Downsize from round 400 overs to anatomical Allergan 410s 375cc FF unders along with a nipple reduction. LOVE!

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So I'm booked in for my third BA on the 24th March...

So I'm booked in for my third BA on the 24th March.
My first I had done when I was 19 and they were horrid. Saline round under the muscle and I looked like Posh Spice when she had those ridiculously fake looking ones. So I went back two years later to Darryl Hodgkinson to have them redone. I had round 400cc above the muscle. I loved them for ages, but they were always big. When I got them I was 54kg, I'm now currently 60 so they look a little better but still, I'm tired of being known for my boobs, looking forward to going smaller.
Anyway I went for an ultrasound a while ago on my boobs and Lo and behold, one of them
Had ruptured. So here I am, about to undergo my third BA. This time I'm going smaller and teardrop and below the muscle for a more natural look. Cannot wait, only 2 more weeks!!!
Has anyone had experience of going from round to anatomical? I've chosen Allergan 410's 375cc high profile and high projection. Just want to look like Dita Von Teese - she has awesomely natural looking bolt ons.

Wish boobs

Dita Von Teese pretty much sums it up. Anything natural really. I would love my boobs to weigh down a string bikini top as opposed to me constantly having to pull the top down over my boobs to make sure they're covered.

Also getting a nipple reduction

I tried unsuccessfully to breastfeed all my bubbas. The poor darlings tried and tried to get anything out but all they were successful in doing is lengthening my nipples! I swear they are almost 1/2 inch long. I am having them reduced when I'm on the table. Not the aereola, just the nipple. Apparently it's a very simple procedure and the dr just slices the end off!! Ow. But he said it's very simple and recovery and healing is great for the nipples.

Dr Mark Doyle and implant choice

So a little about my surgeon as there aren't many reviews on here about him. I had an appointment with him and 2 other doctors. After I had my consultation with him I cancelled my other 2 appointments with the other surgeons - I knew he would be the one to do my boobs. He excels in a natural result and he had a lovely, calming and gentle nature about him.
I had about 20 minutes with him then 40 minutes with one of the nurses taking me through implant types, complications etc etc. some people don't like this approach and want all the consultation with the doc but it didn't bother me at all; makes perfect business sense. After that initial consultation I have had a follow up one to decide the type/size of implant. After a lot of to'ing and fro'ing I decided on the 375cc Allergan 410's high profile and high projection. I really, really want cleavage and really, really want overhang for that natural look. Having had two orbs on my chest for the better part of two decades cannot wait for them to look real!

Surgery is done! Now the proud momma to 2 Allergan 375cc anatomical High profile and projection

So surgery was yesterday. Hubby and I drove down to the Gold Coast from where we live which is 3 hrs away. So we booked in to a motel which was a disaster. I am a ridiculously light sleeper so every truck, plane or person walking past woke me up. So i turned on the air conditioning to try and mask the noise but someone was smoking near the vent so I just pumped fresh cigarette smoke through our room! I am massively anti smoking (got hypnotised to give up when I was 19) so now it just makes me feel super sick when I smell it. Then all these people kept smoking and chatting out the front of our room so I prob had about 3 hrs broken sleep. Anyway, reason for the whinge is to say that when I rocked up to surgery I was so tired there wasn't even a twinge of nervousness.
I got a bit teary when I was saying goodbye to my girls (who are 1, 2 and 9) as I thought if something did go wrong I would leave the 3 of them without a mum. So that made me feel like a selfish bastard but other than that was just looking forward to new boobs!!!
Got to the hospital at 9.30 as instructed, went through to the day surgery area at about 10. Was put in my robe and socks then sat in the waiting room for 30 mins or so. Then I was taken through to a nurses room for weight, height and health check. I was told the dr wanted me to
wear compression stockings so on they went.
Back out to the waiting room when an intern came and wheeled me down to pre-op. Here I was snuggled up in a bed with warm blankets - it was heaven.
Then through to meet the anaesthetist and have a final chat to the dr. Dr Doyle made a few marks on my boobs, we had a final chat about desired nipple size and overall outcome and aesthetics of my new boobs. My last brief to him was for 'natural but AWESOME fun bags!' He has a great bedside manner and made me feel so relaxed. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Dr Doyle.
Then the anaesthetist came back, administered some viral antibiotics then something to help me sleep. I remembered trying to count to 10, can only remember getting to 4!
Next thing I know I was waking up in recovery. I've had 2 breast augmentations before so I had an idea of what to expect, but wowsas the pain in my left boob was off the charts. I've given birth to 3 beautiful babies, 2 no pain relief at all, so I thought I'd be fine with the pain but this was something else. My right boob was fine (which is odd as this is where the ruptured implant was so needed more work) but the left was agony. So the lovely lady in recovery administered me some oxycodone, then a bit more, then a bit more, then the pain felt manageable.
I was in recovery for about 2 hrs. I was supposed to drive home that afternoon, but given the amount of pain I was under I decided to stay in hospital. Good move, the lovely ladies kept me topped up
With pain relief, anti nausea (which was at times bad) and a sleeping pill last night which was a god send! Woke up by the nurse at 6 this morning for some more pain relief (seems odd to go from oxycodone to Panadol) but pain is absolutely manageable. Looking forward to going home and seeing my girls.
This morning I get to take my padding off and have a shower - will post some pics of the new boobs then!
Nipples are bleeding a bit but there is no pain at all.

