33 Years Old: Boobs in Serious Need of Some Modifications! :) - Golden, CO

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I've known since I was 15 that I've wanted this...

I've known since I was 15 that I've wanted this procedure. It was worth every moment of the 18 years that it took me to get here and really, I'm glad in hind-sight that I waited. I know who I am at 33 and I'm not defined by my boobs. I did this for me and no one else, and for that perspective and clarity I am thankful. Having said that, if you're young and getting yours done - good for you!!!

I have a 6-1/2 year old daughter. When I was pregnant, my boobs were great. I didn't breastfeed her and when my milk dried up, they deflated. Before surgery I measured at a 36 or a 38D, but that was all in width. Projection-wise I was probably a B or MAYBE a C on a good day. I relied heavily on very padded bras to give me volume up top. I am a full-figured woman with wide hips, thick thighs and a small waist but instead of looking like an hourglass, I always felt like I looked like a bowling pin. It bothered me all of my adult life.

At my consultation, Dr. Wolfe listened to what I wanted. We quickly figured out that I was a silicone girl and we went from there. He explained the procedure to me in great detail. He never tried to steer me in a different direction or talk me out of what I wanted. He examined me and measured the width of my breasts and told me what implants would be the appropriate size for my body. I ended up going with an 800cc smooth round moderate profile silicone implant under the muscle. On my frame, anything smaller felt almost "not worth it" to me. The largest sizers they had in the office for me to try on were 700cc's. I knew from all of my research that nearly every woman wished they'd gone bigger and so I went with the 800's without even trying them on. 700 looked good. 800 was explained to me as being only minimally larger, but I knew that they were the largest silicone implants you could get. I figured for me personally it was go big or go home. Literally. I can't wish I would have gone larger because I was not at all a fan of the saline and they don't make larger silicone. No regrets! Like I said, they fit my frame really well. Dr. Wolfe was recommended to me by a very close friend who did her surgery about 7 years ago. I know she is a research freak like me and I know she had nothing but good things to say about him. I trusted her judgment so I didn't set up other consultations to start. That felt like the right decision to me as soon as we walked in. I probably could have found the surgery for less money elsewhere in the area, but my husband and I decided that you can't put a price on peace of mind. I never felt uncertain or uneasy going there. These are part of my body now and price was never a deciding factor for me in having this surgery done with Dr. Wolfe. If you're reading this and you're on the fence, I would encourage you to think about these words: Cheap is rarely good, and good is almost never cheap. To me, it was worth every single penny. My scars look AMAZING. I'm not quite 3 weeks out and I'm starting to see a little progress with settling. My recovery has been a breeze so far.

My experience at the surgery center was awesome and I have virtually zero complaints. The facility is super nice. My only gripe I suppose would be that you can't drink water soon enough before your surgery to keep your veins accessible for the IV, but I totally understand why. That's not a knock on the facility or the staff it's just a crummy circumstance of any surgery. It made getting my IV in a little difficult but really it was no big deal.

Pros: Bigger boobs. Obviously. The ability to finally properly fill out clothing. To look and feel proportionate to the rest of my body. To feel more confident in my own skin. To feel better. To look better (for both myself & my husband!). Amazing staff. Amazing facility. Really, really good experience overall.

Cons: I just really don't have any. Recovery was so good. I had zero complications. I literally cannot complain about anything.

Dr. Wolfe & his staff were wonderful and continue to be so. He was great at my consultation and listened to what I wanted. The administrative staff was wonderful at answering questions that I forgot to ask at the consultation and when doing the Vectra imaging. It was a fun process, but I also got some really good advice during that process about profile and projection. I'm glad I listened! The nursing staff was amazing - all warm and friendly at my pre-op, on surgery day, at my first post-op appointment and every time I call with a question. I was a ball of nerves on surgery day, having never been put under before. I even made Dr. Wolfe show me how steady his hand was before they took me back. Turns out he was not nervous at all. Not even so much as a tremble in that hand! I did all the worrying :) I felt like I was in good hands the whole time with the entire team. I am an absolute advocate of feeling good about yourself both outward and inward. To me, ain't nothin' wrong with a little nip & tuck if it makes you feel better about how you look because that helps to project so much of a better attitude in so many other aspects of your life. Confidence is contagious. Be strong in who you are mentally and emotionally too, but don't be afraid to enhance your outward appearance if it will make you happy. I will eventually be back for a tummy tuck because pregnancy wreaked havoc on my stomach and I'm sure I'll want things lifted and what-not as I get older. I won't hesitate to recommend The Center for Cosmetic Surgery and I'll be back for my own stuff. They've been great to me, and I'm sure they will be to you too!

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