Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty + Chin Implant - Glendale, CA

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Just got home from surgery & writing this because...

Just got home from surgery & writing this because what's helped me the most in my journey has been reading other people's experiences!

Waiting time was long. They gave me something for anxiety & I don't think it helped very much because i became extremely stressed about the procedure. The last thing I remember was thinking about all the money I spent and trouble I went through to do this. I was panicking and felt regret, it was an emotional snowball. If I hadn't fallen asleep when I did, I wonder whether I would have still gone through with it. I was in a little pain when I awoke from anesthesia, very exhausted, and very uncomfortable. There was and still is a lot of pressure in my nose. There was an ice bag on my eyes, they were lots of tears, must've been a reaction to surgery. My throat felt really dry and it was sore. No nausea at all. Yay. Just physical exhaustion. All the nurses were very nice. It didn't take me very long to feel awake & I'm still really groggy even 2 hours post op. I had a chin implant as well. I only felt pressure in it & no pain. It's kinda stiff & feels kinda numb. My legs are still sore from the circulation things they put on them.

There's a lot of brushing and swelling around my eyes. I'm nervous about my results because the length of my nose looks a lot smaller than it used to be & I didn't want a nose that's too small for my face, I'm feeling like Christina Ricci's character in that movie Penelope. I can already tell the hump is gone, so I am excited about that! But there's so much blood dripping into the gauges. I really just want to fast forward to this stuff coming off.

Also, I am nervous about what people will say about it. I have only told a few close friends so far. I keep telling myself that it will look good. I always hated when people sat beside me or had a view of my profile because I disliked it. I was constantly positioning myself around people so that they always had a frontal view of my face as often as possible. If anything, I already know this constant repositioning I was doing will go away.

Day 1. Post op.

It was so hard to sleep last night. Mostly because I had to sleep upright but also because I'm so used to sleeping on my side & couldn't. The u shaped pillow was the best decision I have made! It helps soooo much!

Lots of swelling around my eyes! Bruising has lightened up a bit. I thought I could go without the pain medication today but started to feel a little pain & I took a pill because I was unsure how much worse it nights get. The nasal drip has almost stopped. I think a big reason it was so runny last night was because I was talking a lot to my friend & laughing. Once is stopped talking, it slowed tremendously. I'm so exhausted! And I feel very weak. Last night, I could feel everything in my body very sensitively & my wrists felt as if they had been restrained. I wonder if this was my imagination or whether I was moving around while under the anesthesia.

The soreness in my legs is gone but it still feels strange when I get up to walk around.
Also, I am continuously going to the bathroom to pee! Did anyone else experience this?

In terms of drinking liquids, I've tried to keep hydrated but sipping even out of a straw is uncomfortable & it's been very minimal. I haven't eaten since the night before my surgery. I bought those meal replacement shakes for calories but since I'm having trouble sipping & swallowing, I haven't gained enough courage or been hungry enough to deal with this discomfort. Hoping I could eat soon. :/

Day 1-Post op Pictures.

Lots of swelling under my eyes.

Before Photos!

Is this Normal?

I'm feeling a lot of warmth in my nose & chin area. Could this be a sign of infection or is this a normal part of recovery?

Day 2:

First, thank you all for your support! I didn't expect to get any responses at all and it feels so nice not doing this alone.

Last night, I went to the drugstore with my friend & waited in the car. It was good to walk around & get some fresh air. I got some looks of shock & pity from the people who parked next to us. I didn't really care. I'm unrecognizable & I'm never going to see those people again anyways.

I slept a lot last night & today. I think the medication is making me sleepy. I was EXTREMELY swollen in my eyes. I put a bag of frozen veggies on my eyes & that helped.

I ate some soup today & realized how hungry I actually am! It was very difficult eating because I couldn't breathe while I ate & chewing wasn't difficult just uncomfortable. I had ice cream and apple sauce & those were both great choices. Anything cold & mushy is wonderful right now. I am craving In N Out soooo badly today. My teeth hurt, I'm wondering whether it's from surgery maybe? I sneezed & it was the worst experience. I felt like my entire nose was going to be blown away. A lot of yellow stuff (mucus?) & a little bit of blood came out of my nose. I tried to sneeze out my mouth but i obviously failed. Beware of sneezes.

If I don't take my meds, my nose feels extreme pressure so I haven't been off of them just yet. Although I have had to write down the times I took them because I kept forgetting. I thought I could get some homework done but so far, I've just watched movies on netflix & slept.

