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I found this doctor through someone from Instagram...

I found this doctor through someone from Instagram that flew over seas to see him and I saw what he did to her nose and I was amazed! I went on here and saw even more amazing results from people. I have my consultation with Dr. V on December 29 and I called 3 months ago. I'm guessing he is a really busy guy! i can't wait to get surgery! I've hated my nose all my life and always been made fun of when I was younger so I can't wait to get my nose fixed! I'll try to update as much as I can when I get surgery!

Surgery scheduled

I finally had my consultation with dr. Grigoryants. He told me what he was going to do with my nose and I also scheduled my surgery date! My pre-op is scheduled for February 2 and my surgery date is February 26. I'm so excited!

Here's some before pictures

Surgery date changed!

So I called them today to see if they have any earlier openings and now my surgery schedule is on the 18 of February! ????????

Some more before pictures

I hate when I smile my nose looks bigger. I really hate how my nose goes downward. I would get called big bird. I just can't wait to get this over with. I feel like getting my nose done will make me feel much more confident in myself. I already feel confident just that my nose really bugs me.

Tomorrow is my pre op

Tomorrow I will be going in for my pre- op appointment and paying for my surgery. I can't believe it's almost coming up, I'm super nervous and scared but excited at the same time. I need to go buy some stuff and be prepared for my surgery. 17 more days to go...

Wish pics

Pre op appointment

I just had my pre op appointment and everything went well. I showed him pictures of noses that I like and I told showed him Ariana grande's nose and told him I really love her nose cuz it's small and cute. He took pictures of me and got my prescriptions. Tomorrow I will be doing my blood work. I have 15 more days left. I am super excited and nervous: I also went shopping for some stuff I will be needing for recovery.

Almost time..

I can't believe my surgery date is in 2 days! I'm super anxious and nervous! I hate being under anesthesia, I will probably cry a little before being put to sleep because I always freak myself out. Thank God for my best friend that will be driving me to Glendale. I live in Huntington Beach, ca and traffic is insane going up to glendale, just hope that the ride back home isn't to bad. I plan to go to school on Monday, I honestly will try my best to hide my nose but if not oh wells. Other than that I am ready for Thursday to get here and be done with. I'll try my best to update everyone! Wish me the best!

Some more before picture before the big day tomorrow

Goodbye nose!

Still waiting...

So I got to the hospital at 10 am because my appointment was at 1030. I went and checked in and the lady at the front told me to take a seat and they will call my name.. 30-40 mins pass by I go up and ask the lady up at the front when are they calling my name. She goes, "oh, yea" like she forgot about me. By the time I signed papers it was 11.. Now I'm just waiting in the room and it's 1230.. Not sure when I'll be going into surgery but I'm starting to get very nervous! The nurses have been sweet but just the lady up front! I'm sitting here very hungry and thirsty ????????????


Everything went well. Pain id say is a 4, breathing from the mouth sucks! Also thanks everyone for the kind messages

Post op day one

So far so good not much pain. The last time I took a pain killer was 7 hours ago but other than that I have been sleeping well even with my mouth open hahah. there is some discomfort but nothing crazy! I also hate how I don't have an appetite and I have to force myself but other than that going to finish some homework and keep in cool this weekend :) and my face isn't much swollen, hope it stays like this because I've been icing these puppies hah

Pod #2

Been feeling alright. Going to switch to taking Tylenol instead of the norcos I was prescribed since the pain isn't too bad and I'm tired of being so tired on these norcos. So far it's been alright, I'm still somewhat bleeding from my nose. Does anyone know when does it stop? Also my face has gotten swollen and my upper lip too lol looks like I got my top lip done.

Quick update

Post day #3, so far its been going well. I had to text Dr. G just to make sure my suture that ripped wouldn't effect anything and he replied right away. I am still bleeding from my nose but it's not a lot just very annoying because it feels like I have buggers in my nose! I also look like a chipmunk with my swollen face but bruising is very minimal :). Thank god! Other then that I've been resting and trying to do my homework but at the same time I can't even focus and on top of that its statistics :( Lolol but here's a picture! Happy healing

Side picture

Tomorrow I get the cast off!

I'm so happy that tomorrow I finally get this damn cast off!! the only thing that is swollen still is my cheeks. I look like a chipmunk Lolol it's pretty hilarious. I still can't smile and it hurts to laugh. I've been watching it's always sunny in Philadelphia and a couple of times it hurt so bad to laugh. Tomorrow I'll post a picture of how my nose looks. Avoid my hairy eyebrows and my no make up on haha it's getting out of hand.

I love my new nose!

