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Hi! :) my story is similar to a lot of yours,...

Hi! :) my story is similar to a lot of yours, growing up hating my nose and always feeling like it just doesn't fit my face! I feel like it's more of a mans nose (it is identical to my dads whatya know!) I've broken it a time or two as well. I've always wanted to get my nose fixed to be more feminine and fitting to the rest of my facial features but I could never afford it before or have the courage! This past year I have done a lot of research on Drs. and I finally decided Dr, Grigoryants was the perfect doctor/artist to redesign my nose! I love all of his before and afters and his email consultation was great, along with the lady in the office that made my appointment. He's very booked up, I just called this last Monday to make an appt and the soonest they had was march 31 2016! But that's okay because it'll give me time to have all the money saved up and to prepare myself! (I hope it goes by fast!
I'm looking to slim down the width of my nose and create more of a feminine curve as well as lifting the tip and defining it. I will post my favorite noses (I know everyone's is different and my out come will be different!)
I guess I'd like to hear what I might expect before, during and after surgery? Any and all tips are welcome!:))
Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you all!

noses I love!

Hi! Here are some noses that I really like and am hoping to go for, let me hear what you think:) I know my nose is different and Dr Grigoryants will do what looks best for my face but I want to be very prepared to show him what I love, like, and dislike so I can at least feel assured that we both are on a same page! Thank you!

Concerned about philitrum

Okay so today I read a ton more reviews and stories and something I've noticed people comment on is this philitrum becoming too long looking after rhinoplasty, and I think mine is already a little long, (it doesn't bother me right now though) but in honest opinion do you think this will be funny looking after my rhinoplasty??

More photos

Here are some photos of my nose now, I removed some of the ones I already had in order to give myself some more privacy, sorry a lot of these are poor quality, I'll try and get some better ones soon.

Wishing it was march!

I'm really wishing it was march already! But I have a lot of fun things coming up these next few months so hopefully they'll help make the time pass:) next week is my anniversary and then the next week my boyfriends birthday!

How did you share the news that you were having rhinoplasty to your family? What was the best way to start the convo? I'm nervous so all the advice you can give will be greatly appreciated!

Here are a couple photos that I just took last night!

Sooner in person consult!

Hi! So I called today and scheduled a sooner in person consultation for October 21! I want to have him look over my nose and see if my insurance can cover any part of my breathing issues, (my right nostril I cannot breath through at all and has been like that for a while and it's only been getting worse)
If my insurance will cover part of it I'm hoping I will be able to get it done sooner!
Does anyone know if his consultations cost anything?
And if Delta Health Systems insurance PPO cover septoplasty?

Little under a week for consult

This coming Wednesday is my in person consult with Dr G. I already have a surgery appt scheduled seeing I had an email consultation but now that I live closer to his office (little over an hr drive) I want an in person sooner!
I want to compile a list of questions I should ask Dr. Grigoryants and tips for first time meeting him. Also, a big reason I'm having this surgery is I have breathing issues especially with my right nostril, and want to find out if my insurance will cover that portion of the surgery (fingers crossed!) if it does cover part I'm hoping to get in sooner on a cancellation appointment!
So please share with me your favorite questions you asked or wished you asked!

Also I'm going to post some photos that make me feel "pretty" because every time I log on here I cringe! Haha (they will still show angles of my nose)


Hi! So tonight at 6 I had my first in person consultation with Dr G! He is very professional, I originally had a lot of questions to ask him and before I could he seemed to be answering them and the appointment was short and to the point! My septum is deviated and collapsed on one side, he showed me and it's way worse than I ever thought! We are hoping my insurance will cover part of it (I find out Friday) he said if so we can do it much sooner! Yay! He also showed me how my muscles in my face pronounced parts of my nose, and with his fingers he showed me what he could do with my nose and told me I have big eyes and improving my nose will make them pop even more (yay).
He told me I will have a cast 5-7 days, no packing and that I should take 2 weeks off work and he will get me notes for work.
He really seems to know what he's doing, like I said before very professional, i laugh a lot and joke but that never seemed to break his studying on my face, it was impressive, he also immediately drew up a sketch of my nose the inside and out. The girls in the front office were very very kind and helpful, like the most of you said the waiting room is packed and very small!
I am very excited to hear back from them on Friday, fingers crossed my insurance goes through and I can get in soon!

Patiently waiting...

