Almost 34, Mama to 4 Kiddos and Ready to Feel Good in my Own Skin Again!! Scheduled for March with Dr Vath! - Golden, CO

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I am scheduled for a mommy make over with Dr Vath...

I am scheduled for a mommy make over with Dr Vath in Golden, CO on March 18, 2016. I am so glad to have found this site, I have been pouring over all of the reviews of forum posts for a few months now but am finally ready to be an active part of it myself. I had my consult with Dr Vath early December and left his office feeling beyond excited for the possibilities. I've met with two other dr's and was never even remotely tempted to stray away from my first choice, I am incredibly confident in Dr Vath's skills and have enjoyed all of my interactions with his staff thus far.

A bit about me. I will turn 34 the first week of March, I became a mom at the tender age of 19 and with the blessing of youth I bounced right back to my pre baby self within weeks of giving birth. I had always been naturally thin, I am about 5'7" and only weighed in at 127lbs the day I went into labor with my oldest! I went back down to a size 0 after him and my small (a cup) breasts grew about one size when I breastfed him but went back down to a small A once he weaned. Fast forward 6 years and my husband and I decided to have a child together. I was still only about 105lbs when I got pregnant with our second but my tatas blew up with that child. I LOVED the way that I looked when I was pregnant with him; I filled out a bit and with the new boobs I felt womanly and beautiful for the first time in my life. I was very happy with the way I looked post birth with #2, I was around 110 but with a C cup. Then 6 months later BAM, we found ourselves pregnant with #3. My body changed a lot more with that pregnancy (girls, they say they steal your beauty, I kinda believe it lol), I ended up about 128lbs after that birth and my left breast seemed to just FALL. It was always my larger breast but now it was bigger AND saggier. :( When my daughter was 17mo we found out that we were pregnant with #4 and this was the pregnancy that really killed it for me. I was fortunate enough to not really get any stretch marks with any of my pregnancies but the number that kid #4 did on my stomach was much more severe. I ended up around 135lbs after that baby and had lower ab skin that didn't want to tone up all the way. When our youngest was around 1 year old I got into kettle bells (I had never been active before in my life!) and got into really good shape, I loved the way I looked in clothes but my stomach just didn't look or feel taught enough for me to feel comfortable in a bikini no matter how hard I worked. I ended up having two back to back 12 week miscarriages in 2013 that put me off of working out and sent me into a deep depression which caused me to deal with intense panic attacks for about a year before I finally broke down and went on medication to help ease the anxiety. Within months of going on the meds I gained 20lbs. I was touching 150 when I finally went off of them and decided I wasn't much happier feeling that way either. Those 20lbs changed the entire make up of my body, I now had cellulite where I'd never had any before and the bulk of the gain was around my middle. My breast asymmetry was starting to bother me too and after 6 months of just lamenting about my body I finally went back to kettle bells and decided to pursue a mommy make over. Hubby was snipped at this point and we were past the baby making years, I decided it was time for ME!

Dang, did your read that whole novel? HA!

When I was younger (my early 20's) I really wanted an augmentation for my small breasts but now that I've had and breastfed 4 children there is so much more that needs to be fixed in the chest area. ;) Dr Vath suggested a lift on my left side to address the asymmetry along with different sized implants and different projections in the breasts. I am looking for a very natural breast, not too big at all but something to fill me back out and have the girls point in the same direction. I chose a 275cc moderate profile for my left breast and Dr Vath suggested a high profile in the right and asked me to trust him to fill the implant to match the other during surgery. I do trust him to make them look as close as possible but the more I look at breast pictures the more I wonder if I am going too small? I do remember trying on the next size up in the office and thinking they looked too wide on me, Dr Vath came in and agreed the smaller looked better on my frame. Carrie, his patient consultant, is sending me some implants in the mail to try on before I make my final decision as I am a 6 hour drive away and won;t be able to get back up to his office before my surgery. I am also on the fence about lipo in my hip area, I need to decide by my (phone) pre-op on March 9th!

I am currently going back and forth about every two hours on my tummy tuck. A couple of days ago it was so bad that I thought my husband might leave me from all the back and forth and tears. lol I am terrified of the surgery and the post op, I am afraid of the way it will slow me down for so long and of the possible complications. I worry how it will affect my ability to do things like hike and be active with my children in the months to follow. I worry that is in incredibly vain and silly of me to consider. I almost talk myself out of the surgery and then I catch a glimpse of my tummy when I am sitting or something and get right back on board. I am sure I will be on this emotional rollercoaster up until the day of the surgery and then a different emotional rollercoaster after as I heal but I am hoping to find some solace and encouragement here on this site!

Other details of my surgery I guess that may be pertinent: I rented a house in Golden for 8 days after the surgery, my husband and oldest son will be in Golden for my surgery and to take care of me the first 3 days. My mom will relieve them on day #4 and stay with me until the one week mark. I am hoping I am up to the 6 hour drive with all four kids (hubby will be driving but you know how co-piolting is!) on day 8 and that I can survive the next week which just happens to be SPRING BREAK. I am hoping to enroll the younger kids in a spring break day camp to keep them out of the house and allow hubby to work and focus on taking care of ME. ;) In the next 10 weeks I hope to continue with my kettle bell routine and loose the last 5lbs or so that I gained from the medication, I notice that the working out helps curb my anxiety a TON and it helps knowing that once I have the surgery I will finally be able to appreciate the rest of the progress I'm making with working out instead of being frustrated with the things I cannot change!

That's it for now! I am uploading some before pics and wish pics. I would appreciate any feedback on sizes and lipo and all the encouragement on the tuck you have to offer!

Exparel or nah? Also another belly shot and wish pics.

I forgot to ask about Exparel in my first novel. ;) Anyone use it for their tummy tuck? The dr offered it but didn't push it, I'm hoping it will help with the pain med consumption some but wondering how well it really works.
I have never had surgery outside of the D&C's for my miscarriages and so I'm really questioning my ability to deal with the pain after. I had my kiddos all natural at home but I feel like that's totally different.

Adding more pics below to show what it really is about my belly that bugs me the most and updating some more boobie wish pics. Some of you may recognize yourselves in those. ;)

What can I do during the loooooooong wait?

