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Hey Real self users! I have finally gotten the...

Hey Real self users!

I have finally gotten the courage to post about my journey. Reading everyone's stories on here have helped me tremendously, so I've decided to start posting!

I have been insecure about my nose for almost 10 years (since I was 12). I never knew what to do about it when I was younger so I just pushed the thought to the back of my mind.
I started modeling after high school and was always conscious of the lighting and angles of my face to make my nose look it's best. Some make up artists would contour my nose to make it look slimmer and the photographers would photoshop it a bit. I LOVED the way it looked in the edited photos and it occurred to me in college that I can actually do something about it. I started saving up my money, researched doctors and went on a few consults. When I brought up the idea to my parents they completely shot me down. They made it clear they are not supportive of the procedure, said it's a waste of money and that I'll end up looking like Michael Jackson...It really hurt knowing that my parent's, who have been there for me for everything, will not support me in one of the biggest decisions I am going to make. Needless to say, a couple of years went by since then I and haven't brought up rhinoplasty to my parents since.

For the past 6 months I started researching thoroughly again for surgeons and I came across Dr. Grigoryants. I LOVE his before and afters and have followed many of his previous patients on here. I'm pretty confident in his abilities and even though it will be much more expensive due to travel and the area, I feel it is worth it for something so permanent.

Anyway, I haven't told a soul about my decision. I am extremely scared to bring it up to my parents again and I really hope they can be supportive. I also haven't brought this up to my fiancé...I'm afraid he'll think I'm vain and has said before he doesn't think I need any kind of plastic surgery. Just looking for some courage, support and advice for such a big decision.

Thanks Real Self community!

More Photos

So I've received a few comments on here saying my nose is fine and I've realized these pictures didn't give a good depiction of what my nose looks like. I'll attach a few more, but keep in mind they are very zoomed in and cropped which makes it look smaller than it is in comparison to my face.

Noses I love

Calling all Grigoryants Gals!

I would love to here from anyone else who has had a rhinoplasty from Dr. Grigoryants. I feel he is the most qualified surgeon for the nose I desire. If anyone has any tips/advice for traveling out of state, I would love that as well!

Thanks! :)

Emailed Grigoryants!

Well I finally summoned up the courage to email Dr. G and was pleasantly surprised that he responded first thing the next morning. He told me I had a beautiful face, which of course made me feel wonderful. I always feel like people are only focusing on my nose!

He said he would recommend reducing the width, refining the tip and removing the bump. I felt relieved that he noticed exactly what I want to change about my nose (though I feel he tends to say the same thing to everyone for an email consult).

I still haven't told anyone I'm thinking about surgery. I'm so scared of what they will say! I'm also still trying to save up money. I could technically get the surgery now, but it would wipe me clean of my savings. I'm trying to look into different financing options as well. If anyone has any tips please let me know!!

More photos

Here is a photo that was taken the other day. I usually would have deleted this right away or edited it before I post it to any social can really see how wide and uneven my bridge is in this photo and how large and bulbous and droopy my tip is. Looking at photos like this really solidifies my decision to get a nose job as soon as possible!! Going to be working hard this summer to save up!

How do I tell my family?

I have been getting real anxious lately about getting surgery. I want to wait to book the surgery date until I tell my family, but I am extremely nervous! I know that my parents will be against it, but I need them to understand this is something I've wanted for 10 years and I really need their support. I'm also scared to tell my fiancé. He's amazing and always tells me he loves me the way I am, and I don't want him to think I'm superficial for wanting rhinoplasty. Any advice on how to approach this would be wonderful!


So I've talked to my parents and it went about the way I expected. They have their fears and opinions but I think they finally realize that this isn't a "phase" and I'm going to do this no matter what they say. My dad is more worried about the financial side of this, while my mom is worried about how it will look.
There is an opening for surgery in Feb. 2016 but for some reason I cannot bring myself to actually schedule it! Has anyone else experienced this?? I guess I've been dreaming of having surgery for so long that it terrifies me that this is actually going to happen. I have so many fears/excitement/anxiety/happiness and every other emotion going through me right now. I wish someone else would just book the surgery for me since I'm too chicken! I know I want this; I've wanted it for 10 years now but I'm also so scared of something going wrong. I just need to have faith and trust in Dr. G's artistic skills that everything will go great.

Desired Outcome

Bad photoshopping skills aside..this is an example of what I would like my nose to look like after Dr. G works his magic. My biggest concern is the width so if he could fix that I'd be so happy! I am also hoping to refine the tip while still keeping it round and not pointy.

Save the Date!

Well, I finally did it! I scheduled my rhinoplasty with Dr. G for Feb. 2016! I have so many emotions going through me right now, but seeing fellow Dr. G's success stories on here have definitely helped me so much. Just trying to stay busy and positive until next year :)

Feeling Down..

With my surgery date (Feb. 2016) getting closer, I've noticed a whole new level of nervousness. When I first got a RealSelf profile, I did in it the hopes of getting support and positive thoughts and advice from it's members. For some reason though, I feel I've gotten a lot of negativity on my profile with users warning me that I'll regret surgery or that I'm insane for thinking I need to change my nose. These comments have really gotten to me and makes me wonder if these are "signs" that I shouldn't have surgery. I will admit that my before photos on here truly don't do my nose justice in that they don't show it's imperfections as well. But I have made this decision 10 years ago and don't have great support from my family so it would be nice to have support here. Especially as this surgery date gets closer and if I experience the Rhinoplasty depression.

Anyway, enough with the sob story. I will say that reading past Dr. G's patients stories do make me feel better and I plan on bringing a lot of those before and afters with me. I'm going to try to post more photos of my before nose and of my photoshopped afters so you all can get a better sense of what I'm trying to achieve.

