Deflated Barely B Cup - Grand Rapids, MI

I have dreamed of bigger fuller breasts since I...

I have dreamed of bigger fuller breasts since I was a teen. I have had 4 children all breast fed and of course after that my breasts needed alor of help lol. I am 5'5 and currently 140#. Barely filling a b cup. I have had 2 consults. Both recommending a lift with implant. I really want to avoid the lift.. I plan to go for another consult or two since i have posted here and asked about dual plane or subglandular. Most answers said i should be a good candidate for either. Though alot are against complete subglandular. Maybe because of higher capsular contracture?? I just want bigger fuller breasts. I am slightly obsessed about it since i have been on here and going for consults! Anyone have "dual plane" or "overs"? Are you happy with your decision?
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