Friday and it's a holiday weekend. While the Dr never directly asked me what size I wanted to be, I clear as day remember showing the nurse sitting next to me on my bed the picture of me in the pink bra wearing the 400cc rice sizers I made at home saying I like this size, this is what I want.
And here I am pushing through the pain of 355cc implants that look so small even while its swollen. ????

Oh my!!!

In just a few hours my bruising has taken over!!! Thankfully I was able to get in contact with the Dr. He said that while it is a bit excessive, it's not abnormal and that the office can ultrasound it when I come in next to clear it up faster. So pleased he got back with me so soon!! :)

Today is a new day!!!! :)

Ok, here we go....
So it's amazing what a little church on Sunday can do on a persons outlook on life. Lol.
I have boobs. I had the means. I had the time. And I had a wonderful Dr who performed my procedure without any complications. Maybe I'm supposed to have 355cc breasts for a reason. Maybe I would have hated the 400cc when they took off the bandages. Either way, I have more "boobs" than I did 5 days ago. And I'm happy. Dr. McFadden and his staff have been nothing but friendly, kind, sweet, and helpful. I will gladly recommend them to anyone looking to have a breast augmentation procedure. I feel Dr McFadden is very passionate in his work and it was apparent to me in the consultation, which had me sign the dotted line with ease that he would do a good job.
I'm here on out using this blog to help and give advice/guidelines to anyone as the patient for Dr McFadden so you will have the most amazing experience in your journey as well!!
1) Immerse yourself on this website. Search for women who are of similar height, weight, build as you..... The way those women's breasts look "before" won't matter as much as what it looks like after.
I'm a bigger girl with a wider chest. I tried to find some women similar build as me and I saved their pictures to my blog here. Then find ONE picture (an after) of a woman's breasts from the front view AND a full side view. This was CRUCIAL and what I needed to have PRINTED out the day of surgery for Dr McFadden to hang up as a guideline.
2) ASK ABOUT SIZERS!!!!! I'm still not sure if his office does such a thing, I just assumed that there would be a moment where it was suggested to me that we try sizers on, but it wasn't. If his office doesn't do sizers, I HIGHLY recommend making your own at home and trying them out. Google how- it's awesome. That is how I decided 350cc I felt was too small, 450cc was too big, and 400cc was JUST RIGHT!! :) I know they talked to me about sizes B, C, and D... But guess what. I have a 38B bra, 36C bras, and a 34D bra ALL in my lingerie chest. I feel letters are irrelevant and cc's are the way to go. Once you do figure out what you like tell anyone and everyone there- especially Dr McFadden. Make sure it's written down somewhere that's what you like seeing on yourself. From there if the Dr had any concerns on maybe why the size isn't right for you make sure you know why. Then maybe you'll feel better on a different size suggested. ALSO ask about your different boob sizes. I know we all have one bigger than the other, and since we have lived with our boobs our entire life it's very obvious to us the difference. Ask him if you should have slightly different size implants in each breast to help even you out.
3) Surgery day is crazy!!! I'm sure this is different for most people bc I couldn't think straight that day. I have a daily medication I take for life that I had to stop taking 3 days before. While I had no qualms bc I wanted my safety first and foremost for this- I personally can not function mentally without it. Which is probably why I was nervous but calm that day. I couldn't think. Lol. So for you!- Write down things a few days before or when you think of them up to the hour of surgery. Verify with Dr McFadden, not just the nurse, what size implants he's going to use. (Shoot ask him to write the size on each breast so your mind can be at ease. I would have loved that!!)
Everyone there is so nice and I know wouldn't bite, lol. But sometimes we all get caught up and forget things that are such a routine.
4) Try the DAY BEFORE surgery to set up your medication schedule and routine. If you don't, you'll be in so much pain you won't want to think about figuring it all out. And there is a LOT. Thankfully my mother was my nurse, and while it was a struggle the first 24-48hrs, once I felt mentally like myself again I came up with a great time schedule sheet for all my meds and even set an alarm for EVERYONE of them on my phone so I wouldn't miss a thing. So many needed an empty stomach, and you don't want to miss a min from your pain medication, it could also mean the difference between eating now or an hour later. So figure it out BEFORE surgery. I'll post a pic of my set up and give you an idea. I would place checkmates next to each one I took for the day so I wouldn't feel I forgot any.
5) Take it easy. I may have pushed myself a bit harder than I should have a few times, but I don't know how to sit still long. Lol. Your body will tell you you're tired a lot. So listen.
That's about all I can think of for now. Hasn't been a week yet. But I'll keep updating. Anything I can do to help someone walk through this!!