Hi!! Hope all of you ladies had a fun Halloween! I have to post a photo of my face painted just for fun! Then some photos that were taken while my family was down which naturally caught the angles I hate of my nose!
Anyways! To update, unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover out of network, it covers the surgery but not with Dr G, and I honestly only trust him so I will just keep saving and pay it all out of pocket (it's my face I want to feel like I'm in great hands!!)
So I'm still booked for March 31, but on the waiting list for February, I really hope I get a call because I want it done before my internship starts.
Have any of you ladies had luck with getting called back with a sooner date? Or should I check in here and there?
I've been having a lot of sinus pain and nose bleeds the last few weeks so I want to get the inside fixed ASAP!

I've been enjoying reading all of your journeys those who have already had surgery and those waiting like me! It makes me feel so much more confident in my decision and I love the community real self has created!


Photos didn't upload yesterday! Sorry!

YAY! Dec. 17th surgery date!!

I am so so excited! I was hoping to get a cancellation and I just got a call for Dec 17th! At first I almost said no because my boyfriend is having a rod taken out of his leg that day (he will be off work for a month so we were really hoping I could get in during then so we could have time off together) I at first wasn't gonna take the appt because I had no idea how we would both have surgery that day, but we talked and decided to do it! We will be able to relax and watch netflix for a few days together haha!
It's so close I really am excited! Been having dreams about it :)
My only concern is I have to tell my work and they probably won't be too happy... But I figure I'll have drs notes so it should be fine.
I'm going to start collecting my supplies after thanksgiving and be well prepared!:) any tips please share!

Getting sick!!:((

I have been so good at staying healthy this year and I feel like I'm getting sick! It's started in my throat and I can feel it starting in my sinuses at night, I am drinking lots of echinacea tea and raw honey along with lots of vitamin C, I have my preop on the 1st and do not want to be sick and or be sick for my surgery (because so don't believe they will operate if I am?) please give me any helpful tips to kick this cold in the butt fast!! I can't take zinc pills for some reason they make me puke. I have a couple more weeks sob hopefully I'll be better by then.
But please please share all your cold remedies!!

Dec 2 preop

Hi! So I had my preop on Tuesday! It was short but I felt confident in Dr. G so I was just fine with that. I signed a bunch of paperwork and made my payment in full, Jackie (nurse) was super sweet and helpful she went over what not to take/eat, where I was to go for surgery on the 17th, my appt is at 6 am (which I'm happy about so I don't have to go all day without eating and being anxious!)
I then went into another room with Dr G, he did a lot of the same things as in my consultation, morphed my nose to show me what he could do, told me I would have great results, and took my before and after photos. He told me only to take Tylonal and the PM version is okay as well, and vitamin C but nothing else, and to discontinue my Birth control one week prior to surgery, however seeing this week is my "sugar pills" I will be off my bc for 2 weeks which sorta sucks seeing I'll be extra emotional and my skin will probably be breaking out bad.
Anyways I'm starting to pick up my supplies I will post later once I have all of it together, i am picking up my prescriptions today luckily I asked them to check my insurance because I have full coverage on RX and they were about to charge me an extra 70$.

I'm still going back and forth on battling this cold, everyone at my work is sick and I've been doing my best to prevent it but some days (like today my head hurts and I feel like I'm getting sick) but others I feel fine so I hope if I do get it I beat it fast or I just beat it all together, please keep your fibers crossed for me!

Surgery is tomorrow!!

Hi everyone!
Tomorrow is my surgery at 6 am!
I am excited but also very anxious, I haven't been able to sleep much the last couple nights and have been nervous all day. I can't wait till it's over! For some reason I have this fear of waking up during the surgery! Or waking up and being in a ton of pain! I will try and update as much as possible, we will see how tomorrow goes but either way I will make sure to take photos and upload them ASAP!
Wish me luck!:)) and positive thoughts to all of you that are recovering right now!!

It's done!!

Surgery went great! I'm at home and I will go into more details later, but I'm feeling good!
Thank you all for the support!


Sorry I haven't posted much, my eyes are swollen and it's hard to type but I've been taking photos so here are photos, I'll post about my experience when I can see better. Lots of swelling and pressure today and yesterday.
Thank you for all the support you all are amazing!

Day of surgery review

Here's what I had wrote day of surgery but was in and out of it so I didn't post!

