22 Years Old, Breast Augmentation, 385 Hp - Golden, CO

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First off let me start out by saying all the great...

First off let me start out by saying all the great reviews about Dr. Vath werr true! His staff and Dr. vath and his staff and the center were so nice and amazing. He did not sugar coat and he gave me all sides of the all the implant styles. The patient counselor, Carrie, was so nice and was able to snag me the surgery date i wanted (March 18) and its early morning! Ill keep you guys updated. My pre op appointment is March 9th.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125
Implant: Sientra Hp round 415

What I'm working with

I'm nervous that my job won't give me the days off. They're slacking on getting back to me. I've never really measured myself because I'm so small it didn't really matter. But I wear a 32 b in Victoria's secrets pink line.


I got the days off from work. 8 days of recovery time should be enough I hope...I work as a cashier and sales associate and I use my upper body a lot. I'm also nervous about people at work noticing (I know I shouldn't). I have been wearing a bigger bra to work but my implants will be a lot bigger than the bra I'm wearing. I'm also worried about going too big! I have a lot of worries as y'all can tell, but I'm super excited!

A little frustrated

I found I out my preop is the same time as my mid term. I'm going to call and hopefully I can change the date without having to change my surgery day. Fingers crossed.

I worry for nothing

I don't know why I was even worried. They fit me in and rescheduled my preop appointment Thor this Wednesday! They are amazing. So I will know for sure what size I'm getting this week. I'm trying to get my bf to come for a second opinion of work lets him.


I had my Preop today! Luckily, my Bf got a half day off so he came with me! He helped me decide and go with the 385. I tried on the 415 and wow they looked a little obnoxious for me. I envy the other girls who can rock the bigger hps:) I also learned I would be getting textured instead of smooth. I was surprised but learned Dr.Vath picked textured because of lower complications after surgery. I paid took pictures and i'm leaping out of my skin with excitement.

I have boobs

I'm in so much pain. More pain then a lot of you ladies said you were in. I got out of the surgery center around 9:50 and have been crying ever since (it's now 1 p.m.). I've found sticking folded up toilet paper under the bra band has helped a little but my pain has been an 8 up until now. Not to scare the other ladies who are going to get boobs. It was worth it defiantly. For some reason I thought I wasn't going to be in so much pain. My boyfriend went and got me a smoothie and has been so kind to me when I was sobbing. Getting up and walking around it the worse. Again ladies who are getting a BA didnt mean to worry you about the pain, everyone is different.

Day 2 still sucks

Ladies, I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I can barely move without gasping out of pain. Swelling is there and the bloat. Having to pee every 30 mins is hell because I have to get up and I have the most pain while standing. I get to shower today so I'll take some pics without this stupid bra that's killing me. If you ladies can give me any tips about pain. I can't use ice packs on my boobs and I'm ahead of my medicine. Pain is 7/10.

Morning boob is the worst

Took a shower which was nice but hard. Lol everything is hard I'm happy my bf isn't annoyed with me yet. He saw them before I got in the shower and said he liked them so far. Not to bad of Frankin boob but they still have a long way to go. I switch my bra up to the butterfly bra from brilliant contours and its so much more comfortable. I'll probably change back to post op bra tonight. I also used coco butter I'm my boobs to prevent stretch marks. Like most ladies my under boob is numb.

Day 3

Still su

Day 3

Still super swollen, especially under the arm pit area. I went out for breakfast and a little grocery shopping with my boyfriend then i felt nauseous. My post op bra is killing my incisions but I'm to nervous to wear the brilliant contours bra for more than a couple of hours because I do have textures implants and not sure if that bra keeps things in place but boy is it comfortable. the bloating is real over here!!

day 4 and boob greed

Last night I cried to my fb because I felt they were too small. It's frustrating that I spend so much money to not to have the size I wanted. Plenty of real self girls say you should go bigger and it's true. My bf was supportive and said he loved the size and it's too early to tell. And I feel crappy because I had nothing before I should be happy that I have boobs now it's just spending all that money you know and not getting what I expected. Still painful swelling under arm pits and terrible morning boob. No stretch marks yet so that's a plus. I want DD so bad but I feel like I'll have average C (I know bra size is orbitrary).

Day 5

Nothing much to report. I think instead of booby blues I'm just grumpy. I wasn't very nice to my bf this morning and I just feel pretty pissy. I want them to drop so bad so I can wear pretty bralettes! All I can think about is if they will look cute in clothes. I do still feel like they're small and I'm trying to accept that. Only time will tell.

Left is dropping

I think I have rippling on the left side :/ I'm going to my preop today so I will have a solid answer soon. It took a lot of effort to put make up on today wow. Going to only take a Tylenol extra strength and see how I do today. My bf is taking me to the mall to look for work clothes that play down my boobs so I'm pretty excited.

