Liposuction, BBL, & Abdominal Scar Revision Dr. Iacobucci-Grand Rapids, MI

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I've been wanting a butt for ever lol, and over...

I've been wanting a butt for ever lol, and over the past year I've acquired so much fat around my mid section that I can't stand it anymore! I try to work out, I can feel the muscles underneath the fat! I've also had 3 large incisions (2 c-sections & hysterectomy) that Dr. Iacobucci will excise and make into one low scar. (He said lipo would not improve my unhappiness of my stomach if the scars were there-it would magnify them). Which is great because I thought I could only get rid of them w/a TT! He will be removing any excess skin, but he's not considering it a TT. I was told I will have a drain-yuck. I'm so nervous-today is Sunday & since I've been awake all night worrying (and have a lot to do since surgery is TOMORROW)-I'm not going to church. This is starting to make me feel guilty-like I will have a bad outcome for not going! Ugh the stuff we put in our minds! Anyway, I know I'm in excellent hands, I just keep wondering what I'm forgetting for after surgery. Exactly a year ago I had a BA and my mom had to run to the store a lot! I'm wondering how I will be able to sit, or even sleep since I'm having the stomach done also and that's where a drain will be...I've been reading a lot on here and everyone says they have to lay on their stomach! I did purchase quite a few things tho, maybe the boppy pillow in my recliner...?! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've already been told that I'm not going to have my "want pics" bcuz I simply don't have enough fat-but I chose to do the surgery now & not "add" fat. I know I will be happy w/a small waist & anything that can be added to my butt he said he will put all he can! I'm 5' 6" & 132 lbs. I will upload the gross photos I took, and some more that i'll take tonight w/out clothes. Wish me luck lol!

Day 1 post op

So, I made it home-it was not fun! I made sure to have pillows, blanket, and a small inflatable ring that kids use for swimming. It helped a lot. I'm now trying in vain to get comfortable...pretty sure that's not going to be an option. I didn't have nausea really, just dizziness. The first trip to the bathroom was a joke-I had the great idea to put the inflatable ring in the toilet seat for comfort. It was comfortable-however I would like to thank my bf for cleaning up my urine! I'd say the stomach is my most painful, then my sides, and my booty's on fire! Hope everyone is doing well! I took pics this morning right b4 we left-i'll post them. Side note-Dr. Iacobucci has called me personally twice-such a great man :)

Day 2 (mini TT, Lipo, BBL)

I did not sleep at all last night because it was impossible to get comfortable, I can't sleep on my stomach and I can't sleep on my back very well, and my sides r sore from the lipo! Ive only taken Tylenol and Valuim-I told myself to see if I could do this without the oxycodone-I wouldn't recommend it! Anyway, I took a quick shower this am, changed, but haven't been able to eat or drink much. I will soon. I've been alone the past cpl hours so I'm missing my help! I took a couple photos when I got out of shower-there's a lot of swelling-hardly any bruising! The butt-well I've been trying not to sit on it directly but I've spent the last day in the recliner, I prop up so it's as least as possible. He wasn't able to put much fat in (I didn't want to gain weight for that) so I will see how it goes!

3 days PO (Mini TT, Lipo, fat transfer)