Hi everyone!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words! It makes me feel great! My boyfriends surgery for his leg got cancelled (which worked out so he could take me instead of my friend). We live a little over an hour from Dr Gs office/hospital so we left around 4:15 this morning and arrived early, which you don't need to do. The office staff was amazing, very supportive and kind. My nurse Erry was great, but had a hard time getting my IV and fluids so I had to be poked a few times till we waited for the anesthesiologist to do it. I went into the day surgery room where there was about 5 other people in their own curtain area having surgeries like tonsils removed etc by other doctors. They had me put on a gown and socks and put a couple warm blankets on me, then they let my boyfriend come in which was nice. From there we went into another curtained room where I met my other nurse Lynnette, she was so sweet and funny. Dr G came in and introduced himself to my bf and went over again what he was going to do, I showed him some photos of what I like and explained what I didn't want, was brief but I felt confident. From there we went into the OR and they slid me over another table, and that's the last I remember, I woke up from a dream, of which I was preparing for my surgery! lol
I was in a little pain, they gave me a couple crackers and ice chips, my mouth was so dry I couldn't swallow the crackers haha but then they gave me some pain pills and felt much better, they wheeled me out to my bfs truck and as soon as we started driving I got very nauseous, luckily I brought my medication and took a nausea pill and felt better very quickly, I definitely recommend brining those pills. I did wake up with bruising and it's darkened a little since I've been home, luckily not too swollen yet, I've been icing a bunch and using arnica gel and tablets, my drip pad has needed to be changed constantly-gross.

My bruising and swelling was minimal compared to what it became the next couple days!

Day 2/3/4/5? post op

Day two and three were the worst so far, the swelling made me really uncomfortable because I could hardly see and my eyes just kept watering, and made it hard to ice although I didn't stop icing. I took and am still taking arnica tablets, and applying arnica gel to my bruising, I stopped taking the pain meds by day 3 and have only needed extra strength Tylonal. One thing that is really been a bummer is they used adhesive tape I'm allergic to so my arms and piercings they covered have horrible rashes on then, and part of my chin as well :( (I put down I was allergic to the tape too so if you are be sure to tell your nurse again and again!!)
I mostly just feel a lot of pressure and a bit of a headache. My whole face is swollen and the swelling is beginning to drop into my cheeks.
I haven't been able to eat too much, some toast, crackers apple sauce, I'm trying to stay away from salty foods however that's pretty much all foods lol
My neck pillow has been a life saver for sleeping!! Along with melatonin! Cleaning my nose is pretty gross Dr G said just to clean around the nostrils for now. Sorry these updates are all over the place and so long! I've had some anxiety about getting the cast off, I'm so worried it's going to hurt really bad!!
Anyways I will update again soon and try and be more on top of it now that I can see and am feeling better!:)
Ps I drove today too, it was nice getting out of the house lol

Cast is off!

Hi everyone! My cast came off today, I took half a pain pill before because I've heard it hurts, but luckily it wasn't too bad, he goes quick! In the lobby the girl who had her surgery after me was in there, she remember me! We both had a little bruising left.
Anyways, it was a little freaky sitting up and seeing my new nose for the first time! I was a little dizzy, Dr G said that's normal, he said I have amazing results and it's beautiful. Explained to me the swelling between the eyebrows and between my lip and nose will takes while to go down so I won't look as strange once that's healed. Told me to clean with saline or ocean spray, use vasoline to moisten the inside and showed me how to tape my nose at night.
Here's my new nose! I love it so far! And so does my boyfriend!
Thank you!!

Hi everyone!!

Hi!! Sorry it's been so long since I've updated! So much has happened these last few days, Christmas I got engaged!!! And we took a vacation up to see my family (still visiting!) my fiancé is still recovery from his leg surgery too so I haven't had much time but have been taking photos for you all!
The bruising has been going down which is great! But still swollen tip and philitrum (sp). It's hard to smile, in fact last night I was laughing and smiling so much my septum was on fire I was almost in tears! Probably the most pain I've been in since he surgery but it's fine this morning. Anyone else have that problem?
Oh and the other night I went to clean some boogers out and accidentally pulled a stitch out, that was weird feeling and gave me the chills. There's another one that's really irritating my nose and makes it where I can't clean to far up in there, idk if I should pull it out? Or let it be..I'll email Dr G.
I'm still sleeping upright with my neck pillow, and I wake up able to breath through my nose but as the day goes on it gets gross and I can't.
I'm in love with the front and profile view, I hope it doesn't change too much besides the selling and defining of course!
It does seen like my septum is starting to curve at the bottom a little but I'm not sure if that's just from the one stitch on that side?

Thank you all for your sweet words, it means so much to me!! I'll be better at posting once I get back home I promise!!


