40 Yr Old Mother of 2, Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift / Reduction - Starting off at 190 Lbs - Golden, CO

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I am a 40 year old mother of 2 children both born...

I am a 40 year old mother of 2 children both born by c-section. I am going to Dr. Vath for a tummy tuck and breast lift/reduction. I am currently at 190 lbs. I have lost 65 lbs over the past year. I am hoping to drop another 10 lbs before my surgery, but will not be upset if I do not get there. I have full confidence and faith in Dr. Vath and feel he would not operate or consider me if I was not right for surgery. I have seen his other results and they are amazing so I am sure that I am in the best of hands.

UGH!! The dreaded "Before" pictures

So it is time for the dreaded "Before" pictures.....so excited to look back on these someday with my "After" body I just can't wait...but have to :)
Well Stats are currently :
5'4 1/2" (Yes I claim the HALF it is mine)
190 lbs
I have worked to drop 65 lbs over this last year in a healthy steady manor to establish new habits and loose weight the right way. I am so ready to take this next step to get rid of this apron and boost me to my next level of amazing me.

Yyyyyyaaayyyyy! I did it! Surgery was today

Had my surgery today & I can't express how amazing Dr. Vath is! Today's experience was so great, minus the pain of course. The surgery center is beautiful, the staff are all genuinely caring and wonderful. Can't express my gratitude and appreciation for everyhing. I couldn't recommend any other surgeon/staff for this procedure more than Dr. Vath and his team.
So far I think the exparel has really saved me from a lot of the pain and very grateful I decided to get it.
So thankful to be on the flat side!
Feeling better than the pain !! :)
I will add more photos later.

Swell Fun

So I am in day three of swell fun!!! If that u a no bad enough I started my period again and still haven't had a bowel movement. Fun fun fun. I keep trying to use all the secrets:
MOM-Milk of magnesia
Smooth move tea
Lots of fruits and water.
I will keep trying though.
I will add more pictures when I don't look all scary swollen.

Oh what a relief it is!!!

Oh last night was full of turmoil, but one thing was for sure I was going to have a bowel movement no matter what! So I did take a second dose of MOM so a total of 8 tbsp for the day and 2 cups of smooth move tea. I ended up pacing the floor last night until the time was right & then i cleared everything out. I feel so much better today! Still only eat small meals though, since being swollen is already hard enough I don't want to eat too much to add to the distention.
Here are some updated pictures of all my swelling.

Amazing what a week can do

It has been a week already! Can't believe how much better I feel. I am still very swollen in my abdomen, but that is expected for the next 3-6 months so I am just used to it now. :)
Love the way my new ta-tas feel and look!!! Got a new compression type smooth bra today that feels amazing.
Well wishing all you the best! Here are some updated pictures

What a difference 2 weeks can make

Okay so I am officially past my 2 weeks post op and feel pretty good. I was thinking I might need to stay away from work for another work, but seems that as long as I take it easy and don't do too much I really am do beautifully!!! I will ad so pictures so you can see how well I am healing. My breasts look pretty amazing, it is the end of the day so I am pretty swollen in my abdomen after a full day of activity. I am still feeling so blessed to have had my surgery with Dr. Vath. Wishing all those out there on RS the best and happy healing.

2 week pictures

My list of recommended things to have for / prior to surgery.

• Exparel – Request for sx
• Neosporin
• Ibuprofen - for after 2nd week
• Toilet riser- I didn't use but many I know really appreciated it
• Shower chair - MY BEST FRIEND
• Cane or walker - didn't use but has helped others
• Laxative/stool softener - MUST
• Vitamins - After 2nd week
• Grabber
• Electric or microwave heating pad - Not on surgical areas but loved it for my back
• Cold Packs- Didn't use but others have
• Thermometer- just in case to make sure there isn't an infection
• Spirometer- Use after surgery
• Pulse oximeter- not necessary, but I had one so I used it

• Towels – All new x 7
• Pillows – Body & Misc
• Wedge Pillow
• PJs/House Robes- open front
• Yoga pants
• Dog Pee Pads for bed
• Poise Underwear
• Lotion
• Face Creams
• Chapstick/lip balm
• Laptop
• Footstool – in/out of bed
• Slip on shoes
• Back scratcher
• Hand mirror
• Mouthwash
• Floss
• Dry shampoo
• Kleenex
• TV/Bed Tray by bed
• Books
• Magazines
• Games / puzzles – Download to phone?
• Audio books
• Good cup with screw on top / straw
• Papertowels - for clean ups
• Trash can near bed
• Air Freshener

• Low Sodium chicken noodle soup - keep salt low
• Apple sauce
• Yogurts
• Popsicles
• Graham crackers
• Fruit high in fiber
• Smoothie stuff
• Water!

Swollen, but wanted to share 1 month update

Okay so it has been a month and 1 day. I am swollen today and about to start my period again, but feel documenting a 1 month picture is important regardless.
I am feeling great mostly back to normal. I do have open wounds at the T sections under my beasts. Common so I am treating and keeping them guazed.
I am walking and light elliptical workouts and meeting with my trainer on the 12th. I want to keep motivated and on my journey of the new me.
So this is the same outfit from my very first pictures.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Couldn't recommend another doctor more than Dr. Vath. He was so professional and compassionate making me feel comfortable about my surgery from beginning until the day of. All of his staff in the office and at the ambulatory surgery center are beyond amazing as well. I would like to thank everyone for everything along every step in this process. I would also like to thank Dr. Vath for my phone call to check on me the night of my surgery. Although I was asleep and missed it there was nothing that made me feel more special as a patient than to listen to your message. So very sweet! Thank you again for everything.

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