Rice Sizers

Here's a good how to make your own at home rice sizers. It's what I did weeks ago and how I made a good concise decision on what I wanted.


Day 5 PO

First off- Happy Fourth of July! Anywho!!...
I wake up a bit sore everyday, but the pain isn't anything like what everyone has warned me. Maybe it's the calm before the storm? Lol. One TMI side note- I haven't had a bowel movement since the morning of surgery. I know my medicine will leave me constipated, but I've been eating and drinking everything I can think of that would help "push" things along. I.e. Starbucks, Mexican food, oatmeal raisin cookies, apples/juice, etc. and nothing!! If nothing works or happens by tonight I plan on taking some mineral oil.
The bruising still looks pretty narly, but it's beginning to go yellow so that's comforting.
I'm not staying in bed all the time, but I'm not pushing it really hard either. I tire quickly so naps are my friend. I have been lightheaded the last solid 24hrs and initially brushed off it off as medicine... But by mid morning today I thought it be a good idea to check my blood pressure and blood sugar. My BP was 108/86 and BS 83. I've been eating pretty well, minus last nights Mexican and Coldstone ice cream lol, but my appetite isn't there to finish meals. That's a silver lining plus! Yay! Lol. So all these minor concerns I'll address at my next appointment.
And speaking of which..... My one week follow up appointment is scheduled for Thur 9am, except I know the Dr does surgeries on Thur and Fri. Today being a holiday I'm going to call first thing tomorrow and ask for a follow up appointment where I get to see Dr McFadden and talk with him. I'm happy I got my breast augmentation, I'm trying very hard not to be disappointed in not getting the size I requested. So I would like to address that issue in person with him. And if a revision has to be done- then so be it. Paying extra money to get what I had asked for hurts, but it's what I wanted and I believe what I still want. Not sure on the exact cost but I will just plan on using the money I had set aside to get a lift to use on getting a revision instead. So no lift.
I did make a 5 day progress collage I'm adding (so much downtime I don't know what to do with myself. Lol)
So ask questions!!! I'd love to chat!!!

Still nothing :(

Since 5pm Friday I have been anxiously waiting for Tuesday morning 8am when I knew the Dr's office opened up. I called by like 8:04am lol. Everyone is so nice when I talk to them. I asked the front desk if I could reschedule my Thur 9am appointment for anything today or tomorrow so I could see the Dr, knowing he performs surgery on Thur and Fri. The front desk said that my appointment was for removing my sutures and I would just be seeing the Nurse Practitioner. I told the lady I wanted an appointment to see the Dr to go ahead and start planning my revision, then followed up asking should I just go ahead and make a consultation appointment for a revision. She said that she would speak with the lady in charge of finances and operation scheduling and have her get back with me.
Once again never heard back from anyone today. I'm not mad, just sad. Sad I didn't get the size I asked for and sad no one is willing to talk to me to help me understand what I can do to fix things. Yes I'm disappointed I just paid $5800 for a breast augmentation that isn't the right size, but I'm over that. Im willing to use the rest of the money I had set aside to have my lift but instead use it toward a revision to get the size I asked for. I also want to address the issue of the same size implants being used in both breasts when I have one breast that is considerably larger than the other.
Hopefully someone will talk to me Thur morning when I go in to get my sutures removed. :( 6 days without anyone talking to me is getting pretty disheartening.


