My 17 Year Old Saline Implant Deflated After Mamogram - Gold Coast, AU

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My right breast did not deflate over night, it...

My right breast did not deflate over night, it took several weeks, could have been longer to deflate totally, I am going back to the plastic surgeon, who did my original surgery 17 years ago, 1st and only appointment is 18th august, surgery is booked for 19th august, not sure how that will go, I do not want a lift and I would like to go bigger, guess I will have to wait and see what my ps says. My Dr is a 2hr flight from home so I fly in on 17th and home on 21st. I have had 4 children a 29 year old , 28. 21 and a 15 year old. i was 33 when I had first implant, 2 years after that I had my last child, I am now 49 and found child birth a breeze compared to breast implants, Excited but at least I know what im in for this time.


Finally got to see Dr. Tomorrow I will be getting 615cc natrelle anatomical implants. Feeling excited.


Arrived at hospital at 7am, home by 10:30, went well, ended up with 615 extra high profile anatomical implants.


Photos aren't real good, sorry, feeling fine, taken panadol, have really good arm Movement, can put my hair up, scratch my back, this is so. Much better than my first surgery, hope it stays that way

Post op day 1

Feeling fine, no pain,

Post op day 2

Finally got game enough to let them out and have a shower, feel much better now, no pain, i do have some swelling, and slight bruising on sides,

day 5

No pain, haven't had to take pain killers since day 1. I do have some bruising, and have to wear surgical bra for 6wks, Its a 10E and is so tight. washed my hair today {just}. morning boob ok, but I was told to sleep at 45 degree angle for the 1st week, so maybe that is helping.

day 10

Bruising almost gone, Still cant sleep more than 3 hrs at a time. I am having occasional panadol mainly in late afternoon.

day 12

Day 11, was very tender on the sides, had to take Panadol, feeling better today.
Dr. Doyle

My dr was amazing the first time, Havent had revision done yet so cant comment.

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