Man, 8 weeks seems SO far out ladies! I think I might drive myself completely insane with all the review stalking and dreaming of the post op experience. I started a new weight loss challenge with my gym today, it's 4 weeks long so I am hoping to see some decent changes in my body before March 18th (trying to avoid that hip lipo! Keep the funds in the post surgery clothes shopping account haha). I found myself looking at bikinis online last night wondering what I am going to look like in one this summer or if I am really going to feel confident enough to wear one. Wondering if my scar will really be hidden beneath those teeny bottoms. I want to shop now but that's just plain silly, I know. Is there anything I can be doing in the mean time to start prepping? I know it will fly by really because the kids keep me busy but right now it seems like eons away. :(

Snowboarding accident and anxiety. :/

Hubby and I got a 36 hour getaway for his birthday this week and we decided to go snowboarding for the very first time. Let's just say it didn't go well for me. I'm laid up with a concussion and what feels like whiplash. Boo. The night we had away brought with it a major panic attack too. I was up all night worrying about everything but thinking a lot about the surgery. My head hurt so badly yesterday it made me wonder if I could really deal with the post op pain after all. Hubby reminded me that I will have all kinds of good drugs to get me through, I guess that will help. My period was also 6 days early this week which throws things off for my next two cycles. My anxiety is worse when I'm PMSIng so I tried to schedule my surgery for right after my cycle to avoid that but now it's perhaps going to fall right in the height of anxiety time cycle wise. Who knows. Damn Mother Nature.
I lost two pounds so far on the weight loss challenge im doing with my kettlebells gym but I'm worried the head injury might affect my working out this coming week. :(
Feeling kinda bummed out and worried today. I'm going to go look at before and after pics to help motivate me.

Just twiddling my thumbs over here

I am past my woe is me phase of last weekend and looking forward to the transformation again. My surgery still seems so far out! Carrie from Dr Vath's office is sending me some breast implants to try on at home to make my final implant size decision, I cannot wait for them to get here. I think I am looking and reading too much and it's been so long since my consult that I forget how much I liked the initial size I wanted (275cc). Once those bad boys arrive I will have to share some pics and get some opinions!
I am working hard at my weight loss challenge through my gym. I am only 2lbs from my first weight loss goal! I think I will be able to surpass it by the time of my surgery. There are moments that I wonder if I will get small enough and feel good enough with my progress that I will decide I won't need the TT but then I sit down or bend over and that skin flaps and I am back to being excited for that to be gone. I do worry about how long it will be before I can truly go back to kettle bells after my surgery, I may have to find something a little less strenuous to start with when I am able to start working out again. It just works so well for my body and makes me so happy!
I am starting to tell a few local friends about my surgery, I figure most people will be able to tell anyway and I may as well be able to talk about it. So far everyone is so supportive, I feel so lucky to have friends who are so open minded and laid back.

They're here they're here!!!! Pics of implants!

The implants came today and I've been playing around with them all afternoon. I'm uploading the best pics I can get taking selfies with my phone for now. I originally liked the 275cc for the left with a larger on the right (a 300-350cc in a different profile which Dr Vath will fill to match my left breast during surgery) but got my mind all confused looking and listening to too many other opinions. Whoops! Carrie sent 275cc's, 300-350cc's naturelle and mentor and 375-400cc's in naturlle and mentor for me to try on and decide. I just stuck them in my unpadded sports bra and put on a fitted tshirt for the pics. I'm going to wear them when hubby comes home and see if he notices. Hahahaha
I'd love some input even though I think I already know my decision. ;)

More pics and nearing a decision. I think.

Ok I tried the implants on with a different shirt so maybe these pics will be a little easier to tell what's what. Also uploading some more wish pics to give an idea of the look im hoping for. I am really loving the smaller size, I just worry that I will looks some of the size when they are actually in my body.

We have some really heavy stuff going on over here with my oldest son who suffers from severe mental health issues. Thinks are so hectic that I talked to my husband last night about whether or not I should reschedule my surgery. He didn't think so and to be honest thinking on the implant size decision is a welcome distraction for me. My date is still 6 weeks out so I guess we never know how things might be with him at that point, he swings pretty wildly from one side of the spectrum to the other. If I tried to schedule life around his moods I'd be sitting around doing nothing all the time so we'll just keep on keeping on I suppose.

Whoops, pics

Doesn't look like the pics showed up in my last post.

5 weeks out!

Still seems so far away but it's slowly creeping closer. I've decided for sure on implant size (went with the smaller ones) and let them know I decided on the Exparel for sure too. I'm going to the store tomorrow to start some Floradix to treat what I'm pretty sure is low iron. :/ I keep reading that's a big surgery no no, I've run anemic my whole life though.
I need to start thinking about supplies but don't even know where to start!!!

Good news though, I've reached my weight loss goal with two weeks left in my challenge. Woohoo! I think I can still loose a few more before surgery but I'm actually switching my focus to building muscle instead of shedding pounds now.

Hope everyone else is healing well or getting excited for their upcoming surgeries!

Less than three weeks away ohhhhhhhhhweeeeeeee!!

Damn it's coming on fast now and I had my first surgery dream last night, feels legit now. lol

In my dream it was a pre op appt with Dr Vath but he was a young women who was wearing a bikini top and I kept asking her to make my tatas look like hers. lol They were making marks all over me and I started having a huge panic attack. EEEEK! It's getting so real and I am starting to get nervous and have doubts again.

My pre op isn't until the 9th but I decided I need to talk to Dr Vath again before then because I just have so many questions about the actual surgery. I'm still trying to decide if I would like the lipo on my hip area. For some reason I am really scared of the lipo and was hoping to avoid it. I finished my challenge with my gym and I only lost 5lbs but that put me right at my goal for pre surgery. I lost 1" around my hips but I still feel like I have spill over in my jeans and I would hate to get the tuck and breasts done and still not feel cute in jeans and a fitted shirt you know? I want his opinion on it and I want to know if they tuck in the sides of the waist at all. I see so many women who's waists look so much more indented/tiny and they didn't have lipo so I am hoping that's my case too. I don't really have much of an hourglass figure, I'd like more of that shape. I am proud of myself though, I have lost almost 20lbs since August! The more weight I loose the more I realize I really want the tuck though (even though everyone around me keeps saying I don't need it). NO matter how hard I work my pretty flat tummy isn't coming all the way back, I am so excited for that sag to be gone. I keep asking my husband if he thinks it will be weird to touch a body that doesn't feel like mine and he just laughs and tells me it's still going to be mine.

My birthday is this Thursday and I have to stop taking all of my supplements the day after. Hoping my mind stays right without my herbs for anxiety and mood, I am still really worried about all that but I guess I will just take it one day at a time. Hubby has to work in AZ the week before my surgery so we decided to take a little family trip out there since it's going to be a minute until I can travel again for fun. Spring break is right after my surgery and I am feeling a little guilty that it's going to suck for the kids because I am going to be down recovering. :/

BTW something I've been thinking of: if my surgery is in March am I going to be bikini ready scar wise by summer? Or would it be best to get a sexy one piece? I guess I worry more about the belly button scar and how it will be healed...

Two weeks away, countdown mode in full effect!

