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I have dreamed of having rhinoplasty for over 25...

I have dreamed of having rhinoplasty for over 25 years but never was able to - either because of money or uncertainty or shifting priorities over the years etc. I recently hit the point where I couldn't stand hating what I saw everytime I looked in the mirror or at a photo of myself anymore. My selfconciousness affected me every day and I made the decision to just go for it and make a change.
I searched around for a while looking for someone who had lots of experience and expertise. I found Dr. Jacono in NY, and although it is about a 4 hour drive, I went ahead and scheduled a consult. All of his before and afters looked great to me because each of the patients seemed to have a unique nose that fit their face. A lot of the other doctors I looked into seemed to create the same nose over and over again - and I definitely didnt want a cookie cutter nose. 
When I arrived for my consult I expected a thorough exam of my nose and lots of discussion as well as some time on the computer imaging software creating my new nose. I waited in the waiting room for longer than Dr. Jacono spent with me. He sat down, looked at my photos, clicked a few buttons and created an image of me where my nose looked thinner and less bulbous. It was definitely an improvement. When he showed me my profile I asked to make the nostril smaller which he did. Then I asked if I could see the other side because my nose is not symetrical and I have a completely different profile on the other side. He said "oh its the same thing - it will be the same." I don't know why I let that go - I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and rushed. Even my time with the patient care coordinator was rushed. Still, I was in a place mentally where I just wanted to have my nose done and looking good. I was convinced that he was the best - afterall he is dual board certified and all his credentials are outstanding. I was prepared to spend around $8K - but soon learned that the cost would be $14K. The patient care coordinator pointed out that you shouldn't bargain shop for plastic surgery, and that most rhinoplasties require a revision whereas Dr Jacono's revision rate was significantly lower than other surgeons.
I went ahead and booked my surgery (some people spend $14K on a dress, but for me $14K is ALOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!) - looking back I definitely should have given myself some time and space - maybe even talked to another surgeon or two. But, as I said I was convinced this was the best person - he exudes confidence and even though he seemed rushed - I figured all surgeons are somewhat like that.
The patient care coordinator, while really nice, definitely gave me a lot of innaccurate information so I don't think I was as prepared for my surgery experience as I could have been. She told me I would be fine to take the 4+ hour drive home after my surgery and that I could stay in the recovery room as long as I needed as well. Well, needless to say I was so nauseas and sick when I woke up that my husband had to book us a hotel room and take me there for the night. They rushed me out of the recovery room before I felt able to move. I was even still too sick ride in the car the next day as well but bared through it. Also, I was told ahead of time that my cast would come off in a week and then I could expect to be fully healed and done at 6 weeks. I have since discovered that my healing time is more like 6-12 months.
Well, I had to drive back 4 days later to have my stitches removed. That was the most painful experience of my life by the way. I was literally screaming and crying. Dr. Jacono wasn't there and didn't look at my nose.  Then just two days later we had to drive back to have my cast removed and Dr Jacono wasn't there again because he was on The Anderson Cooper show that day. Two weeks later I went back and Dr Jacono looked at my nose for the first time. He breezed in the door and before I could get a word out he told me not to "stress" about the asymetry - that it was normal. I knew I still had a couple stitches inside my nose that needed to come out because the nurse told me that the last time I was in. He told me that the stitches inside were desolvable and started looking in my nose. He then noticed the stitches and said "these need to come out." I was still traumatized by the last time they took out stitches so when he started trying to get them I pushed him away and said I would need to take some valium or something to get through it. He told me to go ahead and do that, that he would be around all day and to come back a little later which I did. The nurse came in again and took out the stitches and we waited some more for Dr. Jacono to come back. About 15 minutes later the nurse came back and said that Dr Jacono said he didn't need to see me again and that we could leave - but to set up an appointment for two weeks later. When I went to set up the appointment, they couldn't fit me in for 3 1/2 weeks.   So we came back for our next appointment ready with a lot of questions (I say "we" because my husband has been coming with me to the appointments which I really appreciate because he has been so supportive.) I had/have concerns because my nose is still crooked (it leans to my left and is a lot larger on the tip on that side), my nostrils are two different shapes and sizes and my nose is still really a lot larger than I had anticipated based on the computer imaging. I was hoping that he could explain why, based on what he did surgically, I would be experiencing what I was. I was hoping that would give me hope and reassurance that some day, my nose would finally look good. He rushed a lot and cut me off when I asked questions. When I showed him what and where my concerns were it seemed like he didn't really look at it. He told me that at 6 weeks post op (which is about where I was in my healing process) that it was still way too early. He kept pushing on my nose and saying "it's still really hard, feel that! feel that!" and finally I snapped a bit because it was so annoying to me. OF COURSE I have already felt it. Over and over. It is on my face. I look at it and "feel" it a million times a day! and I said "I KNOW! I've felt it." So I said "So you are telling me that one day my nose just won't lean to that side and look crooked?" and he said "Yes." and my husband said "well what about her nostrils?" and he said "That's what I am talking about, it will all even out." So, that was it. He said he would likely give me steriod injections if my swelling didn't go down fast enough. I said "so let's say its 6 months from now and my nose is still crooked.." He jumped in and said "There's nothing we can do.." and I said "I know I know but at that point should I still have hope that it will be ok?" and he said "yes." So, I sighed and sat back and said "Well, I am just going to trust you and have faith." and he said "Good, you should. This is all we do." We went ahead and made another appointment for two months later.
So that interaction is all I have to go by to get me through for now. I have determined that in order to maintain my sanity I need to intentionally and with purpose NOT focus on my nose. Some days it isn't as hard to do as other days. I field different aspects and layers of my dissappointment each day, sometimes each minute. I had expected to be really confident and happy with my new nose by now. So much of what I didnt like about my old nose is still apparent. I saw a photo taken two days ago with me and my niece and its almost too much to bear.   I try to focus on the fact that while I am not completely happy with my new nose, that it is an improvment over my old one. Of course, sadly really ANYthing would have been an improvement..but still. At least it isnt as bad as some of the stories I have read. I can breathe through it.   Anyway - thanks for reading.. Im going to keep posting periodically.. Maybe my experience will help someone and maybe it will just help me to get my thoughts out..and maybe I will post some pix eventually.

