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Where do I start. In 1995, I had my first BA and...

Where do I start. In 1995, I had my first BA and lollipop lift with 400 saline. They never dropped and fluffed and I had very large areolas. My presurgery breast were small but saggy, Fast forward 10 years. Moved to CO and after the birth of second child in 2003 I decided to see DR to fix my problem,Went with 400 silicone with full lift and full body lipo. Never really liked lipo stomach was always uneven and lumpy bumpy. Had another daughter in 2008, my breasts didnt like that :) so I decided just to get a lift. well he pulled skin too tight resluting in torpedo looking breast tissue over implants. UGH. last year I told him I was unhappy and he said only way to fix was to put larger implants in. So here we go again. out with my silicone in with saline 600hp filled to 700..WTF. sorry. needless to say to big and within 6 months I had him take everything out another lift and where my story ends. So now I have ulgy scar where crease is and ugly weird stomach. I went to see Dr Vath in Denver and believe me after that many surgeries I have dont my research. He was very easy to talk to and he explained everything. He is going to do revision work on my breast maybe make new pocket and little lipo on hip not too much and tummy tuck. Itold him I want scar LOW and I know I probably need a small vertical so we are on same page and he addresses my concerns. Thank God for a supportive husband who is deployed and after our family vacation I am going to be ready for the new me.

After consult I am leaning toward 421cc to 457cc...

After consult I am leaning toward 421cc to 457cc mod silicone unders. I am currently 5'4 and 145 hoping to be 135 by surgery. I have 79 days so I think pretty good chance. Doing two races which only one looking forward to. First one May 5th is the Spartan race. And second is race to the Shrine. Mind you I am not a runner what so ever but I know I will finish and have fun and that is what matters to me:) I am so thankful I found this site. What a insight on what everyone goes through and how supportive. I look forward to sharing how this hopefully last surgery will change my life.

So thanks to this site I downloaded the days left...

So thanks to this site I downloaded the days left app. Love it! As of today I have 30 days left until my husband comes home, 52 day until Orlando and 50 days until my preop. WHOO HOO! I havent lost any weight, however my body is toning up from all these workouts I am doing trying to get ready for the Spartan Race on the 5th of May. It will be a big accomplihment just to finish. I am running/jogging/walking/rolling..haha. my way with a friend who has gone through the mommy makeover so I talk to her alot about this. Plus our husbands are gone same time. I just cant wait to get this done. I am hoping in the fall before my husband might have to leave again, we can go to Mexico just the two of us, He is very happy that I am getting my 'girls' back, but if not he has always been there whatever my decision has been. I am still going back and forth on the size of implants but when I go to preop I will bring a bra that I would like to fill out.

27 Days until pre op

Well my weight loss is going in as planned, just in a funk. I did however finish the SPARTAN race which was hell I said never to do that again and my husband said he wanted to do with me next year..if he is home so I said ok. But he will have to push and pull me over all those obstacles. I

27 days pre op

got cut off..so doing another race this Sat so hope it goes well its all up hill. I am going back and both on implants size and might go 550HP since I really liked the look of the hp on the 700 saline so silicone will be little softer and not as much projection. So we will see. My hubby will be home in two weeks which I cant wait. I wish I was doing this sooner for my vacation but gonna have to wait until after. The bikini will have to wait until our trip to Mexico for our anniversary in October..

6 more days to preop!

well after much thought I think I am going to go with 550 HP silicone, I know my 400cc were too smack and not enough upper pole and the saline 700 were too hard( filled beyond max) and too big, so I think that will be a happy medium. I did the rice test and with my body shape I think be good match. Plus I know someone who did mommy makeover and had that size with silicone. I am nervous with the whole " I hope I wake up it is a long surgery and no problems'. But thinking positive for the most part. hubby got home last weekend so that is a relief. All plans are made for kids to go to grandparents house for 10 days. Been trying to workout but my weight is sticking at 145. Its ok I am not going to obsess about it, I know eventually I will get to my happy weight, but even if I didn't my soon to be flat tummy and bigger tatas will make me happy.

7am surgery tomorrow!

I have been trying to keep myself busy with my oldest daughter who came down for the day from college. But now I am home and getting the worry tummy. Ugh I just want the happy medicine now to put me at ease. Well this time tomorrow I should be home with boobies and a flat tummy. Think happy thought for me please I

made it!

well, I am sitting in my recliner trying to deal with this pain.Not too bad but I have been getting up every hour to pee.my boobs I got were 493 mod profile silicone natrelle.PS made a new pocket so they are hard and sitting high. Guess I get to do the massage to soften them up. But very happy. I have a very low scar and small vertical from where the old bb was. So let the healing start and swelling haha

second day

took a quick shower and started feeling bad so got all my gear back on and to the recliner I went.

low scar

feelng good

besides the pain in my back I am down to one Percocet. Took another shower and did the dreaded scale wont happen again for at least a month haha. I am swollen pretty good today but I expect that to last a while. Now I need to be patient and take it easy. My husband is being a great caregiver. He is on block leave until the 8th. The girls will be home from grandparents house on the 5th so be happy to see them. Been sleeping good I can get up on my own so that is a relief to not have to call him every time I need to pee. Still no BM but taking my stool softener daily and eating prunes lots of water with lemon. I hope to eat this healthy when all recovered I would like to lose 15 pounds when all said and done/ Happy healing to everyone and thanks for all the positive remarks :)

post op with dr v tomorrow

feeling swollen and hoping he got that blob I had from previous lipo above belly button out. when I bend over still puffy right above hoping normal at this stage healing. I was hoping he lipo under arms but no. new scar longer under armpit. I don't mind as long as heals good. but he says any issue they fix no charge. lots of time to see how final results are

more pic

saw Dr today

Had my post op today 6 days he was very happy how things turned our considering all the issues I had before. just swelling, swelling and more swelling. I am at the why did I do this point. yuck day just want the next month to go by quick. I am sure once all healed and not feeling like an oversized marshmallow I will be fine but today just sucks for me.blahhh

day by day


I need to get there soon so I don't turn to mush!

2 weeks

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