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After researching numerous doctors in the Denver...

After researching numerous doctors in the Denver Metro area I chose Dr. Steven Vath for my TT and breast lift! He is so warm, sweet and caring. I was only looking for a no drain TT and he was the only doctor that offered this without charging more money! If a doctor knows how to perform a no drain TT why would they even offer the drain one, or worse, actually charge more to do one? This said a lot about a Dr. Vath and his practice!

I'm a tiny woman at 5'2" and currently 116lbs. I've been self conscious about my belly for the last 11 years. I had to have a c-section done. I was always worried that a man I was dating wouldn't be able to get aroused after seeing my belly! My breast lift is needed more because of my age than my pregnancy I believe! Can't blame that on my wonderful child! Lol

I'll keep everyone updated on my progress and post new after pics within 6 months after Dr. Vath works his wonders!

'Twas the night before

surgery and all through the house not a creature was stirring...not even my anxiety! At this time, in 12 hours, I'll be in the operating room sleeping while Dr. Vath works his wonders. I'm not afraid like I thought I would be tonight. I'm calm, accepting my choice and ready for Christmas so I can see the full results!

Has anyone wondered what surgeons do to wake up? Coffee can't be good!

I've lost 28 pounds after quitting my 26 year smoking habit almost two years ago! I wanted to be as healthy and thin as I could before the surgery.

I'll post the pics of my new and much improved body in a month or two :-)

2 and 6 days post op!

The tummy tuck is more painful than I imagined, especially since I had a c-section with my child. As you can see, I can't stand up straight in the first two pics!

17 days post op! WOOHOO! LOVING my new body!

Just updating my pics now that I'm 17 days into recovery. My abdomen is starting to show the definition I wanted. Keep in mind my lower abdomen is still slightly swollen and I'm on my menstrual cycle.

Also, my right breast has dropped a little more than the left one. This is VERY NORMAL and I'm looking forward to seeing how they will look in 2 weeks!

To all of you stalking this site, just as I did for a year, before deciding on your surgeon or if you want to do this, I hope my pics and info help you!


I'm 6 weeks post op and LOVING my new body! I just visited with Dr. Vath Friday and got the all clear to start working out and my scars are looking great!

This is the BEST decision of my life!! WOOHOO!!!!

OMG! BEFORE breast pic from my doctor!

I never had the opportunity to have a friend or relative to take a pic of my breasts before my surgery. This was a huge eye opener for me! If you're stalking this site wondering if it's worth it...just look and tell me.


I've had several women ask me how much smaller my breasts were after the breast lift. I wasn't sure because I hadn't been fitted yet. I finally had it done today. How much boob did I lose?


I'm still the same size and wear a 36C cup! Hehe I thought my weight loss had caused me to lose just a little. Then, the surgery. NOPE, my boobs simply don't have to be "adjusted" to fill the cup now.

Here's how it is with just having a lift rather than both (lift & augmentation), they LOOK smaller. For me, full frontal view they look smaller. The side view they look bigger. A lift will NOT give you upper pole fullness either.

The following pics show my old white sports bra that I've had for 2 years and a new strapless one of four bras that I bought today!

That's it ladies ;-)

Vertical scars doing GREAT!

I know a lot of woman are concerned with the vertical scars in a BL procedure. I'm just past my 3 month post op and mine are healing well in my opinion. The left breast is healing faster than the right. Here are my pics and I hope this helps any woman who is considering the procedure and concerned about the scars.

European push up bra failure :-(

I bought a beautiful set of Pari Pari because someone on this site loved the brand. I decided to try it for myself and was so disappointed in the size. This is a PUSH UP bra that is loose! Evidently they run large in this brand. Anyone have suggestions for beautiful European bras true to size?


Woohoo! I can finally wear a bikini and not feel self conscious about my belly! I love halter tops in swim wear, but I do have to be careful with the BL scars that come on the side. The all black bikini is scoop front bottoms. They barely cover the TT scar on the hip. I would avoid low rise. Both tops have push up pads also! Water World here I come!