I am getting so excited watching all of the March mamas get so close to their surgery dates! I cannot believe I have been waiting for months and now it's only two weeks away! Yesterday was my birthday and my mom is out here visiting so this weekend is going to be a whirl. Tuesday we leave for AZ and will be gone through next weekend and then I only have 4 days until we leave for Denver!!! EEEEEK I am starting to feel like I'm not going to get everything done in time!

I just ordered a wedge for post op sleeping, I hope I like it! I'm also bringing two body pillows and extra regular pillows. I ordered hibicleanse too to use for bathing the week of surgery. I've already got arnica on hand and need to grab some other homeopathics (if the nurse okays it) for post op. I went to Target today looking for post op pajamas and clothing but left without anything because I was so overwhelmed. lol How long before I can start wearing shirts that need to be pulled over the head? Like nice loose fitting things. I know right off I am going to need button up (I found some really soft comfy pajama sets that were stretchy and had button up shirts but they didn't have ANY in my size!) but when will I be able to throw on a night shirt? Also a lot of the stuff they have out is shorts sets and I tend to run cold so I was hoping to find warmer stuff. I have plenty of work out gear, leggings and stuff but will i really need another size up? I have no idea what I need and ahhhhh it's so CLOSE!

I need to start making foods too. I am drinking bone broth daily and want to make some simple soups for post op. I also plan on putting baggies together or smoothie stuff so my caretakers can just throw it in the blender for me. All of those greens and flax meal will hopefully help me GO with all the narcotics clogging me up. I'm taking Floradix for iron too but had to stop all of my other supplements as of today. I am hoping I can sleep or that Tylenol PM works for me (it was on the approved list for continued use) because I have raging insomnia and usually take stuff for that nightly. I also got approval to keep using my nasal spray THANK GOODNESS because allergy season is upon us and it's a ROUGH one here this year. I am actually worried about the sneezing post op and wondering if I was crazy to schedule surgery in the Spring. :/

How is everyone else doing? Any suggestions on stuff I am missing? I talk to Dr Vath at 9:45 for another phone consult and hoping to solidify implant sizes and decide on the hip lipo FINALLY. My pre op with the nurse is the next day and then it will all be totally REAL! I feel so excited but kind of unprepared too. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Hip lipo it is!

I had my phone call with Dr Vath this morning to help me decide on the hip lipo finally. He wouldn't tell me I should or should not get it (haha was hoping he's just decide for me) but learning that there wouldn't be any extra scars or drains (they do it through the tummy tuck incision) helped make my decision. He basically said to me that I had to really stop and think about how much it bothers me, that the final result wouldn't be dramatic but it could be just enough to make me happy with that area. I've lost 20lbs since the end of last summer and 10lbs since my initial consult back in December and still when I put my jeans on there is that pesky muffin top. I want to feel hot in fitted jeans and fitted top post op so I'm doing it! It's not so bad in stetchy bottoms but it's noticeable in jeans.
I also for sure for sure am doing the smaller implants, 275 in the left and whatever he decides on for the right to match. He talked to me about it again and told me I won't loose the volume once it's in and he thinks for my frame and goals that's the right choice.
I'll be talking to Carrie in a bit to set up payment and tomorrow is my pre op with the nurse! Almost there!!

Preop done, payment sent, signed the implant card and feeling bipolar as hell!

Oh my ladies, the crazy train is off the rails! I am one week out today and also expecting my period on Monday so between normal nerves and accelerated anxiety mixed with PMS I'm feeling a bit certifiable.
My pre op with the nurse was wednesday and went well. They decided to give me Percocet instead of Vicodin because I've had bad reactions to Vicodin in the past. I am nervous about all the medications ans hope that I respond ok to the Percocet. I just can't wrap my head around how laid back Dr Vath and his staff are about the recovery. I know they do it all day everyday but every time I talk to them I'm convinced for a minute that it's not going to be too bad. And then I come on here and see women talking about walkers and crazy stuff and freak out again. Lol I also confirmed that I'll be getting Mentor round textured implants, that's what Dr Vath suggested and I'm trusting him. I'm probably more excited about my new tatas than tummy at this exact moment!
My surgery time is not the first of the day but it's the second (8am) so I'm good with that. The day before is going to be reall stressful, we found out last week that we have a mandatory meeting we need to attend where we live regarding our oldest son who has been hospitalized for the past 5 weeks at 10am the morning before my surgery. I need to be in Denver (a 6 hour drive with no traffic) for a 3:30 appointment. There was a moment that I was almost certain that I would not be able to figure out how to make it all work but the plan is now I will be attending the 10am meeting with my husband and then jumping on a plane and making it to Denver just in time for my appt. Hubs will deal with the probable discharge of our son and then they will both drive up to meet me that night. I mostly feel bad for my husband who is going to be exhausted I'm sure. I'm going to have a Valium to assist me with reaching chill so I'll be fine. Haha

I had a moment last night where I was really questioning my decision to do any of this. I've worked hard to loose the 20lbs I gained last year and being in AZ in the warm weather fitting back into summer clothes I couldn't even get up last summer has made me feel good about my body and my progress. I know Dr Vath is amazing and I am going to love my results in the long run but I did have a moment where I was like "I don't look too bad, I look pretty damn good in clothes. Is this really neccesary?!" My husband talked me down and helped me process it all and this morning im feeling less nervous and more excited. I'm just really ready to be past the obsessive thoughts about it and start my road to recovery. :)

Am I Making a Huge Mistake??

I'm really really questioning my decision on the tummy tuck all of a sudden. We just got back from vacation where I felt good enough to wear a bikini for two days at the pool. Looking around I realized my body wasn't perfect but it looked pretty damn good for being a mom to 4 in her mid 30's! I'm worried about the vertical scar which I've already been told I WILL have. I've already paid in full so I guess this is all a moot point but it just feels so extreme all of a sudden. Im super gung ho for the new boobs but I'm really wondering if I've made a huge mistake regarding my tummy. Granted this pic is of me laying down and it looks different standing but looking at this pic I feel pretty good about myself! I made the decision on a full tuck before I was back down to my goal/normal weight and now that I'm there I'm really questioning myself. Hubby asked if maybe I would be a candidate for a mini tuck, is it too late to ask the dr? :/

Another view

I'm probably driving you all nuts (i'm driving myself completely crazy) but this is a pic of me this morning standing and bending forward a bit. This is the concern that lead me to pursuing a tummy tuck. I have a call into my dr (he's in surgery today) to see if I'd be a candidate for a mini. There is all kinds of mayhem at our house surrounding our son and it's still unclear if he's coming home Thursday or not which is adding a whole other layer of confusion and stress. It feels like all these carefully laid plans are totally falling apart and I'm kind of starting to freak out. :/

Carrie is an angel!

