32 Year Old, 5'6",135, 12 BWD, 2 kids Sientra 385 HP- Golden, CO

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Getting nervous. Pre-op is May 27th. Dr. Vath has...

Getting nervous. Pre-op is May 27th. Dr. Vath has such a phenomenal reputation. I am glad that I chose him. I am still torn between the 355cc and 385cc. I am also torn between mod or high profile. I am sure he will help me make the decision on Friday. I will add my before pictures on Friday. I have been looking at all the before and after pics on real self. I am so excited this site exists!

Pre-op Done!

I love Dr. Vath and his team! I walked in nervous with so many questions, and left feeling confident with all of my questions answered. He even impressed my husband. (Which is hard to do... He doesn't like doctors.) I decided to do the 385 HP. Why HP? The width is slightly smaller, and I liked the look better. He flat out stated that there really wasn't any difference between all of the widths with Sientras. We are talking millimeter differences. I am ready for my surgery on June 10th. I think ten days from work should be plenty of recovery time. I am nervous and excited; however, I know I am in great hands. I will post my pre op pics soon.

Today is the Big Day!!

Preparing my bag and getting last minute chores done. My surgery is as 2:50 today. I am going so long without food and water! I attached some before photos. According to Voctoria's Secret, I am a 34B. I am honestly nervous about my choice of implant. I feel like I am going to be too big. I went with the Sientra 385cc HP round textured implants. I really liked the 355. I was advices to go up since you lose a little when it goes under the muscle. I am also getting a lift. Plus, it's only 30cc which is about half a shot glass. Also, the difference in projection between the 385 mod and 385 Hp was negligible. I went HP because the width was slightly smaller which I liked. My BWD is 12. When I got above a 12.5, I felt that I started to look fat. Here it goes! Wish me luck!!

I'm on the Other Side

The whole situation went off without a glitch. They gave me some versed while I was in the pre-op room. Apparently, I was talking up a storm. I have no recollection of what the discussions were about. I then woke up in the PACU. aright ladies l have to go. Drugs are kicking in. I will post more offer my shower.

Oh the Pain and Tightness

First night I set my alarm to wake up every 4 hours to take my Percocet. I can take up to two every 4-6 hours. Omg at hour 4, the pain is unbearable. I can barely move. I can only take the Valium every 6 hours (according the the label.) I have heard the first few days are the worst part. I believe it. Hopefully, I will be able to start sleeping through the night soon. I feel like a mom with and infant getting up so much at night!

Update now that I am not loopy!

The entire experience with Dr. Vath and his team was perfect. I have hard veins specially when I am dehydrated. They stuck me three times. Not a big deal. I loved talking to them. I am pretty sure that I met every nurse on his team. The anestheologist was hilarious. I told him about a past surgery where I woke up combative. I was told to tell all anesthesiologists this. They gave me versed. I have no recollection of anything happening from the nurse pushing the drug up until I was rolled out of the OR. I have had no neusea whatsoever. They gave me Percocet because I can handle Oxy. I think morning boob is the worst! I set my alarm to wake me up every four house to take pain killers which helped tremendously. My husband has been a godsend! Oh and the bloat. It isn't incomfortable. I just notice it. Still not hungry. Living off of crackers, water, and jello. So excited to tak a shower his evening and get a peek. I will Post those pictures! My biggest concern at the moment is that none of my suits are going to fit. I am an executive and my first day on the job is Monday the 27th. It gives me two full weeks to heal. Does anyone know where I can buy work clothes for big boobs and a small waist? I appreciate your help!

Day 1 Post op Pictures. Dr. Vath is an artist!

I am waiting to bath until this evening per
The doctor; however I wanted to take a peek. I was nervous. I am absolutely floored at how great the look. I am so glad that after 8 years of looking for a plastic surgeon, I found him. If you are in another state, it will be worth the flight to see him!

Today was the worst for pain

Seriously. I would rather have another baby. (Kidding). My surgery was Friday and today is Sunday. I have been getting sharp shooting pains in in my right breast. It helps to rub it though. I was advised not to massage due to lift, but I am not pushing anywhere near the incisions. It makes it feel a lot better. I am
Weaning myself off of the Percocet. I hope to be just on extra strength Tylenol no later than Tuesday. Tried to only do one Percocet today, but hubby didn't like seeing me in so much pain. I need to be patient. I hate taking drugs and feeling loopy. One day at a time. I am going to post weekly pictures so that I can see the difference.

