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Hi everyone, I have a rhinoplasty scheduled with...

Hi everyone, I have a rhinoplasty scheduled with Dr. G for March 15th. I have to decide by tomorrow if I am going to go through with it because that is when payment is due. It is probably too late but I put up some pictures and was hoping to get some opinions on whether I should do it. I don't hate my nose but I dislike it and often cringe when I see photos of myself especially because the tip dips when I smile. And I think my profile is pretty bad. But from the front I don't think it is that bad. I'm worried I could sacrifice an ok front to improve the profile. I'm worried the front could be too fat or that I will have too much nostril show and since the front is what I see in the mirror every day that is the most important to me. Sorry I know it is harder to judge without seeing my whole face. I can't really ask my friends or family because they can't be honest. If they say yes, do it, your nose is horrible and then I decide not to, they would feel awful. So I'm hoping you guys can be brutally honest with me. Thanks in advance for your input!


Thanks everyone for your input! I had my consult with Dr. Grigoryants today. I was so incredibly anxious just going to the consult. I don't consider myself an anxious person but this totally freaked me out. However somehow when Dr. G walked in I felt totally calm. Other people described this in their reviews and it didn't make sense to me but somehow he really has that effect. He told me what he would do and it lined up very closely with what I had in mind (although I had emailed him previously so maybe he said what he said based on that). The only thing that surprised me was that he suggested lowering my nostrils and narrowing them. I had never heard of lowering the nostrils before. He answered a whole list of questions I had and looked at some pictures I brought. Anyway he made me feel a lot better about my concerns and I felt like I could trust him. I did not feel rushed at the consult as some people have. I wasn't watching the clock but I think he spent over half an hour with me and I felt that he would have spent more time with me if I needed it. I had a 3:30pm appointment and the waiting room was empty when I arrived. When I left around 5 it was full. So maybe an earlier appointment is better if you want more time with him. Also I would recommend coming early to your appointment because the paperwork took forever (I did take the time to read most of it).

I asked a lot of questions about how he actually creates the changes he suggested so I will describe those in case anyone wants to know. It sounds like he uses spreader grafts in everyone that gets a hump reduction. His website describes these pretty well so I would go there for more info. He also told me that he never cuts the depressor septi muscle anymore. This is the muscle that some people say causes the downward drooping of the tip of the nose with smiling in some people. However he said that in his experience doing this never works and can negatively affect the appearance of the upper lip. Instead he said he uses cartilage from the septum to support the bottom of the nose.

Despite having a good experience at the consult I don't think I am going to go through with the surgery. At least not right now. It has created A LOT of anxiety for me and I just don't think I dislike my nose enough for it to be worth it. I keep going back and forth. One day I'll be excited about it and the next I am a nervous wreck. Then I'll decide not to do it and I feel so relieved that I don't have to stress about it. But then I look at my nose or I see a really good result and I want to do it again. Even though I haven't even committed to the surgery yet it has already taken an emotional toll on me and I know it would only get much worse. I am just too worried about having a bad result.

I'll update if I change my mind. Good luck to all of you!
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