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Haven't done it yet. Waiting on my school to be...

Haven't done it yet. Waiting on my school to be out for summer! I have hopes and images of what I would like to see changed. My consult is next week, March 18th and I can't wait! I am taking in the pics I have photoshopped and if the doctor says "Yes," he can do this for me then I am booking for June.

Going to my consult today!

I can't wait; I'm heading straight to my consult today after work. In about, 18 minutes. I feel nervous now that it's more real. I keep thinking about the needle and the anesthesia... I will be sooo scared when that day comes. I think, am I crazy to consider this? Is this too extreme? But then I think, lots of other people have had it done safely and are so happy they did. I have to follow this dream. If I don't I will spend the rest of my life wishing i had had the courage.

Consult went well; waiting for morph pics

The doctor said the photoshopped pic that I made wasn't totally achievable. Because he said that I "shortened the alars" and that that's not possible. So, he did say that he can achieve the tip I am looking for.
I'm confused about one thing. When I went in three years ago for a consult he had said he'd do a tip plasty and an alar base reduction on me, so I could achieve a less wide nose. Less wide is a BIG deal to me, it's one of my main concerns. However, this time, he told me that he "won't do an alar base reduction because they leave big scars" and that he doesn't do those. So, I'm wondering did something happen in his practice during these years that made him stop? Did he do them before and now he doesn't? I asked if he WOULD be willing to do one on me and he said no. He said they aren't good, that they don't heal well, and that people can tell from across the street if you have a scar from one!

I wonder, have any of you had this same information given to you? I wonder if it's good that I will not be facing a scar from it, or if it's bad that he doesn't risk doing them at all. Should I find a doctor who will do an alar base reduction on me? Or should I just go with the tip plasty? I don't want my nose to be even more wide after surgery! That would be majorly bad.'

So I'm going to wait for the morph pics to come in, take a look, and then decide if I am going to book with him. If not, I will find another doc who will do the alar base reduction. I am booking for June no matter who I go with! If anyone has experience with a good doc in Pittsburgh please, let me know!

I have decided to change surgeons!

So, I had gone to my March 18 consult with the intent to book the surgery that day. I had a date in mind, and the downpayment prepared. But the doctor told me he won't do an alar base reduction, that they cause too much scarring. This is one of the main things I sought - to make my nose less wide. I was fairly disappointed to learn this wouldn't be happening.
So I asked a question here on this site, to the doctors, and I had such a generous response from 9 doctors! All of them said, that alar plasty is NOT a dying trend, and that I should find a surgeon who will/can do it if it's needed, as well as a person who specializes in rhinoplasty. So, after giving it thought, and doing some research, I have decided for certain that I am finding a new doctor!

And I am very excited about it. At first, I thought of this journey as a convenience trip - one hour drive, one hour surgery, one hour recovery, one hour home... nice and clean and easy. But, everyone here on real self advises people to choose their doctor not on convenience or price, but on expertise. I have read countless horror stories, and my gut has been whispering, "choose another doctor. You don't even like the before and afters of the doctor you met with. you can travel a few hours..."

Dr. Naderi is one of those who answered my question on real self. Yesterday I spoke with his office and he called me PERSONALLY, to do a long distance consult. I love him. He truly is what all his reviews claim him to be - kind, informative, patient, responsive, and respectful. He is wonderful and I am going to make the 3 hour trip to D.C. next week to see him in person and get a good view of what exactly we can expect from my nose. His work is stellar and beautiful, he specializes in rhinoplasty, and his gallery is full of impeccable work. My initial doctor had only 3 photos of rhino before and afters, and they have been the same for the last 4 years on his site. That gave me pause.

I am SO happy to have found Dr. Naderi and I look forward to meeting him April 7. I will update with morphs from him and a review of our in person meeting. The lesson I learned here is - DO choose your doctor carefully. DO go with your gut. DO like the doctor's pictures of his before and afters. And DO choose someone who specializes in the procedure you seek.

Thanks for reading! (surgery this June)

Decided to change surgeons

I have a second consult coming up April 14th with a new doctor. This one is in D.C., where I lived and taught for 3 years before moving back to PA so I am familiar with the area, and have a friend I can stay with during recovery. So that's awesome. But the most important part is he is a gifted rhinoplasty specialist - not a jack of all trades. After meeting with him, I'll either book immediately for June, or I will decide against him. But i'm thinking, 99% that I will book with him because he called me after I paid the consult fee, he is very knowledgeable, very amazing photos on his website, and I have great confidence in him and all of his glowing reviews online.

Will update after the consult with him. He will make the edits on my photos right in his office during the consult, he said. Meanwhile, 2+ weeks after the consult with the other doctor, i STILL have not received the morphs I was promised from his office. But I don't care now. I waited for a week anxiously to see them and book with him. But then I followed my gut, and felt he wasn't the right doctor, because he said he won't be able to address the width of my nose. And the width is a huge issue to me.

I'm glad I changed to Dr. Naderi and we will see how this goes! Can't wait to book.

My morph photos from doctor 1's office just arrived

Well I am posting the morph pics that my doctor's graphic artist just sent to me. It took 2 weeks and 2 days for me to get them, after our consult. I am not happy with this morph, and would not want this change. Here is why:

The profile change is too minimal. I want more of a scoop to the bridge and I want more of a lift to the tip. More feminine is what I seek.

The frontal change does not address the width of my nostrils. I understand that this is because doctor #1 did tell me, he doesn't do alar base reduction. I hate the width of my nose, and something will be done about it. If I had surgery, and awoke with this result, I would not be satisfied. The tip is refined but not lifted enough.

I will take these morphs to my consult with doctor #2 and show him what I do and don't like about them. I hope he can offer me more drastic change, more feminization, and more of a reduced nasal base.

More photos - my morphs of the dr.'s morphs -

So, I took the morphs that I received from the doctor's office, and I morphed them myself into what I would like to see actually change.

This is what I would like. More scoop. More lift. Less wide bridge. More smooth transition between tip and bridge, not such a pinched tip, and less wide nostrils. Hey, call me detailed but I am an artist, and if I'm going to do this, I'm going to have it done right!

Consult in DC this Monday

So I am going to a consult with Dr. Naderi this Monday. Very excited to see what he has to say about my potential changes for my nose. He is an expert in the field, and he does charge more than average. Quite a bit more. And I'm no rich person; I'm a single mom. But after hearing about botched jobs out there, I have to be extra careful.

So I will update with more before pics soon, and hopefully with some digital morphs from DC on Monday! Be well.

more before pics - bulbous tip, drooping, wide, I don't see many like mine

Some more pics showing why I've wanted to do this for years. It just gets worse with age!

anyone else question if it's crazy to get this done when they wake up in the middle of the night? LOL

So, I wanted to have Dr. Naderi do my nose, but he's in Washington D.C. I was going to stay with a friend there for the week, but when i thought about it, I realized i want to recover in my own home for the week, not be someone's imposing bloody guest! So, I have elected to find a doctor here in Pittsburgh.
Also, Dr. Naderi quoted me a very high price, and as a single mom, it's just not reasonable when I can stay closer to home and pay about 2000 less.

Dr. Gillman was great yesterday. He's an ENT and a plastic surgeon. Very matter of fact, no nonsense. There's no eerie "spa" feeling when you go to his office. It's in a hospital and the girls at the desk are regular receptionists, not fake, I'm your best friend today (the word that keeps coming up for me is "smarmy") people like in some places. I stopped by Dr. Capone's office after my meeting with Gillman and his office was the smarmy type. He also does everything from boobs to bellies to you name it. The receptionist seemed very confused about rhinoplasties and the last ones he'd done and if he does open and closed, or one or the other... etc. She was very nice, but too nice. It wasn't genuine. I prefer honesty.

So I am leaning heavily towards Dr. Gillman. He has some very nice work I saw yesterday. He is a nice guy, I feel comfortable around him. I just want to be sure he will do what I ask with my desires, and it seems so. I am calling his office in a few mins. to ask a few final questions, then I am going to book!

He said he will 1. narrow my bridge and the sides of my bridge (scared of the breaking!!) to create a more feminine look. 2. reduce the tip cartilage and suture it so that it's not so bulbous 3. create a narrow triangular tip instead of the boxy one i have now 4. do a "conservative" alar base reduction. I'd like more than conservative but he seems insistent that it's not something to take lightly. This is one area of contention i have. but he is willing to. and finally 5. he wants to correct my septum which he said is slightly tilted.

So that's a lot of hacking and cutting. Am i the only one who wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks "What am I planning to do!? This is crazy to get my face chopped up and broken! How extreme!?" Then as the day goes on, I'm sure it's what I want. But those midnight hours... eeeeeee. I really question it in the dead of night. Anyone else?

strongly debating between Dr. Naderi in DC and Dr. Gillman in Pittsburgh

OK. So I love Naderi and his work. Was going to book with him but I don't want to recover all week in DC at my friends. I want to recover at home in PA. I have found dr. Gillman in Pittsburgh but hebdoeant do as many noses as often as Dr. Naderi. So here I am. I can do Pitts. And be close to home and recover here. If I choose Naderi, he is $2000 more and in DC.

Help me! If I could have Naderi, and then be home in PA to recover I would. Is this feasible? I would need someone willing to drive me 4 hours home to PA after! Def cannot afford a hotel and I want to recover at home. Ideas please!


