28-year-old mom of two/ breast assymetry, full tummy tuck BL BA / 375 LB - 575 RB moderate profile plus tex Silicone

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A little bit about me , I'm 28 have two kids,...

A little bit about me , I'm 28 have two kids, breast fed them both for a total of 2 1/2 years of constant breastfeeding , might not seem like a lot but it was enough time to drastically change the appearance in my breasts and make them waaaaaaaay saggy and even more asymmetric than when I started. My boobs spill over in my bra and often come out the top, currently they are a saggy d, they can look ok in clothes, but I need them to look great in clothes and better naked, that is my ultimate goal. Another big thing is I hate the asymmetry between my breasts , both my kids favoring the bigger breast during breastfeeding made it worse once I stopped. I am getting the breast lift with implants to fill in the upper pole part of my breasts, I like the slightly fake bigger look in that sense, I'm tall and think a small implant would just dissapear on me, I'm thinking 500-600 cc not totally set on size cause I also don't want the size to make my breast saggy after getting a lift, that defeats the whole purpose.

Onto the tummy , it's simple,I carried both my kids waaaay out in my belly , both pregnancies people thought I was having twins , just to give perspective on how big I got. I wanted a tummy tuck after my first kid , I was in way better shape a year after I had her and was super active and the skin on my belly was loose and droopy, so naturally a second baby didn't fix matters. I would work out and start getting back into shape and now it makes little to no difference on my stomache that I think I've given up on that part, it's not so motivating when I would be dieting and excercising for months and I've still got this pregnant looking belly, ughhhhhh . Having this mommy makeover seems really superficial to outsiders but this is going to be life changing mentally and physically for me. This part of my life I feel like is holding me back and making me ....well just not me. I hate having to dress for a body type that I feel like isn't mine and is so far from what I used to look like , I'm so ready for this change and can't wait for the awesome results I know Dr vath delivers :)

56 days and counting ....

I just completely paid for surgery and am anxiously waiting for it to come around now . I haven't bought anything for surgery yet, not really sure what I'll all need or what will be helpful post op but I'm sure I'll find out at my pre-op appointment. I've been working out again and can see small changes which is good, mostly just in my arms and legs ( thighs need most help) but I want to be used to being back in a routine so that it's not so hard when I start up again after my recovery. I have been dreading the whole "before" picture situation but I know that those are the best profiles and helped me to see bodies like mine before and after surgery . So here goes ughhhhh gross ????

Forgot to post saggy boobs... Here there are !

Size matters .... Boob worries

I am looking more and more forward to my mommy makeover everyday , taking these "before" pictures is honestly so embarrassing, even though it's anonymous, it just shows me in real life how uncomfortable I am with my body the way it is . I still have about 6 weeks before my surgery and the only thing I'm nervous about so far is The size of implants I want to go with .Im ecstatic for them to be perky and closer im symmetry , I cannot even wait I'm so excited about this ! Also I want them definitely to be at least 2 cup sizes bigger but not too huge that I look comical or fat because I'm too top heavy.... Ugh I guess I have time, I'm just an over planner and feel like I should know already.

Should I ???

It's Still about 3 weeks away from
My surgery, I'm sure I'm not alone in having doubts and fears about the surgery, the outcome, and possible risks..... I am so excited for the outcome but I start to think what if im one of the unlucky few who has a complication? Chances are I won't but I've been going through RS reviews and I'm like wow there are a lot of cases where the incisions split on the tummy tuck and or they had problems with their implants( this terrifies me FYI ) . Am I being so selfish that I think I need both procedures ????? I know how this will help if everything goes smooth and my results are great(my doc is good) but I can't help but think what if I'm one of those few who after says I should've left well enough alone. This money was saved and planned for this, so its just Scary that I could possibly not like the outcome , I know it's probably Just jitters but I pray everything goes right , starting to get nervous

Can't wait to get rid of this deflated tire of a belly

Pre op done, 11 days abs counting to surgery !!!!!

