Got Rid of my Love Handles with VASER Liposelection

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I have always been in relatively good shape, but...

I have always been in relatively good shape, but have always had love handles. As I have aged, the love handles seemed to grow to the point where the benefits of diet and exercise were not very evident. I would never have undergone traditional liposuction due to the potential damage to healthy tissue and possible complications. However, when I learned about VASER Liposelection, at age 53 I decided to take care of my love handles once and for all, because I knew it could be done safely and relatively easily.

I had the procedure done on a Thursday at a local surgery center. During the procedure, they removed roughly 3.5 liters of fat from by stomach, lower back and upper hips. A spinal was used for anesthesia. It knocked me out and I felt nothing during the procedure. I woke up a couple of hours later and went home. I work at home, so the next day I was able to put in a full day at the office, with a few short rests. If I had to go into an office, I would not have gone to work on Friday, but would have been fine to go to work the following Monday.

To allow for drainage of the residual fluid used in the procedure, my doctor did not suture the incision points. This allowed the incision points to leak for a few days, which was fine at home but would not have worked well at an office. I understand that other doctors do suture the incisions, so this may not be an issue for others. I wore a girdle for a few weeks to help the tissue reattach better and quicker. The girdle was not uncomfortable and made me feel less vulnerable to bumps while I healed.

The pain throughout the procedure and recovery was minimal. A prescription pain killer was prescribed, but I think I only took one as a precaution the first night to make sure I slept well. After that, ibuprofen for a couple of days handled the slight discomfort, which was similar to sore muscles after a good workout. Pain was never an issue. I had some moderate swelling and bruising for a few days, but no big deal.

I am very pleased with the results of the procedure and would recommend it to anyone who wants their body to reflect the amount of effort they put into exercise and diet. I now am motivated to work out more. One thing that may be totally psychological is that my craving for sweets has decreased. I think it may be because my body no longer needs to maintain that layer of deep reserve fat. In any case, I eat better because I do not crave sweets as much, I exercise more because I can tell the difference, and I like the way I look. I took some of my own before and after pictures. When I look at my “after” picture from the back, I look like a younger man in reasonable shape. When I look at my “before” picture from the back, I see my father. In my mind, my body dropped 20 years, at least at the waistline.

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It is a safe and painless way to remove unwanted fat that cannot be eliminated by diet and exercise.

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