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Hello All! I wanted to share my experience with...

Hello All! I wanted to share my experience with you all since having TickleLipo. I chose to have my upper abs,lower abs, hip rolls and back fat(bra line).It has been a week and 1 day.My initial consultation was about a month and a half before. The day before my appt I had to meet with Dr.Best and staff to sign paperwork and go over my pre care and what I needed to bring and wear the day of my appt.

I was given a prescription for Xanax,Antiobiotics and pain medicine.I would need to bring the Xanax and Antibiotics the day of my procedure and get the pain prescription filled if needed.I arrived the day of my appt around 850am. I was told to go ahead and take the Xanax and Antibiotics once there.Abt 15-20 mins later I was taken back to my room to undress so Dr.Best could come in and mark me up.

Once marked up I was escorted to the Operating Room by the assistants.I was sprayed with Pre Op antibacterial stuff was from breast to butt front and back.I was asisted to the table and covered up and then Dr.Best came in to start. 1st I was injected with a numbing agent...a lil pinch prick. then a tiny cut was made.I didn't feel the cut or the cannula being inserted.The whole procedure wasn't as painful I was expecting. There were a few times where there was a little pain..but not like excrutiating but more like annoying pinching crampy type.

When I let Dr.Best know he would move to another area and come back to that place later. About an hour and a half later i was wiped down and taken back to the room to get compression garments put on.I was escorted to the car and on my way.If it wasn't for the Xanax I could have driven myself home.I was not in any pain or nauseous. I felt fine and the Xanax had me in and out of sleep on the 45 min ride home.I got home and took a nap for about 3 hours.When I got up I didn't have much of an appetite. I went to WalMart to get my pain prescription filled.Iwas fine the whole time. Came home played video games and just chilled. I started to feel a little discomfort...very minimal.I took one of the pain pills and probably about 2 hours later I started to get a little nauseous but hey it was like 3 am.I checked my pads that were covering my incisions. I only needed to change 1. I went to bed with no problem.I did lay down a towel to sleep on just in case. Woke the next day feeling fine. It was actually pretty easy and mostly pain free.Just slight discomfort.I was not able to take a shower for 2 days per instruction,nor take off my compression garments for 2 days either.They cut a hole in between the legs od the garment for you to use the bathroom but that's it.I drank plenty of water and did as instructed.Dr.Best himself called to check on me the very next day.But on day 3 I started to have an allergic reaction to what they sprayed me down with.before the procedure.I broke out with something like hives and to be honest .THAT WAS THE WORST PART OF THE PROCEDURE! I still have them and I have to take Benadryl every day right now but it does help the itchies lol.I had my follow up appt today and there were no issues.Dr.Best told me that I will start to get hard places here and there but do not be alarmed. I have a little pain now..but it's more like a burning,sore sensation.Nothing that really needs pain pills. I had a little less than a liter of fat taken out so I can't really see any results and I still have a bit of swelling.I basically look the same as I did before I had it done so I still can fit my same clothes. I will try to post updates to let you guys know but I am anxious to see some results. Best of luck to you all!

Hello.Just a quick update.It has been 2 weeks and...

Hello.Just a quick update.It has been 2 weeks and 2 days. I am not in any pain.Just soreness here and there.I do not have hard places like I was expecting. When I had my follow up last week I was told to expect that. I have 1 little hard knot above my belly button and right below it..but thats's really it. I have discomfort if I jump around or do alot of vigorous type of activities but other than that it's been okay.My incisions are barely noticable at all. I have been washing with Hibiclens and using a mix of Kokum butter and Illipe butter to heal and firm my skin. I do have ugly abrasion looking marks from my hives and from the tape but they are slowly going away. I can tell a teeny tiny bit that my body looks a little better..but not really much results yet.Hopefully I will be able to notice something more by next week..I hope so.Have a wonderful and safe New Year all!
Dr.Best Best Impressions

I chose to have it done with Dr.Best in Greensboro NC who is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. He is awesome and I was referred to him by my medical day spa Sona. I was seen by Dr.Best who is very courteous,patient and has great southern mannerism.He listened to what I was wanting to have done and then gave me his professional opinion and expectations.I was given info abt my procedure and cost estimate and I left for the day. Once I made up my mind I made my appt.

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