So I had my pre-op on Friday August 5, signed all the disclosures forms, met with the nurses in the office and decided on implant size. I took my sister this time and got confirmation on what I decided would fit me from someone close, I am sticking with the 575 moderate plus profile textured silicone implants on my right , and the left the doctor will size closest to match the right. I trust everything is going to look great after, I'm really in disbelief that soon my new dream body is going to be a reality for me. I am not thinking recovery is going to be easy, I feel like I asked the right questions but know once I'm actually feeling pain all of it will go out the window. I really am soooooooooooo happy to not have to stick my stomach roll in my pants and have it flop out or have marks all over my tummy at the end of the day ( because it was smashed in jeans at least:) I'm overly excited to look down my stomach and see my vagina and not my pooch anymore! I can't tell you how happy I'll be to not have to lift up my boobs in my bra because they are so saggy, also ecstatic to finally fill my bras out in the top portion not just the bottom, oh yeah and for my nipples to be pointing out and not down..... I could go on and on. I am hoping that by October healing is well under way and I'm started back on my work outs, and maybe even wear something sexy for Halloween ;) so fingers crossed for that .

Surgery is a a little over 1 day away!

I am so excited , nervous, and scared , I can't believe my dream of having my mommy makeover is actually happening on Friday bright and early !!! I have been so busy with first week back to school with my kids that I haven't had too much time to just sit and think but tomorrow night I already know I won't be sleeping at all. My boobs are gonna be perky and full and my tummy is gonna be totally flat and tight again ..... This is honestly so surreal, I don't know if the reality has actually hit me yet. I know I'm in good hands with dr Vath and his staff otherwise I wouldn't have picked him as a surgeon . Send positive happy healing vibes my way, i might not update the day of cause it seems like I'll be pretty drugged up, but I will definitely do it as soon as I can. Can't wait to see it for myself and show you ladies !!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyt

So here are the new girls

Not sure what size both of them ended up being since I asked while I was so drugged up, but the doctor did say there was a huge difference , will update rest (tummy) in a few days

Bigger implant size in right breast swollen and red with sharp pain

Honestly didn't anticipate this level of pain I thought it'd bad but not like this..... I can't lift or really move my arm on the bigger implant side. I can't wait to get over this hump, cause as of right now I'm questioning whether I did the right thing.

Dr thinks I have s small bleed in my right breast

So I'll be going in tomorrow at 5 AM to have him drain it out and then put a drain on that side so it doesn't happen again , feeling pretty bummed right about now

Post op day 4

So I have some
Bruising areas which I hope goes away , and isn't anything major, I had the second surgery today to remove "hematoma" and there were blood clots as well. Just to say this is terrifying , now pain or discomfort i have I'm dreading it being something bigger. My right arm was swollen significantly larger and not only that I could barely walk , move, or function that side of my body , it burned and was in the worst pain ever? So no surprise that there was something wrong with it . After I went in to Doctor Vaths office and they fixed it I have a drain in my breast which isn't a concern of mine considering how much pain it relieved. My drain is randomly getting clogged which is scary , cause I DO NOT want a repeat of what happened last time! I have bad bruising under the breast that was cut open again and also on my pubic area and above my belly button , i pray I have no other issues !!! Send prayers and good vibes , even with the tough time I've had I think results so far are pretty great looking

First shower today!!!

I can't even says how much better I feel after showering , it'd been too long , the pain from the original surgery, then had to hold off cause of the second, it was long over due, got my period yesterday , yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....NOT. Because I have the drain on one side on my breast I have to take anabiotic's and it seems like those are really messing me up the most I'm getting a throbbing headache from them . Dr. vast called me yesterday night to make sure I'm doing my breathing machine which is nice I just have been so out of it I can't wait until I can start feeling and seeing why I did this . My right breast is a lot less sore the pain on that one side was unbearable if you have pain like that do not hesitate to keep calling your doctors office I knew something wasn't right with it . That side is still a lot more sore since it had a second surgery the bruising and swelling on that side is still pretty extreme , it's so hard to say how everything is going to turn out I just pray everything turns out for the best because I've waited a long time for this and I just want everything to go well from here on out . I'll continue to update you ladies and let you know my actual experience because I feel like that's the most helpful thing us women can do when going through this . Hopefully more good healin from here on out ! :)) ps whenever I have questions I text the nurses in dr Vaths office , which is so helpful, not being able to get ahold of them would be so scary to me right now so im greatful to them, they are so awesome with getting back to me !!

