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Hi, I am 54 years old and have scheduled a BL with...

Hi, I am 54 years old and have scheduled a BL with a BA on 10-3-13. Many times I have questioned my decision but the procedure is paid for so here I go...
I wanted this procedure years ago but my husband was against it. He passed away a few years ago and i am getting on with my life and decided now was the time.
I will be flying to Denver on Tuesday 10-1-13 to give myself time to settle in before the surgery and get all the things I need.
My sister will fly in on the 2nd to be with me the day of my surgery.
I chose Dr. Vath because of his experience, reviews, and the pictures on the website. So in July I sent his office photos and scheduled a phone consultation. Dr. Vath was so easy to talk to and I liked him instantly. I also trust him to give me the natural look I am hoping for.
I had one consultation before I spoke to Dr. Vath and was not comfortable with the PS. I did extensive Internet research considering Doctors in Minnesota, Chicago, and even North Carolina. I think Dr. Vath will do a wonderful job.
I am now a small 34B and am hoping for a large C to D cup. I have a small chest area and am I cannot go too large and look natural. I chose silicone implants because I want to avoid the ripple affect and I have been told they feel more natural.
I am in great shape for my age. I will miss my exercise program and other activities...but I know I will be back to normal in no time. I worry about overdoing because I live alone, and am very independent and prefer to do things myself.
I am nervous..this is surgery!

Leaving today!

Took the time to download some photos before I go. All I have are full frontals because i was considering a tummy tuck at one time.
Headed for the airport!
Surgery is only 2 days away....

Surgery was @ 7:00 am October 3rd/recovery on the 4th.

Sore but not excruciating.. And no nausea. Today I get to will be my first look at the girls. I went with 325 cc. Size should be close to a 36C..I was a small b cup before.
Dr. Vath and his staff are just wonderful! Kari helped me pick my new boob size and Jen answered all my preop and postop questions. kathy and Mary were so helpful in op prep and operating room.
Dr. Vath said it went so well I could head for home today if I want.
My sis and I went for a short walk yesterday was a beautiful day! Maybe today we will take a taxi to the mall and do some shopping.

Going home tomorrow!

Had postop appt with Dr. Vath today and he said everything looks great! Steri strips to come off in 3 weeks and boob massage at 4 weeks. Low impact exercise can be started at week 2.
Will update pics when I get home.
I was done with meds 2 days ago. My boobs feel tight but not super uncomfortable.
Trying to relax here because once I am home it might be easy to overdo...

6 days postop

Hey girls I've been promising some photos. I am home...the flight home was tiring and long. Hopefully I did not overdo.
At first my boobs looked humungous...but now I have to say they are shrinking or I am getting used to them. I was a saggy 34B before...had a lift with 325cc moderate plus
Here are the pics...


Dr. Vath does not recommend massage until 4 weeks and no incision cream...steri strips come off at 3 weeks.
I think my incisions look great so far....

slept with sports bra!

Had a great night last night as far as sleeping..sometimes I can lay on my side. I put this sports bra on about 6 days ago and had to take off after an boobs ached. Feels great today and slept in it all night.
Boobs are dropping ... hopefully not too fast! That can be a worry at my age but I am very happy with them and consider it a VAST IMPROVEMENT.
Also as I've heard from others...some of my discomfort comes from the post op's good support but very irritating to my nipples.

3 weeks+

Hi all..
Just a quick update on my BA/BL. Went back to work at 2-1/2 weeks..was hard but I made it. Transferred to another area that was easier for about 3 days so that helped.
Started exercising at 2 weeks...longer walks (at a faster pace-I had walked some during the 1st 2 weeks but very slow-I'm sure I looked all and + my age while I was and some leg exercises-squats, lunges, etc... It was amazing how sore the breasts got from the leg exercises even though it was very low impact..literally no impact...maybe it is caused by the slight bend in the upper body during the squats. I always wore my post surgery bra...did not trust a sports bra for support.

Boobs are dropping as you will probably see from the photographs and I feel spreading apart---unfortunately I do not have any room for that to happen...i do not have any cleavage and too much side boob already. The boobs appear to be dropping more on the outside of the breast than on the center..???...really don't like it...but not much can be done at this point. Maybe it was something I did wrong during the 1st 2 weeks..?? can't be sure.

