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Hi everyone? I have been very insecure about my n...

Hi everyone?
I have been very insecure about my nose since I was about 15 years old and I am 25 now, I don't like how my nose droops/hooks down especially when I smile, and I definitely do not like my profile. I have been a member on realself for almost 2years, reading everyone's reviews and experiences on rhinoplasty. Dr. Grigoryants stood out to me, all his work looks amazing, I just knew he was the surgeon I wanted to do my rhinoplasty so I scheduled an appointment for a consultation with him. My consultation was in June of 2015. He told me what he would change about my nose before I told him what I wanted changed but it ended up being pretty much the same thing I would've told him anyways. He is a very nice and humble doctor and his receptionists are friendly. I originally wanted my surgery for December but had to change it to June 6 due to school and I was taking the semester off for summer so I thought it would be best to do it during that time. I went in for my preop appointment the last week of April. I was having my little doubts as of actually going through with it, idk I guess I'm just a little scared of the outcome even though I shouldn't cuz his results show how talented he is. But everything is set now, I paid for it and I'm having my surgery in 2days! I'm anxious/nervous/scared but also excited! I got a call from one of the girls at the surgery center 2days ago letting me know I need to be there by 6:30 am on Monday June 6! I live about 4hours away from the surgery center so I will be leaving the day before and staying in a hotel overnight so I can get a full nights rest and be ready for surgery! I probably won't even be able to sleep tho cuz I will just be thinking about it lol. I was debating wether to post about my own procedure experience or not, but I decided to write about it afterall since reading everyone's experience helped me. Sorry I made this post so long but I had to put alot in just one post since my surgery is 2days away! Wish me luck you guys!

Surgery done! :)

Surgery is done! :) I had to be at the surgery center this morning by 6:30am. Surprisingly I actually ended up getting a good night's sleep lol, I tried not to think of the surgery too much, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be lol. It's as if something told me everything would be fine :). When I walked into the surgery center I had to fill out some paperwork, the receptionists were great by the way:) As soon I was done with the paperwork I got taken back right away. The nurse which was the same lady that helped me out in the front had me change into a gown, started my IV and went over my medical history with me. A bit later the anesthesiologist came into talk to me and also went over my medical history, a lil while after that Dr. Grigoryants came to talk to me and he briefly went over what he was going to do and he said he would see me in a bit. After tht I got taken into the surgery room and got transfered to the operating bed. I just remeber the anesthesiologist started the anesthesia and a machine started beeping I looked over to see where the beeping noise was coming from cuz I was alrdy thinking something was wrong lol but the anesthesiologist looked at me smiled and said "the machine likes talking to us" I think he saw i had gotten a lil scared lol after that I was out! the anesthesia kicked in fast. I woke up in the recovery area and a different nurse which was a male and very polite came to see how i was doing, I was still a bit drowsy at that time so I tld him I was good just a bit sleepy but no pain at allnit was just a bit of pressure and feeling congested, he brought me a water and later a juice. I had to ask him to use the restroom a bit later it felt like I had drank like a liter of water! Lol but it was probably from the IV. A lil while later they told me they had informed my mom I was out and she was on her way. My mom came in with my son (he's 6) I was so happy to see my little boy he looked so worried when he saw me buyt he said he would help me in my recovery :). Before leaving the center, Dr. Grigoryants came in and told my mom and l that surgery went well and that I will be seeing him on Friday to remove the cast. The drive home wasn't bad except for a few bumps on the road made my nose feel uncomfortable but no pain, i had gotter a smoothie on my way home, it was so hard to drink it lol when i got my post op instructures the paper said to not drink from a straw so i was just trying to drink it like how we drink a regular cup but that did not work lol all of it was falling out of my mouth so i decided to use a straw but i wouldnt drink from it i would put the straw in the smoothie put my finger over the top of the straw, pull out the straw and put in whatever was trapped I'm the straw in my mouth lol but it took me about an hour to finish my smoothie like tht lol. We had left the surgery center at around 11:45 n got home till like 5:45.. it's only about 4hours away but we got some traffic and we also stopped a few times to get ice since i was icing my eyes on the way. As soon as I got home I had to take my antibiotics and change my gauze. Then I sat down in the recliner with the travel pillow my son let me borrow n have been relaxing here since then and still have no pain at all just slight pressure and congestion and minimal bruising mostly on my right eye. I'm going to keep icing and hopefully the bruising doesn't get too bad. I'll keep u guys updated, goodnight:)
P.S: I noticed that we cant use emojis on here so on my first/previous post after "Hi everyone" I had tried putting an emoji but instead a "?" replaced it so just ignore the "?" Lol