This helps put things into perspective

I know I still have a longer road to full recovery but seriously looked at the difference in my pictures and about cried........ This is going to be exactly what I needed , I know it!! Look at the difference in everything really... It's amazing

Lookin flatter for sure !

Can't believe this is me and it gets better from here!

Little over a week post op

So it's a little over a week postop I still have to have my drain in on my right breast because it was draining too much at my one week postop for them to be able to take it out , hopefully next week when I go again I can get it taken out other than that pain from the second surgery on my right breast the pain is very minimal and when I do have pain the pain meds help so much . I'm loving everything so far, I honestly wake up and look in the mirror and am like WOW it's getting better , it's the whole transformation that amazes me , I of course am still cautious and pray I have no more issues with healing .

I'm still here, recovery just stagnant

Hi ladies I'm still here and I would hate when people basically just quit updating , Because I wanted the whole picture of recovery . Well I've hit that lull where I'm slightly discouraged , my tummy is super swollen, feel like a cow honestly , I know it's no where near what my belly was its just one of those things where you've got to really have patience. I eat fruit and soups still, only bad thing I've eaten was a whopper jr (plain) the other day and man did that fill me up to fast, and made me feel nasty full, that heavy gross feeling. I can tell you I probably will only do that very infrequently..... My boobs, well they are definitely smaller than I wished / hoped for but I also need to wait for everything to settle to get the full picture, my goal for them was to lots of upper pole fullness and there's some but .... Was expecting more:( don't get me wrong I love my body so far but also know I have a long way to go with healing so staying optimistic. I hopefully get my drain on my right breast out tomorrow that's alsI weighing me down emotionally and making me things harder for sure. Also my belly has spots in my abs I'm assuming that just start aching like crazy, i start to think whoa did I do too much ??? Also bruising on my belly I've got a few new bruises which is worrisome just because they weren't there before .... Anyways here are some update pics, will only get better from her :)))))

Breasts so far

Video of what breast and scars look like so far

Post op day 17 status

Hi everyone , so yesterday was PO day 16 and my steri strips were itching and even getting a little red under one breast so I called my nurse line ( they probably are sick of me by now lol) and asked if I should just take them all of , including tummy tuck, the answer was yes ...... SOOOOOOO that was traumatic , I did as suggested and did it in the shower with warm soapy water and and as I'm peeling them of it just looked bad , not as healed as id expected that's for sure. I guess the way I could explain it is there were some scabby pieces that were being lifted with the tape and it freaked me the hell out , I immediately thought oh sh!t what have I done !!! The tummy was easy because of being more numb but that was the scabbier part, breasts were more sensitive and actually hurt and was harder to see while doing it. Everything is tender at this point , I'm still pretty hunched which I'm not thrilled about because at this point I just have things to do and it hinders me. I'm not trying to force myself to be straight because it does hurt and I don't want to pull or rip anything... I tried to sleep straight on my side and that was painful . My right breast that had the issue has tightness and just more painful, chalking that up to additional trauma and bigger implant, hoping resolves soon, oh and after I took the steri strips off the under side of that breast last night there was a black stitch sticking out that's pretty annoying and is irritating my skin. Sooooooo that's everything so far, hopefully I get this damn drain out this week cause I'm just sick of it lol .