As swelling goes down - nose is more and more crooked!

Just thought I'd post a quick update. I feel like I woke up in my worst nightmare. Instead of enjoying the summer and having fun, I come home from work and lay on the couch until I go to bed. I wake up each morning and feel my nose - yep still crooked. I cry a lot and go over and over in my mind HOW and WHY I chose my plastic surgeon and what I would/could look like now if only I had looked around more and found someone else. It just doesnt make sense what is happening to my nose -one side is completely shaved down and flattened and the other is curved and has a hard bulbous tip. I search my mind for the logic behind why it would be this way - its not the swelling that is the issue - in fact I fear what will become of it as the swelling subsides because when it was more swollen it looked better than it does now.
Anyway - signing off with a huge SICK pit of regret in my stomach...
I'll post again soon.

Nose still crooked but finding strength and hanging in there

Thought i'd post a quick update today. While my nose is still crooked, and based on what I am seeing now I am fairly certain that my results will be far from what I had hoped for - I am finding some strength and peace with in myself.
I am grateful that I can breathe and that I don't have permanent nerve damage. My nose looks OK from certain angles.
Regret was eating me up so badly inside. I was making myself physically ill. I don't want to waste my life being miserable and so I have decided to stop dwelling on the past. If I had known then what I know now, I would have made different choices. I don't want to remain so caught up in the past that I miss the opportunities yet to come for me to make better choices and important decisions.
that's all for now.. thanks for all your support and kind words!!!!

Facing extended family for the first time since surgery..ANXIETY!