Any positive thoughts or advice from past Dr. G's (or any rhinoplasty) users would be greatly appreciated!

Much love xoxo

Honest opinions!

Here are some better photos of my nose. I've been having some insecurities about surgery, but I know I will never feel good about my nose until I get rhinoplasty. Looking for your input! Thanks!

Changed my Surgery Date!

Well after a lot of self reflection and thought, I've decided to move my surgery date to September. (So anyone who is looking for a February date, it's open!) I've been seeing more negative reviews about Dr. G and it made me so nervous that I needed more time to consider this surgery. I don't know how I would react if something went wrong. I've also opened up my mind to consider other Dr.'s again, but it took me over two years to settle on Dr. G so it's so overwhelming to do that kind of research again (If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open!) This extra time will give me some more time to save up and see if this is something I really want to do right now. I know I will get a rhinoplasty some day, but maybe it will be further down the road if I can't seem to settle on Dr. G.

The things that make me nervous about Dr. G are:
1) He is not just a facial plastic surgeon
2) I will not be able to have a consult until the day before (I live across the country)
3) He seems to go after those who post negative reviews (so I've heard)
4) He sends the same initial email to everyone
5) He does a lot of profile work, whereas I'm concerned about the width of my nose.
Things I like about Dr. G
1) He has a TON of amazing before and afters
2) I continuously see happy patients posting their reviews on here.
3) He is the top rhinoplasty surgeon according to many

Any advice/help is appreciated!

If not Dr. G, then who??

Ever since I changed my surgery date, I've started researching other rhinoplasty surgeons again to be sure that I have the best of the best. Unfortunately I feel like I am back at the drawing board. I spent 3 years researching surgeons before I cam across Dr. Grigoryants and I seem to keep coming back to him. I have yet to find a single doctor that does not have some bad reviews and there's no denying that a large portion of Dr. G's work is outstanding, and his aesthetic is what I am looking for in my nose. I wish I could just snap my fingers and get a glimpse of what my nose would look like after surgery and then make my decision that way...but unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

What I love about a lot of Dr. G's patients is that they post thorough reviews with pictures along with them. Other doctors may have great reviews, but without pictures it's hard for me to judge their outcome myself. What made me decide to change my surgery date was that the closer I got to mine, the more negative reviews I seemed to find. Even patients who were initially very happy with their outcomes started posting concerns and minor imperfections (mostly I didn't notice these, but it's how the patient feels).

If there are any long term Dr. G patients(good or bad), I would love to hear from you. OR if anyone has any recommendations on great rhinoplasty surgeons please let me know as well. (So far I've like Dr. Epstein and Dr. Ghavami)

Sorry for the long rant!! And thank you for any and all opinions. They really do help me!

Desired Result

Hey lovely real self users! It's been a while since I have updated. I have been extremely busy and honestly just tried not to think about rhinoplasty too much because it can become stressful! Lol.

As of now I am scheduled for surgery with Dr. G in August. This is likely to be postponed just because I will be busy, but I think my heart is still set on Dr. G performing my surgery. There is just no other doctor that I have found who can deliver the results that I am looking for. (Though there have been a few unhappy reviews lately that scare me..)

Anyway I've attached a picture of how I would love for my nose to look after. It's just a really rough contour using eyeshadow but it helps me see how it would possibly look. As you can see on my left side (your right) my nose naturally curves in a little more. This is an imperfection due to the anatomy of my nose currently and I am expecting this result afterwards which does not bother me at all. I think having realistic results make for the happiest patients.

Tell me what you all think of this result and if you think it is achievable!

Also I want to have more email consults with Dr. G just to make sure we are on the same page before surgery. But I am having trouble putting into words (at least in technical terms) what I want done. If anyone could help me with that, I would appreciate it!
Basically the biggest thing is I would like my nose to be much thinner than it is. Also I would like the bump removed in 3/4 views, and the tip less bulbous and the columella raised only slightly (I think there's a term double break columella that I want to achieve). I also like my profile view now (I've attached a picture of my profile now as well) and do not want it upturned or sloped too much and I can't decide if I want a supra tip break or not. Help!

Thank you!!

Another before and after.

Just to give you all a better idea of what I'm trying to achieve.

Why is this so hard?

So as many of you know by now, I've had a really hard time finding a surgeon who I feel confident enough with to do my primary rhinoplasty. In 2015, I found Dr. Grigoryants and felt he was the perfect surgeon for me and had a date scheduled and everything. Well fast forward to now and I have changed surgery dates with him about three times as I no longer feel confident with him and have seen some unpleasant results that worry me.
I was told today after I rescheduled my surgery that the price goes up $1,000 every year so my initial price of $9,500 I guess will now be $11,500 for 2017? (The receptionist wasn't allowed to give me an exact price). That seems very steep to me as I am only wanting simple refinements. And they also informed me that I can no longer reschedule since I have done it three times already, which gives me anxiety and pressure to find a surgeon or stick with Dr. G. I am afraid to cancel my surgery with Dr. G as I keep second guessing that "what if" he turns out to be the best rhino doctor and it would also be unfortunate to lose my deposit.

Lately however, I have been researching Dr. Torkian. He does not seem to have a lot of reviews on here, but his Yelp reviews are great. He also has amazing natural before and afters for wide noses, which is what I have. I am now leaning towards him and have sent pictures in to be reviewed for a Skype consultation. The only drawback I have is the lack of Realself reviews. It's not a deal breaker for me, but it's so nice having detailed reviews and pictures to look through.

If anyone can share their experience with Dr. Torkian I would greatly appreciate it! Or if there is another rhinoplasty specialist who you are happy with please let me know. This whole rhinoplasty process is extremely emotionally taxing and I haven't even gotten the surgery yet! lol.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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