Dr. Gillman showed me some pics that look great! Like this example I'll load for a while then take down later.

In-person consult with Dr. Naderi May 19

So i already had a phone consult with Dr. Naderi which was awesome BTW, him calling me and chatting. LOL. I paid the $100 consult fee and planned a skype consult, but skype wouldn't open properly so he just straight out called me and referred to my emailed pictures. He was intelligent and soft-spoken. He did listen to my questions. I liked him and was certain I was going to book with him.

But the weekend I was going to drive down and see him for a consult in person, I fickle-ly decided that I need to recover at home and not far away in DC, so I cancelled the consult in DC, and stayed home that weekend. I decided to search Pittsburgh for surgeons. I found one who is good and consulted with him. So now, I am between Gillman and Naderi.

I am going to see Naderi May 19. Because you see, I called there and they said he needs his patients to stay in town for 24 hours, but after that I can leave and go home to recover. Then I will return back there a week later for cast removal. This solves the problem of wanting to recover at home!

I can't wait to see what he says about my nose, how well he listens to what I'd like to have changed, and if he is able to accomplish it. I know he will be honest. I hope the price goes down, or at the very least stays the same as the quote they gave me over email. Since he only had pictures to go by, I believe it was a tentative quote. $8500.00! He is not cheap! But I understand that he is worth it.

Dr. G is 2500 less...

So, waiting for the consult, with high hopes of finding the right surgeon. One thing is certain: to anyone out there still in the consult phase - it is NOT an easy thing to choose a surgeon! Unless maybe you are rich and live in Beverly hills where you have access and money to the docs who do the rich and famous.

It's just a long process of revising and editing. Lucky thing I'm an English teacher. (Note: don't go editing and proofreading this. I am writing quickly because I have students doing projects here LOL)

nose wishing and dreaming

I do this all the time. Maybe Dr. Naderi can make it stay like this!

Booked a surgery date - June 20 - *subject to change*

So in order to reserve the date I want I booked it - with the more expensive doc in DC. I am seeing him in person for an in person consult May 19. At that time, I will decide for certain if I am going with him or with the Pittsburgh doc. based on what we discuss and what he has to say about my nose. OH dear I am nervous.

So though I paid $500 for the surgery date to reserve for Friday June 20, I am willing to cancel that if I feel the Pitts. doc is best for me. If I do cancel, I hope for a refund. But worst case scenario, I lose that $500? Yes that SUCKS, however, I will still be paying $2000 less total with the cost of the surgery in Pitts. + the $500 lost.

All in all, I am ready to decide! Can't wait to decide! Getting more and more nervous about the needle the surgery and the risks. But, not willing to give up on the dream.

anyone else have fibromyalgia?

I was diagnosed last year. I manage the pain through the Paleo diet because I'm anti medicine. and it works quite well only my right wrist has pain at this point even if I cheat which I do more than I should.

a couple things since I'm anti medicine the thought of the anesthesia truly has been weighing on my mind. I've had 3 no four surgeries in my life and never had a problem with anesthesia. but they have to put that sneaky little risk factor in that says even if you've never had a problem before with anesthesia you still could... so I've been wondering tonight if my fibro could make me more of a risk factor for that anesthesia.

I researched and it doesn't seem like it should be a dealbreaker for my surgery I just hope the surgeon will respect the special accommodations for Fibro patients. supposedly if they administer a local anesthetic as well as general and also give me opioids painkillers before the surgery all of this protects the central nervous pain system of the body to prevent the bad flare up after surgery.

I mean let me get real here for a minute the thing is I just can't die because I have a 3 year old daughter so yeah. of course I'm afraid of saying that out loud because I don't want to be judged as too afraid to get the surgery and be disqualified for it from it somehow but I'm guessing its normal to feel this way. I'm trying to take every possible precaution that's all. 6 weeks to surgery!

Still wavering between Dr N and Dr G.

deviated septum

So I received a bill from Dr Gilman for ENT visit for $324. but I only went to him for the rhinoplasty consalt which I was told was free of charge. so I call the office and said they had billed me by mistake but the manager assured me vehemently that since he found I had a deviated septum then it became a medical issue and now it was an ENT visit and the billing was correct.

I explained to her that any plastic surgeon cHecks for a deviated septum during a rhinoplasty consult. even if all they do is plastic surgery and the fee is what the fee is. I told her a couple other doctors fees who I've already consulted with and explained they all checked for deviated septum. so therefore if a conSult is supposed to be free for Dr Gilman then he should have also checked for deviated septum during that and why are they deciding now to bill me for a medical bill. It just didn't make sense to me has anyone else ever experienced This?

so of course after I made a fuss about it the lady called back today and said they removeD the charge. I feel like I was being a meanie pants a little bit but it didn't make sense to me I felt like I was being trIcked or something

feeling frustrated!

I feel frustrated!

I have finally mostly finished worrying about the anesthesia, I spent a couple weeks in terror and now I have no more energy for that focus. But I can't settle on a doc. I have trust issues for sure...

I meet Dr. N in person next Monday so that will be fan. I just want to be sure the doctor I choose will make enough of a change. I don't want go come out of this with a subtle change. My tip is huge. I want it small. My profile is straight. I want a slope. If these two promises can't be made by someone then maybe I'll just save up for another year and fly myself out to Dr. Grigoriants after all Lol! Doubtful for a thousand reasons but. I want a cute little nose and its hell feeling sure that's what I'll come out with. I feel like Dr.N is so good and expert, but I think he likes straight profiles not slopes. Based on his photos. Maybe he will give me a slope though if I explain the importance? He does have at least 2 with a nice slope.. just more are straight.

Dr. G in Pitts doesn't do noses as often and he doesnt do computer imaging... I have a problem with that. I need some idea of what's to come.

O dear. Thoughts?

My favorite Naderi nose and another wish nose

So, here is my favorite nose from Dr. Naderi. I would LOVE results like this. Just beautiful. Looks like she had her nose also deprojected, which I desire. Nice slope, I would be ok with this, but I'd like a bit more slope. She looks great. If he says he can make my nose to end up like this, I will be deliriously happy. lol.

I just met Dr. Naderi!

And, he's the one. So my date is June 20 I'm excited as hell and also quite nervous about the small possibility of anesthesia risk. Because of my daughter. But I'm going to trust God and this gifted surgeon. He showed me some imaging of what to expect results wise, and it looked great. He seemed to have a vision for what I want coupled with the reality of my face's dynamics. Cute nose on its way! I'm so excited!

pics from Dr. Naderi!

Love them and I love him.

premature boost in confidence?

So I am feeling more sexy and pretty lately past couple days. I think because my dream is finally being realized and because I trust my surgeon. Yay how exciting! I'm "trying out" feeling comfortable in my own face instead of insecure and its so nice. Such a load off to know that I won't have to feel deformed because of the nose but can feel pretty. So its like I feel that a little bit already... Less than a month to go! Has anyone else experienced this?

no more fear of anesthesia

So I spent most of march in constant terror and obsession of dying from anesthesia. I'd awaken in the night to pee and begin thinking about surgery and the needle and me lying there near death and I'd get so paralyzed by certainty that I was sending myself into an early grave. I spent days on end, worrying and imagining the worst.

Irony? I am 3 weeks from surgery and I'm not afraid anymore. U know, I think a lot truly has to do with trust in your surgeon. That's one thing and also I've researched the statistics and its just very safe comparatively speaking. Finally its a choice to be in fear or to not be.

On Dr. Naderi's pre op instructions he explains that the day of surgery is a day to think happy thoughts. You've done your homework and made the best choice for you and at this point relax and think calmy and positively. It will help the surgery go smoothly. It will be a nicer experience all around. If I go in there like a cat being tossed into the bath then I will just have a panicky horrible time for no reason. The end result will be what it is regardless of me worrying or not; so why worry? The fact is I am going through with this surgery. And so I have chosen to be excited and not afraid.

I'm writing this post to help anyone who is dealing with the fear that I was. Hope it helps!

3 weeks to go!

Exactly 3 weeks from now I'll be leaving for the hospital. I've slowly begun gathering things I'll need after. And like another person said on here recently I want my house to be spotless when I leave for Maryland. Just excited about my U pillow. Its foam! Lol.

On lack of family support..

Like some others I've seen, I have parents who are not supportive of my doing this. I'm 35 so I'm a grown woman and it shouldn't matter.But of course it does bother me to have negative energy going against my lifelong dream of making this happen. so i have just stopped talking about it to family. and i am not telling them til it's over. i plan on texting and saying "Hey, it's over and I'm alive!" then, what can be said except, oh great! so that's my plan. but it does weigh on me to know i'm hiding this from my mom and that in case something DOES happen to go wrong,.. but im just trying to stay positive.

Ahhhhhh so excited!

That's it, SOO excited! I got some supplies last weekend (q tips, antibiotic ointment, U pillow etc.) and it's getting really real up in here. And I'm browsing here, adding some more items I'll need (fro-yogurt, arnica cream- wasn't sure if I'd need this but i think i'll get it)

So I'm super excited! Can't wait. It's my surgery month - today is June 3 and my big nose big goodbye day is June 20 :) I

less than 2 weeks til surgery :)

So now I am in the "no aspirin, nsaids, supplements" zone. I am consciously eating healthier to prepare my body for better healing in recovery. My favorite thing is Dr. Oz's green smoothie so I've attached a picture: its beautiful AND delicious Lol. If u never tried one u should.
I'm getting really excited! I'm sure I think too much about what will happen while I'm knocked out and its useless I should just think about how nice it will be to feel pretty for once. Positive thoughts send em my way! And I thank every one out there because I know that if it weren't for you all sharing your stories so openly I would not have had the courage to finally go through with this. :) thanks

question post op driving

Those of you freshly in recovery: how feasible is it 4 a person to drive 1 or 2 days after surgery?

