35yo, 5'6", 125 Lbs. Finally! 295cc Anatomical Unders - Golden, CO

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I've never had boobs, not ever. I remember being...

I've never had boobs, not ever. I remember being in the locker room in middle school and hoping my boobs would keep growing and look like some of the other girls'. I was always jealous of other girls bras and how pretty they were and how well they filled them out.

I've always been pretty fit, I am a runner, and I enjoy being in good shape and having muscle tone. I have always strived to make my body "proportional". Well ,that is hard when you have been given naturally muscular legs and no boobs. I am very narrow through the hips and so that's been nice because I don't feel totally unproportional there. But I've also never had "skinny legs". Both my parents have natural muscle, as do I. And I have calves. Like calves some men would be jealous of. My husband has skinny legs and we always joke we need to switch calves.
My stats: 5'6", 127 lbs. 28in ribcage, 12.2 bwd, 26 in waist, 35 in hips.

I have two little girls, ages 21 mos and 3.5 years. I breastfed both exclusively for a full 12 months. I'm not in the "oh breast feeling ruined my boobs" camp… there was never anything there to ruin. They have definitely dropped some (specifically the nipple) and the tissue is not as dense. But overall they have not really changed a whole lot. I am done having kids, I've got my pre-baby body back thanks to diet and exercise, and I just turned 35 last weekend. It's time to get myself some boobies!

I've decided on 295cc anatomical mod plus unders (mentor memory shape). I'm going with Dr. Vath in Golden, as his work is very good and right away I felt comfortable with him and he didn't try to sell me on some giant implant. I want natural fullness, mostly in the lower pole, with the option to "push up" for some cleavage if/when I desire. We immediately started looking at the 275-300cc range. I went back and forth between 280cc moderate and 295 mod+. The 295s are a tad narrower and I like that as it fits my narrow hips better. I'm not used to any side boob, and I don't real want much, so I'm going with a narrower implant. My BWD is 12.2cm, and the implants I'm getting are 11.5cm.

So Why anatomical? I'm sure thats a question as most don't choose them. Well, after looking at the #D vectra imaging, it's pretty obvious as to why I chose them. The slope is much more natural witht he teardrop. Apparently my breast shape is ideal for the anatomical implants (not much space between nipple and crease, little tissue to begin with. Dr. Vath does not push anatomicals. In most cases he does not think women need them to get a natural looking breast. But in my case he said it was worth considering, and I agreed (as did my husband, my mom and my BF). I'm hoping to appear a C cup, but I realize I may very well size out at a D given the way anatomicals tend to size bigger.

300cc sizer pictures

These are actually high profile round sizers, but were the closest in width, volume and projection as the anatomical a I'm getting. These are actually only 11.1cm wide and mine will be 11.5cm and project out about 1cm more

4 days!

So I have to say that with my two small children and my surgery being on Christmas Eve.... There are some pros and cons to this. I was originally scheduled for January but my husband is off work from 12/23-1/3 so I will have the most help during this time. I am worried about lifting my 22 month old into her crib and car seat and such.. She's not exactly petite. My surgery is at 230pm so I should be home by 5 or so which is good bc I will get to see my girls before they go to bed. My brother will be around Xmas eve to help as well. I've been so busy getting everything ready for Xmas in anticipation of being worthless after my surgery that I have hardly noticed it's so close! I have my meds filled (Valium and Percocet) and the nurse gave me a few zofran just in case bc those babies are $25/pill and I was like well I may not even need it! So I didn't want to pay all that $$ for them. That was super nice of her! I also got one of those bed rest/ reading pillows that my wiener dog has been thoroughly enjoying :) and a travel neck pillow for sleeping upright afterwards. The dr office gives me two post op bras and I bought one other super comfy one at kohls a few weeks back. I have lots of zippy sweatshirts to wear. I also have stool softeners and prune juice. I will start the stool softeners a day or two before surgery. After having a c section I know that's the way to go.

I'm having a tiny bit of boob greed... Keep thinking about the 330 Hp... But with anatomicals the projection is very very high so I think I will be fine with my 295s. I'm not too worried. I'm going from literally nothing. Even when I was pregnant and nursing my babies I maybe topped out at a very small C, but I also was not in the shape I am now, so that makes a huge difference to me. I'm usually a runner but with the weather, sick kids, and a knee injury I have been side lined quite a bit lately. So I've done some toning and weights in my basement to try to maintain. My husband is skiing in the mountains this weekend but I'm hoping to squeeze in 1-2 runs this week before my surgery. Snow should melt a lot today. Hope everyone is having fun prepping for the holidays :)

1 day PO and a a Merry Christmas! :)

So I had surgery yesterday. All went very well. Came home and slept for a couple hours then was awake for awhile while my husband and brother got all the presents out for the girls fro Xmas morning. I'm sore mostly in the armpit area and across my sternum. I can amazingly lift my arms over my head with dry little pain, if any. So my range of motion is much better than I expected. Slept pretty good. Actually had to get u and pee 3 times which is crazy. I have been taking 1 Percocet and my Valium every 6 hrs but just cut down to half a Percocet this morning. I think the Valium is helping the most. Was definitely more tight and sore this morning. But it loosened up once I got moving around. The bed rest pillow and travel neck pillow have been total game changers and allowed me to sleep well. I took a peek this morning and had my DH take some photos. Obviously high and tight, but they look pretty good for 1 day post op I think. These are 295cc mod plus anatomicals. 11.5 width. My Bwd was 12.2.

