41 YO, lolli lift w 300 mod+ silicone Golden, CO

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I don't even have kids. I just am genetically...

I don't even have kids. I just am genetically predisposed to sagging. It started fairly young. Plus I'm very athletic. I do triathlons etc. I don't like having so much movement when I run. And above all things I hate hate HATE boob sweat. I push my shirt up under my boobs (at home not in public lol) whenever it's hot out. I hate the slippery feeling when my breasts are laying against my ribcage. EW. Plus they slide all over the place when I sleep. I tend to sleep on my side so the top one falls and pulls the skin. It actually hurts. So at 41 years old, I still sleep with a stuffed animal. It helps somewhat to keep them smashed in place. And I know they will only get worse. I might as well do it now while my skin has better elasticity and they haven't slid as far down. I figure the recovery will be easier and the scars will be less severe.
I wish I could go ahead and do it now but I have to wait until October. I have to save up plus I am planning to do a few big triathlons. Once I have surgery I won't be running or swimming for a few months and I have to take time off work. I do hair, which involves holding my arms up. The salon gets quiet right before the holidays so the timing seemed perfect.
I chose Dr Wolfe in Denver because he came very highly recommended by several clients who described him as "THE" guy to go to. Also because almost every time I clicked on a picture that I liked it was one of his. I spoke with another doctor in Utah but he wanted to do an anchor lift. Wolfe said lollipop. During my research on here I read that anchor is somewhat outdated or used when there is lots of excess skin. My situation is not so severe. It is to me, but compared to some it's really not bad. I felt the anchor was excessive. Or maybe it meant Dr Wolfe just has a better technique. I also noticed Dr Wolfe's patients all have some variety in the after photos. Each pair of breasts looks unique and appropriate to the shape of the woman. A lot of doctors' breast lifts look identical from one woman to the next. I guess because it's a very technical and tricky surgery. The Utah surgeon, though highly rated, had little creative flair. They all looked high profile and round with tight cleavage. Very fake looking. Like if you were to poke her it would feel rubbery or something. I want to look like me, only with an upgrade! I opted for the gummy bear implant because it's got a less than 6% failure rate. And the gel is cohesive so it can't ooze. Peace of mind is worth the extra money.
So I am very excited and nervous and hoping to maybe meet someone on here who is having the same thing done around the same time so we can support each other. : )

Before pictures

What kind of implant with lift?

I'm scheduled in 5 months for a lollipop lift and implant. I have an appointment in 3 weeks for 3D imaging. I'm thinking I want gummy bear mainly because I want safest option and my husband thinks saline looks more fake? I absolutely don't want high profile or big fake boobies. Just a nice tear drop shape about 3 inches higher. I am a small C, I want to be a C after the lift. What should I look at getting?

Imaging appointment next week. Any advice??

I haven't done nearly as much research as many on here. My imaging appointment is Tuesday. It's a 5 hour drive, so I want to be sure and get all my questions in. Any advice about what to ask or things I should know? I'm thinking silicone (cohesive) mod profile but no idea of size.

Will 325cc mod round silicone (with vertical lift) give me a round full C or small D?

I tried on different sizes today and they all started to look pretty similar after 20 minutes. Now I'm sorta confused. I want round and full at the top but not a definite hard line. I'm a 36 small C right now, 5'5 and 140-146. I have a flat rib cage and a 13.5 inch width is the size my Dr recommended. After the vertical lift I will lose some tissue. I want to end up a full C or small D. Is there much difference between moderate and high profile? And how many ccs would get me there? Is 325 enough? Too much? Thank you for any help here. : )

Boob envy

I'm looking on here every day to offer support and encouragement to everyone who's had their boobs done and to explore possibilities. Seeing so many beautiful pics on here, I can't wait to get mine done!! Super excited!

Got the size figured out!

Went for another visit on Monday, brought my best friend for her honest opinion. (Husband went first time.) It's official. 325 textured round Sientra under muscle. That's the ticket. I'm a 36 C-- now. I'm bigger than B but not by much. I want to be full C or very small D but no bigger. 325 should look about like 300 which, after compression under muscle, will be a little over 1 cup size bigger than I am now. Perfect. I'm very happy. I feel so comfortable with their recommendations and my choice. Can't wait!

Due for my period the day of surgery! Nooooooooo!

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to manage this? I will likely get my period the day of or after surgery. Will I be able to use a tampon? Or will that literally be too difficult to do? There's only so much I can ask my husband to do. lol

I did it!!

Surgery yesterday. Sientra 325 textured mod + was out of stock. Bummer. So I wound up with a 300. Hoping I won't regret that. But 350 was the other option and I'm already a small c and i was afraid to go too big. And I couldnt reschedule. The anesthesiologist was fantastic. Dr Wolfe was professional and comforting. The nurses were so kind. I felt well cared for. The pain was intense when I left but 2 oxycodone back at the hotel fixed me right up. This morning I felt so great I went out to the mall for a bit. Mistake. I'm hurting pretty bad again. So don't do that. Rest a full 2 days. They look swollen and a little uneven which I'm sure is a normal.

Day 3

Hurts more on right. Dr says thats pretty common. One is often more tender than the other. Let people help. My husband took everything out of reach so I couldn't lift a full glass of water while laying down. Or reach for stuff and strain. Also keep honey on hand. Scratchy throat post op was instantly soothed by tea with honey. And I have zero appetite so warm flat bread with honey was perfect.

Day 4

Weaning off pain meds. Hurts but not like b4. Just tightness. No agony. Swelling seems to be evening out. Hope they don't get smaller. Still hoping it don't regret missing those meager 25ccs.