Seriously I wish I could have reached through the phone today and hugged her. I wonder if they get crisis training as part of the job? Haha She called me back today and I told her my current situation and worries and she started off my saying "This is totally normal, you are at the point where you are questioning everything." Just knowing there is at least some amount of explanation for my crazy made me feel better. She said that Dr Vath very very rarely does mini tucks because the money and time involved are not usually worth the minimal results. She's collecting some pictures of his previous patients who have the vertical scar to send me so I can see how small it is and how nicely it fades. I like that Dr Vath and his staff always turn it back to me making my own, informed decision and reminding me to stop and think on why I wanted to pursue this surgery in the first place. I know it's my choice in the end and I have the right to change my mind even the day of so I'm going to breath and not stress on it anymore today. Phew! This emotional roller coaster is no joke!

As a side note my period was due today and of course it hasn't started yet. It would be just like Mother Nature to have me start the day of my surgery just to be a b*tch. Grrrr.

Prepping! And sharing a recipe to encourage pooping! haha

Ok now that I'm over my mini breakdown I am back on track with prepping! This week has been crazy stressful and today and yesterday unexpected things came up that kept me from finishing my long list of TO DO items. BUT I did get a few things knocked off today!

My wedge arrived just now, I plan on trying to sleep with it tonight, wish me luck. I usually sleep on my side in a fetal position so this propped up on my back thing is going to suck for sure. I got a couple other pillows to bring in addition to my body pillow so hopefully I can get myself into a suitable sleep position post op.

I had a rough time finding long pant/button up top PJ sets at Target in my size a couple weeks ago so I braved Walmart today in search of some. I literally found ONE thing that would work that was my size. What gives? It's super soft and super ugly but it's a pink robe that zips up front. I am seriously thinking about leaving in that and panties and my pull on boots post op. Is that terrible? lol I tried on a ton of non underwire front closure bras but it's hard to shop when I don't know what size i will be after the BA. I ended up with two really comfy things, maybe one of them will work. The nurse said I need to wear the surgical bra for two weeks but that I didn't have to wear the one they gave me. I might end up ordering something after surgery I guess. I went to TJ Maxx after that and scored big in the pajama department and also got myself some more soft work out leggings. It was hard not to want to buy cute slinky things that I know will look hot after surgery, I got three sets of pajamas that are super soft and easy to get on and off and that will stretch easily to fit over binders and swelling and what not.

I picked up some stool softeners just in case but I am hoping to treat any constipation issues (should they arise) naturally. Another mama on here suggested aloe and I forgot I've used that in the past so I grabbed some aloe juice from the natural grocers. I also bought a case of coconut water for post surgery hydration. I got a NutriBullet a few weeks ago for smoothies, I'm looking up some anti constipation smoothie recipes, if anyone has any thing to suggest let me know! I also got the stuff to make a big batch of "peanut butter balls." This was something that was shared on another parenting forum I was on back in the day as an easy snack for after labor but I find that it helps with pooping. lol The recipe is below in case anyone is interested in it. They are easy to make, yummy to eat and you can change things up a little to suit your tastes (I've used different nut butters in the past in place of peanut butter. The flax and oatmeal help with pooping though so keep that!).

My husband is going to do a bunch of food prep before he takes off on Monday and leaves me with my mom (who doesn't really cook). I'm going to do my best to keep to my pre surgery calorie intake goals which has helped me loose weight. I am going to be eating at a "maintenance" level until I can start moving again! On the menu will be lots of bone broths (easy to get down and so good for you!), chicken and brown rice with green veggies, some whole milk grassfed yogurts, my favorite gluten free granola (I eat a strict gluten free diet) with almond milk, smoothies and whatever else he cooks up. I plan on tossing flax meal in most if not all of my smoothies too to help keep things moving along. I've not thought this much about popping since my kids were little! lol

I really feel like I'm not super prepared supply wise because everyone else seems to have these massive lists. I did ask Carrie yesterday if she could get with the nurse and get me a list of things I needed for post op so I could have them on hand before we arrive. It's going to be weird staying in a house that isn't actually my home the first week, I won't have all the usual back up supplies and hubby is already hesitant to leave me alone so not sure there will be a lot of chances for store runs. The rental house has Apple TV though so I have a few things queued up to binge watch when I'm up to it and I have a stack of books to bring too. Hoping I feel well enough to get out a teeny bit too, some mamas are up and about so quickly and others seem to be bed ridden for awhile so I'm not sure what it will be like for me, that hardest part is not knowing!!!

Anyway that's it here! Trying to get my house in order and the fridge stocked and everything set up to make it easier for my MIL to deal with the three younger kids while we are gone this weekend. Still not sure if my oldest son will be coming home Thursday or not so that's an added uncertainty, I am prepping his room for his return and packing him a bag just in case he ends up coming with us! I swear my husband is going earning a sainthood with all of this, it's going to be a LOT for him but he's not complaining at all and I am so grateful.

Hope everyone is recovery well or getting excited for upcoming surgeries! Here is the peanut butter ball recipe in case anyone wants to try them.

o-Bake Peanut Butter Nuggets
1 c peanut butter (or other nut butter)
1/2 c non-fat dry milk powder ( I don't use this, I replace it with a little ground almonds or more flax meal)
1 c rolled oats
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 c flax meal
1/2 c honey
Add raisin/chocolate chips...if desired (I use mini chocolate chips)
Shape into balls and refrigerate (or freeze if you can't wait)

What a day!! Finally in Denver!

Whoaaaaa nelly I've had a day! We had a hearing for our son's hospital stay this morning and we thought he would be released but they approved three more weeks for him while we try to find a residential treatment center for him. I went straight from that meeting to the airport and my flight to Denver was delayed by an hour! By time we landed it was only 20 minutes before my pre op appt time and I wasn't even to the terminal yet. I got my rental car, hit traffic and snow but made it in the nick of time for the pushed time they gave me. I was so flustered while there, I signed a million papers and took my pics and shook hands with Dr Vath. My husband is driving up now and should be here soon. I got all my prescriptions filled (thankful for insurance, it was only $20 for all four of them!) and am settling into the rental house. It's perfect for my recovery. Nice and small so not too much distance to the bathroom. Lol
I am insanely nervous and my nerves are fairly shot after this crazy week. My late period finally showed up and I wish I could take a Motrin for the terrible cramps but I guess after tomorrow I'll be loopy enough from the heavy meds that I won't be feeling silly cramps.
Oh! Yesterday I realized I won't be home until the day before Easter and so I ran around town and got everuthing for the kids Easter baskets all ready! Those are good to go, you know daddy would have forgotten! I am as ready for this as I will ever be. Looking forward to starting my recovery and moving past the pre surgery nerves! Say a little prayer for me tomorrow, I go under the knife at 8:30am!

