32, 3 Kids, Saggy Breasts and Stretched Abd - Golden, CO

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I am 32 and have always had body imagine issues...

I am 32 and have always had body imagine issues and hate looking at myself in tbe mirror. I have lost weight and I have 3 wonderful children, 2 of whice I did breast feed, never watched my diet with the first 2 which I regret. Now they sag and are just "boring". I had a trainer for 6 months and I noticed my upper abd would not tone up. So I went for a consult with Dr. Vath and was very impressed. He said he would not do implants unless we did I lift, which was great. Loved that he is a perfectionist. I also went in for cool.sculpting after getting an estimate for 9000.00 and not guaranteed to work the first time, she said my best option was a.tummy tuck. So when I met with Dr. Vath, he did ask.about a tummy.tuck he was very understanding, told me that my upper abd would not be able to tone due to my pregnancies. So I decided to go ahead with mommy makeover october 15th. It's a n o drain tummy tuck which I am excited about. We did pick a size 435cc when I was there. However in looking at the picture I have decided to go to 485 under muscle. I want something bigger and fuller then I have had with preganancies, weight gain etc. I just want to feel good about myself and be able to.feel comfortable in pictures and in bathing suits. Very excited and any advice I can be given for what to take after for scarring and healing, post surgical bras and undergarmets after tummy tuck would be greatly appreciated.

Post surgical garmets??

What has everyone been buying for after surgery as far as garmets and otc medicine? what size should I buy in post surgical bras? I am currently a 36c wasn't sure if I should buy large or xlarge. Dies bio oil work well, what about arnica oil. Please any advice is greatly appreciated.

Pre op by phone on the 1st!!

I'm getting so nervous and excited. I am hoping the size I have picked will be ok. I am also hoping that the pain won't last long and I can go back to work in 2 weeks after my MM, with a no drain tummy tuck. Any suggestions?!

12 more days!!

I had my pre op via phone on the 1st, I'm so excited, yet so nervous. I paid for my surgery then as well. They will be ordering the next size up in implants so that I can try those on as well. Can't wait! Have any of you ladies had several inches lost from lipo/ TT?

Inches lost?

Have any of you ladies lost inches with your tummy tuck/lipo?

Today is the day

Well today is the day for my MM, I am super nervous. I have been NPO since 10 pm and my surgery is at 12pm. I am headed to surgery center now. I went with 500cc moderate profile, instead of 435cc. My husband is so nervous!I'll keep you updated when time permits.


So I have found that I am having a hard time getting out of bed. I'm staying on top of my pain. I hope to be able to move a little better this afternoon. I have a 130 post op before we head back home, which is 4 hours. Praying that I can handle the drive.

1 day post op

Very Impreased with my results.

Love it

Before and after

Before and after 1 day post op

What a difference!

12 days post op MM Dr vath

I did 500cc, very happy with them. I still have swelling in the abd area, the packing was taken off the umbilical area a couple days ago.

2 weeks

I am still swollen, boobs are dropping a little and still sore. Abd is still pretty swollen and my sides from lipo.

Is this normal, possible infection?

I noticed this area this morning, this area while taking a shower, this area did not have any steri strips on it since surgery. I need advice, I will call Ps tomorrow, can I use antibiotic ointment

So impressed with my mommy makeover

Here are some pictures this is 3 weeks 5 days out. I plan on going to victoria secret next week before I have my follow up, just to get sized.

exercise after tummy tuck and breast augmentation

So i am a gym junkie, have yet to go to gym yet. I have not seen Dr. Vath for follow up, I want to wait till he says I am good to start lifting again. Are there exercises I should avoid, so I know before I start hitting the gym again.

4 months

6 months out

Sao I am 6 months that out from my mommy makeover and the areas where I had lipo, in myour hips no longer looks like I had the procedure. I have contacted Dr vath and do have an appt. I hope he does guarantee his work. i truly have just wanted to cry. I am still swollen in my abd. I didn't think the fat was supposed to come back, I can't tell a difference now on my hipart

lipo of r and left hip 6 months post op

I am upset that I am able to grab this much on both my sides. I have not gained anyweight.I work out every day for 2 hours, I do meal plans. I juse don't know. I have been crying for the past couple days

6 months

so I was a little upset before visiting dr. vath. he reassured me everything looked great there is some skin that will not tighten after all the swelling has gone done. here are the photos he took. the before are after photos left me speechless. I just need to work it harder at the gym
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