I was going to stay all week in Maryland To recover while my 16 year old niece looked after my 3 year old. I was just informed by my niece she can't go if I stay all week because of her work. I can't go alone with my daughter it would b too hard without help all week trying to take it easy. So now I'm back to having to travel back to PA to recover. 4 hour drive.

Do you think 2 days after surgery I will be able to handle the drive? I hope so. 16 is too new of a driver to do all that she still has her permit. So... ??????

Paranoid - pressure in temples?

I have pressure in my temples. It started yesterday in the left side. I suspect, it started because i was massaging my left jaw muscle a lot in the last week. So to back up even further, let me explain:

I had jaw surgery 18 years ago. long time! maxillofacial surgery to correct my bite. well, it healed a bit asymmetrically as you can see in my pics if you look closely. as a result, i often press on the side that's bigger, and rub lightly, or wonder if possibly, could it be fluid in there? Or is it just bone? (as my jaw surgeon stated when i went back 8 years ago)

I swear, when i compare how it feels to the other side, its' like there is fluid in there, sort of 'bubbling' when i push on it. so in the last week for some reason (nerves?) ive been pushing on it and wondering could it be an infection? from all those years? or what is it? etc. now, the last couple days i've felt the temple muscle feeling pressure. so i am now paranoid:

does this mean i have some problem/infection in my jaw that is now moving up my temple because i've been fooling with it? I dont want it to mess up my surgery that is in only 9 days now.

i have an appointment with my PCP today at 4 to have him see what he might think. I really, really don't want to mess up this nose job i have been waiting for so long.

8 days til surgery

** forgive the frequent updates please!** I am super excited and keeping this for me, so you'll probably see once a day here out LOL**

So, a week from today, it will be the day I travel down to DC for my surgery which will take place on Friday the 20th. My friend Lori and her husband are going to drive me and I'll stay with a friend who lives down there, while they go off on a short lovely anniversary weekend in DC. I'm SO eternally thankful to them for this help!

My daughter (my world) is staying in PA with Lori's 3 girls and their grandmother. These are her best friends, and she will play all day and night from Thursday through Saturday afternoon. She will be in her glory, and I will be happy knowing she's not 1. bored 2. freaked out by mum's bloody nose just yet 3. having to travel 4 hours in a car

I will have a couple days to myself to rest and recover, which is an almost exclusively NEVER event as a single mom, and which I dont really look forward to as I know I'll miss her terribly. But it's important so I will take advantage of the time.

We aren't leaving til Lori's hubby gets off work in the afternoon probably 4 ish, so I won't even arrive in DC until likely, 9 pm or so if I am being realistic. That is so LATE when I have to be at the surgery center the following morning at 8:30. But, it won't give me a lot of time to dwell on worries.

Also, I will be "practicing" with my valium Thursday night, as I was directed. To take 5 mg first, and see how that is, then if I need another, take another and see how that is. They don't want me arriving all loopy to the center on Friday morning they said. Because I have to speak with people about things. oh my. haha! I can imagine just being like a stoned out hippy - "Hey guys!"

Tonight I'm going to organize all my PILLS (there's lots) into a little shoebox i'll take with me. I have Vicodin, Valium, antibiotics, stool softeners, etc. they are all still in the giant eagle bags from the pharmacy. may even write up a schedule so i know when to do what! in case i'm out of it.

so one more week.. who woulda thought? all my life i have dreamed of this. i never thought i would actually do it. i dreamed it like a person stranded on an island dreams of waking to a ship docked to rescue him. but i never thought that ship would come. part of me is STILL not willing to let it in that this is real, that i will be able to feel confident in my own skin instead of the feeling i have of "disfigured/flawed" when i see my face in pictures. sometimes, i have taken photos where the flash was so bright that it was very whited out, and all you could see were my eyes, and my smile. the nose was pretty invisible and i thought, wow, i look beautiful! if only i could keep this face looking so pretty so that you saw my eyes and smile, and not this HUGE WIDE nose in the middle that ruins it all.

now, finally, could it be that this will be a reality? Dare i to hope?

meds packed, paid in full, 6 days pre- op

so I have all my meds packed into a shoe box and I didn't even realize how perfect the shoebox was until I was done.

it has a big butterfly which is the symbol for a change in personal growth and I always think of this nose job as me going into a cocoon and emerging out a beautiful butterfly. I also think of it as when Bella goes into her morphing state to become a vampire.and when Cinderella has her fairy godmother bestow upon her a magical dress. And on and on with the Disney metaphors. Lol. Silly but true.

If God just wakes me up after surgery I will be the happiest girl alive. Even if its not perfect. At least I'll know I tried. I can't not do this. Life is but a dream and this is important to me.

My surgeon requires that his patients begin keeping their nostrils cleaned out with antibiotic ointment one week prior to surgery so today is the first day I started doing that. #onestepcloser

3 morning from now - it's Nose Gone With the Wind!

I am so happy!! SO happy to be so close to my dream coming true! I feel that I may cry with joy to see Dr. Naderi's face on Friday morning. I'm certain I'll be a bit nervous but, hopefully the Valium, and prayer, and my dream within reach will be enough to make me calm down and enjoy the morning. I get so excited reading others' reviews and seeing your beautiful changes.

I know, that if it weren't for this site and you ladies who are sharing your stories, and being supportive with comments and openness, I would NOT have had the courage to finally go through with this. There are too many fears and unknowns regarding such an undertaking, and thanks to you all those things have been revealed and clarified. I feel confident that this is the right decision and will improve my life in many ways!

I have not told my mother the date of the surgery though she knows I am doing it this summer. She is a worrier, big time. SO, as a kindness to her I am calling her after I wake up, to say hello, it's done and i made it! Then, she won't have wasted a single minute worrying and having nightmares and trying to talk me out of it.

3 days... really? how the heck did this happen? so close! I started taking Arnica today. :) I will practice with my Valium on Thursday during the drive down to D.C. as my friend's husband is literally a race-car driver and i know he drives far too fast for my liking. I will beg him to go easy on me, but still I will be grateful for the homework i have to do ;) I'm sure it will help!

My friend who I am staying with in Maryland, I have to do something nice for her to thank her for driving me on surgery day. A card surely, and what else? Maybe a little something like a candle etc? Ideas are appreciated.

pills pills pills

Soooo... 2 days from surgery. I've started arnica. And I'm wonderng how the heck I will keep up on all these pills bdurng recover! I have bromelain natural extract which I was told to take on an empty stomach , arnica, vicodin every 4 hours, an antibiotic twice a day, and the in-case anti nausea pill. O my! Any one have tips on this pill situation? Lol.

I'm so ready to feel pretty.

last pre op pics - surgery tomorrow!

Here are some angles of the nose in its glory. The left side has always been my good side. But not after tomorrow! I honestly can't even imagine liking my nose. Its a dream but I still can't feel what it will be like to like what I see in the mirror. Oh how happy and fortunate I feel to make this dream a reality. This is the most selfish thing I've done since becoming a mom and it will be the last. Its just what has to happen but I will always put her first. OH that mom guilt!

So my friends and I will be pulling out of PA around noon, and driving to DC. I'll get some berries, coconut water, pineapple and new peroxide upon arriving. Ill set up my nest on the couch then its off to the pool with my friend to dream the day away and wait for...morning:) oh my.

Not feeling nervous really. Just excited. Maybe I won't need the Valium.

40 minutes from DC

We are en route! Almost there 2.5 hours down. I'm excited. Since the driver is a fasty I am practicing with my pre surgery Valium. I started with 1,5mg. It kicked in about 45 mins. After I took it then peaked out and died out half hour later. Then I took another 5 mg and it kicked in after 10 mins. And I'm feeling quite calm. Good. So tomorrow if I need it I will pop 2! Question:

Those of you who took Valium before surgery were u worried about the small sip of water u need to take it? Because of the empty stomach thing? I guess its ok since its prescribed. Lmk and best wishes. Can't believe this is happening! Hell yea!

surgery done! and I'm alive!

Will tell details later but just want to say I'm alive and thankful as can be! It looks so small and feminine already. And the happy- drugs they gave me prior to anesthesia...let's just say... I didn't care about anything at that point. Freakin awesome! And now hard parts over and I'm heading home to recover hooray!!

God bless you all for your support.

I can't believe I did it!

I know this is surgery day and I don't wish to jump the gun, but it appears Dr. Naderi has given me the tiny button nose of my dreams... When I change the drip pad I am shocked at his much smaller it appears.


Also, because of the nostril work I am in a fair amount of pain in that area and have been since waking. Its OK I will be popping the vicodin tho. Afraid I'm not a Tylenol only girl.

And bruising- almost none!? My right eye under is clear. My left has a small bruise starting. That's it so far! We shall see what tomorrow brings.