3 Days Update

I feel so much better this morning. Boobs still look great. I can't wait for them to soften up. Arnicare Gel is my new best friend. I keep it away from my incisions; however, my side boob and upper pole get sore. Arnicare helps so much. Morning boob is no joke. I woke up at 3 am in pain. It was way past time for pain meds so I took a Percocet. I am going to talk to my doc today to see if I can switch to Tylenol to get off the Percocet. I highly suggest making your sleeping area comfy. I have been sleeping like a baby. I have attached pictures. I have a chaise lounge from American Furniture Warehouse as well as the cabeau luxury neck pillow (Amazon). The neck pillow is only $40. I took it on my trips to Italy and Israel. I have been waking up rested. I highly recommend it. I attached some pictures. I also have a foot warmer and a really cozy blanket. It's all about comfort. I hope this helps. :) My left is still slightly high, but I know once the swelling goes down, it will be fine. I feel someone flat chested right now. I think it is because my pec muscle still hasn't relaxed. I hope to see some dropping and fluffing soon :)

6 Days Post Op

Oh morning boob how I hate thee. I have my one week follow up tomorrow. I am going to ask for a different muscle relaxant other than Valium. I take one of those, and I sleep for 3 hours. I have been given metaxalone in the past for back issues, and it doesn't make you sleepy nor is it addictive. It is what my primary care provider usually prescribes to police officers...etc so they can take it on the job. I'm wondering if it would work to relax my pec muscles. I have a little more energy every day. Hubby took me out on a date yesterday. We just went to dinner. I was exhausted afterward. I am so glad I took ten days off of work. There is NO way I could manage going back after 5 days like some women I know. Nothing has really changed in regards to breast shape/size...etc. The swelling comes and goes. I have textured implants. According to my PS, they aren't going to "drop." I think they are in the perfect spot already. I need another bra today. I go back to work on Monday, but I think I am going to work from home. To have a little extra time to adjust.

9 days post op

The pictures are from my one week post op. I was able to do it over the phone, and I emailed the pictures to the nurse. I will have my visit with Dr. Vath at my one week mark. I got measured the other day. I was 34DDD. I am a little swollen. I see them being no smaller than a DD when all is said and done. I look FANTASTIC in clothes. My breasts make me look thinner which is why I went with HP. The width was closer to my BWD, and I have more projection and less side boob. Can't say enough great things about Dr. Vath!

Woke up today... NO MORNING BOOB!!

I feel like I am going to jinx myself by writing this, but this morning was a good morning!

10 days post

So the tape is starting to come off a little. I am making sure it is coming off on its own. What I see under it is amazing. Just around my areola. You can't even see a scar. I don't want to ruin anything. I bout some soft sports bras today at Macy's as well as some new suits. I am still a little swollen. More in my left than my right (I am left handed.) it isn't really noticable. My left nipple has started burning. Apparently this is a sign that sensation is coming back. Nerves are reconnecting..... Well. It sucks. I posted some pictures of me in a tank top and sports bra. I love the profile... My husband really loves the profile!

A little nervous

I posted some pictures. My left is still swollen and my right is going down. I hope my right doesn't go down much more. The tape is peeling. I like what I see under there :)

Had some fun today butt he girls aren't happy with me!

Remove the rest of the tape this morning. Nice thin flat lines!!! My skin reacted to the adhesive on the tape. The burning is unbearable. I used tea tree oil on the adhesive parts to remove the rest of the sticky stuff left behind. I bought Neosporin and gauze per my physician's recommendation for some of the open wounds. They are barely open, but I have zero desire to get an infection.

I had a blast at Target today buying bathing suits. I posted the two that I bought. Never in my life have I been able to wear a string bikini!!! Thank you Dr. Vath!

Looking a little better

My left is still bigger than my right, but I think it may still be swollen. Everything is healing nicely. I know this isn't the final look and they will continue to change over the next couple of months. Even if they don't, I am ok with that too! I am left handed. My left has always been a little bigger. I have been using tea tree oil on my rash as well as when they are dry and itch. I am using Neosporin on my scars and scabs and covering with gauze. Still wearing surgical bra as much as possible.

Small opening

So I really started to worry yesterday when my incision on my right breast reopened. I treated with a triple antibiotic and gauze per my PS recommendation. It started ooze yellow stuff and had a white blister looking thing forming on it. I called and sent them pics, and they explained that this is completely normal. Made me feel so much better! Still loving them. Morning boob is practically gone. I can lay on my right side better than my left. The random swelling that used to occur doesn't happen much anymore. 3 weeks post op yesterday.

