26YO, Athletic, 125lbs, 5'5", No Kids, A to B, Natural Looking Implants (235cc smooth round under muscle) - Golden, CO

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Hi, Ladies! I can't thank all of you enough for...

Hi, Ladies! I can't thank all of you enough for being willing to share your stories here. It's been so helpful to read the reviews and recoveries. I think I have realistic expectations of the surgery and recovery.

I went in for my consultation and I have to admit, all sizers seem quite large. Part of this is because, well, my breasts are currently quite small. It'll take some getting used to. I tried on 210cc and 235cc. Even though these visually appear nearly identical in the 3D imaging, the 235 felt HUGE! I have broad shoulders and a very athletic build. I worry a lot that whatever size I go with, won't look believable or natural. I thought I had settled on 210cc. I've come to realize from looking at reviews, more important than the CCs of the implants is how natural they look. At this point, I'm comfortable telling my surgeon to use his best judgement the day of surgery.

I work with my family at our very small business (9 employees, 4 are family - My parents and my husband). I want to make the surgery as discrete as possible. As such, my husband and I are taking a week off for "vacation." Additionally, we're thinking of moving our business to another state. This must be kept quiet and only between the family. My husband and I need to take a trip out of state for some business research. We've opted to combine the recovery time with the trip out of state and call it all "vacation" to avoid raising too many questions.

My surgery is scheduled for a Monday and we fly Wednesday night, returning Sunday. The flight is only two hours. Although traveling so soon might seem like not the best idea.. We have a puppy at home that is 8 months old, 70lbs and pretty rambunctious. Spending the time out of state means there's no puppy around to jump on me or pull me around on the end of his leash. I'm also off work for the entire week - no strenuous activity, probably won't even have to do much cooking, my husband is off with me the entire time to help whenever I need it, no puppy around, we can research a new business location, and no one at work knows the wiser.

I do worry about being nauseous on the plane. It seems to be a common side effect with the pain medication. I hope to only be on tylenol/ibuprofen by Wednesday. The implants I would like are not very big, which I hope mean the recovery will be quick and less painful. Any thoughts are appreciated! I've included some pictures of my current size. I'll include some other ones in various tops/bras and the vectra imaging a little later on.

Vectra Scans

Hey again. I finally got my scanner to do what I wanted. They gave me print outs of the images.. I was hoping they would email them, but oh well. Here they are. One is 210cc and the other is 235cc. They look nearly identical. We decided to go with the 235. The coordinator said that they do tend to feel a bit smaller once implanted. I cannot get these photos to stop rotating when I upload.. I'm sorry.

Few Hours Post-Op

Hey hey. I'm just a few hours post op and feeling great. I just hope I continue to feel great. I haven't taken a Percocet yet but I think the anesthesia and what not is still in my system. I'm hoping to forego the Percocet all together, but I think that's being quite ambitious. I did take a valium just before leaving the office which I think should've kicked in by now. I'm not too sleepy though. Anyway.. here's the sneak peak snap shots.

One more thing..

My surgery was at 1pm today and it's 4:30pm now. I think they'll start to swell a bit more, but I'm happy with the size they are now. I wanted a very natural look and believable size and I think my surgeon has done a great job.

Bit More Details from Day One

Well good morning. It occurred to me that I didn't go into much detail yesterday about how I was actually feeling. I was able to shake off most of the tired feeling from the anesthesia within about an hour from waking up. The feeling is exactly as many have described here, muscle tighness and heavy chested. The muscle tightness is just like you hit the gym hard with an isolated chest day. I did take a valium as I left the office around 230pm (Surgery was at 1pm). I made it home and was wide awake (in bed on a wedge pillow) and just took it easy. I was due for my next valium at 830pm but was feeling well enough to wait until about 10 when we went to sleep for the nigh. No percocet yet! Knock on wood, right??

I did some GENTLE stretching by putting my arms out to the side, elbows bent, until I felt a little stretch.. took a few deep breathes to settle in and relax until no more stretch was felt.. then worked to put my arms out straight, just a little at a time. Same with movng my arms overhead. I think taking deep breathes really helped as well since at the bottom of each breath you get a bit of stretch. It helped me get rid of the heavy chest feeling by the end of the night.