No throwing up has happened. Once home I did feel nauseous when I first put a freezing ice pack on my head but I popped a nausea pill and seem OK. I do think its possible the nausea will overtake me at some point and I'll have to let it go. Like Elsa. Lol. But overall I'm so happy.

So happy I woke up alive. Ahhhh. I called my mom and told her it was over. I hadn't told her the date because she is such a worrier and I knew I couldn't handle the negativity and stress she would send my way.

She was surprised of course! But started her worrying right away about this and that. Good think I'm in DC to recover. :) well until tomorrow that is.

Yes definitely I have pain. If you are a nostril reduction person then u may have more pain than the others.

About to try and eat a few noodles. Hope it stays down eeeee. Then its vicodin time and ice time. Have a great day more later!

1st night after surgery

No bruising under right eye at all!

I woke up hungry so I had a few crackers and cheese. Yum! Took pain meds and an hour later my arnica/bromelain supplement from my surgeons office.

I'm up now after 2 3 hour naps in succession yesterday I feel great and awake at 4 so I'm staying up to have my first cup of coffee since surgery. I'm sure that will be amazingggg!

day 1 post op

Yes I went out in public today. Don't even care! Took a little walk with my friend. Then went to Starbucks got a cafe mocha. Couple weird looks but that's OK I paid a hexk of a lot for this so look all u like :)

Still NO bruising at all under right eye. Wonder if that's it for this? Left eye a bit purple. Feeling great! I love Dr. Naderi!

early side by sides

post op day 2

I woke up at 5 and had a puffy swollen face but still no bruising on right side. I emailed Dr. Naderi yesterday and asked if possibly he'd done minimal bone work on me and that's why but, he said he broke the bones to narrow them. I guess I'm just healing this way and I'm not complaining! He also said my nose will make Barbie jealous :) Lol. He's so cool.

So far when I look in the mirror I feel pure elation. Never in my wishing did u imagine it could turn out so nice. I think I underestimated my potential improvement so I wouldn't be let down. Now I'm so so happy. Even with cast on it is so small! I finally, after 35 years, finally feel feminine. I put my hair up and feel pretty. That's unthinkable! I keep thinking it puts me in the mind of Natalie Portman's nose so far. Too good to be true. Am I going to wake up? Lol.

Question: Moms of small children. Do you/ did you worry they won't recognize you? Or will not feel as close to you when this cast is off? Part of me hopes I have a fair amount of swelling so the change won't shock her. And then it will be a gradual thing she can get used to. Anyone else feel this way? God bless you all!

going under; what it was like

So now I have a few minutes to tell the intake story. The girl who put my iv in was nice and she said I seemed nervous. I was but thought I was hiding it! Guess not. So she says 'why are you nervous. What makes you worry' and I said I didn't want to say out loud. She encouraged me to go on so I said 'well I have a little girl' and then I broke down crying. I tried to hold it in but to no avail. She says ' and you're afraid you're not going to wake up to go home to her?' And I kept crying and shook my head yes. Well then she smiled and said it will be OK, she promised I will wake up and be with my little girl in no time at all and of course Dr. Naderi walked in right during my breakdown Lol. So I was embarrassed that he saw me afraid. But he was kind and said don't worry, the anesthesia is 1000 times safer than the car ride you just took to get here. He smiled. And I felt better. I hadn't taken the Valium yet because I didn't know if they would give me something better there. The anesthesiologist said they would give me something that would cause me to feel drunk and also to not remember anything. I said that sounds good! So it was. I walked into the operating room, stepped up and laid down on the table and the anesthesiologist said here comes the happy drugs and I saw her inject a clear liquid into the iv. I wondered his long it would be before itbtook effect.... I laid on the table, scooted my butt down a little and put my legs over a pillow- and the ceiling took on the best drunken spin lol and I probably said something about how good that stuff actually was. That's the last thing I remember. Until I woke up in recovery where my friend was waiting for me. She said my eyes were bloodshot and they slowly cleared as I woke up more and more over the next ten mins. After eating some applesauce, I dressed to go. My friend pulled her truck around back and the nurse who wheeled me out asked if I would like to look in the mirror before leaving. Almost as a afterthought I said sure! I was just so happy to be alive. And she wheeled me into a bathroom where I took a look at this tiny Little feminine nose on my face and said wow. It looks good.

That's the story of the surgery day!;) don't worry if you fear the surgery. Ask for the happy drugs first- it started with a p. Whatever it was it makes the rest easier than easy.


Alar base reduction is fantastic . *BUT* hurts. Its been constant pain since surgery. Vicidins dull the pain but after 3 hours its throbbing back. I wonder how many mg its safe to take of Vic? I emailed my doctor. Hoping this subsides soon. But I'll get through it.

Post op night 2 going into day 3 so I'm expecting the worst of the bruising etc tonight. Hold on and hope for the best.

Happy healing fellow members.

post op day 3!

This is not as bad as expected today. I think I'm through the roughest part. Yay! The pain was bad last night I stayed on the vicodin every 3'hours. Pain in alar base feels better this morning . so I'm gonna have coffee and enjoy this day! Happy healing to everyone. I am so grateful for the ideas and comments here. I wouldn't have gone through with this alone. When I went in to the surgery center it was like I had this whole team of friends supporting me. So nice in this world to be supported. I hope I can offer it back to others.

if you want your nose done but you're afraid...

You Should do it! I am sorry for the frequent updates but this is emotional. What I am feeling today is unreal elation. As if I am dreaming.on one hand I hesitate to express it because i dont want to B perceived as bragging. I know some people are having hard recoveries. But I have never actually felt beautiful. That was reserved for other, better females.

So how is it I feel beautiful. Already and its day 3 with the cast for goodness sake. I advise anyone who wants to do this but is afraid, don't waste your lifetime feeling ugly. If I had done this earlier when in my 20s my life would have been different.

Its not superficial. Beauty is inner also. But it is also outer. We are complex beings, and we live in a world that is physical and spiritual. Its all connected. Its so uplifting to have confidence that I feel a case could be made for insurance to cover cosmetic procedures. Its* that * important. Self acceptance. I tried but just could not accept the nose I had been born with. How can I ever thank Dr. Naderi for this? 8500 seems a small price to pay...

end of post op day 3

Well, the pressure and pain aren't really letting up on me. I had septoplasty, turbinate reduction osteotomies, and alar base reductionreduction along with the tip work so I guess I should feel this pain. I would like to switch to Tylenol but no way can I do that yet.

However I am in love with my nose. I know the cast is still on and there will be swelling. But I'm going to enjoy it along the way. I feel feminine!

omg sticky oily tape driving me nuts

Its coming off from the oil! Ideas? Do I need to buy more medical tape and fix this tomorrow?


So here is what I do: I sleep propped upright on the couch. A few hours in I get up to make a bathrm trip. Then I come back and grab my phone thinking oooh let me read the updates on realself and check out Facebook. Then I nod in and out of consciousness, all comfy and reading to eyes shut, dropping the phone then startling myself awake and repeat. I think its the pain pill mixed with tiredness causing it. I should just put the phone down and rest.

Also missing my daughter. She stayed with my friend's kids last night and I wke up missing her.

The tape is sticky and nasty. My hair is gross so my mom offered to wash it for me today. So sweet so this should be an acrobatic bonding experience.

I want to dye my hair back to natural brown soon and my daughter also keeps asking me to do so. I think it will offset the new nose and make other people think thats the reason I look different. I may do that shortly before or after cast removal.

Today is only day 4 post op. I want to scrub my face with apricot cleaner exfoliant. I can't of course but I want to. Still thankful for this nose.

post op day 4

My mom washed my hair for me. Oh hallelujah! Feels so great even tho it wasn't that oily. I didn't fix it Friday for surgery so its just been Ugly since a week ago now. I'm feeling ok today, not too much pain with 1 vicodin so I'll try to switch over to Tylenol tonight when the Vic's are gonem if its too much I'll call the Dr. For more.

Dr. Naderi responds to my emails quickly so that's nice. I feel watched over.

I'm very happy with my new nose. I can't wait to get this cast off cause it itches. But it hasn't stopped me from shopping at this clothing outlet, going to Walgreen's, etc. Lol. I just don't care if its seen. Someone asked what happened I said I got beat up. Then I laughed and told the truth. Turns out she's had her lips done! U never know how many people have had plastic surgery. Don't ever feel bad about it! I'm a happy butterfly in training!

$4th try after deletions. now its just a matter of principle.

Short update as ivebdone this 4 times and gotten wiped out each time. F this wet nostril situation from ointment and snot combined. It sucks. I want the cast off soon - Friday it comes off.

That's it I guess. I love my nose I love Dr Naderi and I need some good sleep. The doctor exceeded my wildest dreams. I love how short and small my nose looks. Dream come true.

I won't miss

Sleeping sitting up. Its worse with an oily cast.

I miss cuddling with my little girl. And covering her face with kisses. And holding her all night. :( I know this is temporary but it feels like a wall between us. I can't pick her up. I have to be "careful" when she's close to me. I'm crying now thinking what if she feels I'm distant.words are only so much its actions that count. This is the hardest part about this for me.

post op day 5

One of my nostrils is healing better than the otherother at the base where alar reduction was done. The right side looks good. But the left side has a little pink bulge to it that looks like it could wind up as a scar. If it does I'm sure my surgeon can either correct it with a quick local excision and stitch or even filler maybe. So its imperfect but I'm ok with it.

