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Hi all! I've been on this site for months reading...

Hi all! I've been on this site for months reading your stories and researching doctors and I am finally ready to start my own journey. I only consulted with Dr. G. Everyone says how important it is to consult with multiple doctors, but I feel like I have done a lot of research and after reading all the amazing reviews and meeting him in person, I don't think I can go with anyone else. My surgery is scheduled for Dec. 18 which is a ways away, the only time I could do with school and all.
Anyway I've been thinking about getting a nose job since I was 12 and this bump came out of nowhere. I got my grandpa's italian nose haha. I've always been confident and I think I'm an attractive girl, but I've always thought about my nose too much, when I'm doing my make up and taking pictures I'm always trying to hide it. I'm sure you all know the deal. It's still really far away but some days I get so excited when I think about it and others I'm like 'wait am I seriously having unnecessary surgery and changing my face forever?' Idk I know if I don't do it I'll always wish I had, and I'd rather do it now while Im young.
Okay now I'm just blabbering on. I will keep you updated when I have my preop and whatnot. Thanks guys!

Feeling Unsure

I just wanted to write about how I've been feeling lately. I've wanted a nose job for a long time and was feeling confident when I scheduled it, but I'm just having trouble with the money aspect. If it was free I would get it for sure, but the truth is it's not free. I could literally see the world with the money I'm spending on this nose job. I've been looking up volunteer abroad trips in Africa and I'm seriously considering doing that instead of getting a nose job, and I would still have money left over to do a fun trip to Europe or something. I guess I'm trying to decide what is more important to me, getting a nose job or traveling. I feel like now is the time in my life to do both of those things. I'm leaning towards spending the money to travel but when I come back will I still want a nose job? And this isn't to say I'll never make more money, I'm sure in the future I'll have money to travel, but I want to do it now while I am young and have no responsibilities. And I think of people in the world who don't even know when their next meal will be and I feel so vain wanting to change my face. Not saying anyone who gets plastic surgery is vain, I truly believe you should do it if it makes you feel better. I'm just having trouble justifying the cost. Anyone else have these thoughts? I know ultimately it's my decision, but I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Thanks!

Getting Down to the Wire

Hey Friends! So it's been a while since I last wrote haha and also because I wanted to have made a decision before I wrote again. I've talked it over with my mom regarding the whole travel thing. She knows how I have aways wanted my nose done and she said since I am paying for it, when I graduate her and my dad, and my grandparents, would chip in so that I could do a great trip before I get settled down with a big girl job and whatnot. That makes me feel a lot better knowing that when I graduate I'm for sure going to travel. I have also already started saving up. So getting over the whole cost thing, then came the whole "is it really that bad?" phase. Truthfully, no it's not that bad...but i don't want "not that bad" I want great! haha. It is something that always has bothered me and probably will continue to bother me if I dont change it. Ultimately my mom said get it together haha. Either don't do it, save the money and be happy with the nose you have, or decide to do it, have a perfect nose and get excited about it! As of now I am going with the latter. It is something I have always wanted and I feel 100% comfortable with the surgeon I have. Not once have I questioned if I made the right choice when it comes to him. I also have support of family and friends which makes me feel great. My preop is next week Nov. 20th. I'm looking forward to talking to him and I think I will feel good once I say everything I need to say to him to make sure we're on the same page. I'm going to make a list of things so I don't forget. And I am paying him a lot of money so he will go through it with me ;) The nurse also said he would do some digital imaging which makes me feel better cause I have a terrible imagination and need to see things haha. As of now I am excited about it and I'll write back after preop!

some more before pics

Having issues uploading


Pre Op

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave their opinions on what I should do, it was helpful to read what everyone had to say. So anyway I had my preop yesterday and paid in full. It's official, I'm doing it. It went well, he spent a lot of time with me, and listened to everything I had to say. I think in his mind, he had already decided what he was doing with my nose, but he let me say everything I needed to. I wanted to be very specific, but at the same time I trust him completely. I feel 100% confident with him as my surgeon and I trust his opinions on what will look best. Anyway I filled my prescriptions, getting blood work done tomorrow, and then I need to get the list of essentials. It's all so real, and I feel good about my decision. Just need to be prepared for the physical and emotional recovery process haha. Also, I'm going to try to add before photos again, I'm having issues with that.

So Close!

Hey everyone! Less than two weeks away! yayy. I just have to get through finals first :/. I'm starting to get all my post op goodies. Arnica pills and gel, lip balm, biotene mouthwash, neck pillow, laxative/stool softener, soft foods, plenty of beverages, qtips, facewipes, etc. let me know if you guys have other suggestions. I don't even feel nervous yet. I'm sure I will the day before but for now I'm just excited :)


Finals are over!

Yayy I am done with finals....the one thing distracting me haha. So close! :)

Question for previous Dr. G patients!