19 days post OP update

So today was 19 days post op from my original surgery and 16 days post op of when I had to get my drain put in because of the hematoma and blood clots in my right breast. I got my drain pulled thank the Lord ( was painful and tugged just all around uncomfortable) that wasn't really painful it was more of a like weird feeling than anything , I also got the weird stitch that was sticking out from under my right breast hold things to the nurse Jen. I had her look at my tummy tuck incision because there are some parts that felt like they were separating I guess you could say but it was more of the scabbing peeling off so I wanted to make sure that that looked normal, that part was normal but as she started pushing on my tummy she noticed I was really swollen in some spots and had obvious fluid collection underneath my stomach when she pushed on some parts it was like a wave to the other side of my tummy so she knew there was fluid ( side note the nurses said this 2 of the previous times I had been there and poked me with the syringe several times and got nothing out) I guess today was just the magic day where it was ready to come out because she stuck the syringe in and was actually surprised that blood started coming out, she got about 60 cc of old blood around the public area which was really watery feeling, end left side by my hip ( only way that best describes its like touching a water bed and it jiggling around) She stopped trying after around the 5th time but said it still felt like there was some in there, she said it should resolve on its own, but honestly just from when she got out which in my mind looked like a lot , was a visible change and also felt much better. I am supposed to watch right breast to make sure it doesn't swell since the drain is no longer in place , and I'm finishing out the last antibiotics I have. Next week I have a check up with Dr Vath I'm assuming to check on everything which I like , and then just happy good healing vibes from here on out :)))))

Update and pics

Not much has chAnged since last update (still have some minor issues/pains) just keep falling more in love with my new body, my clothes even being this swollen fit so much better, I really am so excited to start working out and get everything the way I want it:))) Dr. Vath really changes lives, looked in the mirror and was so happy tonight , there have been setbacks but I see why I did this :))))))) P.S. I also got a personal call from the doc today because he had heard a concern that I didn't feel like I saw him a lot , he was so down to earth and kind and basically told me if I ever want an appointment directly with him let the from desk know and they would schedule it no problem. Once again I just feel confident in the doctor and surgery center I went with , the staff really is top of the line. I'll continue to update and keep You guys up to date on my progress as time goes on :))))

Concerns ....

So as I've mentioned before I have a hard part that is much more swollen on my right upper ab, it's also hurts and burns after selling kicks in. Also i realize my right breast has gone through more but I definitely know that breast hasn't dropped and I have a hard ball like feeling in my lower portion of that breast, it feels like I've literally got a small ball in it, idk if that's the implant sticking out the bottom of the muscle or what, but you can feel the difference when you touch both breasts that small hard part. My other issue is that I haven't really taken a good look at my belly button until today and it looks totally closed (which is not the look im looking for "the obvious tummy tuck belly button" ) if it's closed like that can I attribute that to swelling or is that how it's going to stay ???? Because I don't like that at all. Also under bicep (under part of arm) armpit and right breast are still very numb which I'm sure(HOPE) will resolve over time I just didn't think that the numbness would extend into my armpit and arm , it's quite annoying. And the last thing is my scar on my tummy tuck is great except the left side it's almost like the scar is slightly puckered and raised, it's definitely more pronounced than the right side of my incision which is vertically flat and can't tell.... These are all things I will bring up at my next appointment but just wondering if anyone else experienced or is going through the same things??

Body update

Can't wait till the swelling stops and sore aches and pains and annoyances go away ..... Soon enough right ... Anyways doc appointment tomorrow morning , here's the body almost 4 weeks post op

Been wearing soft wireless bras

Have a little cleavage :) I really stressed the upper pole fullness , I was so scared to go too BIG but also felt like I wasn't conservative , I think maybe I've gotten used to them maybe ???