Now For Day Two

I'm up and feeling great. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. I felt a bit more tight than the day before. It didn't occur to me to take another valium since it was tighter but not in pain. I went back to bed and woke up this morning with slightly less tightness than yesterday. Hopefully the rest of the healing goes this well! I'll post a few more pictures after I'm able to shower.

Additional Details that Might be Useful

I have to wear compression socks for three days. Otherwise, there's nothing special - no drains or anything. Just the socks and my follow up in a week.

Day Two Just About Over

Day two was smooth. I took a valium around 7 or so just in case today would get worse and did well all day. I didn't need any percocet at all today. I did just take another valium since I'm just about headed to bed. I am very slowly and carefully working my mobility and stretching the muscle. I've been careful not to stretch too far over head because it can stretch the incision. Every once and a while I get a slight twinge of pain but it's very short lived and not too sharp. I think I could've made it all day without the valium. I did get out of the house for a few hours today with no problems. Anyway, I'll update tomorrow with another set of pictures. I'll try to post some every day.

Pictures from this morning

Forgot to post these with the update this morning. I'll have another set tomorrow morning.

Morning of Day Three

I feel much less stiff in the chest. My breasts are softer to the touch because the swelling has come down some. The size hasn't changed much, just the fitness to the touch. My muscle tightness is almost gone. My range of motion isn't quite there though! I feel a little tenderness at the incisions but only if I move my arms too far back or run my fingers over them. I'll take a few more pictures after a shower. I think because the implants are pretty small, they weren't sitting all that high to begin with so they don't have such a long distance to drop. They still have to come down some, but I'm hoping it won't take long. I'll keep all my medications on me for the next couple weeks, but I don't think I'll be taking them. I'm so shocked I made it through with no percocet. I feel like I was able to avoid the worst of the recovery without it (fogginess, nauceousness, bloating and constipation). I did take a valium before leaving the office after surgery, one before bed that night, one yesterday morning and a final one before bed last night. I did switch to a different bra sports yesterday, not because if comfort, but because you couldn't see it out the top of the button up shirt I wore.

Pictures for Day Three

Here's the pictures from this morning. I consider the day of surgery as day one. So yesterday was day two, but one day post op. Today is day three, two days post op. I know these pictures are get redundant, so I'll probably post my next set of pictures closer to one week post op unless anyone would like to see the daily updates.

One Week Post Op

Hi Ladies. I had my one week post op appointment this morning. They said that still have a little to drop and will continue to soften. I can start massaging since they are smooth round. She said there's no right or wrong way to do it, you just want to move it around in the pocket. Here's a recap of the recovery over the last week:
0-2 days post op: Swollen and tight. The muscles were very tight and the skin as well because of the swelling. I could get up and move around with no problems. I didn't need any pain medication, just took a valium before bed. I had numbness, but not complete numbness. Just the sensation of touching my breasts was dull.
2-5 days: swelling reduces, some muscle tighness. My skin wasn't quite so tight because the swelling had gone down. My breasts are softer as well because of the reduced swelling. Again, no pain medication needed, just a valium before bed to help keep from feeling so stiff in the morning. Still have some numbness in the breasts.
5-8 days: I feel nearly back to normal. The incisions have started to hurt a little, but not much. Gotta say.. my nipples have turned from dull numbness to hyper sensitive. All normal stuff, but there would be times during the last day or two when I could swear I felt the individual nerves firing! I've been taking my bra off at the end of the day to help relieve this some.

All in all, it's been great! Like magic, I have bigger breasts! I'll upload a set of pictures soon.

Photos from 8 days post

Sorry for the delay. I took these and just forgot you post them. Here they are abd the scars so far!

More Pictures

Many to post these sooner! These are from March 9th.
I've been putting lotion on the scars a few times a day to try to keep the skin moisturized. I hear it helps, but the true healing will take time.

Sorry for the duplicates!

Attached are new pictures. I've been putting lotion on the scars multiple times a day. I hear keeping the skin moisturizer helps, but the real healing will take time. They told me a full year for them to fade.

I'm really happy with the results. They've softened and look and feel natural. I think I would've been really self conscious if I went bigger.

New pictures

Just another set of pictures.

One more

Denver Plastic Surgeon

It seemed like this was a routine surgery for him. He explained everything very nonchalantly, like no big deal.. just a routine procedure. He was very nice and approachable. He was also very straight forward, which I appreciated. Maybe not as delicate as others would have liked.

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