Hi everyone! Sorry it's taken so long to update again, my fiancé (that's such a fun word! Lol) has been out of town for the week which I usually use his phone seeing my iPhone doesn't let me take anymore photos, so I have to use this app called hipstamatic so everything has crazy weird filters on it, I apologize! Then the last few days realself wasn't letting me update :( so, here I am!
I've had a few uncomfortable moments with my nose, I've had a stitch for little over a week now that's really irritated my septum making it swell and sensitive and bleed here and there. It came hanging out of my nose pretty far so I thought It was loose but it wasn't! I could feel it on the other side of my nostril when I pulled a little, so I just cut it, which has seemed to help. But I've been really congested and have been having a lot of gross snot and dried scabs? (Gross I know I'm sorry!) and sometimes a gross smell... Probably from healing?
It swells up a lot towards the night after not being taped and working all day. It doesn't look too good in regular photos yet, and sometimes I worry that he left my nostrils alone and look too big? And the bridge of my nose the swelling is still super wide, I hope that calms down soon!! Here are a bunch of photos, once again sorry about the filter, on some of them! My smile hasn't came back yet, and my eyes looks really tired due to the lack of sleep I get sleeping in the recliner.
Hope you all have a great day!! Xoxox

Regular camera

Also here are some photos from a nice camera not a phone camera from 5 or so days ago, just hanging out while my I laws were visiting and one from New Year's Eve taken on an iPhone.


Here are some before and afters I know they're not great but the photos of "after" I took today at work, bad lighting and bad make up. I haven't worn much since the surgery my skin has been really gross since then, which I think is hormonal since I had to go off my bc.
Anyways, hope you are all feeling beautiful!!!

One month!

Wow so I just realized two days ago was my one month mark! Time flies!
I just got a new phone so I can update more now! Woo and have the app making it way easier! Anyways, here's a few photos from today, my nose is a little swollen I had a drink of alcohol and haven't taped at night the last few nights to just see what it's like. It was pretty swollen this morning, either way I'm still loving it!
I did get a bloody nose yesterday morning after I showered, not sure why... It was only bleeding from one nostril too which seemed weird.
Anyways thanks for all of your support you are all beautiful and so kind!! Xoxo

Update battling a bit of a cold

Just an update, I'm sorta battling a cold, lots of grossness going on inside my nose. But I don't think I ca blow my now yet? I tried to lightly in the shower and I got a bloody nose on one side. I notice alcohol definitely makes my nose swell and get hard and not sleeping elevated enough.
Here's some updated photos from today, still a little uneven with the swelling, it looks much better in person than in photos. I'm really loving it! And my fiancé randomly compliments it and says it looks beautiful and he doesn't even remember my old nose because this one is so fitting on me!
I'm also super excited because I found my wedding dress and while trying on other ones I was so excited to feel not afraid of wedding photos and my old nose ruining them all! Even super swollen I felt better:)

Happy healing and researching real self friends!:))


I have my 6 weeks post op appt tomorrow or Tuesday I have to check my calendar haha
But today I had a bunch of gross stuff so I lightly blew my nose and a huge clump of grossness came out with the BIGGEST stitch! It was intense, sorry I know that's tmi haha
But I immediately could breath amazingly through that side of my nose! It also kinda stinks inside my nose now too... This is just a gross update haha!
There really are good nose days and not as good ones, I LOVE the good ones and the other days are just whatever! Still love it! Haha
I definitely am very satisfied with my decision and am so happy I chose Dr Grigoryants!

Please ignore my awful skin in these photos, idk what happened but since surgery my skin has been a nightmare, I can only think hormones from going off the bc for a couple weeks.

8weeks post op

First time video try

Explicit - Click to view

Wow!! Can't believe it's almost 2 months since surgery! I love my nose in person, on camera not so much yet, I tried to take some today that it looks better, my tip hasn't really refined as much as I'm hoping, but it is still cute.
It's very strong feeling along my bridge of my nose and I can touch all of it except the tip of my nose is still very sensitive and hard!
I'm hoping my tip doesn't drop anymore, it hasn't seemed to, I will put some comparing photos up here shortly, I've been having problems with this app and update and uploading photos.:/
Hope you all have a great valentines!! Xoxo

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi! Just wanted to post a few photos of being "dolled up" haha... This used to be a daily thing but I do a more natural thing more often than ever now, still feels good to get done up and feel pretty, I really liked doing my make up and not feeling like my nose was just ruining it lol!

I had a little piece of a stitch come out again this morning, anyone else still have stitches coming out at two months post op? I wonder how many are still up there...and they only come out on one side which is strange!
When did anyone see the tip swelling really go down and start to define? I'm really excited and curious to what my nose is going to look like not swollen!
Anyways, I hope all of you beautiful ladies have a wonderful Valentine's :) xoxox

Little over 2months

Okay what's going on!?! My nose has been incredibly swollen the past few days and even worse today, I don't think it looked this swollen in the middle and tip when I came out of surgery. It's super stiff and zero definition, has anyone else had this happen??