Heading in

Well it's TODAY!! I'm up,showered, make up less (yikes!) and patch it on. Heading to the surgery center now, I cannot beleive the day is finally here!! Feeling pretty ready and so grateful for friends and family praying for me and a husband who is ready to take care of me! Grateful for this site and reading through so many recent positive experiences with these surgeries and for all the support and encouragement I've found here. Very thankful for a fantastic surgeon and staff (by the way the Golden office is beautiful!)!!!! See you on the other side ladies!

Home (or at my temp home)

I made it through! The entire staff was absolutely amazing, I especially loved Angelcinia (I probably butchered her name) who was one of my nurses before surgery, she was just sweet and the cutest thing ever. Dr Vath is so cool and down to earth, he got me excited when he came in ans started doing markings. I'm home and have rested a bit, finally peed for fhe fiest fine. I swear I would be able to walk pretty close to standing straight and on my own if it weren't for the meds making me unsteady. I feel sore, especially my right breasts which has a larger implant. I haven't peeked at anything yet but hubby said my breasts looked awesome when he saw them before I came to. Can't wait to see for myself!! Off to rest some more!!! Thanka for all the love and support.

Peeked at my boobs and found out what size he used

So I had decided in the 275 on my left side which is my bigger breast that needed the lift. De Vath decided on the right side during surgery, apparently he went with a 400! Crazy difference! The most pain I'm feeling is my right boob so I guess that makes sense. I'm only dozing an hour where and an hour there so far. I peeked down the top of my shirt for the first time just now and I have beautiful cleavage!!! Yay!

Day one and ouuuuch!

I way underestimated the boob soreness. So much pressure! Staggering the meds help a lot. I have to pee every hour but can't get it all out which is frustrating. Hubs is making me walk laps around the house and I opened up the front door for some fresh cool air. Hip lipo areas are starting to become tender. No urge to poop yet but I do feel gassy which isn't very comfortable. I'm actually still too freaked out to take off the bra or binder to peak at everything but I did just lift my binder to get a small glance at my incision. It appears to be pretty low and my vertical scar isn't too bad either.
My mom comes tomorrow and I'm really anxious about my husband leaving. He is basically lifting me out of bed, no way my mom will be able to do that. Praying that tomorrow and monday are much better!!

One more pic! Bare breasted and I LOVE them!

Still don't want to take the binder off but finally undid my bra and looked at the ladies. I love them!!!!!! OMG! They felt so giant but I think they are actually really nice proportion to my frame. Yay!!!!!!

Whoops pic

A blur

I've slept more than not today, the whole day has been a bit of a blur. I'm able to get in and out of bed on my own and up ans down on the toilet. No BM yet but I don't feel constipated either. Just had my first real (non snacky) meal and brown rice, chicken and green onions. I didn't eat a ton but knew it would be good to get actual food in me. Lipo bruising has set in but is tolerable for sure. It's my right breast still giving me issues but lessening a little. When will my boobs feel less hard? I have textured and someone said they don't drop much. Is that true?
At this given moment I'm not sure how im going to be feeling up to the6+ hour drive home Saturday. Wish we could stay longer.:( I still haven't seen my belly button but looked at the other tummy scars, they look good so far. Anyway thTs it for today. Hoping for a shower tomorrow so I can get a better look at everything and snap some pics. :)

Day four and the first real look at my tummy!

Had a good night last night, didn't need Percocet at all, did have to take a zofran and half a valium in the early part of the night. I got myself up and to the bathroom alone and was fine. Hoping the groggy goes away some today. Got a pic of my belly, scar def is a little higher than I'd hoped but Dr Vath did his best to make it low AND still allow me to straighten out. Here's the first pic. Can't wait to peep my belly button!

A shower! HORRAY.

After going all day drug free last night I ended up needing a Percocet AND Valium in the middle of the night. The Exparel must have worn off because my stomach felt like it was on fire for a minute. Not sore really just literally burning everywhere. I hate how groggy the meds make me, I talk but with my eyes closed and can't keep track of the days. My husband and kids were supposed to come back to Denver today but there is a blizzard and they decided to wait it out and hope traveling is easier tomorrow. I miss the kids but am thankful for another day of quiet.i do so wish my husband was here though, my mom has been taking great care of me for sure but I miss my man.
Appetite is coming back a bit which is nice. Had my first BM yesterday after taking an AloeLax. All was well with that and got rid if the terrible gas pain I'd been having. Boobs still hurt but lessening some. Reading that texrured implants don't drop and fluff like others so wondering how mine will change?
Got my first shower and washed my greasy hair, uses a step stool to sit on in the shower. That hot water felt so good on my sore back! Mom blow dried my hair while I dozed, who knew showering was so much work?! She snapped some pics and I'm happy to say that at least in these underwear my vertical scar is hidden. I'm swollen above my pubic bone right. Ke too. Wondering if folks can tell that my boobs are two different sizes? I don't think I will be able to hide the breast job at all like I previously thought. Whoops.

Pics didn't load??

8 days PO and some updates

I had a whole thing typed up and then RS ate it so boo! I had my post op Thursday and it was pretty uneventful. It felt like it should be more involved since I just had major surgery but really there wasn't much to do much take the tape off my belly button and peek at incisions. I think my belly button looks so strange, just so small and new but hubby thinks it's going to look awesome. I've been off all the pain meds since maybe day 6 but the nurse told me to take at least the VALIUM at night to help relax my muscle to sleep so I've been doing that. It doesn't make me loopy like the Percocet. I am not really in much pain at all, just discomfort and so tired so easy. We had an 8 hour drive home today and it made me just exhausted.
I'm not sleeping on my wedge anymore which helps and feels good. I can sleep partially on my side but it does bother the tatas after a bit. In the middle of the night I wake up with lots of muscle pain on that right breast (bigger implant) and an intense pain in my groin. I think its a lymph node. It only bugs me at night, so weird. Emotional wise I've done great so far which is nice. I was so worried about that but I've been taken such great care of I'm really feeling so pampered really.
Adding a couple recent pics. Swelling isn't crazy bad but I feel like my public mound has it the worst. I think I am going to love my results. Curious to see how my breasts change since they are texrured and the nurse said they don't drop or fluff much. They look a little different shaped to me currently but I'm sure that's swelling. Going Wednesday to find some new, more comfortable bras.
Oh! Nurse also tightened the heck out of my binder at my post op, felt so much better and helped my back pain too!!!!