Another imperfection is that my deviated septum caused my long before nose to lean noticeably to the left. It bothered me tremendously so much that I almost had to block it from my mind because it made me feel despairingly ugly. U could see from underneath also how it leaned to the left.

Well I understand that cartilage has memory so I'm being very objective about this. My nose still has a slight lean to the left as in its not 'perfectly' symmetrical. That is also ok with me because I known that's normal and I can't expect perfection. Also because it is soooo vastly improved from before in the following ways:

The tip is lifted and more femininefeminine

The tip is narrowed greatly from the bulbous mass it once was

The bridge is straighter and more centered

The nostril base is less wide ***this was my biggest concern. I felt manly. I wanted my nose width to fit between my eyes and now it does - elated!

It looks more centered in my face; less long.

Can't wait til Friday for cast off. Pics to follow

pics of nostril base

Actually come to think of it... Mt face itself is more full on the left side so the nose tip being slightly to the left actually places it more in the real center of my whole face. If u get what I mean by that.

My face is like that from jaw surgery that healed asymmetric. All in all I am a happy camper hop hop hop come on Friday let me see what this profile looks like.

feeling uncomfortable p.o. day 6

This cast! Ok time to complain.
Its oily
Feel tons of pressure under it. Like my nose wants to explode out into a swollen alien asap
The tape looks wet all around the edges from thethe OIL ewww I worry that when I wet it tonight it will just slide right off my face like a swampy slick sludge.
The pain: my internal alar base reduction (stitches?) Area is hurting and has been since day 1. Its very uncomfortable feels like it could be either healing or scabbing or both. I hope its ok and not infected. Its mainly the right side that's maddening to me.
Tomorrow he will check it when cast comes off. I am going to pray he can give me a numbing cream I can put n the inside area there. Waaah. Wah.

I am an irritable crab

7 days is too many with this cast on!

Its so oily that the tape is lifting up all around the edges and I just want to Rip it off! Like a maniac.

I'm very irritable and not a nice happy mommy because of it. Every little thing bothers me and my patience is nil. I keep babystepping to tomorrow. (What about Bob reference)

Good things; I asked Dr. Naderis office to let me come early if something opened up. Instead of 1:30 tomorrow. Cause its that bad making me uncomfortable waaa. They called- going in at 11:15 yipppeeeee

Also tonight I get to full shower and wet the cast thoroughly Dr.s orders to aid in cast removal tomorrow. Very happy about this.

I'm thinking of making my hair brown tonight:):):) my daughter keeps asking me to cause its how she remembers me best and I want to. Just not sure if I should do it before or after cast removal..

And I emailed the office to see if I could have a glass of wine. My friend said I needed to have one since I was so crnky and miserable with this on my face like a dead sticky starfish stuck to my face. They said no :( to refrain from alcohol until the Dr. Sees me.

And then, the lovely Dr. Naderi emailed me personally to say girl go ahead and have that small glass of wine!

U know he's classy. I like him. I think I have that syndrome where you love your captor but he's not my captor lol. But I know that's silly I'm just saying. My face was in his hands so.. Kind of!

pic night before cast off

Cast making me angry

cast comes off in 5 hours

It'll take one hour to get there and one hour to get ready so that leaves me 3 hours of sitting with this cast and saying goodbye to it.

I'm feeling nervous about what I will see. Wonder if it will be swollen right away or if its compressed by the cast and will slowly swell later. I wonder if I will still feel the same throbbing pressure once its off or if it will feel free in the air. I wonder if I will finally sleep good tonight or better at least. I wonder if my doctor will clean out the inside of my nosenose for me ( I hope so!)

The most annoying thing has been, that I'm supposed to be keeping my nostrils clean and very lubed up with Vaseline at the bottom and I've bee diligent about it BUT I have this (tmi alert) snot like thin runny discharge that keeps plowing through the Vaseline on one side. Slowly trickling out and making me have to wipe it which takes away the ointment. So I reapply and it happens again. And again. The constant wet feeling is hard to take. I've always had problems with runny nosesnoses usually a simple blow and wipe solves the problem for a good while. But as it is I am not able to blow or wipe. I hope u are spared this in your recovery.

I want to make a little list of things for the pre op people to think about before their surgery date. Do:

Sleep all u can before your surgery date. Sleeping is compromised by recovery.

Workout all u want beforehand. You may miss it.

Do get stool softener. II got some because the girls on here advised it. I. Didn't think I'd need it. But one day I had the most painful TMI and hard massive experience where it simply couldn't escape. It was like birthing a child. But I had no forceps. It wouldn't go. Was hard like a big potato rock o gross. So I had to manipulate it myself with toilet paper to help it escape. Slowly and painfully. LOL I never talked about it for obvious reasons
But get the stool softener. This was only one time too BTW.

You may be in more pain then u expect.I had pressure and pain fairly constant. Bearable. But others had talked about such a painless recovery. I used the pain meds.

If u are a single mother arrange for lots of help it is draining to differentiate your focus during this time. I thought it'd be easier than it was to mother my daughter. Can't wait to get back to normal there :)

Good luck!

Cast off soon yay

Dr. Naderi made me ... hot! *cast off*

I can't believe it.
Its more beautiful than I hoped and that's with the swelling.

Oh my God! So happy :):):) I have never felt more beautiful in my life. Ever. And I'm so thankful I want to say thank you shout out to all the girls on here for your support. And I say to Dr. Naderi - you are my hero. I will love you forever. Xoxo

My niece took a selfie with me and sent it to her friend and I got called hot. Lol a first!

so happy

I'm so happy!

And I'm also just going to clarify tho I shouldn't (misspelled though!) That I am aware (that is capitalized inappropriately because the smart phone did it automatically) that when updating on this blog, (comma) I usually don't waste my precious time going back to correct every little typo. Especially during recovery from surgery while caring for my 3 year old! But some snippy snipey person joined this site today and has made one total post ever on the site (today) simply to accuse me of improper spelling and grammar in my blog. Yes, (comma) I shouldn't waste time in response to it, but knowing that they are so far off base and nervy and dare I say pathetic (?) To (shouldn't be capitalized!) Prissy-ass point out that its (needs an apostraphe!) "Scary" that I am teaching children because of the typos in my blog??

I also teach my students manners and compassion and perspective which you, oh commenter on my spelling, do not possess.

F off!
Lol. Now anyways (Shouldn't have an s! Ok last one...) I love love my nose! And Dr. Naderi is funny.. He said so ulyou had your wine? I said ues it was great! He said just don't go doing body shots yetyet. (The phone/realself also often doubles words) I said oh don't worry lol. Not yet :)

thanks for all your love girls :)

Dr. Naderi advised me to avoid excessive smiling and laughing for at least 3 weeks because it can drop your tip early. So that's good info to share; I haven't heard that here a lot. I'm doing my best but its hard when I'm soooo happy.

Cast off was a bit uncomfortable but okm these dissolvable stitches are just annoying me at the alar base. Wonder how long til they r gone? Anyone know?

And I can't wait til I can blow my nose. But its ALL WORTH IT. Good luck to you butterflies in waiting I hope you follow your dreams.

the physical side of recovery

If you're a mom or an active person eager to get back to normalcy, you should prepare to wait. Normal may mean lots of kisses, hugs, picking up your toddler (out) and now you have to baby your nose instead. In my heart it feels selfish even now in the aftercare recovery time when by now, I had assumed I would be able to focus solely on her again.

Its also taxing to feel pulled in many directions which we moms are by nature- but its magnified by the pain/pressure/paranoia about bumping your nose. So you may find yourself losing patience more easily than normal which then adds to the mom guilt you already feel for having to stay at arms length out of pure physical need. This is an expensive investment, time and money and emotion. It is worth it. But it is not as easy as I imagined. Maybe a lot of its in my head. But some is in the center of my face! Lol. And I just don't want to extend the time of my selfishness toward my daughter any further than necessary. Any moms with tips for me please share.

Sleeping: its better elevated. I'm going back to very elevated tonight once we are back home in PA (pray for safe travel please) last night I slept in the bed with only 2 flattish pillows and the u-pillow. It was decent sleep but, upon waking my nose felt firey like maybe it had doubled in swollen size. I snapped a pic and its ok but it feels better when I'm elevated.

I'm going to ice my cheeks and arnica my nose :) don't get discouraged. We are fortunate to do this - most people aren't able to get plastic surgery and have to live with their flaws forever.
I wish you all safe surgeries and happy recoveries.

back home finally

Made the long treck to PA today. And experienced some anxiety about the thought of potentially being judged by some particular family members who can be snotty behind others backs. Same kind of small minded people who would, say, hide behind a fake username and cyber bully people who they have no love for. You know.

As humans we should strive to unite not hurt. I always try to be positive and uplift my fellow people and I can't respect people who only think of their own tiny fragmented perspective. But alas, this world is broken so I should pray for those lost souls. But I'm not saintly enough. What I'd probably rather do is look them up and pay them a nice little in person visit. Maybe do some osteotomies with a ballbat! Haha! Damn don't mess with a Pitts girl ;)

Anyway I did finally bring my hair back to it's natural brown or- close to it. My daughter missed it and its a great excuse for why I look ' so rested' if I'm feeling coy.

I email Dr. Naderi once a day with some sappy thank you but I think I'll lay off as I know the man is busy. Lol. I just can't thank him enough.