Hey guys! So I live about 45 min away from glendale but I will be done with surgery at 5pm, worst traffic, it could take hours to get home going through la! Anyway my mom and I may want to stay at a hotel for the night. Anyone have suggestions of a cheap but nice hotel close to the hospital?


guys waiting for the surgery is the worst. I've been fine until now but just have to get through today and tomorrow and then its here. I wish it was tomorrow haha. Also I went shopping and picked out a super hot dress for new years eve, which also happens to be my birthday, which will also be my first big outting with my new nose. Unfortunately I cant drink on my birthday :/ haha oh well. New year, new age, new nose!

I'm Alive!

haha Hi friends! Sorry I haven't updated. Truth hasn't been easy! I had done so much research and it seems like everyone feels no pain, just pressure and a stuffed nose and whatnot but I have been in a lot of pain. I can feel the bridge of my nose was worked on and my nostrils sting where my stitches are. Getting out of anasthesia was rough, I threw up blood a couple of times. Then I've just pretty much been knocked out on vicoden. I've literally slept for 3 days straight. Today is the first day I'm doing tylenol because I'm sick of being so out of it. Also I got very bruised around my eyes and they hurt to open so even looking at the computer screen is tough haha. Turns out I had a deviated septum and a bone spur so the dr. said I would be in pain and very bruised and swollen because he ended up doing a lot more work than he thought. As for bleeding this is day 3 and it's pretty much done I'm still wearing my drip pad because clear gunk is coming out haha gross but true. Also I'm so itchy! I just want to scratch my eyeballs soo bad! I don't think I ever read about the itchiness is that just me? My bruising has gone down a lot since day one. I do have blood where it looks like a vessel burst in both eyes. I hope those go away soon. Anywho I'm pretty much just exhausted and just barely starting to feel alive again. Cast comes off monday, just hoping I feel a lot better by then. Thanks for the support everyone. Will post some pics :)

Some Scary Pics haha

the eye


So today I just feel like I have a terrible head cold. I keep sneezing and my eyes are watering and I just have the constant urge to sneeze, maybe that means things are looseining up in there? idk but I'm going to try and take a bath today. I'm disgusting right now, hopefully cleaning up will make me feel better.


Hi all! Today is cast removal, but not until 5pm so I'm just anxiously awaiting. But not getting my hopes too high as I know it won't look great right away. I am still leaking and wearing my drip guard, its not blood anymore just clear but is that weird for day 5? I guess I'll ask my doctor today. Also make-up. I love make-up and wearing foundation and concealer, but I am scared to put foundation on my nose. How soon do you start wearing it again? Another question for my dr but may as well ask my realselfers. I want to wear make up today but idk if I should for cast removal. Anywho just random thoughts I'm having as I'm waiting haha. Will update soon!

Cast is off!

I love it. I know its so soon and I look like an avatar but I prepared myself for this. I know when the swelling goes down it will look great! The most important thing is I still look like me, just swollen. That's what I was most scared of, looking like a different person but I think it fits me perfectly and will even more when the swelling goes down. Oh also cast removal was painless yay. Dr. G is just the greatest he's so cool and down to earth and let's face it he's got skill. Hopefully I will stay in high spirits during the healing process I know it changes daily. I'm going to try not to focus on it so much. Now I just need to take care of it with salene/olive oil/whatever so I don't hemorage. They scared me about that I feel like I have to be so careful haha. Anywho here are some pics it was dark and I had tape on and took these in the car so they're creepy. Also had a nice sushi dinner and I could taste it so that was nice haha. I'll keep you updated, fingers crossed it only gets better. My birthday is a week away and I hope the swelling goes down enough to go see my friends haha

Merry Xmas Eve!

Just some pics without tape in the daylight. Put on makeup finally. Tried covering bruises but you know how that goes. Also my eyes still look freaky cause my bridge is so swollen but other than that I'm a happy camper! Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!


my dad is telling my mom and I he can't see the difference. He was like we should get a refund it looks the same haha. He's joking but he really can't see much of a difference. Such a guy. Whatever it makes me happy that people may not even notice.

and the waiting begins

Loving my new nose but I'm stressing because my bday/nye is only 4 days away! My nose looks fabulous but my eyes still look far apart (b/c of the swollen bridge) and my upper lip still doesnt move. I just would like to have my smile back by my bday, I know that's big wishing seeing as how its only four days away. Oh well it's just the waiting game, I'm sure others won't notice as much as I do. Other than that all is good and according to my doc I can blow my nose starting tomorrow yay! hahah also does anyone know how long I'm supposed to salene for? (i'm using olive oil my doc said its better) I forget what my doctor said, I guess I can just call him tomorrow haha. Hope everyone is well and had happy holidays!