Spoke too soon (but got over it real quick)

Last night was probably the best night I had pain or comfort wise but I had a strange reaction to the Valium (maybe just also over tired from a long day of travel?) so I woke up an emotional mess. Husband got me fed and calmed down after a good cry and then I decided to pamper myself a bit. Took a chair and foot stool into the shower, washed and deep conditioned my hair, did a facial mask, used a sugar scrub on my legs and arms. Ahhhh. I got out and felt so refreshed and decided to try on my bikini. Wow! I absolutely love my results just 9 days out and cannot believe I was so unconvinced over the full tuck!
I'm not in any real pain any more, just some discomfort with muscle tightness and back aches at the end of the day. I'm tired and that was what I was so emotional about this morning, now that I'm home it's hard to not be back to myself and participating in all of the things around the house. But for being just over a week out of such major surgery im happy with how well I'm progressing and healing. I'm curious to see my tummy incision when I take the tape off this Friday, it's a little tender but I assume that's normal.
Btw I stretched and stood full height this morning upon waking and at one point I sneezed and didnt feel like my stomach was ripping apart. Lol baby steps! Tomorrow we are going for a short walk at a local park, I'm ready to get out and moving more!

A little over two weeks past surgery

I was two weeks post op on Friday and it really does seem, for the most part, that each day you get a little bit better. I'm driving now (although turning the wheel feels so weird with my new boobs) and out and about a lot more (although im trying to balance it with equals amounts rest). I am not insanely swollen but there is some swelling, mostly right above and right below the TT incision. I wasn't really prepared for the upper vaginal swelling but was assured by other MM patients that it's normal and luckily it's already going down. I've taken the tape off all my incisions and had a look at those. I won't lie, the first night I took the tape off the middle of my TT and the vertical incision I had a total freak out. I guess in my mind it would be all healed already, no idea why I thought that but it was creepy to see some small open areas still. I'm using hibiscleanse to keep it clean and Manuka honey to heal it up. So far that's working well. I can't say I'm in any real pain, just some discomfort really. The bras sit on my under boob incision spot and that bugs me a lot. The tightness in the tummy is the biggest annoyance but when my pec muscles flex that's a really weird sensation too. Im standing mostly straight for most of the day, I'm using my ab muscles (with assistance, I keep a folding step stool next to the bed to help pull myself up) some. Hubby and I have resumed our sex life albeit a little slower than usual. I'm sleeping in the bed flat on my back or some on my sides although I find sleeping on my sides bugs my boobs some. I've resumed my supplements and herbs which I am happy about because I've added Chloroxygen to my daily intake and it's helping a ton with how short of breath is taxed I was feeling when I got up and moving more.
What else? I am really happy with my results so far and surprised at how fairly simple the recovery process has been. For me the pain was manageable with the pain meds those first few days (and the Exparel was priceless, totally the way to go!!) when it was at the height and ever since its been totally manageable without the meds. I love my new shape and can't wait for the last of the swelling to go away and to be rid of the binder because it makes me look a little bulky in clothes. My breasts are beautiful, a little smaller looking in clothes than I imagined but perfect naked for what my goals were. I don't feel like to anyone else on a day to day basis it's totally obvious that I had work done which was exactly what I'd hoped for. The surgery def just augmented my own natural shape and the work I've put into it and anymore work (like workout wise, I'm not planning anymore surgical work) I put in from here on out will just augment the surgery that much more. I'm looking forward to continued healing and closed wounds so I can take a leisurely bath for sure!!!
Oh! One last thing, I'm glad I did the hip lipo after all, the difference is subtle but i can already tell a difference in the way my pants fit even with the binder. I do have a couple small marble like bumps on my back hip area that I'm massaging ans hoping will go away soon. They don't hurt but are tender when touched. I've also lost a few more pounds, I'm down to 124lbs now. Eating super clean and staying really hydrated and hoping to stay pretty steady around this weight. Resuming light cardio this week, we'll see how it goes!!!

Four weeks post op (already?!)

Today I am four weeks post op. I'm feeling a little frustrated and trying to stay positive but it's been a rough week healing wise.

First the good news:
-my wounds have finally closed all the way about halfway through this past week.
-I took my first post op bath today! Epsom salt soak and it felt amazing
-I'm really happy with the way my incisions are healing finally.
-hubby pointed out that I appear to be walking normal the majority of the time
- I've managed to maintain my weight so far
-my left breast feels almost like my normal boob now. The right has softened immensely but is still a little higher and tighter than the other
-my lipo lumps have softened and no longer feel tender
-I went shopping earlier this week and bought some new jeans (im two sizes down from pre op!) and some new tops. I love the way my tatas look in simple v neck tshirts!
- I did NOT loose feeling in my nipples. This is good news.

Now the bad or annoying:
-I tried my first work out MONDAY. I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike. I felt fine while doing it but was super swollen and abs were tender the next day. :(
-I am in absolute swell hell. I'm so bloated and swollen that my stomach is sticking out further than my boobs today.
-my breasts look quite small from the side in fitted tops. Maybe this will improve over time.
-my period is a week late and my face looks like I'm a teenager it's so broke out. I'm not sure if my period just won't come this month or what, it feels like it will start any second but never does.
-I had my first moment today where I felt like maybe Ive made a mistake getting the tummy tuck. The swelling and discomfort is worse today than two weeks out. The nurses said its normal because I'm up and moving more but I'm not sure if I should move less or push through it. It's very depressing to look worse in clothes than I did pre op.

I had a moment of total panic when I took my binder off and found some deeply indented dark red marks above my incision. I thought they were stretch marks but thankfully they've almost totally disappeared. I think I had my binder on too tight. I'm wearing it looser now but swelling more so not sure what the dang answer is. I also had a terrible pain and tightness/ache in my right breast last weekend that almost made me go to the ER but hubby suggested I take a left over Valium and it went away. I'm assuming it was a muscle spasm because it's not come back. I only needed the pain pills for the first few days but I am very thankful to have the valium refill because sometimes the IB Profen hasn't cut it.

I'm beginning to realize this is going to be a little longer and slower of a process than I'd thought. I feel like Dr Vath's staff downplayed the recovery quite a bit so I thought at 2 weeks I'd regularly be in the gym doing light cardio and at 6 weeks I would be back to normal. I can tell you without a doubt that that won't be the case for me. It's going to be a bit and that's ok but it's frustrating and the fear of how long I will actually be dealing with swelling and discomfort is overwhelming some days.

Quick shot of how much can change in a day

Woke up flat today after my terrible day yeaterday. I had a bit of an upset tummy today (I still think this is all whacked out hormones!) when I got up so I think that helped flatten it out.
I am in just my spanx today and slept braless for the first time last night. Baby steps but all in the right direction!

This is not a joke (lesson in swell hell)

I am feeling really good these last couple of days but my oh my the difference between my morning tummy and evening tummy is like, well, like night and day!
I slept without my binder for the first time last night and woke up feeling pretty flat, minus the "speedbump" swell that always seems to be present. I decided to try the day without the binder since Dr Vath wants me to be weaned by the 6 week mark (a week from Friday! How?!) so I just wore a compression tank. Holy swell hell batman! Home now with binder on and feet up. Sometimes the ups and downs are hourly!

