Hate my bulbous tip, hoping for drastic improvement! Glendale, CA

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So far so good. Hoping for a cancellation so I can...

So far so good. Hoping for a cancellation so I can have the surgery done in December or January! Will be traveling from out of town, more nervous about the logistics than the actual surgery! Would love to hear about others experiences/ and or travel advice. May have to do this alone, but I hope not!

Right profile


I'm trying not to be impatient but I'm sooo ready to get this over with! Does anyone know if dr G frequently has cancellations? Should I count on getting one? It's so much easier to book the flight and work out the logistics months ahead and I'm afraid if they do happen to have a cancellation I may only have a week or two of notice...

More photos

My biggest issue is the 'bulbous' aspect of my nose when I'm smiling

Need some encouragement

Need some encouragement! My parents are not supportive of my desire for a rhinoplasty and are really making me question myself. I have full confidence in dr grigoryants skill but my issues aren't all in my head are they?? Has anyone else been in a similar situation where the people around you think "there's nothing wrong with your nose" ?! :(

The cringe worthy nose shots

Here are some additional photos of my main problem area


A recent photo taken at a friends wedding, hoping to make my nose less of the focal point, and lifted so it doesn't cast a giant shadow (it's not so visible here, but trust me it does) In other news I'm almost less than 5 months from surgery date! Time to start preparing ???? For someone who is flying does anyone have any must do's/must takes??


Hi ladies! I am in the process of booking my flight and would like some input. Surgery schedule for March 9th, pre op consult the 8th at 5pm. I have planned to stay in LA (air bnb very close to hospital) until the 15th. I am looking on a flight that departs that afternoon at 12:40pm (LAX). This gives me 6 days post surgery to have the cast removed. Is this enough time? Is this the average? I really need to be leaving for home this day if possible. Thanks in advance for your help!

Getter closer...

Considering a slight lip injection with dr g while I am having my procedure done. Has anyone had this done?

One week!

I am one week from surgery day! Yay! It has been a long waiting period but I am excited to see this through. I am meeting Dr G for the first time for my pre-op next Tuesday. Thus far my boyfriend and a few friends are the only people who know and they are all relatively supportive. Very thankful for that. Here are a last few photos from the "old nose"


Well it's been quite a whirlwind since I arrived here in LA, and honestly a concerning one at that. Honestly, it has been TOUGH coming alone for me. My consultation with dr g was fine. They were very busy at 5 o'clock so as a lot of people said in other reviews, I felt very rushed through and was still in quite a bit of shock I was even there, blanked on any and all questions I had (note to self: write them down next time.) I walked to the pharmacy the next morning from my Airbnb to have my scripts filled and dropped them back off before I headed to surgery. I arrived early and had a nice conversation with the girl who checked me in and the pre op girls. The nurse who had to stick a port in my hand had quite a difficult time, (as they always tend to do) apparently everyone says I have small veins and not being allowed to have water I'm sure doesn't help either. So 15-20 minutes of jabbing later she finally got one in. Ouch! I waited in the pre op area for a while, then waited again in the pre surgery area when I saw my anesthesiologist, nurse, and dr g one last time where he quickly ran over what he was going to do. I barely made it into the OR before I found myself in the post op recovery room. I was in some pain, not a considerable amount but it was definitely there so the nurses in post op gave me some medication for that. Since my surgery wasn't until 11am and I waited a lot from that point I was SO hungry at this point and begged for more crackers but they wouldn't let me have any. After another waiting period my care at home nurse arrived to take me back to my Airbnb. Once we arrived my care at home nurse set my meds aside and I began to sleep while she was on her phone. I got up to get myself sips of water a couple of times during the four hours, and during one of those last water sipping sessions she was preparing to leave and having me sign the documentation for her care at home program. She had given me on of my antibiotic pills and nausea pills earlier and I asked her when I should take another pain pill. She recommended I take another before I go to bed. I slept a couple of more hours then around 9/10 or so I went to take a pain pill before I went to bed. They were NOWHERE to be found. I found the instruction packet which comes with the bottle but could not find the pill bottle ANYWHERE. I cried a bit last night because I'm in some pain, I don't know what to do, and I don't want to accuse anyone of anything. Any advice on what I should do? Also when will I stop the bleeding from my nose? My gauze is saturated every 2 or so hours. I'm just exhausted, overwhelmed, and really need so medicine for pain right now and I don't know what to do!

Recovery update

Day 5: congested oh so congested. Never have I been more ready to have this thing come off my face. My throat is sore, I'm not in pain just as uncomfortable as I imagine a person can be. Still bleeding too...that part doesn't sit well with me. But all in all I'm doing alright and just wishing I could get out in this LA sunshine.

Cast off!

Guys!! Or better said, gals!!! I am so ecstatic about my results!! My cast actually fell off yesterday so I just walked into my appointment carrying it haha! He totally transformed my nose! He addressed all my imperfections and although all my interactions with him were brief and I just told him to "go with the flow" regarding what he thought best, it is exactly what I would have hoped. I'm traveling/flying today so I will post photos hopefully tomorrow sometime. I have thicker skin so there will be lots of swelling to dissipate, but I am already so so pleased. What a confidence boost! Thank you to all who shared your stories before me, it had a lot to do with encouraging me along the way! Best wishes and happy healing to you all!


These probably won't stay up very long Bc I feel very vulnerable in these, but the lighting seemed good, and sans makeup I feel this is the best representation of my procedure. I am a little freaked out by the upturned avatarish look I have from my side profile but I am patiently waiting for that to subside. Also my black eyes (from surgery) have subsided for the most part and that is just how natural the dark circles under my eyes usually tend to be, sad face. I have noticed losing volume there in the past few years and am looking to hopefully have something to rectify or semi normalize them in the future. What could be done for volume loss and discoloration under eyes? Can anyone advise on that? Again, thank you all for your support and encouragement I feel I chose the best doctor and had the best results possible for my face.

Photos- 2.5 weeks

Here are some photos with makeup. I find I like smiling more now, I don't have the overarching tip hanging down. I plan to update again at 1 month. Still very happy, hoping to see lot of the swelling dissipate though.

1 month post

As of yesterday I am one month post op. I hope I still have a lot of swelling in the tip as I'm not quite comfortable with the avatarish way it looks sometimes. Still overall very very pleased with my result. I continue to battle horrendous dark circles under my eyes, the original bruising has subsided and now I feel as if I can hardly cover them even with lots of makeup! It's very disconcerting. Currently using arnica, teabags etc to treat them. I am open and welcome and suggestions and any advice from someone who may have had fillers in this area before. The lighting was strange when I took these pictures yesterday so I've played with the filters a big to try to better show the angles/contours of the nose. Ladies post surgery: do you continue to notice significant diminished swelling from this stage? My tip still feels very hard and I'm hoping more swelling with go down and it will relax and be less "protruding"-for lack of a better word

3 months post

I have a before of my nose and one after here... Still dealing with the dark hollowed circles under my eyes, trying to manage it more with makeup, but still searching for solutions. Can't wait to see what it looks like 6 months post.

Updated pics

Still loving my nose, very pleased with my decision.

Though my correspondence with Dr. Grigoryants has been via email thus far, he has been nothing but super polite, prompt, and helpful. I am looking forward to meeting him and having him perform my Rhinoplasty next month!

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