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I am really exhausted from the flight,...

I am really exhausted from the flight, appointments and errands, so don't judge if some of this sounds like nonsense ;)

Background info: I am not one of those people that hated their nose their whole life. I never paid too much attention to it to be honest. I have a pretty normal nose, especially if you don't look at it too close up. The first thing that started bothering me about my nose was the asymmetry. I started to notice that it curves to the right side. As time progressed this bothered me more and more and I developed other imperfections as I started to get closer to my 30s (I am currently in my late 20s), such as a bump on the bridge and the size of my nose increased also. I will post pictures of my nose later on - too tired to crop my face out right now. I consulted with some of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in North America over the past few months and after much thought decided to finally have my surgery performed by Dr. Grigoryants. He was highly recommended by his former patients and his before and afters look great. We met today and he seems like a really nice person. We had a really casual conversation, which was not what I was expecting. I prepared a whole speech and a ton of photos to show him, instead the conversation just flowed and he really seemed to get what I want. He told me what he was planning to do and asked for my opinion. I showed him some photos and we discussed them. I didn't feel rushed at all, but after I left I feel like I still had more to say/ask. I think I feel this way because I am really nervous. He does seem to know what he is doing, so I'm just going to try to trust that he will do his best, as he said he would :)

Day 1

I am going to make this short and go into details later. So far I just wanted to say that it's been going pretty well. The worst of it was getting a needle inserted into my hand and then getting the pain meds & anesthesia put in through it - it felt very unpleasant & somewhat painful, but tolerable. After the surgery, I felt some pain - mostly at the bases of my nostrils where he made incisions to reduce the size. I also felt pretty nauseous, but got some meds for that, so I didn't throw up. I got meds for the pain also & it worked perfectly - I didn't feel drugged, just no more paint. It's been a few hours, so the nausea and mild pain is starting to return. I took arnica & it seemed to have helped (I hope). Apart from that, I just wanted to say that I'm finding icing my face to be the most annoying thing right now - I get tired holding it & I am scared of touching my nose accidentally. Apart from that I wanted to say that I had a really pleasant experience at Verdugo Hills Hospital. I have been to several hospitals in my lifetime & this experience has been the best by far. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Everyone I met has been really wonderful.

Day 2

I will be adding pics eventually, so stay tooned, Im just feeling a little out of it so that's not a priority right now.

I'm feeling worse today than I did yesterday, which is what I was expecting based on what I read about recovery. I have huge bruises & undereye bags due to the swelling. I also have a concern that arose last night - I ended up throwing up (a lot) when the anti-nausea meds wore off. I also had some solid foods beforehand, so the puke was a little chunky (sorry for the gross details) & some of it flowed inside my nose. Now, I'm worried if it's stuck there or if it could have damaged internal stitches. It looks like one of the stitches at the base of my nose separated slightly as compared to the other side, so I'm feeling kind of anxious about it. I emailed Dr. G & he asked me to send him pix, but my phone camera doesn't really show what I'm talking about. Just praying/hoping for the best

before photos

These aren't very clear but just to give you an idea

Pics - Day 2


I am feeling really paranoid anytime I do anything that makes my nose move like chewing, swallowing (this is difficult now as both of my nostrils are completely blocked off), smiling, etc. I am so worried about shifting the structures out of place. Right now, the pain is minimal, just a mild headache, my undereye swelling is out of this world - I have never seen this much swelling on the rhinoplasty patients I've been following over the months. The thing that bothers me the most right now is that my nostrils are blocked off which makes it very difficult to swallow food and water. Also, whenever I swallow something it feels like it's sort of pulling on the nose which bugs me because Im worried about something being shifted out of place. Has anyone else had these concerns or am I losing it?

