Unacceptable Staff. Unacceptable "bubble."

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I can't review on the job Dr. Benson did, as I am...

I can't review on the job Dr. Benson did, as I am still tightly bound up in gauze, bandages and drainage rubes hanging from me. But I can't help but to comment about his staff...

First of all, getting a hold of his scheduler "Elizabeth" was about as hard as getting a hold of Osama Bin Laden. Multiple unanswered calls, I had left voice mail, which was eventually returned the next day but I had missed it. We finally end up corresponding via email which her replys were vague and unprofessional. Ok, so no big deal--the surgery was FINALLY scheduled.

Then I received a call on a Saturday afternoon, just 2 days before my surgery and the woman says, "um, are you taking your antibiotics yet?" Uh... what antibiotics? Nobody prescribed me antibiotics to take before. "Oh, well, we can call them in." Well, I was kind of up north not around any pharmacy and couldn't get to one until Monday, but... Ok? Then I asked for a pre-fill for painkillers to be called in. Nope! Sorry. Narcotics can no longer be called in. Nice. So I go in on Tuesday for the surgery in Grand Rapids and I come out in some pretty good amount of pain (The staff at the surgical facility was very nice and professional, by the way) and he cuts me a prescription for Percocet instead of the routine Norco, as Norco tends to make me itch. We go all the way home and my friend runs to the pharmacy, only to come back empty handed. Dr. Bengston had crossed out Norco with a pen and written in Percocet but never initialed it, so the pharmacist would not fill it. I contact his office twice and was basically told "tough luck" and "woops! Sorry. Can't do anything for you." What a NIGHTMARE! This has been THE most painful surgery I have ever had in my life and to be left without pain med is UNACCEPTABLE! I kept passing in and out at home from the throbbing pain! This could have been prevented if his staff would have mailed me ALL of my prescriptions weeks in advance to ensure I had everything ready for my surgery. I have never encountered such an unprofessional staff in my whole life! It isn't rocket science people. I paid good money for this, get your sh*t straight!

realself keeps buggibg me for an update, so here it is...

1 week and 3 days post op; feeling pretty good. Hardly any pain except for the small pinching feelings here and there from my body healing at the sutured areas. My drain tubes were removed on Monday and that was INSTANT relief. I had very little to no draining on the gauze pads afterwards and finally have been sleeping well. Asthetically, I'm already happy with the outcome, as they are softer and look SO much better than what Vagotis had left me with. I'm about a full cup size smaller and already feel the relief in my shoulders, neck and upper back. No more saline water balloons, soft silicone now. One thing I did notice was a "bubble" on the side of my right breast and I'm hoping this relaxes in time. I understand that Dr Bengston had a difficult time reconstructing that breast as the previous implant had left things pretty messed up and he had to go in there several times to get it right. I also have the trans dermal meshing put in to hold things in place and there are sutures inside me holding that meshing also. I can definitely feel those sutures as he had told me I would. They are quite sore and lumpy, but in time, my body will absorb everything. Really hoping this bubble relaxes soon as it's extremely noticable, even with a bra on. I will post pictures after my 1 month follow up to keep update on that "bubble" and what Bengston has to say about it. Over and out!

my complete review with photos

After almost 4 weeks of post-op pondering on whether or not I'm satisfied, i know conclude that I don't think it was worth the money, pain and time down. I still feel like a freak. Yes, they are softer and feel more natural than the mess Dr. Vagotis left me with, but they are just as asymmetrical and I have a huge bubble of flesh hanging off the right side of me and I'm a scarred up mess. I went from having a huge bubble and scar on my left side to an even bigger bubble and scars on my right. Over $10,400 to equally look like a freak. Please, please, if you are reading this and are considering breast implants and there is nothing drastically wrong with your breasts, leave them alone! I've been through 13 years of breast hell with multiple promises from so-called top notch surgeons only to have my self esteem and bank account destroyed. Natural is best!