Also here's a tip: zippers r awesome buttons suck on pain meds. And buy a second bra so u can always have a clean one. :)

Best bra during recovery??

Can someone help suggest some good recovery bras? My surgical bra is good but I'd like a different kind, maybe 2 more so I can always have a clean one. I looked on Amazon and its overwhelming. There's like a million kinds. These new boobies feel heavy so I am not yet comfortable with nothing on. Thanks ????

One week

Removed the plastic film covering incisions. Kinda scary and gross, I almost fainted. But wow they look like they're healing nicely. Took pic b4 applying steri strips.

8 days post feeling pretty strong

I cleaned the house today. Couldn't push a vacuum but I could swiffer. Couldn't carry laundry baskets but could use machines and able to change sheets. Light pulling like opening fridge ok. But no pushing, not even a soap dispenser. But stopped narcotics. Staying active in short bursts. Still not very hungry. Random stabbing pains from nerves healing. I have feeling in both nipples. I find myself lightly squeezing or touching them a lot. Even in public lol. But they're a little tender and that seems to make me feel better. Still sleeping upright. Tried to sleep "elevated" and I had a ton of breast pain in the morning. Upright seems to still be best. Can't wait til I can exercise again.


A problem I noticed right away was I couldn't open the refrigerator, it felt like a bank vault. so I looped a dish towel through the handle, gripped both sides with my hands and just leaned my weight back. Voila. Open door. Felt like a total genius and had to share. lol

2 weeks.

I think the right is still a little bigger. And I like that one better. So when they even up I hope they don't wind up smaller than what I'm seeing on the left. When they drop and fluff does that happen? Oh and I stuck a little strip on a spot where a suture looks a bit fragile. But overall I'm amazed how fast they heal. I wonder when I can apply vitamin e or anything on the scars. Anyone know?

I think the implants relaxed overnight

So I'm not sure if anyone is even reading my updates, but I know when I was curious and afraid of doing this I scavenged for any info I could get. SO. Interesting thing happened. First 2 weeks I just felt tight and very very firm/hard from the swelling. The discomfort came from mostly that and occasionally the incisions, but mostly just feeling like they were heavy and tight way up high. Once I could start Alieve at 2 weeks that really helped and the swelling quickly decreased and my discomfort changed. I've had full sensation in my nipples from the get go so every time I got cold (I live in Colorado so that happens a lot) the skin tightening pulled on the tape, which sucks big time. Fri (my last pic) was 2 weeks, today is 17 days. I swear it feels like the implant relaxed and started to settle overnight. Between yesterday and today they feel very different. I am seeing slight roundness at the sides where there wasn't before and they don't feel tight, but they feel distinctly different. A little heavy and instead of feeling pain near the pec attachment/armpit now I feel it lower in the pectoral slightly below the rounded tops. Just super different. In a single day. Again, amazed how fast things heal and change. I was able to do hair a full 8 hours today with little or no discomfort. At first blow drying was just impossible and the narcotics made me turn someone smurf blue. yeah, don't do math on Percocet. Turns out it really does affect your mental ability. lol Anyway, I'll post another pic in a few days at week 3. Seems redundant to do daily after that first week.

Week 3

Still changing everyday. Interesting that the right side started out more swollen and looked more traumatized yet the areola & scarring seems to be healing prettier or faster than left. Looking forward to final result. Hoping to provide reassurance to anyone as freaked out as I was during research phase.

One month down

Still don't feel like myself. I think all the pills (which now is alieve 2x a day and Tylenol mid day) are making me feel toxic. I never expected that. I still don't want to work out. Shocking since I'm a freak about training. And my implants feel heavy and tender/sore. I'm very aware of them. Can't sleep on my side yet. And can't go without the alieve or Tylenol yet. Still can't find a comfortable bra either. But I'm not complaining. Just updating. I definitely I felt feel the weight difference between my own tissue and the silicone. I'm using coloidal silver and 2 oils together on my scars (couple drops of each). Seems to be working nicely. I posted a pic of that too.

Spitting a stitch. Now what?

Everything was healing just fine and all of a sudden I now have a red spot and a spitting stitch on my left side. This was the spot I kept tape on after 2 weeks because it looked fragile so I'm not surprised at 5 weeks it's working it's way out. But I'm not sure what to do. Is it ok or should I worry about infection?

5 weeks a little bummed out.

Here's the 5 week post up. They seem lower, a little smaller. I have a spitting stitch that worries me a little and I'm not loving them right now. But I know they will change a lot before they are done. I have a textured implant so I doubt it will move much more. I really hope they don't get lower and I'm starting to wish I'd gotten the extra 25ccs we planned on.

6 weeks

Still settling. But I think it's almost there.

7 weeks

Feels almost normal but I still swell a little after working on my feet all day and I'm still a bit hard and tender first thing in the morning. Otherwise I don't notice them much. Can't wait til they feel like a part of me.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

Best surgeon I could've ever wanted. Professional, knowledgeable, experienced. He has an impressive education and had an easy manner about him. I never once felt awkward or embarassed. The nursing staff were excellent and so caring. The anesthesiologist was reassuring and clearly knows his stuff. I woke up with no nausea or issues. I felt 100% safe and I trusted Dr Wolfe implicitly to know exactly what I would need to get me the result I wanted. A lift is tricky but lift and implant is even trickier. I'm only on day 4 and am already ecstatic. I've recommended him to my mom, 3 girlfriend's and 2 clients. I interviewed 2 surgeons in Beverly Hills and one in Utah. No comparison. Wolfe blew them away. Hands down. This is your guy.

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