Wanted to also share a recent pic of my incision because it's looking better every day. I've not done any type of scar treatment on any of my incisions yet, only things I've used since surgery was Manuka honey to close up the wound. I was soooooo worried about the vertical incision before surgery that I almost didn't do the TT but already at just 4.5 weeks out it's faded to white! The rest of my TT scar is looking neater and thinner each day, I know it will heal just as beautifully with time.

6 weeks post op today!!

I made it! I know now that the full recovery will take a lot longer but there is something magical about hitting this 6 week mark! I had my post op appt by phone on Tuesday, Dr Vath cracked me up because he said "I'm looking at your pictures here and I'm really proud of myself for getting your breasts so symmetrical!" Hahaha Me too Dr Vath! Everything is healing up beautifully, he assured me that the rope like feel and color of my scar will just continue to improve over time and so will the swelling. I am officially cleared for work out, restriction free. That morning I'd went ahead and added some body weight squats and lunges to my treadmill walking and they were harder than I expected because my abs were totally numb! It's hard to engage a muscle you can't feel! But I really think moving woke those bad boys up, I had zingers all night and I woke up less numb the next morning. I decided to go to the gym and after I did the bike I did 5 sets of squats with just the bar, body weight lunges, 5 sets of rows with just a 15lbs dumbell, biceps curls with the same bell, 90lb calf raises on the machine and body weight tricep dips. It felt AMAZING with the exception of the tricep dips which felt really weird on my chest. I'm not feeling ready for any direct ab work or over head pressing or any real pulling just yet but it will come! I'm meeting with my kettlebells instructor next week to get cleared to come back to class, I will def have to modify a lot but it will feel great to get back to real classes!
I have been shopping a lot because I'm down a few sizes and things just fit so much nicer! I'm down to 123lbs but noticed in the dressing room the other day that while I look great from the front im looking super flabby from the back. Ugh. Hoping gym time will help with that, hubby said if after a year it's still not budging we can look at some lipo work but I bet I won't end up needing it.
I also got measured at VS today and was shocked to find I was a 32DD! I don't feel like they look that big but sure enough at two different lingere stores today I was too big for a D cup and the DD fit perfect. I also learned that VD won't have a swim line after this season so I came home and picked out a few suits to order online. When you're saving for your surgery make sure you put a little extra aside for post op shopping ladies because you're gonna want to go a little wild.
Only complaints I have currently is still dealing with swelling and still not weaned off my binder. When I don't wear it I feel super short of breath so I'm trying hard to go slowly and give myself time. I'm ready to burn this bad boy though.
Overall I have to say my recovery has been fairly easy, complication free and I am so happy with my results this far. Dr Vath did an amazing job and im so thankful. I feel so much more confident just in every day. I can't wait to see the continued improvement!!!
Here are skme new pics, it really hit me how different I look when I did the side by side before and afters. It's so easy to get used to the new version of yourself and start seeing new imperfections but when you get to that point pull out some before pics and you'll quickly realize how far you've come. :)

9 weeks out and life is back to normal

It's so insane how much can change in such a short time with this surgery. In the last few weeks I have made yet another huge jump in recovery, I feel 99.5% normal all of the time with the exception of some numbers in my belly and swelling. Even that is all totally manageable and I am still beyond thrilled with my results. I am back to full kettle bell classes, the only modifications I am making is still not doing direct ab work. My instructor has me doing ab stabilization work for now instead just to be safe. I am pressing and swinging and snatching and busting my ass and it feels so damn good! I am binder free at all times which is like a whole new world too. I managed to maintain my weight during the time that I was not able to work out and now I am focused on toning and getting some muscle definition. That pesky back fat is already responding to working out and I cannot imagine I will feel the need for anymore work to address it. I was sitting around last week talking to my husband and I told him that I really feel like MYSELF again for the first time since having kids. The surgery has changed so much for me, way more than I realized it would. Just feeling comfortable in my own skin again? PRICELESS! The surgery itself already seems ages ago and I can barely remember any of the pain or discomfort of it. Our local pool opens in just over a week and I am SO STOKED to feel good about my body for a change. I am still getting used to my new (BEAUTIFUL) boobies and trying to learn how to dress them while still feeling decent. I feel a little self conscience about how perfect they are. hahaha My scar is doing well, seems a little darker now that I am more active but I know it will fade. I am so happy with my belly button now, I wish I had never even mentioned to Dr V at my 6 week post op that I thought it looked weird. Really was just a matter of getting used to not having a stretched out deep one anymore i think. :)

7.5 Months post op little update

I've been meaning to come back here and post another update but life has been busy! I just had my belated 6 month phone post op appointment with Dr Vath though and it prompted me to pop in here finally. ;)

What can I say? I am so increidbly happy with my decision to go through with this surgery and for my choice in a surgeon. 7 months into recovery and it doesn't even seem possible that I had major surgery less than a year ago, I feel totally normal and fully recovered. I absolutely love my new body and my new found confidence. It may sound cheesy but having this done really has changed my life, I didn't realize how many ways it would affect me for the better but it truley has.

My breasts are soft and supple and feel like my own. I've had several people shocked to find out I have implants because they think they look so natural. They really do fit my body so well. I never did loose nipple sensitivity and only experienced a little of the zingers everyone talks about. I do still baby my chest area when working out a bit but really I don't need to do a million chest presses or push ups anyway. I do my push ups on an elevated surface and it takes some pressure off my chest. I just use lighter weights when doing chest work.

My tummy is still numb in a lot of areas but it doesn't really bother me much. I feel increidbly strong in my abs!! I do still swell, mostly right at the incision line, if I work out extra hard but even when I'm swollen it's not nearly as bad as early on in recovery and def not as bad as pre op belly bulging. ;) My scar actually got a lot more angry looking before it got better. The hard rope like feeling is all but gone all of a sudden. I do have some hard lump spots that the dr said was fat that has literally been strangled by the sutures and I will go in for a scar revision procedure to have that fixed. I am thankful it can be done so simply because honestly the bumpiness really bothers me and is visible in certain clothing. I have learned through the recovery process that women should not expect to constantly be totally and perfectly flat post op. We are still women and our bodies will fluctuate with periods and foods and all that good stuff. I still bloat and feel stuffed at times but I feel even those days I still look way better than before.

I went back to working out at 6 weeks post op slightly modified the first week or two. I didn't do any direct ab work until 11 weeks but worked on lots of ab stabilization work between 6-11 weeks. I do it all now without pain or discomfort, I am the strongest and fittest I've ever been and I can't wait to see how my body keeps changing from all the work I'm putting into it, now that the surgery has assisted in being able to full see my results its soooooo motivating to keep going!

All the stress and worry was so worth it!! Seriously my recovery was so much smoother than I could have ever imagined and I am so beyond thrilled with my results! Posting some updated pics below.

