34 Years Old, 5'5" 148lbs 34D per VS, Finally Having Mommy Makeover. Golden, CO

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I started a new review under mommy makeover...

I started a new review under mommy makeover instead of breast lift with implants because I decided to go ahead and get drain-less tummy tuck, breast lift with implants. I have chose 400cc mod plus profile silicone implants. I am still not positive on that size though. I have plenty of time to decide though. I am having a hip surgery in June and scheduling my mm for 5 weeks after that. I guess I am a glutton for punishment. I just figure I have to be off work anyways I might as well just do it all at during that time off. I have decided to go with Dr. Vath in Golden, CO. He was awesome when I met him. Very honest and upfront with what could be fixed and what couldn't. I liked that he didn't try to sell me on any services. He explained things very thoroughly and I felt super comfortable with him. So I am now 4 months away from a life changing experience. I am hopeful that I can keep posting throughout my recovery as reading other women's stories has helped me gain the courage to go through with this.

Adding some pics


I have become obsessed with this website. I still have so long until surgery and I find all I am thinking about is tummies and boobs. Husband is on board and feeling much better about everything. Only thing is he wants my boobs huge! I am happy so far with the 400 sizers but he wants 500s. I told him no, said it was my body and I will do what I want. He is fine. I just find it funny how he wants them bug when a month ago, he was happy with what he has. Lol.

Got my packet in the mail!

Well, I got my packet in the mail with informed consents. I read every single thing and it sure does sound scary after reading everything that can go wrong. I have chosen 400ccs but I keep thinking that they will be huge. Adding some pics with rice sizers and let me know what you think. This is wearing a 38DD bra. And they seem to fit in that size well. Currently a 34D per VS. I am hoping to be a 36DD when all is said and done.

4 weeks away

Just wanted to get back on here since it's been awhile. Went on vacation. Had hip surgery. I am super excited and nervous about upcoming surgery. I look on here all the time and am very glad this site exists. I may have never got the courage to actually schedule my surgery.

Pre op appt went well

Paid for surgery. Man that hurt. But it will be so worth it in the end. Super excited and it makes it feel like it really is going to happen. I keep waiting for something to go wrong and not be able to have the surgery. July 16 couldn't come quick enough.

400cc mod plus mentor

I ended up deciding to go with the 400s. I liked the 350's but I figured I should go up some to make up for behind the muscle. Surgery time as of now is 7 am. We will be staying in hotel for 2 nights since we live 4 hrs away. Preop nurse was great. I will be getting the exparel. I decided against liposuction for sure. The doc said he didn't think I needed it. So whatever I have left over will get taken care of at the gym.


I am one week away from my MM and am starting to freak out. I have everything I need. I even have a wonderful friend coming to stay with me for a week. But now I am thinking oh my what if it looks horrible. What if I end up needing revisions, what if I get an infection? I am just into all of the negative right now and I know it will pass. This is what I have wanted for 14 years and I know I am just acting like a basket case right now. I am worried I don't have enough time this week to get the house in order before I am no good to my hubby. We are sending the kids to grandmas on Sunday and I am nervous about them flying by themselves. I am worried my husband will get tired of me being needy after the surgery and causing resentment. Overall, I am just freaking out about everything and anything.

Pre-op photos

Nerves have chilled out and anxiousness has set in. I just wanted to add more reminders for myself after its done as to why I did this so more pre op photos! My left breast is definitely bigger but I am not adjusting implant for it. I am hopeful that the lift will take care of some of the asymmetry. Sisters not Twins!

Less than 24 hrs

Tomorrow is the big day and I am nervous and excited. House is cleaned up. I think I have everything I need. I bought a recliner, pee funnel, arnica tablets, shower chair, multiple loose outfits, etc. I have my spot ready downstairs for when I come home on friday. I have a thermometer and paper to write down med times. Hair ties, tissues, lotion, nail file, carmex, laptop, tablet, fan, chargers for phone, laptop and tablet. I filled my meds. I have oxycontin, percocet, valium, scopalamine patch, and zofran. I am packed and ready to go. Soon as the hubby gets off work we are driving to Golden! I have to be at surgery center at 6 am. Not looking forward to being up that early in the morning. Hopefully I get sleep tonight.

On the flat side

In pain. Pretty loopy. Boobs feels super tight and lots of pressure. Tummy feels like it's on fire.

Post op day 1

Woke up every 2 hrs last night. Experal seems to be helping, along with my pain meds. Valium is awesome for the tightness. Have an appt this am before I leave town. Hopefully I will get to post more pics. Not looking forward to the drive home, but am excited for my recliner. Hotel beds suck.

Post op appt

Appt went well. My left nipple is a little dark, meaning not the best blood flow to that area. So we have to keep an eye on it. I will have a phone appt in a week as long as everything is looking good. The staff has been incredibly great. Really friendly and knowledgeable. I absolutely love Dr. Vath and his girls. He is a miracle worker!

Went to ER last night

My oxygen levels were low. Think it's just from all the narcotics I am on. But I got some oxygen and I finally slept for about 6 hrs straight. All of my sutures ate burning. Life is not fun right now. But I know this will pass and I will be so happy with results

Post op day 3

Slightly less pain. But still burning along incision lines. I feel really bloated. Still no poop. My left nipple doesn't look worse but it also doesn't look any better. So still keeping an eye on it.

Yay!! I pooped.

I thought this was going to take a lot longer, but it went smooth. Last night I took some tea called smooth move and I think it did the trick. Pain is better but still not very functional. Only have been walkin in the house. Bruising is getting more noticeable but I also feel as though I can stand up straighter

POD # 4

Hopefully these will post now!


Preop to post op day 4


Shower was nice. Still taking pain meds. I tried to stop and my body wouldn't let me.

Worth It!!

Overall my procedure was worth it. All I can say is after tummy tuck YOU NEED to work out. I let myself slack off after and have failed to make things better for myself. My breasts are amazing!! I couldn't have asked for better! My doc was amazing. My tummy looks good but could be better if I CHose to do something about it!!

Denver Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vath was great! Only concern was aftercare. I live out of town and I never received follow up past 2 months. Yes I was bad and never scheduled appointment. But I figured they would call me to ask if I wanted one. They never did. Other than that, I love the office, and the doctor. I could have never asked for better results. I really didn't need follow up but it would have been nice to receive a call.

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