I called dr g's office today & scheduled my post op appointment- the cast is coming off on Saturday! Yay!

Day 3: post Op + questions about cast removal

I kept waking up at night with strong impulses to scratch my face & tear the cast off. It has been itchy and uncomfortable. I had been very sleepy and tired until this afternoon. The swelling and bruising in my eyes went away a bit & I think that when my swelling went down, the itching in my face went away with it.
I took a shower today & had an Oreo cookie!

Showering: was a slow process and I moved around very awkwardly. I felt like an old lady. Also, it was hard to see everything because of the stuff on my face. This was a great idea & I felt 100 times better afterwards. I really want to wash my hair! This is the next thing I am looking forward to doing. It really long, thus really oily now & it probably has stuff in it from surgery. The nurses warned me there might be blood or sticky stuff in it. Gross.

Brushing my teeth: wasn't comfortable because opening my mouth wide feels awkward and weird but having an electric toothbrush helped a lot. I'd definitely recommend this.

I haven't been eating much. Today's meal was a meal replacement shake & a cup of apple sauce. I can't stop thinking about spaghetti! I ate an Oreo cookie but chewing felt weird.

I hope I look better tomorrow because that's when I'm getting my cast taken off & a friend is coming to visit.

I haven't written much about my chin. This is because it has only been minimally swollen and didn't bruise at all. It hasn't hurt for the most part and has actually mostly been numb. This morning I felt a momentary pain in the left side, it felt like a wire was being stabbed into my skin. But it didn't last very long and this was the only time I felt any real pain there at all. In terms of my profile, I cant really see a very big difference yet. Perhaps this is due to the swelling. I guess we'll see.

Cast removal questions:
What is this process like? Is there anything I should bring or anything special I should wear? Does it hurt? What does it feel like & what should I expect?

Thank you! Xo

Day 3: less swelling & bruising

Day 4: post op- cast removal day!

Woke up feeling much better, the swelling was almost completely gone in my left side & the bruising faded more.
I was so nervous that something would be wrong with my nose when he took the cast off, I read about the possibility of collapse! So I was freaking out.
The ladies in the office were rude but I didn't care too much. Dr.G quickly removed the cast, felt like a large band-aid was taken off & the splint. It didn't hurt! And the band aid on my chin was also removed painlessly. He cleaned some of the inside out of my nose & taped. He gave me instructions & answered questions & I was sent on my way.

My face is sooooo swollen & I look like a chipmunk! But I know it will go away. He said I can wash my face tomorrow & makeup tomorrow. I am worried about going out in public because I look kinda scary. I'm very happy with my profile. And I'm excited to wash my hair tomorrow.

Bad news: can't complete scuba certification for 6 months- he said the pressure & the yucky stuff in the water won't be good. Also, I'm to wait a month before exercising. Ugh, my life just became boring.

Day 5 & 6- post op

Day 5- lots of swelling still.
Finished the last of the antibiotics & stopped taking the pain meds.

I washed my hair & face for the first time! It felt amazing! I was so careful with my face, I couldn't feel the water or temperature on my nose at all. The swop part, where my hump was was super swollen & looked wider than it started off before surgery!

I was bad & Went to a friends dinner party & had 3 sips of alcohol- limoncello, even though not supposed to. Didn't really make a noticible difference, perhaps because it's was a minuscule amount. Felt good to be social even though my face was still swollen & bruised. I wouldn't have gone out in public.

Cleaned my nose out as instructed. Olive oil! Also using saline nasal spray on a cotton swab. Helped my sense of smell a tiny bit but still couldn't breathe.
Also, the icky stuff in my nose was loosening up & was making noises every time I inhaled or exhaled. I had to stop during the movie we were watching & go clean it because everyone else could hear it too.

Day 6:
Taped all day yesterday, all night, & all day today because I wanted to be extra good with taping! Even though I was told nights only are enough, It just makes me feel better knowing I'm doing as much as I can to help it along. I'm taping tonight & I'm trying to decide about tomorrow in the day time whether I should leave it on or not. I'm going to be out & about so I want to see how much of my bruising I can cover up with makeup.