A week and a day

I love my boobs! Yesterday I went to Marshalls and Nordstrom rack because I got the clear to wear whatever sports bra. Just for giggles I tried on some cup size bras and right now I'm a 32 d!! I was super happy! Morning boob sucks still and sleeping any other way besides my back is terrible. As expected my left boob is dropping faster than my right. I love my boobs I can't say it enough. I didn't know clothes could look so good! I wear the same size in clothes as I did. I have yet to go through my closet and see what looks good still because flowy clothes makes me look fat. Oh Yha and I don't know what bras or bralettes are too small. Lol it's funny because I tried on a blue bralette and I was confused because it looked sexy but am I supposed to pop out of it? my nipples are so sensitive! They are currently under control by bandaids lol.


I'm tired of them being hard lol! It's driving me nuts. I went to work yesterday and wanted to die. My muscles were so tight my left arm was dropping things. Today I just had school so I was happy about that. Sleeping is terrible. If I lay flat It hurts because it feels like my implants are slide down my sides. I'm trying to find a bra that works for night time but it's either too lose and my boobs hurt or too tight and I can't sleep. Sleeping on my sides hurt also. Maybe it's a textured implant thing because it's trying to to adhere inside me so any weird movement hurts more? Any sleeping bra suggestions are appreciated because I'm so tired! Bending over hurts too. I'm worried that my implants will never be soft and bouncy. I've seen mixed reviews on the subject it's freaking me out. One boob has gotten stretch marks after all the bio oil and coco butter rub downs :( I'm prone to stretch marks so I knew it was a possibility. Sorry for the negative update I do love my boobs and can't stop looking at them, just grumpy from lack of sleep.

2 weeks

Everything is going well I hope. I'm so worried that my job is ruining the chances of my implants to adhere and increasing my risk of capsular contracture! They're still achy but I can sleep on the my sides which still bothers me to do because I heard that ruins implants? I get to take off my strips to see my scars but I'm going to wait (because I'm scared) until I get replacement steri strips so my bra isn't rubbing my incisions. Right is still higher which is scary (CC) and they're still hard. I'm so anxious about CC as y'all can tell. My boobs look small in shirts but bigger without clothes. I can't wait to wear regular bras for cleavage and maybe they'll look bigger in clothes. I wish I went bigger in general but I'm pretty happy with the size besides the common boob greed. I'm slowly going back to working out. Just a few minutes of abs and next week weight training my legs. TMI alert- but me and my bf had sex the other night and when I took my bra off he said "what a women". I felt so sexy and not boyish anymore.

3 weeks!

Righty is still taking its time doing its thing. I'm in love with my left boob. I want them to be closer together though!i know I'm a week late to the party but I took of my steri strips today and my scars are eh. I applied scar away strips. I finally went to Nordstrom to get sized...32 DD! I was so happy!! Then I took a trip to Victoria's Secret and found bathing suits. I've never enjoyed bathing suit shopping in my life. My only concern is I have a dent in my left boob and it makes my left kinda lumpy.


So my right breast is smaller than the left by a cup size I think. I'm really sad about it. I showed my bf earlier today and said he noticed but it's probably still dropping. I think he is telling me that so I don't freak out but I feel like my right has dropped. I know is only 3 1/2 weeks but it's frustrating. I also know most people have one bigger boob but mine is so noticeable that some swim suits and dresses I can't wear. What's even scarier is to think about capsular contracture. I do have an upcoming appointment with Doctor Vath but what if he doesn't notice or dismisses it. Have any of you ladies have experienced this or is going through this?

A little over a month and a week

I had my one month post op yesterday and it went well. We talked about my right boob appearing smaller and it is due to left crease being lower. It has gotten better since my freak out post though. He said my results were perfect ????. Still a 32dd hopefully that's my permanent size. My scars look a lot better than I expected to look which is a relefe to me. The bottom of my boobs are still numb but I never notice unless I'm purposely feeling for it. Still the best decision I've ever made I love them so much. Now if they could only get softer!!

3 months

Hello everyone, here are some updates. First off I'm still in love with my boobs. They make summer not a dreaded season for me! Everything fits amazing and makes me feel less boyish. I do still have pain in my right breast. It's concerning because my left is completely pain free. It could be the way I'm sleeping...I'm not sure if I should worry and see the dr or wait it out. It's not an everyday thing. Sometimes it just Aches under the nipple above the crease. Sleeping sucks because I'm a stomach sleeper. That has been the only downside for me having my new boobs. I do have rippling when I bend over on the sides but I'll take that too over more serious visible flaws. My scars I wish were better but it's only been 3 months so im trying to be optimistic. I use the liquid scar sheets everyday. I also wish they were squishier and wish they bounced when they should bounce. Again, that could be that it's only been 3 months! Excuse my ugly tan lines in the photos. I'm still a 32DD which is amazing!!

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