29 yrs old. Married almost 10 yrs. Mom of 3. 700cc/750cc textured implants with full lift.

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I absolutely LOVE reading everyone's journey here!...

I absolutely LOVE reading everyone's journey here! By reading reviews and personal testimonies I've decided on my doctor!! So a huge thanks to all of you! I've scheduled my cosultation with Dr. Vath in Golden, CO for the end of this month and I can not wait! I'm looking forward to a breast lift and implant. From the pictures and readings I've done I'm going in thinking I want a silicone moderate/low profile look. I love the natural hour glass shape. Here here some of my "dream boobs". Stay tuned!

Consultation in 2 days with Dr. Vath! It's getting REAL people!

So excited and anxious about my upcoming consultation in 2 days! I made my final Dream Boob college (out of 100 I've created I think...boob crazed is a thing... ) Praying for a natural, large silicone implant. I'm not wanting that round cleavage on top. I like the hour glass shape and fullness on the mid to lower part of breast. Hopefully I'll get more clarity on our decision between moderate(plus) vs low profile. Oh my goodness just feels like a longtime dream coming true!! Praying it all goes well!

Went to consultation with Dr. Vath!

Yesterday was my 1st consultation with Dr. Vath. I couldn't fall asleep the night before. Ended up getting teary just thinking about the next day and realizing this is the first step to a very long dream of mine. Before kids I was completely flat A cup. So when I started having kids, with each pregnancy I thought I would finally be knowing what it's like to have bigger boobs. Only to experience one grew 2 cup sizes bigger then the other, stretched marked, & deflated. Now 3 kids later 1st consultation. I didn't think twice that I would get emotional at consultation but once we found the right size for me and the nurse lady, Kari went to get doctor I completely lost it full of emotions "I can't believe we're here and doing this!" It just got real for me. Like really real!! I don't even think my husband realized how much it was meaning to me. It's not like I woke up and decided I want huge boobs. This decision isn't a superficial desicion. I'm not going to be showing them off to the world. This is for me and my self confidence. my surgery date is not for a good few months down the road but it's really happening! It's hard to justify spending this amount of money just on me when I can think of 1,000 other ways to spend it or save it. But I'm thrilled and will try to wait patiently for surgery date.

Scheduled my surgery with Dr. Vath!!

Sooooo excited I've finally scheduled surgery for a lift and implant with Dr. VATH!!!!!! I can not wait!!!! Count down starts!!!

More wish pics... Anyone else boob-obsessed????

Question for those whom got 700cc, 750cc, 800cc implants

What would be your tips, regrets (if any), experience with recovery with a large implants? I'm 5'7 so I feel like I can hold a larger implant. I would love your feedback ladies!!

Should I go 50cc more b/c of lift?!

When I say the number aloud it seems huge since most of you seem to be getting sizes between 400cc-500cc.

I'm 5'8 160lbs. I tried on sizers over the weekend from Dr. baths office (ps- so amazing that they do that!!) One set is 650cc & 700cc and other set is 700cc & 750cc. It's only 50cc difference and with a lift I feel that I should go with the 700/750 so It will give me the 650/700 look. It doesn't seem that much bigger... Thoughts from experience?!

Here are some updated wish pics to give an idea what what I'm going for.

Pre-Op Next Week!

I'm getting so excited! Count down officially starts! With that said anyone else have buyers remorse before their surgery? It is such a huge chunk of money all to spend on myself (and the hubs) but feeling a little guilty..

Pre-Op done!

It's happening!! March 14th can't come soon enough! We chose 700cc and 750cc high profile textured silicone implants! Took before pics which looked soooo much worse then I what see in the mirror!! You know that feeling when you see a pic of you and you think you look 30lbs heavier... I know my deflated boobs are two cup sizes different but that before picture gave me more confirmation that this is a right decision for me! Can't wait to get these boobies inflated, lifted, and the same size!! Nervous to show my before pic. Maybe after surgery... :)

Which sport bras are the best for larger implants?! Recovery Prepping!

I'm prepping for recovery. Can I get your opinions on the best supportive sports and regular bras for larger implants?!

