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Paid my reservation fee and bought my plane...

Paid my reservation fee and bought my plane tickets! Cannot wait until summer to get my new nose! I am very far away from Dr. G's office so I opted for the online consultation. He answered me quickly and was informative. I am hoping to clarify a few things with him that I want in my pre-op (since email is kind of difficult to be detailed with the surgery so far away). All and all I cannot wait.

Noses that I will show Dr. Vlad

Love these pictures! I hope to have a similar result :)

More photos

Love this too

Dreaded Before Pictures

Okay, I wanted to upload a couple more before pictures that I feel really capture the problem areas of my long, wide, and puffy nose haha. I have included "no make up" and "make up" pictures because I think you can get a better idea of what my nose looks like in both. I plan on purging all of these photos after my surgery (lol), but I want to make sure other viewers have a lot of before photos to view for comparison. My feelings on the surgery have not changed much. I am so excited and cannot believe it is about 4 months away. I should add that for those of you coming from out of town (like me) please rent an apartment or house on airbnb. The place we got is huge and so close to the hospital! The price is also amazing at $75 per night. Im uploading pics now because school will be picking up soon and I don' know if I will be able to post again. Anywhoo, I hope these photos will help other viewers after I have my surgery :D If you have any questions please let me know

More awful before pics, with makeup this time

The beak will be gone next month! yayayayayay! :D

before profile and before frontal, no make up. Cannot wait SOOOO excited!!!

Getting a little anxious! Here are some last befores

Surgery is this Wednesday! I'm getting really nervous for the surgery and the plane rides! I don't know which one I'm more afraid of honestly. I plan on telling Dr.G 5 things I don't like about my nose
1)Nose is too long
2)Nose is too wide (especially the tip)
3)The tip hangs down
4)Too much projection off of my face, especially noticeable from my profile view (an again downward projection)
5) There is no slope in my profile (I would like a slight slope)
Those are my problems with my nose. After that I'm pretty much just going to leave it up to him. I don't have photos that I am bringing into my pre-op on Tuesday just because I really do trust Dr. G's skill to make it look good. I also want my nose to look good on me. Honestly, I do not know if someone else's nose would look the same on my face. It is very hard to put so much trust in someone else, but I picked Dr.G because I love his work. I keep reminding myself of that fact to make me feel better. I also want to thank everyone on this website. Really, your comments, messages, and personal experiences are SO encouraging. I don't know if I would have gotten this done if it wasn't for all of you.

Pre op went really well!!

Vlad really is the nicest guy. He was honest, quick, and to the point. I like that. I feel a lot better about the surgery. I really liked all the points he brought up. His beside manner is great (I was really nervous for the pre-op) and I felt much more at ease on my way out. Its the nicest feeling to be on the same page. He mentioned that I will have enough slope in my nose just by lifting my tip and that too much slope may enhance my chin. I completely understand that and I am so happy he brought it up. I'll try and post tomorrow or the next day. Goodnight everyone!

surgery day

One of my nurses was paulette (a very pretty asian woman) she was so nice and easy to talk to. My anesthesiologist was Dr. Gilbert and he was amazing!! He gave me something for my anxiety and was just so happy and nice to talk to. He told jokes and smiled and was comforting. I did not throw up! yayayayay!! the only thing was I burped (ew I know, sorry) a lot of air. After that I felt fine. The pain meds make you feel really really out of it. I don't know how to stress this enough. You really do feel like you are just "drifting away." And I did not like that, it made me feel like if I closed my eyes I would never get up again. (lol i know that prob makes no sense, but just know they are powerful meds) I have also never taken powerful pain medication before, so that was a first. Dr. G came by to look at my nose for probably 2 minutes. He patted me on the back, said something encouraging and then hurried away. haha My nose had more problems than I was aware of. My right side was crooked and there was something wrong with the valve (I think thats what he said). Also my surgery took around 2.5 hours (more than I think anticipated). Dr.G went out and talked to my boyfriend and he said everything went really well. My upper lip looks lifted! I don't now if it will stay like that but I love it! I get my fat bottom lip from my father. One day I might do a tiny tiny amount of filler just in my upper lip. My pain is ok. Just A LOT of pressure, but yes all the comments about how you look worse than it is proved to be true for me. Let me know if you guys have questions. My cast off is Tuesday may 19th at 9:30 am. I will post pics then

profile, in between drip pad changes i snapped this

From what I see it looks good I just hope it doesn't drop too much


Cast off!

Here you guys go! I couldn't be happier. :D


Hey guys! These are about five days old, and I took them in the morning. Dr.g told me I don't have to tape because I didn't have a dorsal hump (all of my swelling is in the tip). I will put up more pics next month. (I just moved so I've been really busy!) I absolutely LOVE my nose. Every time I look in the mirror I am honestly astounded by what dr.G was able to achieve. It is perfectly symmetrical, even with the swelling. It is SO natural, nobody knows i had it done. When I tell them they are shocked i get a lot of "omg! what!? I would have never known" The shape is more perfect than I could have even imagined Dr.G clearly knew EXACTLY what I wanted. Just over the moon! Thank you for all your sweet comments!


Ugh this thing messed up, here is the other picture!


Took these today

Okay so these pics actually are up to date. I woke up from a nap at 4 pm and took these shortly after. I noticed my nose is most swollen after I sleep (so this is about as swollen as it gets, which I am okay with). Still love it. If it were not to change at all and this was the final result I would still be just as happy. I am adding a pic of my before nose (just in case you guys forgot how awful it was lol it is good for comparison) Thats about it. If you have any questions let me know. :)

hair down

I used to not like to wear my hair down because unless it was curled I always felt like it made my nose look bigger...not anymore!

profile hair down

baby nose!

Deviated septum

Hey guys! I keep forgetting to add that I actually had a deviated septum. I had NO clue until dr.G told me the day before my surgery at the pre-op. If you have good insurance maybe go and see if you have any problems with the function of your nose before surgery (it could save you some $$). I get a lot more air through my nose now. It's crazy, I had no idea about my breathing until after I had surgery.

One month with makeup :D

message me if you have any questions! ;) :D :P


I'm two years post op and still love my nose. I deleted my photos awhile ago because I actually didn't tell my parents that I was getting this done and my mom was getting suspicious as to why she hadn't seen me at the time haha. She knows about Dr.G and knows about real self and I was really paranoid she was going to find my review before I told her myself. Anyways they know now and my sister has even had her nose done by dr. G (her surgery was may 3 2017 and she is very happy). Sorry it took so long for me to re-uplaod the pictures. I love my nose just as much today as I did when dr.g took the cast off. It really does take two years to heal so just be mindful of that if you think your tip is still puffy and swollen.

This surgeons skill is unmatched. I had a rhinoplasty and I would recommend everyone use him. The most natural results. Just absolutely beautiful. I am over the moon with joy! :D

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