It seems as a very small percentage of women have just a lift with the Mommy Makeover. I've had several women ask me various questions as they decide whether to just get a lift or get a breast augmentation as well. After explaining my reasons for doing just a lift and my pictures they all have chosen to do just a lift as well.

This is for all the ladies considering a Mommy Makeover who are struggling with the decision on what they want to do with their boobies! This is a very important decision for all the ladies and I hope my story and pictures help with your decision! Best to all the lovely ladies on this site!

Boobs and belly :-)

How time flies! I'm 9 months post op and still doing my same workout routine (most of the time) and I'm still in awe of my results. I didn't care much about my boobs in the beginning. I was more interested in having a flat belly again! The breast lift was just to show off the contouring better. Now, I LOVE MY BOOBIES! See last pic where my vertical scar is almost nonexistent? Woohoo! I hope everyone is having a awesome summer!

My last Mommy Makeover update

It's been a year since my body has been beautifully transformed from a saggy mess to the youthful appearance it once was! I saw Dr. Vath and he is very happy with how great my breasts turned out and my healing. He also mentioned I must be working out a lot with the definition on my abdomen. Sure, I walk 5.5 miles 5 x a week, but I've been a little lazy over the summer and I LOVE ice cream! It was picture day too! Dr. Vath personally took my pictures.

I never thought I would show my tummy tuck scar, but I think it will help people who are considering the procedure and are concerned where it is and what it looks like. I can tell you it's 100% worth it! My middle abdominal area is still mostly numb. I can slightly feel fingertips going over it, but not fully. I'm not too concerned with this unavoidable fact because I had a c-section with my son and it took over 2 years for full feeling to come back.

I wear my binder every weeknight as well. I stopped about 3 months after my surgery and noticed my tummy didn't look as flat as it used to so I began sleeping in my binder at night and it DOES make a difference. For me, I will do this for life now. Well, maybe when I'm 70 years old I'll quit! Lol

To recap, I had a full tummy tuck and breast lift. No implants or lipo.

Best of luck to all of you looking to have a mommy makeover and I think it's worth the price, recovery and scars! :-))
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vath needs to change his name to Dr. Amazing! I had the “basic” Mommy Makeover. Just a tummy tuck and breast lift. I researched the procedures and numerous doctors in the Denver Metro area for a year. Dr. Vath was at the top of my list for a variety of reasons. The most important being his kind and down to earth appearance. This was my first experience with plastic surgery and I was frightened. I needed someone with a gentle, kind and down to earth appearance. After seeing his before and after gallery, I was confident Dr. Vath would be my choice. My first consultation with him I was extremely nervous. He personally came out to the lobby and greeted me. I don’t recall any doctor I’ve had ever doing that. I followed his tall stature to his office where he was going to begin going over the different implant types and what not. I believe he was taken aback when I told him I didn’t want nor feel the need to have implants. He immediately slid them to the side of his desk and was; most likely, relieved I just saved him at least 20 minutes taking about implant choices. In the examination room he made me feel comfortable, even with my embarrassing body standing there while he examined me. He told me I was right, I didn’t need implants, just the basics. I felt relief come over me. Dr. Vath doesn’t just look like a kind and down to earth man he is. He doesn’t try to tell you to have lipo or any other procedure you either do not need or want. He is an honest man. I must mention Kari, his patient coordinator, in my review. She is just as awesome as Dr. Vath! She answered my emails within 24 hours and helped me make a few last minute decisions in my second consultation with Dr. Vath. I had a few additional questions before my procedure and if Kari didn’t already know the answer, she found it! The anesthesiologist was excellent and answered my question. The entire day of surgery I was put at ease by the staff. The entire center is wonderful! The front desk staff always greets you with a smile. I had to call the nurse line one time post op and Deb responded within an hour! The only part that disappointed me a bit was that Dr. Vath never personally phoned me the day after my surgery as other patients mention in their reviews. My results, which are not even 3 months old yet, are AMAZING! It is beyond my expectations pre op! Dr. Vath is an artist! Like my title says, just call him Dr. Amazing!

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