Day 2 post op - dent in boob panicking! Anyone else had this?

Today is day 2 PO. Feeling pretty good! Definitely still ouchy, but managed to sleep from 9.30 last night through to 6 this morning so feeling brand new. I've been staying on top of the painkillers though as I know it's harder to get on top of the pain if you slip behind. But managed overnight without painkillers so that's pretty good.
I'm up and walking, nausea gone and even showered by myself this morning. Of course the kids seem to just know I'm fragile so all they want is lifting and picking up! They're 1 and 2, the 9 year old knows mum is ouchie and being very gentle and helping a lot which is sweet.
So, boobs. Overall I am beyond delighted with the shape. I have a gentle slope to the nipple, a lot of lower pole fullness and my nipple points up!!! Yay, this is exactly what I was after. They feel soft, haven't tried to move them too much but I can feel the top of the implant. This surprised me as I couldn't feel the implants before when they were over the muscle, but now I can when they're under? I'm guessing there's a lot of swelling involved.
I love how much smaller they seem and already they look natural so I'm thrilled. On my left boob though I have a serious dent. There also a lot of bruising so I guess a bit of work was needed there so it's probably pretty swollen. But I'm not going to lie, im freaking out its going to be there forever and need more work! Has anyone else had this? Did it disappear or did you need more work? Help!
Nipples are looking good, only a small amount of bleeding but absolutely no pain which is a relief!

Closer view pics

Day 7 PO - can't believe it's been a week!

Overall I'm feeling pretty good. I stopped taking the panadeine forte Po day 4 and all I feel now is incision pain and a bit of pain on my left boob where the large bruise and dent are. The dent has almost corrected itself! Excellent. This same boob also appears a bit higher whilst my right boob appears lower and flatter. I'm sure that will fix itself over time. I can feel the implants though on my upper chest, I presume this gets less over time with the formation of scar tissue?!?
Last night I managed to actually sleep on my back which was a godsend, although I have actually slept really well every night upright. Just can't wait to sleep on my side, hopefully in a week or so. Still have a right feeling every so often. It's so hard not picking up the kids it they're pretty good - they know mummy has an ouchie and to be gentle and they've been very respectful of that. Hubby goes back to work on Tuesday ???? bit then I've got mum
on board for the following week to help with the lifting.
Overall ive been pleasantly surprised with my recovery! Apart from the initial few hours after surgery, it's been a ton easier than I was expecting,

4 week post op - LOVE my new boobs :)

Can't believe it's been 4 weeks. Really, the recovery has been pretty good! I was gently lifting kids on the later part of the second week. Not carrying, just lifting (like into their car chairs on bar stools at the kitchen bench).
I'm still a little sensitive on the side of my boobs but I'm managing to sleep on my side with only minimal discomfort. My nipples are still sore to touch.
At this stage my implants are very very obvious to feel on the inside of the cleavage at certain angles, I'm hoping this will decrease once they settle in and more scar tissue appears.
Overall I am beyond thrilled. They are squishy and I have an awesome natural cleavage.
Sorry for shadows in pictures - the light is my bathroom is directly above my head.

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