Well, this weekend we are going to my in-laws to celebrate a birthday. While I am looking forward to seeing everyone, I am riddled with anxiety about it. Just like every other moment of my life these days, instead of living in the moment and enjoying a new found confidence with my appearance (as I thought I would be at this stage in my healing) - I am uncomfortable to the point of physical sickness in my stomach. None of that side of my family knew about the surgery, and I had expected to tell them about it when I saw them because I expected to feel happy and content about it, instead - I am ashamed. I must now admit that I had a surgery to correct my nose, and came out of it with a crooked weird looking nose instead. I am still so raw and sad about it that I don't feel equipped to handle the questions and scrutiny. sigh. I am hoping that like most people so far, they won't even notice a thing and so I can continue forward in private misery - at least for now. I read somewhere something like: regrets start as a boulder on your back, then turn into a heavy rock you lug around and then eventually they become like a small pebble in your pocket. I am at boulder stage right now. Here's to tiny pebbles. Wish me luck, and strength and grace.. bye for now..

this SUCKS!

Hi folks - just a quick note to say THIS SUCKS!! It sucks to finally do something for yourself with such good intentions and high hopes and come away from it looking and feeling like THIS. I feel ROBBED and BUMMED and HURT. And sad and pissed off and cheated. Seriously at this point if I posted a pic of what I get to see each day in the mirror and present to every person I encounter everyday of my life - no one would believe that someone actually paid for and had surgery on purpose for this nose. It is COMPLETELY ridiculous. People would think it was
actually the worst BEFORE photo - not a photo 4 months post $14K rhinoplasty surgery.. oh, with one of the "top" "leading" "rhinoplasty Specialists." What a sad sad joke. I mean seriously..ugh!! Come ON this makes nooooo sense. No sense. No sense. People get this surgery ALLLLLLL the time!! It turns out fine. It looks normal - makes people look better.. Soooooo, what the HELL happened here?
sigh.. breathe... venting..

Having another rough day..

It's hard to face this outcome. I try to put it out of my mind, like I did with my old nose for most of my life - but somehow just a glance in the mirror at my new misshapen nose levels me again and I lose it. I paid $14 for a primary rhinoplasty - and I am reading about all these people paying less than half of that and they are less time post-op than I am, and they are thrilled with their new faces. As I research surgeons to potentially fix this unacceptable mess (assuming I come into some money unexpectedly in the future), I am finding that most revisions cost about what I paid for my crappy primary. It floors me. I really did believe that I would get what I paid for, but I am now reminded every second of every day that that isn't true - what my nose looks like now couldn't have been very well thought out or skillfully done. It just couldn't. And I AM ANGRY and so full of regret. I can hardly imagine living with this for another year - and then spending another fortune to fix it. I am at a loss - I just don't have the words.

Oh and another REAL FUN thing..

Now that all the feeling has returned to my nose - I have discovered that he left this weird flap of cartilage/skin/scar tissue? inside my nose in the tip were he connected the tip cartilage to the center part of my nose (I probably didn't explain that right) - so it can always feel it in there, its only on the collapsed side that he completely flattened down and so now it feels like I always have an annoying booger in my nose. That will never come out and makes breathing through my nose realllllllllly annoying.

Not looking good NOT feeling good...

Well, in an effort to remain sane - I have been researching doctors to re-do my nose. I still have so long to wait until I can have surgery again - and that's if I can even find someone I can trust and if I can find the money to pay for it. I made the mistake of looking at my "morph" photo today - to remind myself just what I had expected when I went into surgery and it just BLOWS my mind all over again just what I am left with. I just can't fathom it, I really cant. Like, he really must have just went in there and randomly moved things around and flattened cartilage and sewed things together. My nose hangs down really low, and leans undeniably to one side and is wider in the middle than the tip. It curves like a banana and just really makes me look worse than I did with my old nose. Now I really didn't think that was possible but - sadly IT IS. UGH - I just wish I could go away for 9 months on some kind of retreat where there are no mirrors and I could rush this time by. This is just so difficult because I can't stand having this thing attached to my face. I hate it.
I saw Dr Jacono again today on a repeat episode of Anderson Live - (I never watch that show yet the part I catch today of course he is on! ugh!) and its really disturbing how he behaves like such a different person. The seemingly caring person he seems to be on that show is NOT the person you will be dealing with when you are actually his patient. Its 100% the opposite.
It's a strange coincidence that as soon as a negative review pops up here about another devastated victim who's life he has destroyed - suddenly there is another rave review posted about him - always giving him 5 stars. Its sketchy.