Day 3

I felt pretty crappy last night. I had some pain, so I decided to take the pain meds which helped me sleep at first, but then I started to feel really nauseous and had to take the anti-nausea meds as I was scared of throwing up. I woke up feeling ok this morning, but my drip pad was stuck to one of my stiches at the base of my nostrils and I freaked out because I was worried about pulling on it. It still looks like one of my stiches kind of separated and doesn't look as tightly stitched as the other side, but I am hoping it will heal fine. Also, my stitches looked a little infected this morning or maybe just swollen. They look better now, so I'm hoping it's nothing to worry about. I have been feeling kind of anxious over the past 2 days. I think it's partially due to the fact that I have had so many meds in my system over the past few days and anesthesia, but I am also concerned about how upturned my tip is. Dr. G mentioned that it will be a little piggish for the first week or so and then it will start to drop, so I am hoping this is true. I know it's too early to tell but this worries me. Then again, I looked through his other patients' reviews and it seems like their tips were pretty upturned initially too, so I'm hoping it will be ok. My recovery has been pretty rough, especially yesterday, so I started to have doubts as to whether or not this procedure was worth it. It will all come down to my results I guess, but it hasn't been an easy process for me, although, some people are really lucky and have minimal bruising, swelling and discomfort.

Day 4

Things are slowly getting better. I think Day 2 and 3 have been the worst so far. I find that I feel really crappy in the evenings, but I am able to sleep without an issue, even in the upright position. I took pain meds the day before yesterday and they made me nauseous, so I just tried to ignore the discomfort I had yesterday and went to sleep. My nose still has some minimal clear liquid coming out of it with a tint of blood, but the drainage has stopped for the most part. Mind you, I had a lot of work done - I had septorhinoplasty, turbinate reduction and he brought in my nostrils, so I believe my recovery is more difficult, at least in part, due to this. Also, if you intend to have this surgery, I really recommend that you take good care of your body in the weeks or even months leading up to it to speed up your recovery. I have been neglecting my diet and sleep for a while because I've been very busy, so I think this wasn't very good for me as far as speedy recovery goes. My main concern now really is the fact that I can't breath through my nose which makes it really difficult to swallow. And also, I noticed that one of my nostrils looks smaller than the other which makes me worried, but I am pretty sure it's due to the swelling since my entire face is extremely swollen right now.

Day 5 (well technically Day 4 since I counted the day of surgery as Day 1)

I am starting to feel kind of frustrated. It's feeling like a long and fairly difficult recovery. I know everyone is different, but this definitely has not been a walk in the park for me. I am pretty sure it's also because I am hanging out in the hotel room all day and it's really boring here. Also, I think my swelling is a lot worse than what it would have been if I was moving around. I am starting to come out of the room here and there. I go down for breakfast and even talked to a few other hotel guests today. Everyone's been really friendly, but I still feel weird to walk around on the street with my cast and bruises/swelling. I discovered yesterday that there is a tiny park right beside my hotel. I went for a short walk there but felt awkward because it's in a pretty crowded area, so I just felt like hiding. I forgot to mention - I do take arnica for pain and discomfort. It does seem to work for the annoying aches that come and go, but I don't think it would help with severe pain. It's been enough for me in terms of discomfort management, so I am glad I bought it. As far as everything else goes, I am trying not to pay too much attention to my nose now because it's swollen unevenly, which is also true for my cheeks - one cheek is bigger than the other. My cheeks are insanely swollen, but the good news is that the bruising under my eyes is turning yellow and the swelling is decreasing in that area. I slept without the drip pad last night and woke up with crusty incisions. Some of the clear liquid drained and crusted up on the incisions. I cleaned the outer rims of my nose with hydrogen peroxide and q-tips. Other than that, I am counting the days until my cast removal, as I will finally be able to breath and swallow properly. The inability to swallow is the most annoying so far.