2.5 months

Hi! So I definitely have a cold, and I had another stitch come out a few days ago while in the shower. I'm worried my tip has began to droop?
On a second note I wanted to see what you all think about juvederm for lips? I have the tiniest lips and am worried I would get that awful line above my lips and look super unnatural :/

3.5 months

Okay, so almost 4 months since surgery and I'm still having a lot of swelling in the top, which I know is normal, but was hoping I would have less, I've had maybe 2-3 days that I've seen the tip really defined and I LOVED it! I guess my biggest concern and possible dislike is the bridge of my nose seems boxy and really wide, and I'm not sure if that's due to swelling or what? Anyone know? I'll post some new photos, sorry for some reason my new iPhones taking really crappy photos which is disappointing.. I wish I had taken some on the day the tip was really defined.
I have bad allergies right now which is what I'm hoping is the cause of my tip swelling, I occasionally get some pain on the bridge of my nose too.
Hope you are all doing great!!!! Xo

Okay my swelling is just constant...

Hi everyone, I apologize I haven't updated lately, but I've come to find that my nose is just swollen all the time, I maybe got one good day last month and it wasn't even a full day :/ it photographs awfully so I try and avoid the camera again... I love my new nose more than my old but I just wish the swelling would go down. The bridge is so wide and boxy and the tip just swollen. My nose is still constantly snotty too and I hope that eventually goes away... I'm almost at 5 months... I have little less than 5 more to go till my wedding day and hope this awkward swelling goes down by then and that it looks good in photographs! Anyways here's some photos I took tonight.. Blah that's how I feel about it...

Well then...

Maybe it's because I finally posted and complained a bit about the swelling but it looked a little better today! However it's swollen again which might be because I went to the dentist? But here's some photos from this afternoon! Also thank you all for the support you girls are rock stars and I appreciate all your support!! Xoxo

Just a few more...

Happy Mother's Day beautiful ladies!!!! Just posting a few photos, a couple my nose looks REALLY crooked... And made me super worried....am I crazy and is it just the photo?? Because there was a few other ones that it didn't look that crooked but it was different angles... Excuse the little kittens, my rescue kitty recently had babies and they're just the cutest.

Falling in love with my nose more...

Now that the swelling is going down more days than not I'm really loving it!!! I have had a bloody nose though for a couple days on and off on one side which I hope isn't a sign of anything bad besides allergies... Anyways here's some updated photos from today! (My wedding dress came and my veil so I had to try it on!!)

9 month update!

Hi!!! Sorry I've been gone for ever!!! I got to a point where I wasn't seeing any change in swelling and I also have been reaaaaalllly busy wedding planning, one month till the big day!
So my nose is still really snotty on one side and actually bleeds still on that side... Don't know what but it does..
Also the swelling really seems to go down and define when I am at higher elevations and in Northern California area, for some reason here in so cal it just really stays swollen...
I usually love my nose and I am really happy with the results, only thing that's kinda unappealing is the spreader grafts you can really see when I'm smiling, but oh well!! I love it!
Also if I wear my glasses the bridge of my nose bruises!! Anyone else have this issue?? And it almost leaves like an indent for hours after so I've just not wanted to wear them...
I can breath great out of both sides as long as the left nostril (the snotty one) is cleared!
Some people have said they can tell my nose is crooked to one side, but as long as it doesn't change more I'll be okay with it!
I feel like it's made me sooo much more confident with not wearing make up anymore! Makes my entire face more feminine!
Again so sorry for not updating sooner!! Here's some photos! (Excuse some from my bachelorette party, they were up in Tahoe ca which my nose looked great and defined at!)

More photos

Here's some more photos
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Grigoryants is an over the top surgeon. I cannot express how confident I have felt throughout this entire process. He is not only an amazing artist and has the best work I've ever seen, but he has an amazing staff to create the all around ideal experience. Big thanks to the office staff for being so kind and helpful, you ladies rock! And worlds biggest thank you Dr. Grigoryants for making the perfect nose for my face! You have helped me feel so confident, and my breathing issues are gone! It's truly impressive having an experience with Dr. Grigoryants, immediately he studied my face and knew what would look best, having me leave the first consultation worry free. My family and fiancé felt very confident in him as well! I have to throw in how great it was late at night I had an accident with my nose a few weeks after surgery and I was balling so worried I ruined my nose and he text me back immediately there to give me advice and make sure things were good. This is something you don't find in most doctors! Please feel confident in your choice with Dr. Grigoryants, he's incredible!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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