Just minutes after posting my last update Dr McFadden texted me asking how my bruising was doing. That was VERY kind of him to check up on me after hours. I sent him these pics I just took. He replied with asking me to come in tomorrow to get them ultrasound to clear up faster.
It's a start. :)

First visit after the bandage removal.

So like I said last night, Dr McFadden texted me asking about how my bruising was coming along. I sent him back pics of the way they looked at the moment and he replied back for me to call the office first thing this morning and come in to get them ultrasound.
So 8:05am I'm on the phone letting them know the conversation I had with Dr McFadden and they asked if I could get in by 9:45am. I said sure. Quickly bathing all the important areas and throwing on makeup- I made it. Still pretty down about my boobs I tried to make small talk, bc everyone really has been so nice it's not their fault. One of the front desk girls had her boobs done the day after mine so we shared our war stories from this first week of recovery. She said she can't lift her arms over her head, but I have full dexterity and have been able to do everything really.
I don't think I've babied myself at all except the first 36hrs. After that I only take half the pain medicine prescribed and get up and move when I can. If I'm causing damage welp, I'll know soon enough enough. If not, I think this has been MUCH easier than everyone has made it out to be.
When they called me back it was my nurse practitioner who did my 2week pre-op appointment. Nice to see a familiar face. I told her the bruising story, how it rapidly came on in a matter of 2 hours. She then explained how the ultrasound worked and what it was going to do to to help break up the bruising faster. I also finally felt I was able to express my disappointment in my breasts. I told her the story of what happened, and said I felt it was no ones fault other than a real lack of communication on both sides. She said that she would make sure that my appointment next week I would be able to sit down with Dr McFadden and finally talk. Which I feel is all I want at this point, be aside nothing can be done for months of anything else is to be done.
While performing the ultrasound she did feel that my right breast still was pretty high and suggested an extra massage technique to really get in there and help it drop. My right breast has always been my larger breast and it's still pretty obvious.
I was scheduled to come in tomorrow to have the suture cover taken off, but she went ahead and did it today to save me another visit. She told me to Neosporin the incisions till Saturday and then begin the scar cream regime.
I left purchasing another band for my bra. I was given 2 bras and one band. I feel you really need two bands to rotate out with to clean (front desk girl agreed and said she was going to purchase an extra herself).

So finally I was able to walk away today feeling I've been heard. It's a start. And a good day.

Trying to have a little fun.

Standing naked in front of a mirror my breasts look atrocious. They're bruised, misshaped, still too small, and nipples point down. So being told to wear a bra 24/7 is no problem. Lol.
But a friend suggested trying on a few bikini tops and see if I feel any better about them.
Out of the tops I tried only one looks sexy to me. The rest still make my breasts looks small.
Now if my 355cc drop and fluff in 4-5mos to the way I look in my pink bra with the 400cc rice sizers I made back in May..... Then I will be one happy girl. I can hope and pray!!!

Day 10

I seriously cannot tell if anything has dropped, or changed other than the bruising is getting much better.
And all of this could very well be my fault for not babying myself and probably picking up or moving items heavier than 5lbs. I know I haven't done anything that's obviously TOO heavy, bc I am trying. But there was an emergency incident Thur evening that had my adrenaline going and I know I pushed too hard. I was leaving dinner with my sister and my mother, when my mother collapsed in the parking lot. Panic kicked in and I rushed to her aid and helped my sister carry her to the car where we rushed her to the ER. For 12hrs we were there and if my mother struggled in pain to attempt to move I was there to help her. And in those 12hrs I didn't have any medicine. I had enough to get me through dinner thinking I was heading home. And I was awake 10 of those 12hrs at the hospital. My breasts were in sooooo much pain. I massaged when I could, but there was no relief without any meds to keep me going. So I'm certain I must have done some damage that evening in all the chaos.
I've read and looked at so many other blogs that have gone so well, and breasts look good almost day 1. Mine hurt and they look hideous. The hopes of looking good naked are fading fast. I'll be fine as long as I'm in a bra or swimsuit. Lol. But then even in the special bra you can see which boob is the LARGER boob and which is my smaller boob. Since the same since implants were put in both sides, my boobs will STILL be lopsided. It is what it is.
And the incision scars look horrible. They aren't even symmetrical. So that will look wonky if I sunbath with my arms up.