Day 5/6

First of all, I want to start off by expressing gratitude towards all the wonderful girls that have pm'ed me on here during this frustrating/uncertain time. It really means a lot to me that you cared enough to reach out to someone going through what you went through. You put a lot of my fears to rest and I am hoping to do the same for someone else going through this down the road. It may have taken you just a few minutes to say hello or send your pictures over, but it means the world to me during this stressful time :)

As far as my recovery goes, time is passing by soo slowly when sitting in this tiny hotel room all day. I can't wait for cast removal on the 27th. Although I am looking forward to seeing what my nose will look like, I am not expecting anything spectacular right after cast removal because it will still be too early to tell. The main reason I am really, really excited about cast removal is that I can't wait to be out and about and to be able to breaaath. I have been feeling better for these past couple of days, but the inability to breath through my nose is really starting to get to me. I can swallow better, but it's still no picnic.

I went outside for a bit yesterday. I realized that I can access the little pool beside my hotel by using my room key (I couldn't even find the entrance before haha). I went there for a few minutes and hung out on the tanning chair. It felt nice to get fresh air, but I still felt a little awkward being outside.

I woke up this morning with a nasty taste in my mouth from some residual blood drainage towards my throat. I spat out some brown liquid and cleaned my incision sites (I ran out of q-tips by the way!! I went through 180 of them in like 5 days, so make sure you stock up!) One of my incision sites looks worse than the other (it's the one that I felt separated when I threw up after my surgery, but I am hoping it will heal fine with time.) Sleeping hasn't been as good as it was initially for some reason. I am beginning to feel really uncomfortable sleeping in the upright position.

I definitely regret not preparing for my surgery well enough. I should have been eating healthier, monitoring my sleep and exercising. I am a firm believer in a healthy lifestyle and I believe I would have healed better if I spent the couple of weeks leading up to my surgery really focusing on my health. I am insanely swollen still, more so than a lot of other rhinoplasty reviewers I've been following on realself. Although the swelling under my eyes improved significantly (which rocks by the way, because undereye swelling felt painful and uncomfortable), my cheeks are absolutely huge. I think this is partially due to the unhealthy lifestyle I had before the surgery, as well as the fact that I was a little lazy in icing my face in the first couple of days after the surgery (I wasn't doing it frequently enough) and didn't move around every hour like I was instructed to (I felt crappy and my hotel room is really small, so there isn't really anywhere to go).

I emailed Dr. G when I had various concerns throughout my recovery (about 5-6 times to be exact) and he has always responded within a few hours or the following morning if I emailed him late in the evening. Although, some of the answers to my concerns were self-explanatory, he patiently answered all my questions. I suggest that you keep your emails brief (as I did), because he is in surgery throughout the day and is generally a very busy surgeon, so it's best to be concise.

Day 6/7

Hey all, sorry if you keep getting notifications when I update. I am doing this both to help other people considering rhinoplasty and to document my story, so I can look back at it later (sort of like a daily journal).

I am excited about today, because I have only one more uncomfortable night ahead of me before cast removal! This week felt like the longest week of my life. I have been mostly in bed all week watching TV. At least, during the week, a lot my favorite sitcoms were on, but the weekend was insanely boring because there weren't any good shows, just a few dumb movies. I ended up watching American Pie and just couldn't believe that I thought that movie was funny when I was a teen. It's actually pretty disgusting haha. I just wish I brought a book to read, which I was planning to do, but forgot :( I am also not too happy with the fact that I chose a hotel on a major street because I haven't really been going out all week for the fear of people seeing me and I think staying in bed all day really contributed to the amount of swelling that I have been experiencing (which looks a lot better today, but was massive and lasted longer than the typical 3-4 days).
I walked around the pool area yesterday (located at my hotel). I kind of looked like a mental patient, because I was just walking back and forth between the pool and the jacuzzi. The hotel attendant came by the pool area and gave me a weird look, but didn't say anything lol. This was the most moving around I have done all week.

My night was ok. I slept fine, but woke up on my back instead of the upright position. I wasn't upset, because the post-op instructions say to sleep in the upright position for 4-5 days and it's been longer. I was just doing it because I was hoping it would help my massive swelling go down quicker. The nostril that has been causing me trouble all along (my right nostril that is) - first, with the stitches slightly separating after I threw up, then it looked more pinched than the other side and it has generally bled more throughout recovery - this is the nostril that is still causing me trouble.

