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After obsessivly reading all the different stories...

After obsessivly reading all the different stories on here i decided i should probably join. I have been doing research for years and probably about two to three years ago is when i decided i wanted to go through with a BA.
I am 21 years old, 5'3" and 105lbs and wear a 32A. Ever since i can remember i have always been self consious about my breast. I hate shopping for bras, uncomfortable in a swim suit, and just feel like a little girl and not a woman.
A lot of people (close friends and my fiance) are really supportive of my decision but then of course there are the people who tell me not to do it. They say im too small and will look weird and ask why i would ever want to do it. Well, im not doing it for anyone but myself! It will give me the self confidence boost that i need!
Although i just started saving for my BA surgery and still have several months before i can schedule it, i did have a consultation and it went great!
I have made a decision that i want to get the silicone implant (just not sure of the profile yet) and i want to get it under the muscle. The DR. was amazing! He gave me all the infrmation i needed and told me about the pros and cons of all the insertion areas ect. He showed me his book of "before and after" photos and found girls my size and had me say if i though it was too big or too small for myself so he could get an idea of what i wanted.
Finally he gave me 350cc and 400cc to try. they both looked great! Not that much of a difference! Even for that moment after I put my shirt on over the sizers I already felt better and it just made me that much more excited to get it done and be able to feel that way all day every day!
Since i am so small my biggest fear is going too big. So I have been going back and forth non stop every day about what size to go with... I guess after all i do have a few monhs to decide!
But for now I am just working hard between paying bills and saving money to finally get my BA and i absolutely CAN NOT WAIT!!! Reading all you ladies stories and watching vidoes on youtube makes me so excited and determined to get it done as soon as i can!!!!
If anyone has any advice they would like to give me I would more than appreciate it! :)

Caught in a delima... Ladies I need your help!!

So like i said in my previous post.. i had my mind set on one dr after i went to a consultation. Well, now im having second thoughts. If some of you dont know i am from Pennsylvania. A lady that i work with, along with like 5 other people she knows, has all had their BA by a dr in North Carolina. She said he does an amazing job mainly beacause all he does are BA's and no other plactic/cosmetic surgeries. So im really considering trying him out since i have heard good feedback about him and i dont know anyone who has gone to the place that i had my mind set on.

So ladies... here is where i need your help! Have any of you gone out of state to get your BA done? if so could you please tell me how it went? i really dont know how i feel about not having follow up appointments. What if you have a complication?
Any and all feed back would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks so much guys!!!
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