34 Yr Old 138lbs -Want to Get Rid of Double Chin

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Ever since my early twenties and especially after...

Ever since my early twenties and especially after having 2 kids, I've developed quite a double chin (doesn't help that i have a receding chin and large nose!). I got a special buy 2 vials get 2 free so i decided to try kybella. I took 2 tylenol before the procedure. They took photos, cleaned my skin, marked me up and then injected the kybella. I could hardly feel the needle although the kybella burned. On scale of 1 to 10 it was a 3, minimal pain due to burning. I iced for a little bit afterwards. Now I'm wondering how much i will swell the next few days/weeks!

Day after treatment

Today is the day after my 1st treatment of 2 vials and i am surprised at how little swelliny i have so far. It is not too noticeable. I have a slight numb feeling and slight swelling, and it jiggles if i move sometimes.

Yellow bruising day 5

Noticed on one side of my neck some yellow bruising today. Still numb although less jiggling feeling.

Almost feeling normal!!

I was worried after reading a few reviews where people had bad swelling, numbness, etc for weeks. Thankfully my body has dealt well with kybella. It is less than 2 weeks since the treatment and i feel almost normal. Only slightly numb near my jawline.

Round 2 today - used 1.66 vials

Had second treatment of kybella shots today. They used 1.66 vials. It burned much less than the first treatment.
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