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I am anticipating having Dr Vladimir Grigoryants...

I am anticipating having Dr Vladimir Grigoryants for an appointment for a revision rhinoplasty. I have flared nostrils, hanging columnella, long pointed tip and assymetry. Please provide any insight for those who has had surgery traveling from out of state. The best place to live and how long do you have to remain in CA after surgery? I am very anxious and scared at the same time I just want my nose fix. This has been a rough year dealing with my uneven nose. Any information will be helpful

Appointment booked March 17

Yes I was on the waiting list for March and just made my deposit yesterday for Dr G. I am so excited making arrangements to go to LA now yayyy. I am so excited and scared at the same.

2 weeks left

I'm getting nervous but I want this done right so bad

5 days left for Dr G

Omg I am so nervous about my surgery this week. I have bought all the necessities to take with me besides food. I leave this Wednesday to head to Glendale where I will have my preop appt. I just pray everything goes well. Dr G said I will need to use cartilage from one of my ears so not looking forward to that part. Yikes....

Post op appointment tomorrow

So I'm packing up my stuff to head to LA early morning will get there around 9:30am. Post op appt is at 5:30. Will keep posted on Dr G recommendations. It will be my first time meeting him since I did consultation via web. Wish me luck. Getting real anxious and nervous at the same time

Pre op / consultation

It was my first time meeting Dr G today for the preop/consultation. He was very nice and understanding. He noticed that I had in hole in my septum from previous procedure :(. This will cost no room for slimming down the bridge. It will have no support if it is done. He will narrow my nostrils and shape the sides to match using ear cartilage if needed. Lift the columnella and refine the tip a bit. I have to arrive at the facility at 8am. I pray everything works out for the best. Will keep everyone posted. Advised surgery should be for about 2 hours. I am very anxious.

Day 1 post surgery

Arrived at the hospital at 7:40. Checked in with paper work. We went the back where the nurses prepared my IV. Then went to the surgery Room where I spoke to Dr G about what we were doing to my nose. Spoke to a another nurse to complete more paper work. Then anesthesiologist came in very nice guy. Give me something to make ma feel relax about 9:50 then was transferred to operating room. I was done at about 2:50. Dr G came and spoke to me and said I didn't have to use ear cartilage for grafting yayyyy. And he got my tip symmetrical which was a big concern of mine.

I was then transferred to recovery where I was given pain killers and nausea meds. I slept for awhile until Uber arrived to pick me and my nephew up who was my care taker.

Arrived home where I suddenly felt awful. I iced my face with curshed ice in a glove. No briusing yet. Omg I took painkillers and was fine took antibiotics and began to vomit all that I had eaten. Contacted Dr G office and they said it should be fine to start the antibiotics tomorrow instead. After that felt better and had a banana. I felt much better at this point. At 9:12 I was feeling real good. The base of my nostrils are the most painful. But other than that I'm feeling pretty good. Will continue tonight with icing. And changing my drip paw under nostrils

Day 4 post

Here is a side view of my nose. Please excuse the stitches hanging I'm very congested. There is a bit of irritation on the bottom of the nose. I just started cleaning with warm water and applying vasoline to the base of the nostrils. Per instructions.

Cast is Off

I just wanted to give a quick review on my cast being taken off. Everything went great I am happy with my result so far. I have a lot of swelling but it will go down in the next few months. Dr G was very impressed with my results stated he didn't think it would come out as great as it did. I was so nervous about it being striaght bc it was crooked. I will post more pics once I'm back home and settled. Getting ready to head back home. Just a side note this guy is great at this nose thing :)

10 days post op

I have been looking at my nose everyday some days I love and other days I find something wrong. But I have noticed that the right nostril is a bit diferent than the left. I think he left is a bit too pointy. I like the right side a lot. The front is fine it's not assymetric anymore yayyyy. I tape it every night as instructed to.
Does anyone know how long it takes for the stitches to dissolve in the nostrils? I will continue to update as the swelling goes down.

1 month post op

I have being doing good so far. Congested still from the allergies. I am usin saline rinse by arm and hammer. Taping every night faithfully. Just recently stopped sleeping on my back. The tip is still very swollen but hard to tell. No one noticed that my nose changed.

Before/after of my natural nose

This is before I had my original surgery (my nose I was born with) with another doctor who was supposedly fixing a deviated septum for a sinus surgery. Then I had to get a revision with Dr G. Which is the after.

2 months

I have been doing good so far. I still have swelling in tip. I still tape nose at night. The left side where the stitches were at is a little irritated but I put antibiotic ointment and now it's doing better. I post some before and after pics. My nose was very crooked before and tip drooped. Also hanging columnella.

2 months update

Comparison before surgery to today.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I think Dr G is the best for rhinoplasty I think he was very honest and is fantastic at what he does. I would recommend him hands down. He has a lot of before and after pics that are very helpful and this is one of the mean focus when searching for a doctor. You should be able to see results of other patients. I would say he is one of the best out there.

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