More later, gots to go be mommy :) love to u all


The front is pretty swollen tonight so I'll get some of those tomorrow ;)

beware but.. be kind

I am feeling convicted in my heart. I believe in God and his blessings and yet here I was earlier allowing myself to speak out of anger. To a troll on this site. Its sometimes hard to rise above and I'm no exception I see. I ask forgiveness in Jesus' name for the hateful things I replied back to the cyber bully that harassed my friend and I earlier tonight. What got me really upset enough to engage with this lost person was they hurt my friend.

Another girl had her surgery a day before me. She lives near me. We shared stories, texted, supported each other and have been having such a great journey. Then today she removed all of her photos and told me she won't be returning to real self because she won't deal with these haters who get on here just to hurt people.

Its sad she felt forced into that. That, is why I went off on the offender. Just a coward hiding in a fake name, saying the meanest things they can muster up.

So, to all of you girls getting your surgeries: beware that you may also be confronted with an ugly force while you are sharing your stories. But don't be like me and sink to their level. That just feeds their attention. Try to ignore it and realize they are truly nothing at all. From now on I'll be nice to the meanies. I think that will be funner.

Don't stop sharing! I never, could have gone through with my own happy amazing experience of rhino plasty if it weren't for all the tips and support from here. Others need your input. __:)

before / doctor's computer imaging / actual result

Keep in mind its only 1 week post op and there is some swelling of course.

just some pics

Post op day 10- swelling doesn't bother me at all. I wonder how much better it could look? Guess I'll be happier and happier! :) yay :)

Base is healing nicely. Haven't put makeup on the pink yet. Maybe today I will.


My nose is straight down the middle of my face. Balanced and symmetrical. I lived for 35 years with a non symmetrical, leaning, crooked nose with a crookednessdness to the bone even.

I didn't even hope for symmetry in this because we r always told to expect improvement not perfection. #Naderiisanexpert

cast removal story

So I realized I never told my cast removal story - andbsome of you in cocoons may be curious of what it's like.

The morning was exciting. This was to be the "moment of truth" after all. I couldn't wait to get there and get it off of my face due to it being so oily and uncomfortable. I focused so much in that aspect of it that it didn't hit me that I was about to see my new nose for the first time until I was actually seated in his office waiting alone and he came in and began removing it. I panicked inside thinking 'oh God what if its ugly!' 'What if I don't recognize my face and I freak out'

So he pulled it off slowly And I felt a string pressure on the bridge that made say 'uggg' out loud. He said Almost done.
Then it was off. I was lying down and he said I will show you how to clean it. He got a tiny alcohol cleaning pad and wiped ever so gently from the top of the bridge between my eyes down to the tip then again in that direction for the rest.

Then he sat me up and got a mirror. He said take a look at your new nose. I pushed the mirror away before looking and my heart was pounding I was like no I'm not ready!! I held his wrist for a minute and he probably thought I was cracking up but I was afraid of what i would see.

All moments had led to this moment. All the years of hating my face because of my nose. Of feeling ugly. Of squishing my nose with my fingers in the mirror at every stoplight, just wishing it away with no way to do it. I tried nose perfect this stupid plastic instert I'd ordered offline. I used brown eye-shadow to contour the nose tip and it was no use.

So how is it I could be looking at a nose on my face that would be the final answer to all those years of suffering. I said ok and held my breath. He held up the mirror and i filled with relief. I said its cute! Thank you. And he told me to check out the profile which is perfectly as I wished it to be. The whole thing took about 8 minutes tops and I was walking back out to the car. On a cloud! Everyone with me loved it and we went to eat some crablegs. I took a million pics and sent them to family... I finally felt pretty and it was freakin awesome. And it still is!! I can't believe its only been 3 days since that day. A lifetime of relief and self worth has passed in my mind since these 3 days.

Funny side note: the day before this I was so uncomfortable in the cast that I bought face wash pads to scrub the rest of my face. I opens them in the car as my friend drove home. I scrubbed my cheeks forehead and chinchin.. Felt so good. Then my friend said hey you have to rinse that kind. I looked and she was right. Oh God. As the soap then dried on my face I sat in even more amplified misery for 15 minutes that felt like an hour with an oily cast and a soapy oily face. Ahhhhhhhh. Lol.

family's reaction

So far my friends, mom n dad, and cousin have seen the new nose. All of them are in awe of how natural it looks and have said they already can't remember how my nose used to look! Amazing. I'm soooo happy I did this!
I don't understand how it can look so cute at 11 days post op with all the swelling? But I'm not complaining.

hot date tomorrow

Lol I'm goingnto be brave and go play some slots for a fun date tomorrow with a cute old friend I haven't seen in over a year. I hope I get as lucky as I got with my surgeon. Wait not lucky like that kind of lucky - I'm saying let me win a cool few thousand and pay off this nose! That would be stellar. :)

some comparisons


swelling post op day 11

Well I have a bit of uneven swelling and I understand why you girls sometimes freak out prematurely about swelling. The left side of my nose was bigger than the right pre surgery. And yesterday I noticed that same side has more swelling at the supra tip. Just a tad more. But I know its normal at only 11 days post op. "Nevertheless" I had brief paranoia about Polly beak which led me to read about it online and think o dear hope I won't need a revision in 12 months....then I slapped myself and said its been 11 DAYS crazy girl. Chill out. There will be swelling so sit tight! So I'm ok now.
But I've wondered about taping; it sure seems like a good idea to me. I see the girls who tape and it holds their nose shape tight... I asked my wonderful doctor should I tape my nose? He doesn't advise it. Because he said removing the tape without expertise can cause the skin to lift off the nose much like it would if I were to use a biore strip which is also not permitted for three months. And that lifting can increase swelling and scar tissue. Makes sense. But I am a little jealous of the tapers. I wonder if he could just teach me how to remove it carefully so as not to lift the skin? Ahh but I'm not going to pursue it further. If there's one thing I've learned this far its to trust him because he has made me very happy. Happy happy!

Everyone I tell about my nose says how natural it looks. They look at it confused-like and remark how it looks so natural and also good. I'm just hoping everyone else is as blessed as I have been in their journeys. And anyone who isnt right away , don't let my child-like enthusiasm bring u down. I'm right there with you in the trenches with swelling and questions still. But wow what a great decision! Now that I've done it, I want to kick my own @$$ for almost going through all of life with that old ugly nose. When I didn't have to. Thank God that thing is finally freakin gone!! I still can't believe it! I'm still giddy!!!!!:)

day 12

Mourning the loss of my blonde hair. But my daughter loves it. Maybe when she goes to college I'll bring the blonde back. Lol.

may be too soon for a date

So last nights date got moved to tonight. Post op day 12. Lots of swelling still obviously. But that just makes it similar to my old nose. Still better tho so anyway we go to the casino and I had added a little bronzer to shade n contour my nose it looked good. I had 2,tequila sunrises and this led to a headache and some more swelling. By the time I was driving home I felt very strong pressure in my nose eyes and between my eyes. I think its extra swollen. And this headache ugh. But the date was fun. I wish I could know what is swelling and what, if anything, is scar tissue being created. If there is any scar tissue I realllllly hope Dr. Naderi can fix if with steroid injections. But 12 days is too soon to worry about that right? Idk?

Also he kept making me laugh and I'm supposed to not laugh much for three weeks at least- to prevent early tip stoppage. So... No more dates for a couple weeks. Lots of pressure and swelling rt now.

droppage not stoppage

Headache eeeeeeeeee

day 13

no fun in the sun?

So my doctor emailed to say happy 4th with a reminder to stay out of the sun and heat...
I've heard that before about sun but I've been using sunblock on my nose and a hat-when I'm at the pool IN the sun and in the heat... Well to clarify I asked him "why do I need to stay out of the sun and heat" and the answer is it causes delayed healing and extra swelling. It can also permanently alter the final result: ( so the last 3 times I have been in the sunny heat with my hat and sunblocked nose are going to be the last sunny days for me. I didn't know it was that serious. Boo :( I have a nice tan going and its going to go bye byes.
BUT a good part about this is I don't have to mourn the loss of blonde hair as much. I was thinking how good it would've been looking with a tan. But soon I won't be tan anyway! Lol. The lesson: stay out of the sun for at least 3 months after rhinoplasty so as to protect your assets. Sunblock is not enough. Its about body temp also.

no fun in the sun?

So my doctor emailed to say happy 4th with a reminder to stay out of the sun and heat...
I've heard that before about sun but I've been using sunblock on my nose and a hat-when I'm at the pool IN the sun and in the heat... Well to clarify I asked him "why do I need to stay out of the sun and heat" and the answer is it causes delayed healing and extra swelling. It can also permanently alter the final result: ( so the last 3 times I have been in the sunny heat with my hat and sunblocked nose are going to be the last sunny days for me. I didn't know it was that serious. Boo :( I have a nice tan going and its going to go bye byes.
BUT a good part about this is I don't have to mourn the loss of blonde hair as much. I was thinking how good it would've been looking with a tan. But soon I won't be tan anyway! Lol. The lesson: stay out of the sun for at least 3 months after rhinoplasty so as to protect your assets. Sunblock is not enough. Its about body temp also.

acclimating to brown hair

If anyone asks what's different (anyone who doesn't use Google) I'll say my hair! Lol. Well its not a lie.