4 week post op update plus concerns addressed

So yesterday I was so busy I didn't have time to come and update on my real self but I did have a doctors appointment with Dr. Vath. He got stuck in surgery during my appointment time which kind of sucked but he was super apologetic and I understand that's the nature of his profession I wouldn't want him walking out of surgery on me so I get it :) I asked him about my belly button which I thought looked really closed he explained that once they took off that extra skin that was just my belly button at the very bottom so basically that's what it looks like he said he could do a revision but it would just be on the scar not that inner belly button itself, I will possibly try to belly button train (suggested by you ladies:) also asked about the bump feeling in my right lower breast and he said that's just the scar assuming I'm just filling the implant more on that side since it had issues in it recently also had the drain in it , but he wasn't concerned with anything having to do with either breast or any of my scars at all. My upper abs that get very swollen and are slightly swollen at all times he said that that's possibly just from the bleed from the original issue I had with the hematoma and that my body will eventually absorb it and it doesn't look abnormal at all. He did say that if my right breast stays bigger because he thinks it's just still swollen from the drain recently coming out that he can swap a different implant out of the left to match the bigger side if need be, we will see once swelling subsides more at 6 month post op. I forgot to ask him about my arm on the right under bicep still being pretty numb and that right armpit still being numb , i'll probably call or text the nurse line if that doesn't change in the next month or so. Dr.Vath also cleared me for wearing scar strips or doing scar therapy so today was the first day that I am trying scar away that I got from target I will let everyone know how that goes! The doctor was so nice and said that now we are over the hard part of my recovery i.e. complications that he thinks I'm healing well now , which I was glad to hear. Ps he showed me my before pictures which almost made me gag .....ladies let me tell you this was worth it !!!!!! Thank you Dr vath, aka miracle worker, aka best surgeon in colorado aka super nice guy :)))))))))

Almost 5 weeks post op .

Hey ladies I'm still here , healing is going a lot better I'm standing up a lot straighter let me tell you stopping sleeping in the recliner and on the couch definitely help I needed to sleep in my own bed I think it stretched out my muscles enough to stand straighter and feel more comfortable standing straighter which I really had a problem with . I'm not 100% straight but I'd say about 90% there . My right breast still randomly aches and hurts sometimes I don't know if it's the scar tissue that is possibly building up from the drain being in for so long I truly hope that it's not but that breast definitely I can feel it more than my left I also think I need to give it time because it hasn't dropped like the left one has it's still a lot higher in my chest . Tummy tuck incision is so beautiful it's really flattening out,a couple of days ago since I've been more straight I think it got more red possibly from straightening up more , and putting tension on it but it's starting to still fade , it got a little redder than it was before but I'm sure that'll get better in time . I used scar sheets one time and let me tell you ladies those things are a pain in the ass to deal with they get stuck to everything and they're very difficult to put away and reapply even though the box says you can reapply them I almost feel like what's the point ? It was so hard just to get them in and out of the box they stuck to everything and once I got them on I actually feel like they burned a little bit and were irritating my skin so I after that one Application I don't think I'm going to use them I'm actually going to take the second box that I have an open back to target . I forgot about the right breast the ball feeling in the vertical incision the doctor said that that's just the scar Healing , I still feel that and now that I'm on my period it's more prominent not sure if that's because my breasts while on my period But I hope that goes away ! I am possibly forgetting things but here's how everything is looking so far..,, feelin kind of sexy <3

Before and afters !!!

So I deleted these before off of my phone and had them on a back up and I was so amazed when I saw them, look how far my body has come , the transformation is crazy, these before were before I started to work out , but it's still crazy how bad it was before !

7 weeks post op

so almost 8 weeks postop and I'm almost back to myself still kind of sore in the abdomen region get pretty swollen at the end of the day which from reading reviews is par for the course I'm basically Helling normally now about a week or two ago I had a rash on my right breast from still using Neosporin on my scars , let me tell you big mistake to not do once your incisions are held quit using Neosporin right away I had a horrible allergic reaction on both of my breasts that itch like crazy I want to rip my skin off ! Other than that the right breast is still a little bit behind the left breast the left breast doesn't even feel like anything happen to it at all right breast is still kind of tight but a lot softer , I also have to take into account but that was a smaller breast and that breast also had issues so I think it's on track . This last week I have noticed I've gotten my appetite back which kind of sucks cause I don't want to start gaining weight I started to work out last week very lightly I worked out 4 days out of the week and was pretty sore in my abs after working out so I'm just taking it slow and working out based on my pain or discomfort. I have still been dieting but haven't been doing as well as I was the first 5 1/2 six weeks after surgery I need to get back to my good eating and now that I'm exercising that'll get me closer to my fitness goals as well . I'm staying away from ab workouts still that's still really tender, other than that legs and arms are not that bad but definitely sore the next day. And my right armpit and breast is still mostly numb , in praying over time this resolves , it's a weird sensation to have a numb body part ! Anyways I 100% am happy I did this for myself , anyone doubting it, just get past the initial recovery and you'll see why you did it, there is a definite time you may regret your decision of having cosmetic surgery or you may look wonky for awhile and have setbacks , trust me it passes :)))))