Will have post op at 4 weeks..will ask the question(s) then..maybe i can help someone else with the same problem.

My PS said I can remove the steri-strips at 3 sisters who are nurses think I should just let them fall off if they are not irritating my skin. The steri-strips under the crease came off during my showers and were helped by my boobs dropping. The incisions look pretty good. I am more concerned about the vertical and nipple incisions...hopefully they will be flatter. My PS does not recommend any scar creams..he says they are a waste of money. I find that seems that everyone on this website uses strips or cream.

I can start massage at 4 weeks..just one movement...push in to the center...horizontal move. No vertical moves..

My right breast feels very normal most of the time..still have a weird jiggle in my left breast..around the nipple...weird sensation to say the least. Again..not sure what's going on...

I am posting pics in swimsuit that I took a few months before surgery when I started I could see before and after the workout pics. I was glad I had them so I can see the results of the BA/BL with some clothing. Used the same background for a good comparison.

Not supercrazy about my BA (lift is ok) at this time..sometimes I wish I would have done the lift first. i know i would have been flat but then I could have used the 3D computer imaging to decide which implant (or no implant) was best for me. I was told you cannot use the computer imaging if you need a lift...

Also I'm sure anyone looking at my pre-op pics knows it's an improvement..just not sure it's worth 10K...think I ought to LOVE it for that price.

Just thankful that I am healthy and haven't had any serious complications...even tho I did not get my 'dream boobs.'

Oh..just a side note. All preop pics are done with pads in swimsuit top..think you guys call them "cutlets"..cute lol. All post op pics are with no padding...could not push them together anyway at this point so they would not help. My boobs are still not very squishy.
Also the black mark between my boobs is to show where my crease line is located...

breast incisions..crease..not too bad (dried blood washed off the next shower)

Hoping that my verticals and nipple incisions will be fairly flat..

Post and preop in the flesh...

Here are some more comparisons....

couple more swimsuit pics

Not that I am so proud of them..just trying to help someone else who has a pigeon chest.


Hey forgot to note that I do not blame my PS for my dissatisfaction with my results...he is a wonderful surgeon..very competent.

Need help finding cleavage enhancing bra with no underwire..

Hi ...anyone know where I can find a bra that helps with cleavage but does not have underwire. I am cleared to do massage-inward only- and I think a good bra would help too. will post 4 weeks pics in a couple of days. steristrips are off and my vertical and areola incisions look great :-D

5 weeks tomorrow!

Cannot believe it..time is flying by since I have returned to work. The girls are still dropping..not sure if I like that very well. But still have some perkiness there. I had a busy weekend having fun.. so I am still catching up on my 'to-do-list'. Exercising some..not enough lower abs need a lot of help. Have some stupid food cravings..mostly junk. Wonder if it is a side affect of the surgery..mental anguish lol. At the 6 week mark I am cleared for everything ... ThenI will have no excuse not to 'hit it hard'.
I am looking forward to the day when I do not have any thoughts about my BA/
Will be posting 4-1/2 week photos. I will do the 5 week later today.

4-1/2 weeks

Favorite website for BA/BL information

This is a GREAT website for information. I wanted him to do my surgery..sent photos but he never replied...maybe it went to junk mail

Good information about different chest walls..pigeon, etc...

This article explains the different chest types .... that determines how much cleavage one will have after breast surgery. Of course an experienced surgeon can possibly modify for any problem...

6 weeks tomorrow!

Cannot believe it will be 6 weeks since I had my BA/BL. I feel really good. Only problem I have is I am not comfortable (long term) in most of the sports bras I have bought. I like the med support champion sports bra (green one in earlier photos) and my post op bra. My incisions are healing well. Started using scar creams. Broke down and bought the Mederma and also bought some cocoa butter to mix with lavender oil. Good for scar massage...
Had my phone post op with Dr. Vath yesterday.
Can I wear underwire bras?
Cleared for any bra I want to wear.
Will I drop more?

6 weeks continued...

Don't understand what i did but my update posted before I was ready..

Will I drop more?
Yes...the breasts will drop some elasticity, size of the implants etc. are all factors. (not too happy with dropping some more...but I would like to see a shape change)
When can I have a mammogram (due in Dec)?
Any time (yikes!!!) but I may want to wait 3 months ( I would think so...I am feeling really good but not ready for the torture

Also I am cleared for all activities...I'm sure my body will be the only

Forgot to ask him if he over-sizes the breast pockets (helps for CC) and will pushups (on the toes) cause my implants to push even further out to the sides..darn!

