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Ok so I've chosen Dr. Craig Person to do my...

Ok so I've chosen Dr. Craig Person to do my surgery I looked through all of his work and have chosen to go with him for a few different reasons. I live here and the DMV and I'm a mom of a small child so I can't go away to another state for weeks. I'm very excited, I've chosen to do subfasical because it gives you more of a pop. I haven't chosen a size yet but I want go as big as I can without looking unnatural. My surgery is set for the end of the month.... Wish me luck :)


Hello everyone, so I had surgery a few days ago and here are some before and after photos. Doctor Craig was very nice and charming and very up beat as usual. The only thing that was disppointing was that I didn't get a chance to choose my implant size. I was suppose to choose it in the operating room from a few different implants but the next thing I knew they put me to sleep before I even had the chance to see them. That kinda sucks because I spent a lot of money on surgery and I'm not even sure if the size will be big enough for what I wanted. However I know that Dr. Craig has been doing this a while so fingers crossed about me loving the end results :).

Here are more photos

I can't wait until it's all healed up. It starting to look pretty good :)

Day 4

I love love love my new butt! It's perfect! I really hope it stays this big :). I have a small amount of pain but it's really not bad at all. I stopped taking my meds every 4 to 6 hours and I just take 2 at night. I've been out walking and that's hard because it still kinda hurts but overall I feel great and I love looking in the mirror at it :).

Worth every penny!

Ok so I'm all better now and out and about. My A$$ looks great! I love it! It feels kinda funny sitting down now but I'm told that will go away. I'll post photos later :)

6 week update

It's been 6 weeks and I love my new butt! I've had my follow up and everything was great. I used anti bac soap by dial everyday even though I didn't have to I wanted to make sure I didn't get an infection. Scar looks great too btw!
College Park Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Person and his staff all seem great, I read some bad reviews but that hasn't been my experience at all. They've all been great so far.

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