2weeks post op

Today I celebrate 2 weeks of independence from my former ugly nose. I'm having a good nose day ie. Not a lot of swelling. About to venture out to a carnival with face painting, jumpy houses etc. For my daughter.. And then fireworks later of course. I havet had my coffee today wonder if that affects swelling? Happy fourth of July everyone!!:) happy healing also

I love you Dr. Naderivfor changing my life for the better forever!

pretty girls

People talk about increase in confidence following rhinoplasty. Let me tell you a little about my experience with that so far.

It used to be, if I had my makeup and hair just right I would feel decent about myself. Until I saw a really pretty girl at the store or somewhere, like someone who was undeniably pretty. Then I would feel stress inside, and feel envious of her beauty while at the same time, was mad at myself for letting it bother me. She had flaws like anyone else I told myself. But still my heart sank and I felt just "less" to be surrounded by any amount of beauty when I felt that I did not measure up to that. my heart would beat a little faster my stomach would Sink a little lower... felt very insecure almost like said pretty girl could see into my soul and Know that I was feeling ugly by being in her presence. any friendly exchange that may have taken place was marred by my selfish feelings of inferiority. It sometimes was hard work at presenting I really friendly outward appearance while inside just feeling so bad about myself. I wasn't therefore able to be truly me. My sparkle was dimmed by my preoccupation with my nose and how it made my face unattractive. All the time. I tried not to let it get me down as I've always been a generally upbeat and very happy person, but I couldn't help even feeling angry sometimes At the good fortune of beautiful girls that I had to work so hard to try to compare to and never could any way because that nose just brought me down. It was pure anxiety and insecurity.

Well its already gone. things are different now. for example yesterday at a 4th of July carnival there was a colored sand things for my daughter to do and the girls in charge was a beautiful blonde girl.well now I also feel beautiful so when I said hi to her and we chatted and smiled it just felt normal and natural instead of me feeling like an ugly little insect. I noticed the difference and felt relief.also the friend who went with me with her kids is a very beautiful girl and we've taken selfies together before that I dreaded looking at seeing my face next to her beautiful face... sometimes I used to wonder if she maybe even secretly pitied me like or felt above me because she was so beautiful but I don't feel that now.I actually feel like I'm on the same level with her that I deserve the same amount of happiness or attention or possibility.and yes at one point we take a selfie together and I felt a brief moment of Fear of what I might see; but when we look at the picture it was just tWO pretty girls and I couldn't believe it that I was one of them. again relief.

so it's a Funny thing, confidence. rather than it being its own thing. it's almost like it is the lack of insecurity and the lack of anxiety, and just the ability to be One's true self, shining out instead of being clouded by fear and messed up thoughts. I feel relief. Like a big weight has been set down.

:) good luck to everyone

a week and 2 days

I need to start really watching the salt to prevent extra swelling.

gun jumper

I jump the gun sometimes. Yesterday I had a sore and red left nostril and emailed my Dr. About it so he called mecin antibiotics. I didn't get to the store last night so today I got up to go get those meds and the pain is way less also less redness... So I don't know. I don't want to take the meds if I don't need them but do I? Should I? I think I made my Dr. Mad when I told him I didn't start the antibiotics yet eeeeee.

O dear.

nose perfect

If you Know what that picture Is, you truly have had a focused dislike for your nose like me for a good while. it's part of something I ordered a while back called nose perfect. This is the Hickey you use to Pull the plastic insert out of your nose. it's a very imperfect process and led to me having a panicky couple of experiences where I was sure the plastic curved insert had gone up into my brain.
it promised to lift the tip and streamline a bulbous nose and the first time I used it I felt so excitedthinking finally the answer my nose looks a little better, but it pushed it way out over projecting. and was a constant painful UncomfOrtable force; it was really just quite ridiculous but anyone who's on here must understand the lengths one would go to to try and solve the problem of the nose.

So glad that is in the past! (Thanks Dr.Naderi) anyway I realized what pushed me over the edge of dreaming about getting my nose done and actually making it a almost- was stepdaughter 1 day showed me an app called perfect 365. she showed me how it made all her pictures look prettier and how you can shade your nose on it. Well that's all I had to hear. But, The shading was never quite enough on my pictures.

so I went hunting for a better app. I found Plastic Surgery lite which was a dream come true. So I started editing my nose in pictures and looking at how beautiful it Was. I spent too much time on that app and one day I showed one of my aunts the difference in the before and after. This is a person who has heard me complain about my nose for half of my life and she's probably right fully tired of it. Well her comment was Hey you have a good job now you could do it & make the payments. she probably meant that to shut me up but what it did was opened up my dreams. This particular Aunt of mine has a tiny button nose it has always been very confident and beautiful. so I thought to myself she's right actually I could make the payments...

I called 1 of the former surgeons I had consult with 3 Years prior & met with him. the day of that console I was ready to book immediately but he needed a two week window before he could get me my morph pictures. I'm really grateful for that time window because I found an amazing surgeon in the interim who was willing and able to do things for me that the other Dr. Wasn't and couldn't.

and the rest is history!

good lighting

In good lighting my nose is looking great and very barbie-ish! Oh man I love it. When I wake up tho its definitely got uneven swelling. I'm hoping there's no scar tissue but in case there is Dr. Naderi is going to inject a bit of steroids maybe at the 1month post op. Just a good lighting pic

importance of expertise

Last night I highlighted my friend's hair. She never did it herself but ivebdone mine at least a hundred times. So it was a home kit but she has no experience pulling hair through a cap but to me I'm very familiar with preventing loops, evenly spacing the chosen hair, adding heat etc. It made me think of how a practiced specialty surgeon must feel about his job. Another day, another nose! All the past lending info to the present. Looking back to my start of this journey, I can't believe I left my convenience mind set enough to look outside of Pittsburgh for the right surgeon. Talk about living a dream at any obstacle. And some of you girls go abroad- that's really a far chase for a dream! Holy cow. But, its worth it no question. Some zen master once said "nothing happens to you outside of your mind." and Bill Murray in (Caddyshack I think?) said "No matter where I go, there I am." So true. I went 3.5 hours to DC for my dream that lived inside of me for years and now has burst out of its cocoon into a butterfly life. A part of my heart (and my cartilage i suppose LOL) will always remain in DC. I feel a strong love or admiration for my doctor as well (obvious i think) and that will always be with me. He is just a man after all and its just his job, but he played the role of dreamcatcher in my life. And that is a leading role! His hands and no one else's (well except the hammer weilding assistant ah!) are responsible for me feeling cute and pretty instead of sorry almost Shrekish. :).

Go get your dream girls

pics 3 weeks


23 days post op

Everything's looking good. Still swollen more on left side than right. Dr. Naderi is going to inject steroids to take down the swelling quicker at my one month check up. That'll be a fun day drive to DC and back. 3.5 down and 3.5 back. But some good music and good company should make it an adventure.

I'm on day 5 of the antibiotic for the sore/red nostril. Its feeling better. But inside, along the septal cartilage is sore when I clean with q tips. Even just gently touching it with a peroxide soaked q tip hurts a little. I think I see a stitch poking there that hasn't dissolved. So that's probably why.

All in all its good and I'm enjoying my life with my new nose! Definitely, was one of the best decisions to go through with it. So happy!

In hair news my brown is gradually lightening from shampooing; the blonde is almost acting like a highlight sheen showing through in places. Its ok for summer and I'm considering adding a few caramel highlights soon.

gym class

Is it classy to take selfies at the gym? Probably no but I did it. First time I really was "somewhere" I always used to go and had to do an actual double take at my nose's improvement. On the treadmill so I took a pic. I was like who is that girl with the cute nose. O me! Lol. Sorry I always am rushed with endorphins when I finish a workout. I probably should do it more often then huh...

Today is 24 days post op. First workout post surgery. Wasn't bad. No running just incline walking and light weights.

tip dropping?

I think my tip is dropping.I have been diligent about keeping a straight face not excessively smiling or laughing. I check it every day to see if its still cute Lol. And yesterday it looked really dropped. Today I compiled this pic of before and afters. From rt after cast removal to weeks gone by. What do u think? I don't want it dropping any further! If it does I may have to visit my PS indefinitely for fillers to keep it looking up n cutesy. Maybe I'm overreacting. As the swelling goes down, will it drop more? Or possibly will it stay up higher after de-swelling?

28 days later

I can see the cutest little tip forming on my nose and it makes me so eager for the swelling to be gone but I know I have a long road ahead. This is month one almost and they said Month three i should really be able to see. my issue is this still uneven swelling or the left side is fuller than the right side. The way that right side is now I would be happy with keeping forever so to think it will improve is pretty significant. but that left side is not nice however my doctor is going to give me a steroid injection which will hopefully take that down here in 11 days. I've attached some pictures to show the uneven swelling and the cute little Tip.

Happy healing!:)

one month post op


I read on someone's review that its so hard to sleep an elevated position and sleep is so important to healing that it's okay to sleep lying down so your body can recover if you can't get quality sleep being elevated.
so I have been more lax with myself In lying less elevated and I expected to wake up with a huge clown nose but actually it wasn't so bad. and I do feel like maybe this is expediting my healing because I cannot sleep at all When I try to be elevated!

1 month plus 2 days p.o.

