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Hi! I have been reading reviews on here for months...

Hi! I have been reading reviews on here for months in anticipation for my rhinoplasty on December 21st!! I'm writing this review before because now I'm having second thoughts. I'm only 18 so obviously, my parents are really concerned that I pick a good doctor. I picked Dr.Grigoryants because I fell in love with his online before nad after pictures. It was the first doctor I had ever seen where I liked all of his rhinoplasties. I w thought Dr.G did the exact style of noses that I liked. However, now my parents are starting to question me and make sure I truly want to go through with this. I did read some negative reviews on realself, even though there were very few it is still concerning. I also am aware of the fact that he has so many reviews and does so many noses not all of them will turn out perfect. I am just concerned that my front wont turn out as good as my side.I just was wondering if anyone else had these second thoughts and was wondering if they went through with it? Also, it would be so great to hear from some of you since I need to decide by tomorrow. I'm so stressed and emotional now that it's so close. Just don't want to make a mistake.
I'll upload some photos of my nose, I am for sure getting a rhinoplasty. It's the doctor I'm most concerned about.


I decided to go with Dr.G so excited/nervous! I have finals right now so I guess I have later to get more nervous.

Surgery day

hey so it went very well... i'm not in much pain at all but I'm kind of out of it so i'll explain in more detail later, also sorry for the bad quality pics it's the only size it will let me update from my photobooth and it has a shitty display :(

day 1

Surgery Day:
so yesterday was basically a peice of cake, to any of you about to have a surgery or considering having the surgery, trust me when I say it's not worth getting yourself worked up for. I was actually suprisingly not that nervous to begin with, my gut was telling me everything was going to turn out fine. I have never broken anything or had a surgery so there were some nerves surrounding the anesthestia but that was honeslty one of the best parts, I don't even remember my last thougt before I fell asleep. My nurse and anesthesialogist were the sweetest, which definitely helps! I was also very nervous about throwing up, but to my delight I wasn't even nauseaous when I came out. I did have an hour and a hald long car ride back home so I took a nasuea tablet, even though I probably didn't need it. I told Dr. G that I liked the upturnded look and for him to make my nose as small as possible, and my friend, my mom, and I already noticed a difference in the cast.. As for pain there is none, I took one tylonol the first day and two today cause my stitches were a little bothersome but it was COMPLETELY bearable and I am a baby with pain. It's also very true that it's way more uncomfortable than paibful. I can't breathe through my nose which is to be expected and it's a little hard to eat. I also hate breathing through my mouth. But overall getting my blood drawn was way more painful for me than the surgery! As for bruising I pretty much look the same so I won't update til there is changes.

day 4

So, I haven't been updating because I honestly haven' t felt as good as I did on the first day and today it has gotten a little better. I'll give more detailed updates of the days but I have some questions I hope some of you could answer. I know this might be gross, but does anyone who had a hard time opening their mouth know how to brush their teeth? I have only beena able to get to the bottom cause it sort of hurts to open it. Everytime I do I feel tightness under my nose, this has also made it hard to eat even though I do have an appetite :(. Did this happen to anyone else? Also, when did you guys take a shower? Please help, I feel gross.

8-days post

some pictures! I'll go through day by day tmo! I still can't smile :/

without bandages..happy is an understatement... YAYYYYYYY!

My sporadic overview: If you have any more questions, ask! :)

pre-op: Brought pictures to show him my ideal nose and went over the plan. I told him I wanted the smallest nose possible that still fit my face. Ultimately trusted his judgement with all the changes he wanted to make.

Before Surgery: Make sure you have all of your supplies ready. i.e. perscriptions, cough drops, vaseline, soft foods!, neck pillow!, extra strength tylenol!, arnica

Day of Surgery: Felt really mellow, amazing staff. Had surgery at Taranza surgery center. Surgery day was one of the easiest days for me. Very painless. Gave me a shot for anxiety, then anesthesia, then I was out.

Recovery: By the second day the swelling got a lot worse. Felt really low on energy. I also couldn't really open my mouth or talk that much because I felt it irritated the stitches. Couldn't even open my mouth to brush my teeth. Bassically just ate soft baby foods and soup for the first coupple of days. I felt the worst post-op day 2 and 3. Just push through on those days, still bearable though. Post-op day 4 the swelling moved into my cheeks. Overall pain level was completely bearable, you really only need extra strength tylenol. I took the Norco rarely to help me sleep.

Cast-removal: I got my cast removed a week later because of christmas. At that point I couldn't wait to get it off. I read a lot of reviews saying it was painful so I took the Norco and a nausea tablet just incase. I really do not have a high pain tolerance and the cast removal did not hurt in the slightest. When he removed the splint I thought he was just pulling gunk off my nose, I felt a little pressure but it was so quick, I didn't even know he had done it already! I asked when he was going to remove it and he said he already did! So fast and really not that painful, I would really recomend taking the pain pill because that could have been what helped so much. Also Dr. G does things so quickly. My mom had a question about whether we did something right during recovery and he informed us that there are day by day instructions on his website! Which would have been really helpful to know earlier haha. A little tip to future rhinos. I also liked my nose right away and new that it'd get better and better with swelling. Don't sweat the details when it first comes off.

Right now I am a little swollen and it's a little tender to touch. But I went out last night on New Years and covered up my little brusing. One of my eye is a tad purple so I just use purple eyeshadow so you can't tell and the yellow under my eyes is covered by make up. At this point I still can't really move my upper lip or s mile and I still am pretty conjested. I still have to breathe through my mouth but it gets better and better every day. I also can't smile and sound weird because I am conjested. Still also have some swelling in my face. But I am so happy with my new nose!!

Almost 4 months before and afters

Better quality pics! :)
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