First shower

I was able to shower and wash and dry my hair all on my own which was surprising to me. I didn't think I would be able to raise my arms up let alone hold them up there long enough to do all that. So that was nice. The sides next to my boobs, almost around the back are extremely sore and extremely swollen... I look like I have giant lat muscles... So weird. My rib cage is also very sore beneath my boobs all the way to the bottom of my ribs. And the pec muscles that connect to my arm pits.It is hard to push myself up in bed I have to use all legs and abs, fortunately I can. I cut back to half a Percocet and my Valium this morning and I think that was a mistake. So I will keep at 1 and 1 of each. My tummy is a little bloated as you can see in photos, nothing too bad. I am living off Gatorade and crackers. Had my first real meal, lasagne, this afternoon and it was great. I find I tire easily and need 20-30 min naps a few times a day. My husband has been super he's currently putting away all the girls Xmas presents.

4 days post op.. Pain is dwindling

So today marks 4 days PO and in the past two days I'm down to just Tylenol and half a Valium before bed. My rib cage pain is gone and the swelling on the sides has gone way down as has the soreness. I do have some incision pain on the right but my left side is doing amazingly well. Range of motion is great! They are still hard but I do feel like they r slowly softening. I will post photos later. I think I'm gonna love them so much once they settle in!

I'm totally in love!

Here are some recent picks at 5 days post op. Only taking Tylenol and full range of movement. Right looks to be pointing out. Little more than lefty, but I feel it's more obvious in photos. If I weren't analyzing them they would look very symmetrical. Love how they look so much! And I love how I look in my clothes now.

Fun with bras!

So I went to kohls to get some more stretchy comfy bras bc the one they gave me seems to be a little tight around the arms and also comes up so high in the front I can't wear most tops without it peeking out. While there I tried on some pretty underwires. The 34c cups were not wide enough and dug in to my sides. This may changes I am still a bit swollen there. The 34D bras fit like a dream. So comfy. It's still early but I will size out as a C or D cup I would imagine, which is what I was looking for. These were Warners brand I believe.

2 weeks out.. Mondors cords but still loving them!

So I am 15 days post op. I'm pretty much back to full range of motion with no pain. I do find my incisions get sore at the end of the day sometimes. My energy level is also not quite back to where it was, but that could also be because I'm not working out like usual. I hope to get back to weights and stuff this weekend. I know I can't run until closer to 6 weeks. I felt a weird "popping" in my left boob the other day and low and behold upon inspection there is 1-2 mondors cords. They don't really hurt, just feel weird. The last two days my nipples have become hyper sensitive. Almost a burning feeling. Kind of annoying. They seem to be dropping and fluffing. The left is softening much faster than the right. I'm a smallish D/large C right now and when all is said and done I think I will be a D cup, which I'm very happy with. I was sort of terrified of ending up only a B cup with 295cc but thats obviously not happening. I'm very happy with them so far!

Bathing suit

This is my only bathing suit that still fits! And I had like 15 that I collected over the years. I bought this one when I was nursing my first baby so makes sense it would be a little bigger than my others.

1 month!

So today was my one month boob-iversary... Lol. I'm happy to see pain is very minimal. Sleeping on both sides, which is great. Lefty is ahead of right with drop and fluff and at this point probably a solid half cup bigger. Mondors cords are gone on lefty, but have appears on right but not as bad. I also have some slight rippling on my lefty under my armpit. It is really only noticable by touch, I can see it when I look for it but no one else would ever notice. I will ask my pS about it Next week at my 6 week check up. But I mean my implants are under the muscle and the shaped so in that way I feel like I'm just bound to ripple bc they say the cohesive shaped are your best bet at avoiding it. So I wonder how much rippling I would have if I had gone with round silicone?! Yikes! I feel like my chest muscles across the center are still quite tight. I can still feel them stretchin when I stretch my arms back and tr Tri touch my elbows behind me. Like they kinda hurt so I think they need to loosen quite a bit. I'm hoping I get a bit more "boob" definition in the center of my chest. I went to victories secret and am fitting into a 32DD (!!) very well there. I think I will wear a 32/34D in the other brands as I have found in the past Vs runs small. But I have some gift card to use there so I want to get some swimsuit tops. Even if doc clears me to wear underwire next week I won't until my mondors cords go away bc the underwires make me really sore. Overall though I love my new boobs and I just am having so much fun with tops and dresses and it's just so bizarre to wear clothes bc they all just fit so nice and different an I love them!
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