25 Year Old Female, Round Two of Accutane - Grand Rapids, MI

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I went on 40 mgs of accutane for six months for...

I went on 40 mgs of accutane for six months for the first time around the age of 21-22. At the time both my sister and brother had used accutane and since I struggled with acne since the age of 12 and tried antibiotics, birth controls, and every topical knownto man, I thought it was my turn. My skin was great for a couple years. Recently my acne is back and most doctors tell you your second round of accutane means your acne will not be as severe as the first time but my acne is truly worse than ever before. That being said, I had a hysterectomy since then, I bought my own home, and my dad passed away. These are a couple big changes and stresses that might contribute to the acne. Now a days my face is entirely covered in tiny bumps. My forehead. Chin, cheeks. I experience cystic acne on my cheeks which is painful and humiliating. I didn't want to leave the house, and when I did, I was angry and had outbursts. Since I knew accutane worked well in the past for me, when I saw a new dermatologist (change of insurance) I told her I did not want to try anything else. She told me based on my weight I would be on 60 mgs for five months.
The side effects last time I took accutane were limited to dry skin and bloody noses. I didn't not have an initial break out.

I am on day 3 of Claravis at this point and have had two bloody noses.
I travel a couple hours to see a doctor that accepts my blue care network insurance
My only issue so far was using Meijer pharmacy. But I'll save that for my next post ;)

Meijer pharmacy

I used Meijer pharmacy because they are the ony pharmacy in my very small city that will get accutane for me. When I first went to pick up my prescription they were very confused about the fact that I wasn't using ipledge. I told two employees there, I don't need to use ipledge, I cannot get pregnant. I repeated this three times. The woman working there told the man next to her, "they must have changed it". At this point, I again stated, "it's only for women of childbearing potential." She looked at me and said "yeah, YOU" and I said " I HAD A HYSTERECTOMY" and that finally got it through her head. Which is annoying because up until that point they were assuming I didn't know what I was talking about. I asked the male pharmacist how much the script would be and he said three dollars and told me it would be in tomorrow.
I went in the next day and I was told "do you know this is going to cost you eighty dollars?" They also informed me they only ordered one box of the medication instead of two. I spoke with two other pharmacists this time. They made a couple phone calls and said they ordered the wrong generic and again, it would be in the next day. For four days after that I was told the same thing. "We don't have the three dollar generic, it'll be here tomorrow" then I was told they would be calling around to nearby pharmacies to see if they had it. At this point I was irate. I spoke with a manager who told me he wasn't sure their company could get the cheap generic and he would have to call corporate. During this, no one would return my phone calls. After two weeks, they said they recieved the Claravis and they didn't know what the issue was in the first place, because it was available to their company.

Another update, today I had my third nosebleed. This concerns my boyfriend, but since he didn't go to my derm appointment to comment or voice his concerns, even though I asked him to, I don't think his worry is valid.

Another picture

I posted this picture once before when I negatively reviewed proactiv. I thought I woud post it again here so you can get a better idea of how disfiguring my acne has become

Day four

I think I avoided the initial break out. It might be my imagination, but I feel my skin is already improving

Day 6

While not experiencing an initial break out, my skin seems very very very oily. I hope my skin is just purging what has been stuck inside! Because of this my skin isnt really dry yet. My lips are cracking. I bought aquaphor and managed to lose it already.
On a personal note, it was a bit annoying not being able to drink with my friends at a get together. But honestly, I just reminded myself what a small price it is to pay for self confidence.
I'm hoping that the second time around my results will stick. If not, I've heard trying aldactone may be my solution, but only time will tell!

Ugh :(

I just did a very bad thing and picked my skin. I know on accutane this can cause slow healing and scarring but it was so oily and there were so many blackheads I could not stop once I started :( it looks swollen now, I hope I didn't mess anything up

Seeing red!

Another bloody nose today.

Breaking out again

Some acne is coming back, along with another nose bleed this morning :(


I'm really irritated with my skin lately. I know everyone says they get the initial breakout but if that's what I'm having, it's happening very very slowly because my skin is exactly the same. It's consistent, cystic acne on my cheeks. I'm thinking 60 mg isn't a high enough dose for me. My skin is not drying out. My lips are, but it's also winter. I'm going to request my dermatologist check my hormone levels. Maybe I should hAve started out with aldactone.

Acne is disfiguring

I feel like I have potential under all the acne.

Accutane break

My skin is starting to look a LITTLE better, however, due to just being married I had to reschedule to wait for my husbands insurance to come active for me. So I'll have a couple weeks off accutane. Hopefully that won't affect my result

Month two

I went to my second appointment. It felt a little rushed. Still on 60 mgs and still getting acne on my cheeks and oily skin. I'm so scared this won't work even if it's my second time around. My pharmacy had my pills within a day this time and on my husbands insurance it only cost me ten dollars. I was worried it would be expensive as I've never been on his insurance until now. I have dry lips but the nosebleeds are gone :)

With makeup

This is a broken out cheek with makeup. Not sure if you can see it

Bad breakout

I had to call my dermatologist and ask for an antibiotic to calm my bad breakout!

3 months

I am supposed to be starting my third month on Clarvis, however, I'm again waiting on meijer pharmacy for 5+ days to order it for me. Luckily, I do not use the ipledge system. My PA has been out for maternity leave so I saw a new one who I actually found more attentive. She gave me more Keflex just to have in case of another flare up like next month and prescribed desonide for my angular chelitis and dry bleeding lips.

Three months

There's not too much to update. I still get cystic acne on my cheeks and small pimples on my forehead. My acne may not be severe, but it is stubborn!

Acne sucks

I'm still suffering

Almost to fourth month

And my acne has barely changed

All for nothing?

I went to my dermatologist PA and we discussed my frustration with my lack of progress. Since I do not have periods due to my hysterectomy (yet I still have ovaries) I don't know if my break outs are due to menstruation because I don't have visible periods! They told me to keep track and see if breakouts happen in a pattern. They are extending my accutane to six months and not five. If my results still aren't where they should be, after a few months I can try aldactone. Boo!!!!


The price of claravis at meijer pharmacy where I live WITHOUT INSURANCE is 954 dollars! (Luckily I have insurance)


My skin looks okay but my arms and lips are crazy dry!

Month 5

I'm on my fifth and last month. They decide not to extend it to six months because my skin is looking great! I'm going back in September to make sure my acne isn't hormonal and back!


It's been awhile! I haven't been back to my derm- because I really haven't needed to! I still have small occasional forehead pimples and a random one here and there but nothing like the cystic huge bumps on my cheeks used to be! I still think someday I may need aldactone. But not at this point. Yesterday, a co-worker said something about me not having breakouts like she did. It was the best compliment ever! I waited 12 years to hear that!

So sad

Time for an update! My acne is a mess again. It causes me major depression after having such clear skin for awhile. There have been no changes to cause this acne. I'm making an appointment to go back to see what to do. I'm assuming no accutane again since I've already tried twice. I must be one of the only people who can't be cured by accutane! I think it's time to consider hormonal treatment.

The depression is killing me

Amanda Miller, PA

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