Not sure how to even title this update...

So I finally got to see the Dr after my BA on June 30. I'm walking away feeling like everything was completely my fault.

Everything has been poor communication. Even today. :( Maybe I should have done WAY more research on breast augmentations before I even went in for a consultation. I'm sure most women do and even know the exact size they want before ever meeting a Dr. My fault. I don't have any close friends who have had one done in the last 5 years. So it wasn't "I wanted bigger breasts bc so in so got them."

I stick by every entry on how EVERYTHING went down and what was communicated and when.

I do believe that they want me satisfied with my BA, but just because. I've never been mean, hateful, disrespectful, or angry. Everyone has been very kind.

I'm just so crushed and disappointed. I really don't feel like continuing this blog on whatever my progress may be.

BA revisions on tv

So really I had no more intentions of updating this review, but tonight while visiting a friends house the tv show Botched by Nature came on while we chatted.
Watching with pure curiosity, a case came on about capsular contracture. A term I'm well aware of as a possible negative outcome from BA. Though when the Dr went into surgery it suddenly became apparent it was NOT capsular contracture but a slight case of tuberous breast deformity. Which is something I've felt I may have originally "suffered" from before my BA. When the Dr began explaining the correct way to help offset this deformity it roused feelings again of wanting to correct my BA that I've grown to not think about anymore..... Though it's only been 7 weeks, it feels like it was an eternity ago. I massage everyday and I'm still wearing the 2 bras with straps 90% of the time; with the occasional dress up pretty outing where instead I wear the heavily padded push-up bras I've owned for several years now.
The moment they showed the before and after photos it seared in my brain..... THATS what my breasts look like!!!! Her before photo in my opinion looks like my breasts now. And what the Dr said to correct tuberous breasts to give the look of fullness is to go bigger. He took her from 300cc to 550cc. I wish I would have communicated more than just "assume". So here's the comparison photos. My breasts I think look practically the same today at week 7, as they did on day two. A slight difference. LoL. Oh well. Just boobs and it's just me that has to look at them.


12wks today since my BA. Here are photo comparisons of 2days after and today's 12weeks after. "Dropping" has helped the shape looking at them straight on. Still disappointed, and honestly as time goes on I get more and more frustrated with the thought of how much I spent only to have to do it all over again to get what I wanted. I had been going back as often as my schedule would allow me to ultrasound the one left breast that hadn't been dropping. The last visit, my amazing nurse told me I don't need to come back anymore for the ultrasounds. So now my next appointment is set late October (4 mos after my BA) to once again sit with the Dr and discuss what comes next. I don't want to wear my heavily padded VS bras anymore. I would rather not have to go through recovery all over again either..... But it is what it is.
Then there are the "negative Nancy" remarks from my mother who has me worried about what will happen if I go under again. She's honestly comparing this to sending food back to a kitchen and hoping the chef doesn't spit in it when it returns.....
I don't know what to do. Can't worry about anything just yet till I see the Dr again- or see how much he's going to charge me to fix all of this. That alone also makes me ill I have to pay more to just get what I wanted. Ughhhh I wish I could go back in time and have had one more appointment WITH HIM to show him and tell him what I wanted after he asked me to go out and find it at the end of my consultation. I did!! I did exactly what he instructed and suggested I do. *Life lesson learned here. *sigh*
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