Almost one week out from a revision

Well I went back to Dr Vath for a scar revision to address the lumpy spots along my TT scar on the 18th of Jan (exactly 10 months post op). About a week before I went I messaged Carrie and sent pics of another issue that had been bothering more and more as of late. I had this weird bulge in my lower abdomen and it's not visible in jeans or anything but it's noticeable in a bikini bottom and body con dress and it bugs me so I wanted to mention it. I wasn't sure if it was residual swelling or scar tissue or what. She messaged me back and said Dr Vath was offering to do lipo in the area during my scar revision, I totally wasn't expecting that because I thought I was pretty lean and I didn't think it was fat at all but if he was thinking that would help I decided to go ahead with it. I got there the morning of and he told me it was most likely my anatomy (I understand that not all women are totally flat but I didn't ever notice this bulge on my body before, although it was admittedly hard to tell when I was heavier and the muscles were lax) but that he would address it as aggressively as possible since I am so far away and it's not easy to travel back up there if more needed to be done. I went into the procedure thinking there was be little to no down time and I wouldn't be in much pain afterwards. I am not sure why the heck I thought this would be the case after already dealign the the after math of hip lipo when I had my original surgery. The procedure itself was bizarre feeling, I was awake and numbed but during the lipo and actual scar revision part there were a couple small areas that were NOT numb that I felt. The actual injecting of the numbing stuff HURT too! Being awake for lipo is really really weird, they are literally jamming this rod thing in and out of your body and it kind of shakes you around and just feels kind of invasive. Anyway Dr Vath barely got anything out with the lipo, about 50cc's including the fluid he injected for the numbing. He removed a decent amount of tissue and pulled my skin slightly tighter and in about an hours time I was on my way, driving myself back to the hotel. I left in a binder with instructions to not work out and to wear compression for two weeks. I was kind of bummed out about that because I was originally told there would BE no downtime (I think the lipo added those two weeks in) but Dr Vath stressed the need for this and stated that because he had to lift the skin off the muscle there was now an area where fluid could collect and if I over did it and didn't stay compressed I may have to go back to Colroado and get a drain put in. Well that doesn't sound fun! I asked during the procedure how sore I would be and he said not very much but if I wanted he could write me a script for pain pills. Like a total IDIOT I declined them. By the time I was about 2 hour away from home (it was about a 7 hour drive total) I was so uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. I just wanted to get home and lay down. I made it home and immediately took 800mg of IB Profen. It hurt to walk and when I sneezed it felt like my incision was ripping open. It nearly hurt as bad as the actual tummy tuck! Maybe because I had the numbing shot for the TT and not for this? Anyway I was barely able to sleep that night, tried to sleep on my wedge elevated and I was alternating extra strength Tylenol and IB profen every 4 hours. I was still hurting so bad the next morning that I called the nurse line to ask for meds after all only to realize that because I was out of state it wasn't possible to get a prescription from Dr Vath anymore! I know it's not his fault because I declined them and that everyone probably responds to pain differently but I SO wish he would have pushed me on taking the meds. I just kind of had to wait it out, I was in a lot of pain for a couple of days and then slowly it's begun to lessen. I am still really sore and the times i take my binder off I feel SO weird. Bruising is starting to set in on my belly now and I am so swollen by the end of the day. This revision has really taken a toll on me emotionally more than I expected. I was so focused on it when I had the actual TT that I felt really prepared for it all. This time not so much. Not being able to work out (after just going back for a week and a half after a MONTH off for an unrelated injury) has sucked SOOOOO bad too. As of now I really miss my abs and I hate feeling so sore and tired and like I took a giant step back in my recovery and I am not really hopeful that all of this really will help the bulge that bothered me. I do think he got the lumps out of my incision which is awesome, I guess I can come to just accept that maybe this is my body and how it is built, I know I look better than before and I am probably being a perfectionist whiney baby but I am kind of sad after all is said and done. Maybe it's also my PMS hormones speaking, I will have to check back in when I am feeling healed from this latest process. :( Dr Vath though is, as always, such a sweet and honest surgeon and you could tell he really thought I was being overly critical of my body but that he truly wanted me to be happy and as pleased as possible with my results.

3 weeks post revision

Well, I am feeling a lot less pissy than my last post. The recovery from the scar revision and lipo to address my lower ab bulge was a LOT more of a process than I imagined but that being said I am feeling almost back to normal now and I am so thankful for that. It's feeling worth it, I just wish I had been better prepared mentally and emotionally for the recovery! I was good about wearing my binder and laying low as much as it almost killed me to do so but I am glad I did. I went for a small hike when I was just a couple days shy of the two week mark and I swelled up BAD and my abs hurt so I took that as a sign to rest for a few days. I was able to go back to my beloved kettle bells gym on the two week mark, I am having to modify a few things still with my abs, I have found that any twisting movement for some reason doesn't feel good yet. Today, at three weeks post revision, I did my first direct ab work (an unweighted turkish get up to the hand) and while it def felt like I was using my abs it didn't feel like I was damaging anything. I am trying to go slow and be patient with my body. Some how this revision seems to have reinstated all feeling in my stomach which I think is the issue. I was still mostly numb over my entire stomach and all along my scar line before and I am not sure of the how and why but I swear to you this revisions brought it ALL BACK. My scar looks AWESOME, I really think I am going to be happy with it once it's healed and faded, it's much thiner than my old one I think. And the best news? The majority of my lower ab bulge is GONE. So one or all of the things he did seemed to work. I know he thought it was my anatomy and I really have agreed with Dr Vath on everything else but I had to silently disagree with him there. I did not have that sort of bulge pre pregnancy and I barely had it pre op. I am so glad that the revision feels worth it now, I wasn't so sure there for a minute. My advice to anyone who is having lipo or any sort of lifting the skin off the muscle along with their scar revision TAKE THE DAMN MEDS!!!! ;) For some reason my photos aren't uploading now but I will come back and post some updated pictures and comparison shots.

Updated pics of revision area

I'm over a month past my revision now and all is normal, back to direct abdominal work when I'm at the gym and all that. Forgot to upload the pics last time, snapped a new one just now to compare even further. I'm on my period (hence the awesome period panties hahaha) and at the end of the day and still flat! Woohoo!!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I am now 9 weeks post op from a Mommy Make Over with Dr Vath and I could NOT be happier with my entire experience. Dr Vath is a down to earth, laid back, incredibly talented surgeon. His whole staff has been awesome to deal with. Carrie was my patient coordinator and I am so thankful for her answering all of my millions of questions and calming my last minute nerves. The nurses the day of were phenomenal . His post op nurse was fine, could have been a little more warm and fuzzy but that's just a nitpicky personality difference I think. My recovery was complication free and my results, even this close to surgery, are out of this world. My confidence is back and I am SO happy with my new and improved body!! THANK YOU DR VATH!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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