8w3d post op

Just a pic update

A week shy of 3 months post op !

3 months post op , only thing I can say negative about healing is that my right arm pit and upper arm and right breast are still totally numb no sensation in the nipple still , I saw the doctor if you weeks ago and he said it's something that is going to take time and that to massage those areas to help stimulate those nerve endings I hope it works because it's just a weird sensation to have parts of your body be numb . The rest of healing has been really good I'd say in the last week I really feel like I can actually do ab workouts and it not be completely painful , I still need to go slightly slower but it's not unbearable like it was before . I cannot explain how happy I have been with the outcome thus far from having the surgery, besides the minor setbacks it doesn't compare to how much better my self-confidence is and how amazing my body looks now . For starters I look good in and OUT of my clothes(that was a prior surgery goal !) You have expectations for what your outcome is going to look like or be but you don't really know until you go through with it . Everyone expects great things out of surgery and you never know until you go through with it , and of course nothing is ever 100% going to please you, but I could honestly say I would do this over in a heartbeat ! The care I received and still receive from my plastic surgeons office and plastic surgeon is unbeatable. I attribute all of this to picking what I consider in my opinion and in so many others, the best surgeon I could find.

I'm still here, update on changes on body and results !

So I know it's been a long time but there's an in between time during healing when not a lot is changing and it's basically just a waiting game . I basically have a very good healing after my initial problems and everything went pretty smoothly, The only thing is is that I still have some numbness in my right breast the one that had the drain in it, I do feel however that it's slowly coming back so I'm assuming they're in due time it will be normal I'm keeping a positive thought on that since it has gotten better . Tummy tuck is awesome, I can't put into words how good Dr Vath is, if you live in the Denver area and need a tummy tuck don't waste your time anywhere else go to him! I've been working out since a three month mark and have lost a good 20 or more pounds totaling 40 or more since before I got surgery. I'm starting to get a two pack my stomach looks amazing most of my pants do not fit me anymore I've gone down at least two pants sizes also I used to wear a size extra large shirts i'm down to size medium and rarely a large now . Now onto the boobs :) my boobs look amazing compared to what they were Dr. vath is Miracle worker, Truly that sounds cliché to say over and over but he is . The only issues that I had with my breast are now that they settled and the muscle relaxed and they took their final shape my left breast which was typically the larger breast that had the smaller implant is now much smaller than my right breast that got The bigger implant if that makes sense lol . So I went to dr Vath for my six month check up and he agreed that that implant could be upgraded so I had a revision as of today February 1 and went up by 100 ccs , i'm hoping that this is the answer and that they are much more closer in symmetry, I think this is exactly what is needed and all shall be complete, I obviously have to wait for healing and will post pictures of my breasts once healing is more underway . I think Dr Vath and his staff are extremely personable , relatable and make you feel so comfortable, I know I've said this before but he truly is awesome that combined with a great staff and great bedside manner he in my opinion is amazing. I can't even explain how life-changing this have been mentally and physically how this has made a positive impact on me , I will update again like I said with pictures once my breast have a little time to heal :))))
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr vath is honestly so cool and the opposite of what I was expecting a surgeon was going to make me feel like. He's laid back and doesn't make you feel pressured into surgery or procedures, he listened to my concerns and gave his professional opinion. I still have to get to the surgery part of this review obviously but I really get the feeling this guy likes changing people for the better and cares whether it's a good job , I've had friends where that is not the case so I can't stress enough, of how important that is in a surgeon.

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