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So Im from San diego and I've seen a lot of...

So Im from San diego and I've seen a lot of doctors, I came across Dr. g and fell in LOVE with his after results. I'm saving up money right now. I can't stand my bulbous tip and bump on the bridge of my nose. Typically how far in advance can you book a surgery date ? Anyone that has had a rhino with dr. G what are your thoughts? Help help thank you :)


so I paid the booking fee for my surgery in March with dr.g I'm so excited !! Anyone that has had a rhino with him? Suggestions? :) I love seeing real self people that has had surgery with him before and after pics !

doing some before and after pics on my APP!


so i live in san diego (about 2 1/2 hours away) from dr. G office... im staying up in glendAle the night before surgery and the night of surgery... i know you have to com back on around day 5 to get you cast removed. do you think ill be ok in a car for two hours the day after surgery? im planning on driving back up to get my cast off. what do you guys think? is the pain un bearable?

Dr. G patients!

Sooo what hotel would you all recommend that have had previous surgeries with dr.g? Not sure which one! Also, I'm going up the night before and staying the night of surgery. Do you have to go back to his office the day after surgery ? Or is It just day 5 (cast removal day)? Thanks loves!

Before pics

SOO I haven't posted any pics of myself yet my date is March 22, with dr G ! so I don't know Im scared that my tip is so bulbous that it's going to be very hard to achieve and defined tip... not sure what do you dr. G patients think ? any tips or suggestions also please thanks lovies:)

Another before

soooo excited for March 22!!! still scared that my tip is going to still be bulbous after surgery but I'm praying for the best! So excited ! Is there any things that I should be doing in the prior months before surgery to make an easier recovery? Thank you :)

Questions about blood work?

So I'm getting my surgery done by Dr.G in March of 2016! The nurse said I can either get it done at my pre op up there three weeks before surgery or I can get it done by my primary doctor then have them fax the results. What did all of you do! What's easier

Supplies ??

Hello RS!!! My surgery is coming up March 22 is the day! Anyone that has had a rhino what are supplies that you reccomend ?? Anything and everything will help! Thank you!

Before pic

LOVE how my nose looks in this picture!!! This is how I would want it !

dr. Grigoryants girls! Please help!

So it hit me my surgery is next month!! So my pre opp is March 1st, which they told me I can do my blood work up there? I live in San Diego so how does that work do they send me somewhere after the pre opp? Also is there anything specific I need to bring to pre opp? I'm getting nervous any suggestions will help!


OMG! Can't believe tomorrow is my PRE OPP ALREADY! Can't wait to meet Dr. g FINALLY!! Surgery is in three weeks already! Getting nervous! any advice for pre opp and when talking to dr. g ' thanks lovies

15 more days until surgery!

Ok so I saw dr.G on March 1, (sorry late on updating) but everything went great he is such a sweetie. I told him what I wanted (take the bulbous away, lift and refine the tip and create a slope on my bridge. He agreed with everything I said he thought I would have very good results so I'm glad we agreed on everything. I was pretty nervous there but now I'm just sooo excited! My surgery is at 8:30 and I'm the second case that day. Any one have any advice :) not sure if I should take something before for swelling or if it's only after.

Before pics

Before pics ! Hope dr.G can fix this thing' I'm so excited


Excuse my mask in the first pic! But here is before and on day 2! Already see a difference !


I got my cast off today and am so happy with the results! I never even knew my nose could look like this. Dr g is truly amazing! My nose was so droopy and bulbous before it shows anyone truly can have amazing results! So much swelling and I'm still through the roof!

When did you guys notice the swelling between your eyebrows go down a bit?

Just curious when did everyone notice the swelling between the brows decrease ! Thank you

8 days post opp

put a little makeup on so thought I would take some pictures, looks better with tape on right now .. Loving this new look :)

2 weeks post opp!

Ok so I know the angles aren't exactly the same but you can still see the huge difference. My tip is still very swollen but is still a big change! I got dolled up yesterday because it was my birthday and I loved how my pictures turned out! I know I still have a long time to wait but i don't regret my decision at all!! Thanks dr. g!!! Question! How did you guys take the residue of the tape off after you took it off in the morning ! Honestly took me 30 minutes just trying to scrub the tape off!! UGH lol! (The picture of the right was taken yesterday (13 days post!) pic on left is a angle that was my WORST! Lol

A little over 2 weeks!

So I know you guys have been asking me for some pictures of different angles so here you go:) I deleted one I recently posted because the before and after we're too different angles so I didn't think you could get the best picture! so far I'm loving my results ! Can't wait for my tip to get smaller!:) very glad I told dr.g I wanted the most feminine nose!

Before and Afters

I know some of you guys have requested some before and Afters so here you go :) hope this helps - ( description of my before nose ) - VERY droopy columella, bump on my profile & very bulbous! The swelling is going down day by day and my breathing is getting better:) so far so happy with my results. It has made a huge chance and am still SO thankful I chose dr.G!!

About 2 months !

So it's been about two months since my surgery and I'm still loving my results! I really don't get too swollen when I eat salt. I still hope the tip shrinks a bit but still very happy with how everything went. I have my two month post opp ok Saturday so I hope dr. g says that the tip will continue on shrinking.

Question ladies !

So I'm about 6 months post op! I'm very happy with my results so far I just wanted to know if you guys noticed your tip shrink more 6-12 months.. I'm hoping my nose defines more and the tip gets smaller!!! I will post pictures later on! Thank you xo
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