Day 10

All of my family is coming over today and they will all see me for the first time ah! haha I think I look the same so it's fine. Tried using makeup to contour my nose, I still look funny but better :)

a before pic for comparison

Happy New Year! (2 weeks)

Hey friends, had a great bday and nye! Hope you all had a great new years! It was my 22nd birthday and just so happens my friend has the same bday but she's a year behind so it was her 21st. We just went to dinner and then bars cause she's 21. I was worried about people wanting me to drink cause my bday so I just carried around a club soda with lime all night and if anyone asked
I already had a drink ;) Also had a new years kiss which is nice but it hurt my nose hahah! Just thought I'd post some pics from my first night out with my new nose. No one even noticed ;)


These candid profile shots are okay now! haha


Loving my nose! Just thought I'd share some before and afters for fun :)


I feel like I haven't written much about the process so I just wanted to do a quick little review of my surgery experience. The staff at Verdugo Hills hospital was amazing. Everyone was so friendly and did all they could to make me feel comfortable. I got there 2 hours before my surgery, filled out all the paperwork, got my IV in and then waited...a while haha. I was just ready to be drugged so I didn't know what was happening. They took me into the surgery waiting room or whatever you wanna call it and I met my anesthesiologist and he asked me some questions then left, and then Dr. G came in and talked to me. He has such a calming demeanor, I felt less nervous after he talked to me. Then my nurse came in, such a sweetheart! And they took me into the surgery room. I was like "okay I'm getting nervous, drug me" and the anesthesiologist said "okay are you ready to go to magic happy land?" and thats the last I remember haha.
Then I woke up to nurses giving me water and crackers. Then woke up in another room with my mom and nurses and they gave me vicoden, and then I threw up oops haha. Then after a while got wheeled out to the car and my mom drove us to the hotel. When I got to the hotel I threw up again but that was it. Then I took my vicoden and antibiotics and slept. Dr. Grigoryants called to check up on me. He also gave his personal cell number if we had any questions. The next 2 or 3 days were rough, I think I took too much vicoden to be honest. I was knocked out and didn't feel like myself. My mom called Dr. G and he was like stop with the vicoden! haha then I felt much better.
Cast off was great no pain. Dr. G remembered my mom had called and said 'did you feel better when you took tylenol?', I just like that with all the patients he has and doing 3 surgeries a day he remembers little things. He spent a lot of time with me! We chatted and he answered all my questions and he's just wonderful. I also always heard people had long wait times at his office, but I haven't experienced that yet. Maybe I will at my check ups.
Anyway I'm almost 3 weeks now but I have healed so quickly! I had a lot of bruising but not too much swelling. I didn't even use arnica, my dr. doesn't seem to believe in it haha. I did drink pineapple juice though. They say it takes a year and half to be completely normal, but I hope it doesn't change too much I love it already haha. No one has noticed! I have to show my friends before and afters and then they're like "oh wow it's so much better" but I look the same from the front, which is what I wanted.
Overall it's been a great experience. 3 days of misery but then I have a new nose for the rest of my life. I highly recommend Dr. Grigoryants to anyone looking! As for boost in confidence, it's funny because I have always been a confident girl and when I'm out with friends I don't think about it really, because well life goes on. but when I catch a glimpse in the mirror, or see pictures, or even doing my makeup I feel soo much better about myself. It's just something I don't have to think about any more and I'm so glad I did it! I know its still early, but I think it will only get better from here. And to people considering surgery please feel free to ask me any questions. This site has been so helpful for me and I have really appreciated all the support!

1 month

Had my 1 month post op apt with Dr. G today. It's been exactly one month. Can't believe it, it's gone by so fast! I'm just so happy with it. Couldn't have asked for a better nose. Meeting with Dr. G was great, he's happy and says the swelling has gone down really fast. I can exercise again! and wear sunglasses! stoked. haha. I read a lot about wait times being so long but so far I haven't had to wait more than 10 min. He always spends a lot of time with me and answers all of my questions and remembers everything which means a lot. Haven't really taken many pics lately so i took some just now before I go to bed haha. Hope everyone is well!

front pic :)

2 and a half months post op

Hey friends! Just updating. Still thrilled with my new nose. So happy and grateful for it! Also found some pics I took right before going into surgery. It feels like it was so long ago. Hope everyone is well!

6 months

I think it's been exactly 6 months now. Crazy. I forget I even had it done, just so happened to think of realself today and realized it's been exactly 6 months. Anywho things are good. Loving my nose, like I said, I rarely think about it. I won't lie, there are small imperfections. I feel that there is a bit of a dent on one side but dr. g. said he could do a filler or something. I'm very happy I chose to have it done. It's so weird how much I used to think about my nose, ridiculous actually, and now I never think about it! Best of luck to anyone having surgery or thinking about it. As long as you do a lot of research and go with the right doctor I'm sure it will be a happy outcome! P.s. these pictures are random, just the most recent.

1 year and 2 mos

Wow I can't believe the last time I updated was 7 months ago! Today I was just randomly admiring my nose in the mirror and remembered I haven't updated in forever so I thought I'd post some pics. Everything is back to normal. Back in the beginning of my experience I was worried about not having money to travel after the nose job, but the past year I saved up and I just got back from a trip to Peru and got to visit Machu Picchu! Things are going well just finished school and am now looking for a full time big girl job. Hope everyone who went through, or is going through the process is having as good an experience as I did with Dr. G. I haven't been as active on real self but I'll try to check in more if people have questions. Thanks!

How long has it been now?

Like 3 years? I was just reminiscing with my boyfriend about my nose job experience since he didn't know me before. Reminded me of how much this website helped me through the whole experience so I thought I'd check in. So happy I got it done, no regrets. Love my nose. Love Dr. G.
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