I woke up with a pool of blood in my right nostril. This was surprising since I stopped bleeding a few days ago and had mostly clear liquid coming out of my nose. I cleaned it out and it still looks more pinched that the other. I emailed Dr. G about the separated stitches concern in the beginning of my recovery and he asked me for pictures. Once I sent them, he said it looks normal. Then I emailed him about the pinched nostril and he said that swelling and splits can cause that appearance, so I am trying not too worry too much. Also, several girls that have gone through this surgery with Dr. G, pm'ed me and told me to relax for now, since it's way too early to tell..

I am going to update you tomorrow after I get my cast removed. Hoping for the best and counting the hours until I can get this muzzle off my face!

Cast removal day

I know I said I was going to update you after cast removal, but I am feeling pretty anxious this morning, so I felt the need to blab a little.

My cast removal appointment is in the evening (in 8 hours to be exact), so I still have a good chunk of time to go. Some awesome movies and shows were on yesterday, so the day went by quickly. I slept poorly again. I kept my head slightly elevated, but wasn't sleeping in the upright position at this point because it's been more than 4-5 days since my surgery. I had a horrible nightmare about getting my cast removed. In the dream, my nose was all rotten underneath the cast including the bones. Although, I am not a superstitious person, I did wake up anxious and sweating. I also got a stomachache for the first time during my recovery. I think it was due to a combination of taking antibiotics all week and stressing out that caused my stomach issues. So now, I am just counting down the hours until I get this thing off and praying/hoping for the best!

It's off :)

So here it is! I know that these pictures aren't very clear but I will be posting more. Probably in a week or so, maybe earlier. I was pleasantly surprised, but I am not in love with it just yet because there is swelling and there is a little "step" on tip where the cast was pressing down on it (again this is swelling). It does look piggy, but I am not concerned right now because I know the tip will drop. I am just hoping it won't be a long wait until it does. The cast removal did not hurt at all! His assistant is really gentle. The care at this office, as well as the hospital has been amazing, so I am not sure why some people criticize the girls at his office. I never had an issue with them and think they are all really nice.

By the way, my right nostril (the one I kept freaking out about), was blocked off by a piece of tape that had clear crust over it and that is why it looked closed off. Don't I feel silly haha. Well, I will definitely update you some more later on, but I need to go get some food because I am starving and although I don't look very presentable still with the bruising and the tape, I am going to get me some normal food finally.


Hey everyone, sorry for not updating you yesterday. I had to take care of a bunch of things that were on hold while I was in recovery. I was also feeling super anxious yesterday because I started to notice all the things I didn't like about my new nose. I know I have been freaking out unnecessarily during my recovery and it turned out to be nothing, so I am hoping my current concerns will resolve with time also..

One of the things that I am most impressed with is the amount of symmetry Dr. G brought to my nose. I had a pretty crooked nose before (I will post a basal view of my nose so you can see the difference). I also like that I no longer have a bump on the bridge. However, there are certain things I am unhappy about and liked more about my old nose. Due to this, I felt very anxious yesterday and started to feel like I made a huge mistake. The things that are bothering me right now can be divided into two categories: those that look permanent and those that will likely/may change over time. The things that are likely permanent are the amount of projection my nose has (it is still more projected that I would have wanted it to be). The reason I say this is likely permanent is because most of the 'afters' that I see on here show a fairly small nose on the day of cast removal which typically becomes bigger as it starts to swell up. I was studying my nose the day of my cast removal and after comparing it to my before pics, I noticed that it isn't that much smaller. You can't really see this in my pictures because you don't see my entire face, but it still looks a bit too big. I blame myself, at least in part, for this because, right before the surgery, I told him I want a smaller nose but not a very small one since I am tall, so I think he was conservative in how much he took away. The things that I am hoping are not permanent are the piggy appearance and this "oversculpted" look which makes me looks like I had surgery (I hope these are just traces from the cast and will have a softer look with time). I also have the avatar look going on - my bridge looks wider than it did before the surgery (the width of my bridge is one of the few things I actually liked about my old nose, so I hope this changes) and the tip is smaller, so the wide bridge and small tip don't look very balanced. I also still have the bruises, which have nothing to do with my result but are definitely contributing to my anxiety because whenever I go outside people really stare at me, so it makes me feel like I look really operated on (and not only because of the bruises = I feel like they are studying my nose).

