Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty W/ Dr Grigoryants. Glendale, CA

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I am now just about 4.5 months post op from a...

I am now just about 4.5 months post op from a rhino/septoplasty with Dr G and wanted to share my experience and hopefully get some feedback from you all. The last 4 months have been a huge adjustment to say the least. Lots of tears and feeling like I made a mistake, mixed with days were I think it will all come together and be worth it. I guess that's all pretty normal.

My reasons for deciding to change my nose- When I was thirteen I had a pretty bad accident and broke my nose and had to get 15 stitches on my forehead from a gash that cracked my skull. You can imagine how fun it was to be in junior high with two black eyes and head like Frankenstein. And so my issues with my nose began. I never liked the bump and always thought my nose was all together too big, both wide and long, for my face. The break also gave me a deviated septum and breathing issues. I started researching surgeons when I was 20 and finally felt ready to go through with it at 33, after following Dr G's work for three years, both on his website showing his amazing before and afters and on Realself. Insurance covered part of my surgery, do to the deviated septum and I paid $5900 out of pocket.

To be completely transparent, it has been a difficult 4 months adjusting to this new person I see in the mirror. The first 2 months were the hardest. Lots of crying and feeling like I made a horrible mistake. For the first time in my adult life I can actually look at old nose and see how well it fit my face and appreciate its imperfections. It's a sick joke really. I think it gave my face character but maybe I am just missing what is familiar. I am learning to love my new nose and I do think some things about it were improved and it is a lot smaller but sometimes I wonder if it looks as good as my old nose did on my face. The profile looks really nice, especially on days the swelling is down.

I am having a few issues that I wanted to share with you all. 1.) My nostrils are different sizes 2.) There is a dent on the right side making it look crooked and also causing breathing issues because the skin is collapsed in the airway. 3.)The bone on the right side of my bridge is to high and causes a shadow around my eye 4.) the bone on the left side of the bridge sticks out and there is still a hump from some angles. The hump doesn't bother me as much as the front view where you can see it curve out. 5.) the bridge is much wider than before and that was what I told him I really wanted to keep about my nose. And last I didn't expect to have quite such a lifted tip and its hard getting use to seeing my nostrils.

I am really hoping some of these issues improve over time as the swelling continues to go down. I think Dr G is a really talented surgeon and he has done so many amazing noses. I am confused as to how these things happened. I knew it wouldn't be perfect and I didn't want to have a flawless fake looking nose. I did expect to have my nostrils symmetrical and to be able to breath well. I just hope that Dr G will be able and willing to fix anything that doesn't resolve on its own. I am an out of state patient and I fly back to see him in June so I'll be able to get his input on what's going on. I have emailed him and all he says is we have to wait for the swelling to resolve at 12 months. A little frustrating to not get any explanation but I understand he is busy.

I am going to do a seperate post on my experience at the surgery center and the first few weeks following surgery.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on my results. I posted lots of before and after photos so you can see what my nose looked like before and after from all angles. I actually liked what my nose looked like from the front in some photos before my surgery. I haven't taken many photos of the front post surgery where I am smiling because I'm still trying to get use to it. Photos with a flash look way worse than photos taken in natural light. Will I ever look good in a flash photo again? Has anyone else had these issues resolve with time?

Thanks in advance for your support!

5.5 month photos

I wanted to give an update of what I'm seeing at 5.5 months. I have seen some positive changes with both the bridge and the tip. The bridge has gotten a little more narrow and the tip has come down some. I am feeling better about it in general, most days. However the issues i mentioned are all still there, they have gotten a little better and don't bother me quite as much. I am really hoping they continue to improve over time. I see dr g in a couple weeks and have a list of questions ready for him. I'll do a post on what he says about everything. Thank you so much for the feedback!

6 month Appointment w/ Dr G

I had my post op appointment with dr g back in June, at the 6 month mark. It went really well. He answered all my questions and didn't rush me at all. He noticed the bone sticking out on the left side right when I walked in and said it will be an easy fix for him to do in the office and won't require surgery. He will have to shave the bone down more and will be able to do it in the office with just twilight sedation. He said it will look a lot better but it won't be perfect because my bone went to the left before surgery. I have to wait until I'm 14 months before a revision so I'm planning on getting it done in February.

I also talked to him about the dent on the right side. He said that he could either put in a graft, which would require another surgery, or I could do a filler. He said putting in a graft will make the nose look a little wider. I really don't know if I'm up for a whole surgery, along with the recovery again and I don't want it to be wider either. I am leaning toward doing the filler but I haven't decided. Has anyone had or known someone who has had good results with filler in the nose. I think once the bone on the left is shaved down the dent won't bother me. That's what I'm hoping at least.

I'm happy to report that I reached a turning point around 7 months- I love my new nose now and it feels like a part of me. The imperfections don't bother me like they use to. Even though it's not perfect I think it's a big improvement and I'm really happy I went through with the surgery. Especially my profile from the right side. Big improvement. I posted a couple pictures of the difference. I am super nervous to have more work done but I do think the bone needs to be more narrow in the middle.

If anyone knows what the recovery is like from having a bone shaved down please let me know. That was one thing I forgot to ask dr g. I am really hoping it is a lot easier than the initial surgery.
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