I'm not thrilled or "wowed"

I'm not ecstasy about the results as others are with this doctor. Call me picky, but I just assumed I'd look better. I feel better and they feel more natural, but the asymmetry and look of the lumps of scaffolding and sutures really leave a bad taste in my mouth. And that awful flap.... that floppy flap... :(

no change

Scars are slowly healing, still have some shooting pain in my breasts from time to time and they still look the same. The bubble is still there. I'm SO tired of sleeping on my back, half sitting up, wearing that surgical bra so my boobs don't roll under my arm pits. If I try to sleep on my side it feels like there is a golf ball under the sides of my breasts. Ugh. Also, I am having the hardest time finding bras that fit me... even sports bras. I need a large bra to fit the bottom width of the breast, but the top does not fill the cups. I'm "scooped out" looking. I'm told I could go in and get fat transferred to it for an added cost (of course), which I strongly think that should be included with the surgery cost. The job isn't done until the patient is satisfied, but what do I know? I've only been in the quality and customer service field for the past 10 years. Isn't $11,000 enough??? Yeah, not happy so far. It's been sheer misery.

still not happy

4mo post op... No change. Another thing I dislike about my breasts are my nipples. They look like they have sunbeams shooting out from them and they are flat and weird looking. The flap and asymmetry are still there. The swelling is completely gone and I have no cleavage. Bras are impossible to find. Push up bras only push the extended flesh of your boob, leaving the implant and meshing behind because it doesnt move, so it doesn't look right at all. As for pain, I have strange pains under my arm pits and oddly, directly beneath my upper arms. Both will feel like a single needle is poking them. I know it sounds weird, and it is! I usually feel this at night when I'm lying down. I'm still uncomfortable sleeping on my sides so I sleep on my back only. I have to wear a bra at night so my boobs stay out of my pits. I'm between bra sizes. I need a D to fill the whole cup, but a DD for the width of the cup, but the top of the DD cup is too big. Ah, who knows... I give up.

8 months post op

Pretty much the same, bubble is still there, so is the asymmetry. My left breast has a constant pinching pain that comes and goes and the pain takes my breath away sometimes. It feels like it is deep within my chest and it almost feels like a heart problem but all tests came back good. I am also experiencing symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands, feet and elbows. I feel this same pinching pain in those areas as I do in my chest and the pain migrates throughout my body. Is it possible my immune system has become over responsive due to all this meshing and the new silicone implants that have invaded my body? I'm really beginning to think so. I've researched implants and immune disorders and this is not a rare occurrence among people who have implants, and coincidentally, their symptoms alleviate post-explant. So far, this whole deal has been a nightmare. I can't believe I paid good money to do this to my body.

1 year later

Still very uncomfortable. I can only wear sports bras and still am only able to sleep on my back. I am still able to feel the scaffolding around my breasts. It is very tender between my cleavage, on my chest slightly above my breasts, beneath my armpits and of course, beneath my breasts. My breasts are very saggy and feel like they're laying in my lap. The tops of my breasts lack fullness and I feel they "age" me.

Breast Implant Illness

I've never been so sick in my life. I get constant infections. Not in my breasts, but in my abdomen. I get kidney and liver pains along with a strange feeling like I cannot breathe and am extremely nauseous, joint pain and chronic fatigue. The doctors are clueless and they shake their heads in confusion. They gI've me a prescription of Flagyl and boom... it's completely gone, but only to come back 30 days later. I've had CT scans and a complete physical and they cannot find a culprit. This all started about 4 months after my surgery so I strated researching illnesses associated with (silicone) breast implants and I see a lot of women having the same symptoms as me. It's called BBI (breast implant illness) and it's debilitating. Passing out, irregular heart beats, hypotension, inability to digest my food, liver pain, kidney pain, brain fog, exercise intolerance, joint pain, muscle pain, nausea and sometimes vomiting, dry coughing, labored shallow breathing, low oxygen levels --- and all my blood work (dozens upon dozens of nlood tests) came back completely normal. How can that be??? The only thing left to blame are these dreadful implants. I'm so depressed, ashamed and embarrassed that I PAID $11,000 to ruin my body and my health, just to look a certain way. I'm so sad to say that these sacks of plastic poison are coming out.
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