38 Year Old Mother of 3, Long Awaited Surgery - Golden, CO

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I have been planning this surgery for more than 8...

I have been planning this surgery for more than 8 years. I've been unhappy with my body since my 3rd child. I just want to feel good about the way I look. My quest to find the right surgeon began 1 year ago. I checked out 3 surgeons, who were all great, yet have significant price differences for the same procedures. This confused and worried me as all 3 were board certified with great credentials and reviews. I decided to go with Dr. Steinwald because of the time he and his staff spent with me, as well as my initial impression of both. I'm extremely nervous and have all these irrational fears as the date closes in. I'm terrified to say the least, yet I've never wanted anything as much as I want this. Does anyone else feel the same? I will post pics as soon as I work up the courage! This site has helped me so much and I would like to help others!

A little more than a week!

I've done my pre op appointment, I have my prescriptions, and now I'm nervously waiting! I'm crazy busy at work so I don't have too much time to worry! I'll be having a tummy tuck and BA with silicone implants,325cc. My sister had her MM about 8 months ago and she went with 250 cc, so I'm a little on the fence about the size. I am about her size and weight but I felt she was too conservative when she chose her size. She even admits that she will most likely have a revision to increase the size. I don't have much breast tissue and as I tried on the sizers I loved the 325s both times without ever knowing the ccs. I tried a range from 200 to 400 and felt the best with that size. I hope I don't regret it! I want to be as discreet as possible and do not want people to see me and automatically assume I have implants.
I am going to post a tummy pic ( I'm horrified) but I know seeing everyone else's pictures has really helped me up to this point! I'm still trying to talk myself into the breast pic! Maybe right before I go in!

Surgery tomorrow!

I am having my mommy makeover tomorrow!!I am so emotional today. I keep going back and forth between excitement and sheer panic. I'm so ready to have this done yet, I also don't know what to expect. I've researched, read, and followed other women's journeys here, however I like to feel prepared and never having had surgery, I keep worrying. I'm also worried about recovery. I really am a control freak and I have no control over anything the next week except my attitude. Please say a prayer for me! I hope to update soon! God bless and best of luck to the ladies who will be in surgery tomorrow!

I was in denial about the pain

Surgey was done nearly 12 hours ago. I haven't had a chance to see my results yet. I've been super emotional since I got home with was approximately 4:30. I'm not going to lie, I was in some serious pain. The Dr.gave me Valium, Oxy, and Norco. In between doses my pain is about an 8. With meds it's about a 4-5. My breasts feel sore but tolerable. It is my tummy that is hurting me the most. I'm in a lot more pain than I anticipated. Glad it's over and I'm ready to rest and recover.

Getting better day by day

Today has been the best day by far in my recovery. The first 2 days were a blur of pain, meds, and some sleep. For whatever reason it was hard to sleep through the pain. I even cried a little here or there when I had to move. Thank goodness for my husband and my sister who is a registered nurse. I felt like swelling peaked the day after and omgoshness the bruises! My pelvic area was extremely swollen and bruised as well all along the incision. I love the results so far but this has been a painful journey. Swell hell is real no matter how sodium free I am and water I drink. My tummy tuck was drainless so not sure if that has to do with the bruising and swelling. I'm still surprised the pain affected me as much as it did, I had all my babies natural and I'm not one to take pain meds. If I could go back I would say get the exparel shot if your ps offers it. Here are some pics I took post op and yesterday!

1 week post op

I had my first post op appointment today. All is well. Still have significant swelling and bruises but I am slowly gaining my energy back! I'm ready to be 100% again yet I know it will be awhile. Got a great pic of the new belly button! I love my results even with all the swelling! Well worth all I've gone through this past week! I know all those done and recovering agree!


I'm 16 days post op and each day my energy and feeling of normalcy rises. The pain is gone yet the discomfort from swelling as well as muscle spasms early morning and late at night continue. Emotionally I am a wreck though. I know this is supposed to happen but I thought by this stage my emotions would stabilize. My first 8-9 days I was so happy and felt so great and glad I went through with this. I even ordered a new bikini from VS and bought a few new outfits for some events coming up late next week. However lately I loath the fact that I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted before( 5'1 122lbs) before. I eat pretty clean and work out 4-6 days a week, but my last month and a half was crazy busy with me leaving my house by 6:00 am and not getting home until after 6:30 pm. I'm happiest at 117 lbs but I felt fine about my weight and bmi, Doc says I should range 112-126, and my PS said as long as I was in the 10-20 lb rage of my goal I should not have a problem. Well my problem is I'm so sad lately about the way I look!(wth?) not with my surgical results, Dr.Steinwald is amazing. But I thought these feeling would be gone after I went through this. I feel flabby and squishy and when I swell I just feel fat! I want to cry all the time. I am also worried about my belly button, which I had checked out Tuesday and they said no infection just keep it covered with bandage & bacitracin. I know I cannot work out like I was before yet but I did start yesterday with a brisk mile 1/2 walk plus some light weights and a few squats with permission. I cannot say I'm having these feelings to anyone especially my husband who said I never needed it to begin with. I just want to feel the way I did when I first had my procedure. Am I crazy or have others felt this way? I am attaching some before/ after pics to try to make myself feel a little better. I felt disgusted after taking the ones this morning!

Worth it!

I've had a pretty easy recovery so I didn't have too much to write about. My biggest problem was really the lack of energy! It really took about 4-5 weeks for me to feel like I had adequate energy to enjoy life as it was before surgery. At my 4 week appointment my surgeon did say I was still swollen and would like me to continue to wear my compression garments all day until September 22nd ( next appt.). I also was told no sprinting only light jogging, no arm weights above 8 lbs, some leg exercises with no weight ( basically lunges and squats), so excercise for me is not the same yet. I also had some stitches in my belly button that were causing some discharge so he removed those. All in all I feel blessed to have had a complication free recovery so far. I'm a little worried because I return to work in a couple of days. I'm so glad I was able to have a nice long recovery time. However my swelling is bothersome, I still get exhausted after a busy day, and it's hard to conceal my compression garments under my clothing, (binder) not to mention going to the restroom in spanx is awful! You ladies who return to work even 2-3 weeks post are my heroes!
I am looking forward to the day I no longer have swelling but I'm still so happy I chose to do this!

Dr. Steinwald was my 3rd consultation in the Denver, Metro area. I was impressed with the office staff as well as his knowledge and professionalism during our consultation. Out of the 3 surgeons, he spent the most time with me discussing my needs and desires as well as his professional opinion.

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