I'll be getting steroid shot to take down extra swelling in less than a week I'm excited for that. Also I'm happy still and very thankful for my surgeon and his skills. I still enjoy reading all the reviews but it's not as urgent or constant as it was in the days leading up too my own surgery so that should be a source of comfort for you girls. to know that the obsession does die down back in to normalcy of life once you have your dream achieved.and I'm feeling really bad for those girls who aren't having great experiences. You are coming out of this thinking they will need a revision and being unhappy with their results. Just choose carefully when you pick your doctor.


Just a few pics and one showing how my Dr. suggested to cheque my cheeks still to prevent movement when laughing for the first month. Looks a bit crazy but.. I did it. And it would make me laugh harder of course!

pics didn't upload

out there

Hey my beautiful dream chasers! I haven't updated in awhile. Summer has been busy and mostly, lately, I've been kind of falling in love. Lol. You know how that can dominate all of ones thoughts...

I finally am able to let myself go, be confident in myself and be out there, as I feel that I am not being caged inside a big ugly unattractive nose. I feel I can't be looked down on for it now, won't be judged as 'something's wrong with her face' etc. I lived with that nose-bred insecurity since age 12. And now im free.

I have been allowing myself to see someone again who I met before and really liked. Last time, I cut it off early and felt uncomfortable getting close with my insecurity issues. But now I want to live. And he is still there waiting for me so I'm meeting him where he is. He is beautifully made just for me it seems- his inner space and thoughts and ways are something infinitely interesting and funny to me. Last time I ran, but he likee me then. I just didn't like myself (externally- but who can explain such things to a love interest?) So that's where I've been ;)

I'll only attach one pic for now as I have a data usage warning til the 5th. Then I'll put up more.

One big discovery: diet is key in swelling. I did the Dr. Oz 3 day detox and by the end my nose was so streamlined! When I eat salt or junk its sloppy. But truly, if you can discipline yourself gently, wholesomely... Eat fresh natural foods, flaxseed, healthy fats, berries... Your nose will pay in dividends!

Happy healing!


More package.. Lol

month and a half p.o.

I love my nose especially when I eat healthy and it looks really streamlined and nice. My nostrils are healing differently the left is much smaller. It only bothers me a little but what can be done about it? It's not the doctors fault because they were perfectly even after surgery its just how I am healing. I asked him what to do about it he directed me on some massaging techniques to try to stretch it out a little bit even up a little bit so we'll see how that works. Also yes I am noticing less clear breathing in the left side which most likely is also due to my healing. The left side was so bulbous pre surgery so a lot more work was done on that side.

you know you have to have a good perspective on this and be realistic. It's truly about improvement not perfection. I'm happier than the stars have this nose and be rid of that old big honker. I do it all again in a second and it's worth any minor imperfection to finally feel cute I'm not feel so ugly. And of course my hair commitment issues have led me to give myself some highlights again...its summer and I missed the blonde so desperately. so I'm happy with that as well I'm sure I'll go brown again maybe this winter

Happy healing:)

plant based nose

Lol. my surgeon is a vegan and he has advised me to become plant-based because its best for health and I do agree with him.I watched a movie called Fo couple years ago and became convinced that plant-based is the ideal diet for humans. my personal evidence is the 3 day detox from Dr Oz that I completed at the end of was entirely plant based and salt free, and after 2 daysdays, my nose de swelled& streamlined so much that on the third day when I saw Dr naderi for my 1 month post op, he changed his mind about the steroid injections and said my nose was looking really good like a three month rather than a one month post op. Of course I begged him to still give me to steroid shot because I had been thinking of magic that would give me my end result. but he said there is no need for it and to be patient.

now it's been two weeks since that visit and of course I have not remained plant-based and salt nose is more swollen because of it.and I am now more serious about adapting myself to a more plant based low salt life style. I feel intimidated by it like will i be able to plan and cook interesting things n not mess up but I am at least going to try- lots of veggies fruits nut butters and I'll figure the rest out.

I see some girls on here with beautiful results and really upturned noses like the kind I have always wished for and still wish for- wishing mine sometimes with a little more upturned. I can't relate to being unhappy with such a cute little nose I see some ladies seem to be but I guess we're all different I just want to say to those of you if that is your main concern be thankful because it really is a cute look... not like its deformed or manly or generally bad in any way, even if it's not your ideal preference. Just my 2¢

Good luck to all!!

wait- the movie was called

Forks over knives... Plant based movie. Idk what happened to the post. It was all text to speech so probably that's why it messed up. Anyway, I'm having fun reading everyone's reviews!

losing slope :( but not losing hope

I'm two months out n a couple weeks ago I noticed that my bridge seems to have scar tissue forming on it that is making it look more straight and less sloped. This makes me incredibly forlorn about the slope. My God the main thing I loved and wanted was a pretty slopeslope and to be rid of my straight bridge. Does nature have other plans?

Well, it certainly isn't the doctors fault because it was perfect as you can see in the pictures. Its the healing. Now, is it possible that in time of healing continues maybe after 4 months or 6 or 10 that the slope will return? Or could it get worse? Oh dear what a ride. Having to wait and see. My Dr. Said he will look at it when I next come to see him and I really hope that he can give me some steroids to thin it out there. Otherwise I'm happy with my nose still and its much improved. But come on don't let me glimpse Atlantis and then sink it again!

What do u guys think???

some more comparisons from front change

Shows a morph I made compared with my results. Doc came very close. I can't complain!

2months plus 2 days p.o.

Happy with change- can't believe its been 2 months! Drinking more water and eating antiinflammatory realllly helps the nose de-swell! And its good for health too so why not! I've really been heavily plant based but have not cut eggs completely or cream from coffee yet. Also have chx in my salads lately still... But those changes will come soon.

3 months out

Is it perfect? No. Is it better than before? Yes!

My initial exhileration has somewhat dimmed because my initial profile view has become less ideal IMO. My tip dropped a little so it looks like its less scoopy and less upturned. BUT and its a big ol' but, it is worlds better than before. Both profile and frontal! I used to feel monstrous from front view with my bulky assymetrical tip and wide base. Now I feel normal. Pretty but not gorgeous but I feel good enough!

One thing that has happened which is documented here is I kind of went a little batty with my hair following the nose change! Idk if I was adapting to the change or freaking out or?? But I went from blonde to light brown to dark brown back to blonde then down to a reddish brown and back to brown. Needless to say my hair is suffering. Its dead and dry and I had to cut it shorter than I like to make it manageable. But I am going to get some nice extensions from foxy lox and just use those ! So I'll have to stay one color.

Pics to follow. My tip is way less hard and way less numb. Swelling is down a good bit and I can see a cute tip forming also can feel it when I lightly touch. I wear my glasses now with no problem also.

3 month pics

3 and 1/2 months out!

I'm still happy and pleased. I'm much more confident with my nose. I still have insecurities that have nothing to do with my nose...sigh. Why can't life be Siple and fixed? Lol

I'd do it again in a second and I love my doctor. He's an amazing person I've gotten to know. He's unique and strong. Genius. Mad scientist of the best kind.

Nostrils.. Some people panic when they see uneven nostrils. While I don't relish it, I'm not panicking. Mine are healing differently. Initially they were perfectly matched in the weeks after surgery. I watched the left side go from red and bulbous the first week, to having a pus- like area that refused to clean up with peroxide/spray even though I was meticulous. Then finally, the problem area healed into scar tissue. Now, the ironic part is I like that side/nostril better! Its smaller. Tighter. IMO cuter. The right side is more open and not as small. I'd like to have this remedied at my one year post op if my doctor is willing to tighten up the bigger nostril. We shall see... I'll post pics. My finger does not fit in the left nostril easily unless I really twist and stretch it. I was directed to massage and stretch it a couple minutes per day by my doc when I brought this news to his far, no permanent change is happening. But I'm OK.

I wish my tip was more upturned. Like the first 2months. But its dropped. I'll ask my surgeon if there's any easy in office fix for this also at the one year post. Like a graft in the columnela? If not OK I won't cry but I'd like to give the tip a teeny lift if *at all*possible.

Numbness is almost gone but tip still feels odd a bit numb. Tenderness remains some days but if I hit it it Does hurt more than a regular nose would.
Pics coming in a few!

3.5 months

happy with it! swelling still going down

almost 7 months p.op

7 months soon! I'd never regret it, I'm happy with my look, its much improved tho not cookie cutter perfect. I'm happy! I usually feel pretty which before I thought my nose made that impossible. Worth it!

9 months post op!

Some before and afters! Its been awhile. I love my nose! Its this close to perfect. I'd do it again in a heartbeat! I never feel masculine anymore as I used to. Worth priceless cost. What do u think?


It deleted my post...too tired to redo. Soon!

2 years 3months post op

I'm still happy! I wish my profile still had the uplift of the initial post surgery but its still very much improved. There are days I think it could have been a more drastic change and more buttonish. When I smile I still don't love how my nose appears from the front . But I don't hate it and I did before. It was worth it 100%. pics on the way!

Pics 2 years post

Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Naderi knows his stuff. He called me personally for a long distance consult since Skype wouldn't work for me. He remembered every detail I had mentioned when I went to the pre op, and he calmly assured me of what was possible. He showed me immediately via computer imaging what results he could achieve and had a charming but genuine spirit. This man is not a fake and he is worth the extra cost. Price was $2500 more than the average. this almost deterred me but I became assured of his worth through extensive research. I recommend him to any other caterpillars looking to become a butterfly soon. :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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