Victoria secret
Lulu lemon
Under armor

10 Days Pre-Op

Oh my goodness it's getting close!!!

Good list for recovery?

Hey is there a good list of things I would need for recovery time from a full breast lift and implant? Anything that I may not have thought of?

List for recovery!!

Countdown!! Im cleaning like a crazy person around here today! My mom flew in Thursday and will be here for 3 weeks!! And my dad will be here in 2 weeks for 1 week. The hubs has off all week. Did a Costco run and a couple grocery store runs. Pre-paid bills for the month. Got the meds from pharmacy... I think we are almost ready!! 8 hours, 49 min, and 25 sec but who is counting??? Me that's who!

Here is my list for recovery:
-antibacterial hand santiizer for me and the loved ones who will help me undo and redo my dressings
-extra gauze
-extra Neosporin and other scar ointment
-baby wipes-until I can shower again
-chap stick
-nail supplies-for my girls to do my toes while I'm in bed :)
-hair clip and tie
-mom, to take care of my kidos and house
-the hubs to take care of me
-Lots of zip up and button shirts (pjs too) and easy lose pants for someone to help put them on and off for me ????
-eating trey to make it easy on bed
-new water bottles-->that won't spill! love the ones from Costco

Amazing sister-in-law who made me a booby care package (she got hers last year) so she knows the drill ??

Also I have my night cream, deodorant, and other creams out in bathroom so I don't have to bend down and pull out a drawer or to try to navigate my dear husband to get them for me.. Lol

So far that's my list. I'm sure I'll be adding to it post-op....which is tomorrow...18 hours, 49 mins, 25 sec away!!!!!!! ????

On the other side!!!

I'm all bit loopy and tired but I wanted to share about surgery day yesterday! Dr. Baths team are the nicest staff. They made me fee so comfortable.

Surgery was at 3pm. Done at 5:30 and home at 7. My pain was horrible!!! I wanted to cry especially on the 40 min drive home.. It's not so much my pain around incisions but the pressure of these 700cc & 750cc and how my arms were constrained down. That killed. Gravity doesn't help the pain FYI.. BUT they look amazing!!! I'll take pics in next couple days.

1 Day Post-op 700/750cc textures silicone

This is the best I can give at this point.

Before and after (700cc-750cc textures silicone)

I'm 5'8 165 lbs

1 Week Post-Op

1 week down...I have a little yellow bruising and that is extremely painful because they are by my incisions. Other then that I'm good. I'm a mom of 3 and I'm just ready to get back into the swing of things and sleep a good nights sleep. Started my period so already not comfortable sleeping now and lower back mental cramps sooooo I'm just ready for it to be month 4 already... Lol plus the hubs was kind of disappointed thinking my boobs aren't as big as he hoped but I've been trying to search for progress photos for him to understand how much they will drop and I'll eventually get the roundness on the bottom and side boob. (If any of you have those saved or know where to find some I would love to be able to show him just to give him more understanding). Sooooo thankful my mom is here helping and my dad is flying in today into Denver (say a prayer) bc we are in a blizzard conditions and my husband is working out in this weather today AND my in-laws are traveling from a mission trip back home tonight...Prayers prayers prayers please for safe travels!! Anyways hope these pics help you see some progress. They are still high and tight but I'm just so thankful for no complains toons this far. Praise God! Hope you all have a blessed day!

1 week difference

2 week post op!! Already???

Pain is barely here except for one bruise (that's barely there) that is over 1 of my nipple incisions. Today was first day of no pain at all. I do get wore out fast and I just need to take baby steps. 2 weeks yay!!

When did you sleep normal again!?

So I'm still sleeping up on pillows. I'm little 3 1/2 weeks post op. My lower back is hurting so bad and I'm usually a side sleeper. I wake up at night to try to stretch out my back the best I can bc I'm so uncomfortable. When did you start to sleep normal again?!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely LOVE reading everyone's journey here! By reading reviews and personal testimonies I've have a huge peace of mind and have decided on my doctor!! So a huge thanks to all of you and sharing your photos and experience! I've scheduled my cosultation with Dr. Vath in Golden, CO for the end of this month and I can not wait! Stay tuned!

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