Post op day #2

Hey everyone so today is post op day #2. I was able to sleep pretty good last night. Still have no pain just pressure and the congestion feeling. I had to sneeze a few times today, I tried my best to open my mouth when I sneezed to relieve the pressure from the nose but I still felt it in my nose, it wasn't really painful just a bit uncomfortable, I hope it doesn't affect anything. I called Dr. Grigoryants office today since i has missed their call yesterday when i was on my way home. They were calling to check on how i was doing and to make sure i had an appointment to remove the cast, I will be going in on saturday afternoon instead of friday. I spent most of today on the recliner watching movies. Haven't needed to take any of he nausea or pain medication. The swelling and brusing is a little more noticeable today but overall I feel good. I'll keep u all posted:)

Post op day 3 & 4

Post op day #3
I wasn't able to post an update of post op day 3 yesterday but everything went good, I felt a bit more tired for some reason tho. Bruising around my eyes was a little bit darker and i seemed to be a bit more swollen and feeling more congested but still had no pain.

Post op day #4
Today I felt much better, the brusing around my eyes seems like it's starting to get a bit lighter (I pretty much only have bruising on my right eye). Today I woke up more energetic, my son had an appt so I had to go out and I hadn't washed my hair since surgery so it was super greasy, my dad took me to my mom's hair salon so she can shampoo my hair in the sink that's especially for washing hair so I wouldn't get my cast wet. After that I went back home and changed my gauze and cleaned the dry blood from the bottom of my nose with warm water and put some vaseline. I also put vaseline on my lips cuz they were so dry from all the breathing through my mouth, I would think my throat would be dry too but it actually hasn't been but I have been using a mouth spray every hour, it's called biotene it's to prevent and relieve dry mouth. Everything went good today still no pain, I just had to yawn a few times today and tht hurt my nose a lil bit even tho I tried to hold it n I would clench my teeth together when I had to yawn. It wasn't really pain but I felt somewhat of like tingling/burning sensation inside my nostrils when I tried to hold in the yawn. Another thing is I have been really careful to keep my distance from kids but earlier I was on my phone and didn't see my son and niece were pretty close to me and they were kinda fighting for a pillow so my son pulled it away from my niece and it hit me in my face, i was not expecting it, it was not a hard hit I hardly even felt it but I'm still a little worried it clda done some damage... but if it would've done damage I wlda felt it right? Like it wlda hurt? Since I felt no pain from it I'm hoping the cast protected my nose. Definitely gonna be more cautious tho cuz it clda been worse. Not gonna use my phone while they're around nomore cuz tht distracted me earlier n I didn't see how close the kids were to me. I also still havent been able to eat any solid foods, i tried eating some smashed banana but it still had some little chunks and it felt uncomfortable to try to chew them. I want to be able to eat more now lol.. the good thing about it is atleast ill probably lose the pounds ive been wanting to lose the last few months but I haven't been able to lol..well Have a goodnight everyone! I'll keep u guys posted.

Oops I was counting postop days wrong lol

Hey guys, I just realized I was counting my postop days wrong lol whoops. I was counting my surgery day as 1day but the 1day post op is the day after surgery, oh well lol cant go back to change it on my reviews lol so just subtract a day from what I was saying lol (the update I put as post op day 2 had to be post op day 1 and when I put post op day 3 and 4 it actually had to be post op day 2 and 3. I need to make up for the days I didn't post updates lol.

Post op day #4
Ok, so on actual post op day 4 everything was good still no pain at all, only change was that the bruising and swelling went down a lititle more but not too much of a difference from day 3. I was just so tired of having to rest I was tired of watching movies lol, I was getting up more often n walking around the house a bit even tho there wasn't much I could do lol
(I'll post cast removal day in a separate post)

Cast removal day!