3 weeks yesterday

Starting to soften. They still look different, but I know they are still healing. I am left handed so my left breast has always been bigger. My right breast is still tight. I think in the next few weeks I will see it start to relax a little more.

Breasts are softening

YAY!! Haven't swelled lately either.

Four weeks today

I still have a spitting suture on my right breast which is why it isn't covered by scar strips. I have my one month appt with my surgeon next Wednesday. If it isn't more healed by then, I am sure he will handle it. No more morning boob since about week 3ish. They have softened dramatically. I love them more every day!

Update on scars

So I removed the scar strips yesterday and was upset by what I saw. My skin looked pockmarked. I left them off overnight and the marks were gone this morning. My scars are definitely lighter. On my right side, there are small patches where the redness is going away. I am going to continue to use them.

1 month post op appt today

All is well. I am cleared to exercise and do whatever for the most part. Have I mentioned that I adore my surgeon? He is awesome. I can't say enough great things.

Added a photo. I am enjoying my new profile :)

Got some underwire bras today

I am so happy with my results. I am a 34 D or a 36 D.... I tried a 34 DD. It fit well, but I want the cleavage ;)

To me, bra size doesn't matter because there isn't any consistency. It's like women's pant sizes. A size 4 at one store is a size 6 at another. It's silly. It's all about how they look in the shirt. I had fun picking these out at Macy's with my husband today. VS had a line that wrapped around the store. They had a giant sale going on so we went elsewhere. These babies were on sale for $29 per. Great thing about have a lift and augmentation is that your boobs look great in everything! Your boobs will pay for themselves in the long run because you won't have to buy expensive bras! ????


They are squishy and I can push them together.

5 weeks 4 days post op

Loving them more and more. I ran for the first time since the surgery today. No pain. It just felt weird. I doubled up on the bras. My PS said I didn't have to. He said just wear a supportive one. I just don't want to mess anything up. Going to weight lift tonight. Probably won't do chest ever again though. ;) scars look good too.


I am six weeks post op yesterday. I lifted my right arm this morning and noticed what looked like double bubble forming. My right breast is very sore this morning to the point that I had to take ibuprofen. I haven't done that in forever. I posted to the doc board on this site to get their opinion. It is Saturday. I will definitely call Dr. Vath on Monday if it doesn't improve (both pain and drop). I am hoping I am
Just sore from sleeping wrong? I took ibuprofen for the pain and swelling.

7 week post op. Breasts settled and evened out!

I can push my boobs together and they finally settled. My nipples are high which I like. I just don't want them any higher because they will pop out of my bras. I added a pic from today and another from about 4 weeks post op. The middle photo is from 4 weeks and the other two are from today. They seem to get better every day.

8 weeks 3 days post op

My right is equal to my left. Finally! I have great symmetry. My scars are fading even though it is hard to tell in the photo. Ignore the lines on my skin. It is from my wired bra. Really enjoying clothes shopping with them. Believe it or not, I still fit into all of my small shirts. I fill them out a lot better. Some are tight on the chest, but it looks great!

Haven't Updated in awhile

The girls are doing well. The higher I raise my arms, the higher the nipples go. I like it. I am still worried about my righty. The pictures look beautiful; however, it doesn't feel right. I guess it doesn't feel like a part of me yet. It was the smaller breast and is probably taking a little more time to heal and adjust to a larger implant. I am always worried about it bottoming out, but we used textured implants and my ps didn't mess with my fold so there should be no concern. When I touch the bottom of my breast, I can feel the implant on my right side, but not on my left.

My scars are at their angriest; however, there is just a red line there. No actual scar tissue. No bumps. It is cool and strange all at the same time. I really think there will be no noticeable scar there in a few months. Underneath is a different story. I am not too concerned about the scars under my breasts though.

I have boobie greed every now and again; however, I would rather be able to add some padding and look huge or leave them in a regular bra and tone them down a bit as opposed to being huge all the time. You can't make giant boobs look smaller, but you can make normal boobs look huge. They are perfect for my frame. Now to tone up and get into shape. :)

17 weeks post op

17 weeks post op

6 months and perfect!

Scars are fading fast. I would rather have scars and perky breasts thank no scars with saggy boobs. They look perfect! Exactly what I wanted!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

It took me 8 years to find a PS that could do a lift that actually looked fantastic. I struggled to tell the difference between the before and after pictures with other surgeons. Dr. Vath knows what he is doing, and I would trust him with any procedure. His staff are kind and caring. They put me at ease.

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