Then we moved on to the subject I needed to discuss. Told him that I was not thrilled with my breast surgery. Expressed that I wished I would have had the lift and then decided whether or not to have implants. He was very surprised...he thought my breasts looked great. He said that I would have not had any upper pole fullness w/o the implants so he did not think I would have been happy with that option either.
I made it very clear to him that I knew that my "pigeon" chest wall was the main reason my breasts looked strange and that I thought he did a wonderful job on the surgery and the incisions.
I said maybe I picked the wrong profile..I do think I have too much side boob. He said the breasts sit in one place on the chest wall and the profile would not have made a huge difference.
He told me that I will need a pushup bra to obtain cleavage (did not have the heart to tell him that even Victoria can't push me together at this point
He said he wants me to be happy with my surgery and that he will do whatever it takes to make it right for me...such a great doctor. I will schedule an appointment in Golden in about 4 months time and we will proceed from there.
He said that there will still be some changes as they drop so it's best to wait. I totally agree. I would never consider a revision or an explant until 6 months+.

On the bright boyfriend thinks they are great. Recently he reminded me that pre surgery I said I wanted some side boob to balance out my body and make my waist appear smaller. he is exactly right. My boy friend also told me I should have listened to him and had them placed under my
I guess I thought after breast surgery I would have some inner boob ..not all outer boob..but maybe it's just not possible for me without extensive reconstruction and I won't go there.

So girls that's the post op recap in a nutshell. Now I will go on with my life..tired of this boob obsession.. taking up way too much of my time. And do any activity and exercise to my heart's content. I guess I don't care if pushups move the breasts out to the side..I will do them anyway. I want the rest of my body to be heck with my boobs (too bad about the cost of 10k). the boobs will have to sit on the sideline until I decide what to do. Hopefully I will fall in love with them at some point.

Thanks to all of my RS friends for your wonderful support.
I have so many things to be thankful for: A healthy body, sound mind (lol) and no surgery complications as far as healing, etc. And my incisions look great!

Happy healing to those of you still in recovery.

I will post a few pics..don't think there are very many changes even tho I am still breasts still look the same to me.

Post op photos at about 5-1.2 weeks with a dark background

Here are picks with the original background as's a cheater because it makes my skin look great...except for the 'scrunch' photos...I think I was getting very cold. I had just worked the night shift and only slept for 3 hours....
I like to take the incision photos in bright daylight..which is what I posted the incisions are not affected by false light.

correction for above update----5-1/2 weeks and pictures not picks..ugh..

I made some typos...sure there are more..

post dates are not right

Hi gals...don't know why my edits say '1 month post'. My surgery was October 3rd.

Links for scar massage..utube

I forgot to post 2 links about scar massage ... sent to me from my niece. (she has experience with scarring..due to a car accident years ago.) Some of it does not apply to breasts..but TT's will definitely benefit.

Additional comments from my niece:
"It is probably best to lay down while massaging instead of sitting up. I
think you'll have easier access to the tissue that way. You might have
to massage with just the opposite hand. I had a mole removed on one breast
and found that to be easiest. I also recommend doing some massage with the
same arm up, like when doing a self breast exam. I feel like there could be
adhesions that would be notable in that position that you wouldn't notice
with your arm down."

Hope this helps .... for anyone struggling with scarring. I do feel some scar protrusions on the vertical..but it does not seem to show.

One more thing...

Hey it's me again..I am 'crowding' it all into one session because I will be not around for a while. Serious about getting on with my life.
I (and others) have wondered why everyone looks so different after surgery? Some have to use a band or worry about dropping where others look like they dropped 1st day after surgery? Obviously age, skin elasticity, size and profile of implant, lots of lower pole, and chest wall profile all are a factor in this.. but I was wondering if some of it is due to the size of the implant pocket. I for one feel like my pockets were over-sized. That supposedly helps for CC complications. I read about this on this website months ago:

Just a thought...not a fact. I forgot to ask my PS if he over-sized mine.

Dr. Vath did a wonderful job. The medical facility and staff is "A-one".

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