Hey everyone, so I got my cast off yesterday which was post op day 5. My appointment was very quick I would say about 15mins but even tho it was quick it I didnt feel rushed which is a plus. When I got there I got checked in and I didn't wait more than 2minutes before they called me back. When Dr. Grigoryants came in he came in with a smile and very polite as always, he removed my cast. I hadn't had any pain with it so far so I have to say cast removal has been the most painful part out of all this lol it wasn't like extremely painful tho but on a scale from 1 to 10 I would say about a 7. My nose was so sensitive and sore so anything that touched it hurt, he first took off the cast, then he took out the splints inside both nostrils and dry blood, after that he squeezed the sides of my nose where the bones are and that made my eyes water from the pain lol. When he was removing my cast he was talking to me so I didn't focus as much on the pain lol. He said it was a very nice and natural nose result and he asked where I lived n I told him about four hours up north and he asked how I heard about his office and I told him on Realself.com!! I had to give credit to this site and everyone who posts their experience here, thanks to everyone cuz that's how I found him and hopefully my review contributes to helping other's find him too. I told him he has so many good reviews on realself :) he smiled and said thanks in such a humble way, he has a very good personality. He taped my nose for the swelling and showed me how to tape it and gave me the roll of tape and said to tape it every night. He then handed me a mirror to hold and had me stand up infront of a mirror that was behind the door so I can see my nose from a side view. I quickly looked at both sides. I know it's still swollen but it looks good already :) I could hardly move my face cuz of the swelling so I wasn't talking so much but when I saw it, I loved it! He told me that it's gonna be a very beautiful natural result and to email him in about 4 or 5 months or sooner if I have any questions or concerns. Oh and i forgot to mention when i had gone to my pre op appointment in May I told him i was insecure about my skin too cuz i wouldnt even break out as a teenager and a few years ago i started getting acne as an adult n its left me with so many scars :'( he prescribed me something for acne and acne scars so he said if i needed refills to just let him know, telling u guys hes such a nice person :). My sister had taken me to the appointment and she was waiting outside with my niece, nephew and son who as soon as they saw me held my hand and walked me to the car :) the kids were hungry so we Googled for a mcds with a playground so the kids can eat and play for a bit before another 4 hours on the road. We stopped in San Fernando at a McDonald's I felt a Lil weird getting off like everyone was gonna stare cuz I had tape on my nose and I couldn't move my face cuz it still felt stiff plus my face with no make up is full of scars :( but I got off anyway but tried not making much eye contact with ppl lol and I just ate a yogurt cuz I still feel weird chewing lol but I was able to smell a little bit and get a tiny bit of air through my nose, woohoo!! I'm still trying to not breathe much through my nose tho cuz it still feels a little sore. I'll upload some before pics later too I haven't put any cuz most are in my computer since my phones memory was full I had to transfer them, but I'll post some soon:)

Before pics

I got a little busy and hadn't logged in here for a while but here's a few before pics so you guys can see how my nose was before my surgery lol. What I didn't like about my nose before was the tip drooped/hooked down especially when I smiled. I didn't like my profile view at all I also had a small bump on my nose which was only visible from my profile view. My front view I didn't mind as much except for the tip and my nose was slightly more slanted towards my right side. What I forgot to mention before was that I also had troube breathing at night through my left nostril, I had a deviated septum so Dr. Grigoryants did a septoplasty/turbinate reduction and rhinoplasty surgery.

Last week (first week back at work)

Just thought I'd check in and update you guys a little. Haven't had much time to check in lately, so I went back to work last week at 2 weeks post op. Everything is going good so far, when I went back to work last week I still sounded a bit congested and my cheek's were still pretty swollen, but all bruising was gone. I still havent worn makeup even though I'm able to already but Im being careful with my nose because it still feels sensitive when I touch it especially on the tip and if i wear makeup im gonna have to wash it n scrub my nose more to take off the makeup so I'm gonna give it another week before I wear makeup, I can't wait tho lol. So this was a quick little update on last week, I'll do an update on this week in a few days :)
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