Well I am so over being stuck in the couch! I try to get up often, I went for a little walk yesterday, I also had my PO with my surgeon. He said things look amazing, that he got out as much fat as he could and did some contouring, but most of his time was directed to my stomach. If you notice in my headline of this review it was for an abdominal scar revision-well it turned in to a mini TT. I went through 2 c sections, numerous abdominal surgeries, and then a hysterectomy that was a full abd incision. He said my scar tissue was really bad, and that was the only way to properly take care of it. And I'm so happy! My stomach has been my number 1 problem, it looks so great now! And when I took off my abd binder I couldn't believe that I have curves instead of a box shape! The pain tho has been crazy and I probably ruined my new booty (I already knew there wasn't going to be much fat to transfer b4 I had the surgery) I have no option but to lay on my back. So I'm just trying to keep as little pressure as possible and move a lot...we'll see how that goes. Regardless tho I am so happy with everything. I've been using ice-pretty much 24-7 since. Y surgery, it makes me feel better. I know some ppl say it's only helpful in the 1st 24 hrs-I just know it feels good lol. My appetite is coming back a little, but I can only eat like half the amount of what I usually would. Today I have an errand to run, I am not up to driving but I don't have anyone to take me. So i'll let u know how that goes. I've only taken Tylenol and Valuim with this surgery so I know my pain is probably worse than it would be for most ppl. I can't take the pain meds bcuz they interact w/another med I've been on for 2 years. How long does this pain from lipo hurt?! I've looked it up but I can't find a reasonable answer! Mostly says between 1 & 6 weeks...I just want to know how long until your "over the first hump" of where u finally feel well enough to do simple daily things without the intense pain. I will post more pics soon, nothing has really changed since my last ones. I can't believe I don't have bruising, and I never had any drainage that soaked thru my garment or even my bandages. I was really expecting that after all I've read. I hope everyone is doing well! Any advice would be great on if there's a certain position to lay or any tricks to try so I'm not always on my butt!

12 days post op

I'm almost 2 weeks post op, I'm pretty surprised at how long recovery has been. Yesterday was the first time I went out really. It was the 4th of July so we were gone for 8 hours...I really was in pain when I got home. But today I feel better. It isn't as difficult/painful to sit anymore but still uncomfortable. My liposuction areas and abdomen are my main problems. If I don't wear my garment it is even more painful. I can't wait to wear normal clothes (not just yoga pants or a maxi dress!). Thins surgery was more than worth it. If I had it to do over-I may have gained a little weight for the bbl and had a couple more areas done for lipo (I just didn't have much fat). I keep wondering of I've killed all the fat since I've not been able to lay on my stomach, and I just started to be able to lay on my sides-a LITTLE! We'll see tho, everyday gets better and I'm only taking Tylenol as needed. I'm uploading some photos from a couple days ago.

2 weeks Post Op BBL, Mini Tummy Tuck, Lipo

So I wasn't going to update yet cuz I didn't think much had changed. But I've been having a LOT of itching on my stomach incision, and my left buttocks hurts way more than the right, my garments (which have been too small from the beginning) are just barley able to fit. I've said in every review/update that I knew my "BBL" wasn't going to b anything like my wish pics. I didn't have enough fat, and I didn't want to gain weight. So like I've said-verdict is still out. Many times I've thought "yes-I have a booty!" My TT was so painful it was NOT possible to lay in any other position than my back. I'm pretty sure I have killed all fat cells in my butt, or certainly the majority. I'm pretty "bummed" lol. I will say that the lipo and tummy tuck has made a HUGE difference in the shape of my body! I feel great, but I was noticing that my Tummy Tuck scar was looking so bad. Today I put bacitracin and non absorbant (telfa) pads on the incision. Wow! 8 hours later almost all the raised, red, gross areas were so much better! I will post pics-they are BOTH from today. I would say to not get a TT and BBL at the same time. U think your saving $$$$...NO! Since I'm only 2 wks out, I can't say 100%, but in general it's a very difficult recovery and a lot to ask of your body. I have lost 12 lbs tho-also eating healthier. So happy I got a "mini" TT-I know it's not an option for everyone but I can't wait to go to the beach! Love my body-still hoping that BOOTY pops out!

These pics are from the review above (2 wks PO)

2 wks

So-back to the "2 wk Update"

Not tryin to b confusing-I want to make it clear that the pics of my Tummy Tuck incision are only about 7 hrs apart. It was hurting and bothering me so much, I added some ointment, non stick padding, and let it be! I couldn't believe how bad it was, and how just that little bit made a huge difference. If u have issues like this-contact your PS ASAP! I scar very easily and he made sure to give me a list of things that may improve my incision. Oh-so much happier lol!
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon

I wouldn't trust this body to anyone else! He has the lowest infection rate in Michigan and I've never heard of any complications (not saying he's NEVER had ANY-all Dr's do). He is honest, and actually cares about his patients, he remembered my children's names and even the sports they play! (I had BA a yr ago). He is by far the best plastic surgeon, and I've had consults with a handful! I have to say his honesty and attention to detail are by far beyond any other plastic surgeon!

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