Either way, I'd say that even if I was going to do this all over again, I would have still picked Dr. G as my surgeon. He is very skilled at what he does, but rhinoplasty is no walk in the park and there are can be things that you will be unhappy about because you are putting so much confidence into someone else to really understand what you want and to give you the result you are looking for. I am generally a very picky person and I feel like I didn't communicate my wants well enough. I spent so much time researching surgeons that (because my time was scarce) I didn't take the time to come up with a 'vision' for my nose. Although some people say that 3D imaging is bs, I wish I did have a few simulations to discuss with him beforehand. I am hoping that things will improve and I will come to like my new nose more, but for now, I am not feeling so good about my decision overall.

Not feeling so good..

Hey guys.. I am feeling kind of depressed these days. I keep wondering why such an experienced and talented surgeon made my nose look so artificial when that was one thing I kept mentioning I wanted to avoid. I guess that's just my luck.. I have not made up my mind about Dr. G just yet. It is easy to get angry and want to blame the surgeon, but I am still very early in my recovery process so I cannot really rate him just yet. Just based on the fact that he made my nose completely straight (this is one thing I hope stays the way it is) using closed rhinoplasty is very impressive. I consulted with many rhinoplasty specialists all over North America before choosing Dr. G and he was one of the few that suggested a closed approach to fix the asymmetry. On top of that, even the surgeons that proposed the open technique said they can't promise that it will be completely straight, so that part definitely impressed me..

I think the main thing that makes me feel really sad is the fact that my new nose is not the "type" of nose I asked for and this is unlikely to improve with time (whereas as the artificial look might). I gave him an idea of what I wanted by showing him some photos of other people's noses, but he had his own vision. Then again, I was also not a 100% clear on what I want so I do believe that I was to blame (at least in part) in that regard. So many people told me not to worry and to trust his aesthetic taste that I didn't think this was going to happen. I just wish I could go back in time and tell him not to take so much away from my tip, to give me more of a slope (instead of the half slope, half straight look I now have from certain angles) and lastly, I wish he deprojected my nose a little more as well.

Despite all I am saying, I know my 'before' pictures make you think that this is still a great result, but I do have some more flattering pictures of my old nose and it actually looked really good from a couple of angles. I wish I could prove this, but most of the pix from which i would have to cut out my nose have been on social media and I am really paranoid when it comes to being public about this surgery (although if my nose continues to look this fake, everyone will find out eventually anyway). I just wanted it to look symmetrical and good from all angles, not to get rid of what I already liked about it. I believe I already mentioned this somewhere, but at this point, I am feeling like I traded one set of issues for another. I used to have a crooked nose and the crookedness made it look "witchlike" from the right side, but now that side looks completely artificial instead. Don't get me wrong, I think he did an amazing job straightening my nose, I am not going to argue with that, but my nose looks very plastic.

Although my pictures are not clear and it is generally difficult to demonstrate what I see in the mirror with photos, you may be able to pick up on a couple of things 1) my nose looks 'oversculpted' as I mentioned - I feel like he took all of the fatty tissue out and now it's just cartilage underneath my skin. I read that surgeons sometimes 'defat' the tissue when performing rhinoplasty.. I think that really sucks because people actually get fat injections or fillers to correct an overly sharp nasal tip appearance.. 2) I have 2 completely straight lines running down the sides of my nose, which look like I have an overly obvious implant inserted. I forgot to mention, but he used spreader grafts to correct the pinched appearance of the middle part of my nose and now my nose looks prosthetic. I thought that because he was going to use my own tissue it will look natural, but from what I read it appears that spreader grafts can create an implant-like appearance.