I am so happy with how it turned out! Thank you Dr. G now I well so much confidence :)


Post day 6

So my swelling on my face is starting to go down. Finally got my eyebrows done and I can't wait until I can start actually wearing make up again. I can somewhat breath through my right nostril but my left one I can't even breath through it at all. I've been cleaning my nose with saline spray but some how it doesn't run through the other side of my nostril haha I must be doing it wrong? Or something??? Anyways so far healing been going well for me. I hope it stays like this! Happy healing :)

Very happy

It just seems so unreal that I did this procedure and when I look at myself in the mirror I am filled with so much confidence. I know my nose still is in the healing process but I am so happy with how I look. I will probably update you guys in 2 weeks or so because I feel like I keep repeating myself but I am so happy and I no longer delete my side profile picture. Like I said before thank you Dr. G you seriously boosted my self esteem even more and I can not thank you enough. No words can express how pleased I am! Anyways here's another before and after! Happy hearings everyone!

Questions I get asked about.

So I'm going to just write it on here the answers for the questions some of you have asked me.
When I went to my consultation with dr. G I didn't go to other doctors because I had a gut feeling that I should get my procedure done by him. He was the only doctor I had a consultation with. I didn't really tell him what I wanted except that I wanted my hump gone. He was the one that told me what he would do to my nose and I agreed with everything he said. The second appointment I did show him Ariana grande's picture and I told him how I liked her nose and that was about it. I really didn't ask much questions when I went into the consultation because like I said I felt so confident enough that he wouldn't mess up my nose. You can call me crazy and what not for just making a consultation with one doctor and already booking for the surgery but it's something I've always wanted to do and I also loved dr. G's work.

Quick update.

Everything is going well, swelling on my nose is going down and my breathing is getting better. It sometimes does feel like it's stuffy. I'm really happy how it looks, all my friends love my new nose too. Even my parents haha even though they were totally against me getting it done. My mom was so amazed on how it turned out. My smile is also coming back but my nose still feels kinda stiff haha.

2 weeks

2 weeks post op and still going well. It's so crazy how something like you're nose makes you look so different. ive been saline spraying my nose everyday and it's nasty when mucus comes out. My stitches still haven't been coming out yet. My breathing is really improving. I've been taping my nose every night for 2 weeks because that's what Dr. G told me to do. At times my nose does have some pain but nothing I can't bare. Last night I totally forgot I got my nose done that I ended up hitting my nose with my hand. It was not fun Lolol. But happy healing!

Happy 3 weeks post op

It's been 3 weeks since my surgery. At times my nose does hurt a little when I run around at work because I'm a server. I have started drinking but not exercising until next week. I can't wait to go back to the gym.

Can't believe it's going to be a month

I'm totally in love with my new nose. Everyone tells me how much they love my new nose and how natural it looks. I've been cleaning my nose with saline spray and that thing works miracles lol. I can start breathing better!

Don't really have much to update

I don't really have much to update but I have started blowing my nose gently and also started going to the gym today. It does feel weird to run tho. You can always follow my account on Instagram because I'll rarely go on here now.

I had my 6 week post op

He showed me a before and after picture.
What a difference ! My nose was so huge!????????????


Everything is still going well. I still do not wear sunglasses, not even sure when I can. Does anyone know?? It feels very heavy on my nose when I do wear them. My nose still feels weird at times. My breathing is getting better when I run. Honestly, I do not regret getting my nose job. I am so happy with my results and I've also seen some bad reviews on dr grigoryants but I have no idea why since they mostly never post pictures. I think dr grigoryants did such an amazing job on my nose, I hope my review will help you guys! Well happy healing :)

Still in love with my nose

i am seriously in love with my nose and I can't wait until it's fully healed!


Hi guys!!
I thought I should do an update. So far everything is still going well. I still can't believe I'm about to be 6 months post op.
One thing I will say is that I did have an accident and hit my nose with something heavy. Thank god nothing bad happened and I did call the office to make sure I didn't need to be seen.
I still have no put my whole face under water. Other than that everything is still the same.


Hey guys! So it's been about 7 months now. Everything is still going great! Here is a before and now picture. The only thing is that my nose is asymmetrical and Doctor G did mention that my face was asymmetrical and he will not be able to fix that. You really can't notice it unless I point it out but it's nothing I feel that will lower my confidence. Since my nose job, I've felt more confident! If you'd like to follow me and look at other pictures you can follow me on IG or if you have any questions you can message me on there Alejandrawrrr_xoxo

2 months away from making a year!

I am so happy that I went to Dr. G, he is truly amazing at what he does!
I'm starting to see my cuts on my nose are starting to fade away. Thank you everyone for all the nice comments. I wish you all well if you decide on getting rhinoplasty. Best wishes!
If you have any question, I will try my best to reply!

Been a year and 4 months

I really don't have much to update but I guess my nose is done with all the swelling and stuff. I do still clean my nose with that spray, not sure what it's called. Sometimes, my nose still feels clogged. I seriously recommend going to Dr. G and honestly a nose job does not hurt! I was so scared to do it because I would look at after pictures of the procedure and I would start freaking out. I was back to working as a server within a week of getting my nose job.
People compliment on how well my nose job turned out. Sometimes I even forget that I had one done. My confidence has boosted way up! Anyways, good luck if you are getting the procedure!

heres a couple of before and now pictures.

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