Nose still sucks - curved crooked pointy awful

Yep, im still here still living in a post traumatic stress induced nightmare. Hating my nose worse than I ever did before.
Take my story as a warning. Not all doctors are what they say they are. Some doctors don't care. Just because you spend twice as much for a surgery DOESN'T mean you are in good hands.
Wishing I could go back in time. Knowing I can't. So sad.

I changed my update to NOT WORTH it

Its official. It wasn't worth it. Choosing this "surgeon" is the biggest regret of my life. The absolute biggest regret. He didn't do what I asked or what he said he could do "very simply." I got ripped off. My nose is completely different than it was before and from what we agreed on. His "after care" is laughable! I now have a nose that doesn't fit my face, is two different shapes and sizes on each side and curves toward the side of my "tip" which protrudes further on one side and is higher than the other.
I hope who ever reads this believes the grave seriousness of the nightmare I am enduring. Don't fall for all the new rave 5 star reviews. They are impersonal and generic. And likely an attempt at damage control. Please don't become another victim of this "doctor."

$14K+ down the drain (cant put a price on my mental and emotional health)

Just checking in. I am a very real person who trusted the WRONG person to do my nose. My poor sweet nose has been mutilated and it makes me so sad. I have lost my confidence and my trust. Oh how trusting and foolish I was. Its a broken record that I cant go back in time, and so I must continue to look forward. I face each new day filled with disappointment - and so I count my many other blessings - and continue to hold on one day at a time.
Yet, my life has changed so much since this mistake I made. I don't allow myself to look in the mirror as I get ready in the morning. I rarely wear eye makeup or jewelry anymore. I just don't want to draw attention to myself.
My "doctor" claims he is a specialist. He charges more than twice what other surgeons charge for a primary rhinoplasty. He touts a less than 1% revision rate. He said my surgery would be easy. In fact he didn't do much, other than cut open my nose - shave down a bump on one side so much so that it is now concave there and makes the other side look at though it is protruding. He then flattened down one side of my nose - making that nostril appear twice as long from the indentation - it is more narrow on the tip on one side and is more narrow than the bone above it - making that side of my nose look very long and pointy. The other side he left about the same except he left a large pointy piece of cartilage on the tip which juts out making my uneven tip look even more unappealing. My nose veers to the side even more still - it looks like a big sideways banana.
I had wanted my eyes to be the focus of my face - I wasn't looking for perfection in my nose - just a non-obtrusive semi-symmetrical nose. I certainly didn't expect perfection - but I did however expect my surgeon to give it some effort and expertise. He was supposed to be a "top specialist" after all. This result looks as though I went to a doctor who had never performed a rhinoplasty in his life. There is no way that he even TRIED to make my nose look good. This is all I will say to anyone considering Jacono - DONT!!!!! If you have already booked it, CANCEL IT! I wish I had even cancelled it even if I lost a significant deposit because I am telling you - he HAS NO SKILL. Or if he does have skill, he can't be bothered to take the time needed to do it right. Don't walk, RUN.
When you go back to his office for follow ups - he doesn't remember anything about you or what he did or didn't do. He acts like he couldn't care less, in fact he treats you like an annoyance. He glances at your nose and claims it looks "great." Even when it is blatantly NOT great.
Once he has your $14K, he's washed his hands of you. I am a believer that what you put out into the world, how you treat people, your integrity - it all comes back around to you. And so I know that Jacono is definitely in for some harsh times ahead.
As I move forward with my revision research - I will likely begin a new thread in the revision section. I am not going to be updating here much any longer. If you read this far, you have been warned. And I hope my story helps to save someone.

My recent revision consult solidified how BADLY Jacono ripped me off!

Just checking in here - I have begun my revision consult to try to fix Jacono's nonsensical MESS. Just seeing the before and after's we simulated at my consult really drove home how messed up my nose really is. UGH! Still can't believe what a dumb move I made trusting this guy. My nose is looooong dented pointed and is C shaped from the front. Looks like I am going to have to come up with thousands and thousands more dollars if I ever want a chance at not looking awful. That's another thing, you know how revisions usually cost more than your primary? Well so far my first revision quote was still WAAAY less than Jacono gouged my for my primary. Seriously - it's a nightmare.
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