All in all, I know that sounded like a really negative message, so I am hoping I didn't scare away any of Dr. G's potential patients. Although I am not happy right now, I still think he is a very skilled surgeon and is really worth considering. I am posting these updates to show people that rhinoplasty has it's negative sides too and to track my own progress. You may be lucky and have a really easy recovery as well as a great result or you may be like me and feel really uneasy throughout the process. I think that the risk of having an unsatisfactory outcome exists with any surgeon, so Dr. G is still a surgeon I would consider if I were someone else reading my own review. Also, I actually really liked his bedside manner and I felt like I was talking to a friend who wanted to help me every time I met with him. I hope that he is still like that when I see him next week and discuss my concerns.. From the stories I read, I know that some surgeons become quite nasty when you start to criticize their work, so I hope this won't be the case with him. I really don't want to go for a revision, but I want a natural looking nose. If I do end going for a revision, I will most likely go to him, but will be extremely specific in terms of what I want, unless I can find someone else who is just as highly recommended.

Quick update

Hi guys, I just wanted to write a quick update because a lot of people have been pm'ing me and I having trouble keeping up with responding to comments on here because I've been busy. First of all, for those of you concerned about Dr. G's skill or competence, please don't be. He did not give me an ugly nose, nor do I have a botched nose job, it's just not what I had in mind. As time is passing by and my brain is adjusting to the new look, it's becoming easier to accept it and to kind of like it even, at times.

Like I said before, I can definitely appreciate the positive changes Dr G made to my nose (removed the hump, reduced the nostrils and brought symmetry to it), it's just that not everyone aesthetic taste is exactly the same and I feel like I should have been more clear in terms of what I want before the surgery. One of my biggest concerns was the artificial appearance and the upturned tip - these two are slowly getting better. A lot of people who have gone through this procedure messaged me over the past few weeks (before and after the surgery) and even sent me their post-op pictures. I was able to see how their noses have progressed through time and that they looked very different from the 2 months mark to the 4 months mark and even more so by 1 year, so I not losing hope that once everything is settled, I will come to love my new nose.

Also, keep in mind that the amount of meds I had in my system affected my mood and thinking. Now that I am out and about, getting proper nutrition and drinking lots of water, I am starting to feel better emotionally and am ready to face this recovery, which, as they say, may take up to a full year or even longer.

Again, I still think that Dr. G is one of the best surgeons out there and I am not just saying that. I have seen a lot of really botched nose jobs on realself and to be honest, I would rather go to Dr. G and end up with a nose that wasn't exactly what I was hoping for than to go to another surgeon who isn't as experienced and risk ending up with a botched surgery. At least if I ever decide to change anything about my current nose down the road, I feel like I'll have a good starting point and will require only minor adjustment. There is still a long way to go and only time will tell how I will feel about it down the road. I will most likely wait a month or so to update you again, but might post some new pictures before then.

3 weeks post-op

As you can see I have changed my rating from "Not Sure" to "Worth It". As time is progressing and I am getting used to my new nose, I am quite happy with the outcome. My nose is not a 100% perfect, as is the case with some of the other girls that had their noses done by Dr. G, but it is a huuuuge improvement. I have to say though the transition to this new look was pretty tough on me emotionally, so be prepared for that if you are considering this surgery. There are things that change on a daily basis (e.g. swelling that shows up and then subsides, etc.), so this process does require patience, but overall, I do believe that Dr. G is as good as it gets when it comes to rhinoplasty specialists. Don't get me wrong, I feel a little uneasy about making this statement prematurely, since I know things will change over time, but must say that I am quite pleased at the moment.
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