I was out with my friend all day today & everywhere we went, I got looks about my face. I'm sure a big part of it was the tape! But even if I did not have tape, I would still have had the purple crescents under my eyes with not obvious explanation.
I have been using arnica cream obsessively since the cast came off & it's helped soooo much! Except today, I think I may have put too much on because my skin became a little bit itchy & irritated for the first time. I just reapplied before bed & it wasn't irritated at all? Could've been the sunlight (although it was extremely minimal- to & from the car to the store/home)?
The swelling is down a lot! Especially in my eyes- almost all gone.
I was at target today & in the bright lights of the fitting room, noticed that my neck was, in fact, bruised yellow! I didn't really notice it before & probably because the lighting here isn't so good. It looks like I had been strangled. At least my chin doesn't hurt! There is some tightness when I make a facial expression involving my mouth- like smiling. My him kinda feels like what pants feel like when they're on too tight & you try to carry around an apple in your pocket. I don't know why anyone would do that, but that's the only comparison I can think of to describe the feeling of tightness.
I was pretty short of breath these past few days & tired & felt weak. It was hard opening the prescription medication lid. Hopefully my strength returns soon.

I still can't breathe out of my nose, although there has been a little improvement in my left nostril,
A little air comes through when I consciously inhale through my nose.

I LOVE my profile & I'm hoping it does t change too much. Although it will be nice when the swelling in my nose goes down because the tip & slope look really wide. In due time!

Day 7- post op

Today was pretty uneventful.
Still can't breathe out of my nose, although the left nostril is more cleared out than the right. Does anyone know how I can help this along? I've been cleaning as instructed & I can't really feel a difference.

Swelling gone in my eyes & most of my face but, still a lot of swelling in my nose.
I didn't tape today because I wanted my skin to breathe.

I got my eyebrows done & the lady bumped my nose a little & it didn't feel good.

Still bruised in eyes & chin.

Day 8- post op

I feel well today.
Nose is still hard to breathe out of, but some air comes through. A lot of icky in there. It's still a little sore but doesn't hurt. I still can't smell anything.
It's STILL swollen. Most of the swelling is in the tip of it.

Today, I looked in the mirror & freaked out because I thought it looked too small for my face. Then, reassured myself there's still a lot of swelling. I was curious to see what it looked like with makeup & just threw some on real quick for the effect. The side looks great! But the front, terrible! Also, my chin implant draws attention to how uneven my chin is, one side is stronger than the other. This wast due to surgery, it was already like that & Dr Grigoryants made sure to tell me surgery wouldn't change that.

Makeup pics & then non makeup pics later. My profile looks like Lana del rey. ????

Update: 2 weeks

Went to coachella this past weekend with a bruised eye! It was fine but there was a lot of dirt floating around that made it extra hard to breathe.

Swelling has gone down a lot but still dealing with bruising on my right eye.

2 weeks: photo update

3 weeks later!:

The bruising is COMPLETELY gone! Finally.

There's still a tiny bit of swelling in the tip. Im sooooo happy with my decision to have surgery. I feel more confident than ever before.

I'm still getting used to seeing it look different in the mirror. My breathing is almost completely back, I'd say 80% but there are days where it's harder to breathe than other days.

Also, I had sex for the 1st time after surgery & my nose got bumped like 3 times & it hurt sooooooooo much each time. It was kinda uncomfortable having to breathe so heavily.

I touch my nose a lot throughout the day to make sure it isn't bleeding or runny. Sometimes it's runny, it's never been bloody. But I think a big part of it is to make sure it's still there. Silly me.

Taping at night still. It helps a lot with swelling!

My only complaint: The skin on my nose is soooo oily now. My nose is shiny a lot. How do I make this stop?

One month post op.

My tip is narrower - yay! A lot of the swelling has gone down in this past week. It's not looking piggish anymore & not as upturned. I am so glad.

I'm STILL taping at night. Started sleeping on my side again! Finally!

I'm very happy with my new nose. I'm not sure if you can tell in the photos but there's some very nice definition.

As you can see, I'm pretty obsessed with my profile now.

2 months post op: photos

I've noticed a difference in how men compliment me. They don't just say I'm cute anymore. I'm now "pretty" and I've even been told "sexy", which didn't happen often before. Yay! Very happy with my decision.

Tip of nose is still a tiny bit swollen. Nose is still a little stuffy. But other than that, everything is fine.

8 months post op

Everything is going well!
I am so happy everyday with my decision. i have noticed that there was a little mild swelling in hot weather but now that it's cold, I feel like I can see the actual shape of my nose!

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